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Ryan Gosling Steps Out After Eva Mendes Pregnancy News

Ryan Gosling Steps Out After Eva Mendes Pregnancy News

Ryan Gosling keeps a low profile with a cap while filling up his gas tank on Tuesday (August 5) in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that the 33-year-old actor and his girlfriend Eva Mendes are expecting their first child together.

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“Their lives completely changed as soon as Eva got pregnant,” a close source shared to People. “They used to travel all over the place together and go on hikes with their dogs.”

The source added, “Ryan has been taking care of her, picking up food and running errands. He has been very supportive about keeping things a secret.”

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  • lol

    He f-cked his own career and now his life. Well done, bro!

  • Jules

    Aww I kinda feel bad for him… He’s stuck with Eva MANdes. No wonder he cries after sex. You have a full gas tank, how about running before it’s too late?

  • lol

    Ryan & Eva forever!

  • Skippy

    hahah sucks to be him

  • hayley

    He used to be cute. WTF happened?

  • Valerie


  • Bad luck Ryan

    Baby Trap = When an aging desperate ho gets impregnated by a guy who she finds very attractive in order to maintain a toxic relationship with him, physically and financially, for eternity.

  • ToldYouSo

    It’s okay ladies because his career wasn’t going anywhere. Neither was hers. Btw, I love how these celebrities think their lives can be kept private. LOL. Who are they kidding?

  • ShaylaShay


  • Lisa

    @ShaylaShay: Relax Eva, we know enough to judge.

  • Some friend U R

    They clearly have a close friend who hates them together more than we do.

  • wow

    He looks miserable.

  • Willow

    If she were truly pregnant that baby bump would be out there everywhere……

  • CC

    Hahahaha Mcgosling fans meltdown is so funny

  • Meh

    @Bad luck Ryan:

    I’m not a fan of either person. But I have to agree with you. The relationship was probably on the rocks and she decided that she better make moves before it’s too late.

    Poor Ryan…

  • Brittany

    @wow: So how happy are you supposed to look when you’re pumping gas? He looks like a normal guy at the gas station.

  • @loljustshutit

    @lol: get over yourself. his career and his life will be fine. he’ll still be making movies plus he and eva are making a family. so you can continue to hate if you want to but you’ll be wasting your time.

  • @loljustshutit

    @CC: i know right. they’re heartbroken that gosling is now going to be attached to eva forever.

  • news flash

    @Bad luck Ryan: and just how do you know what was going on between them anyway. you don’t know nothing about their relationship. and the whole theory of eva entrapping ryan with the pregnancy makes you sound even more foolish.

  • news flash

    @Jules: how about you made your own business and stop acting like you know them personally.

  • Zoee

    @Jules: He cries after sex? LOL wehere did you hear that ?

  • My Destiny

    @Jules: i hope he does that

  • MimiB

    Nobody commenting here knows anything about his private life. And a photo of him pumping gas, with a neutral expression on his faceā€¦ come on. You can’t get a clue as to his inner life or feelings from that.

    Who puts on a happy face and declares his joy in life while pumping gas?

  • Jeanne

    No one gets trapped by a pregnancy anymore, are you people living in the 50′s? If they don’t want to be together, they’ll just sort out custody of the child. If they do want to be together, they will be.

  • gross

    @Jeanne: You are nuts. Women trick men into getting knocked up all the time. They puncture condoms, etc…
    Just because a man sleeps with you doesn’t mean he wants kids with you…..if he did, he’d marry your a5S first.
    Eva and Ryan broke up..only for her to come back and say “hey, i’m knocked up”…..he obviously didn’t want to be with her anymore, let alone have kids…now he’s trapped. get it?

  • Uljana Karaleva

    People always have something to say,i really do find this couple really cute,she beautiful and he is handsome,why are people always negative.ahh

  • Uljana Karaleva

    People always have something to say,i really do find this couple really cute,she beautiful and he is handsome,why are people always negative.ahh..

  • Olivia H.


  • Uljana Karaleva

    have to they make a cute couple

  • Farrah

    I love Ryan and Eva as a couple. Their baby will be too cute. Ryan’s career will be fine. Eva…ummm maybe not. Only time will tell.

  • Jeanne

    @gross: No one is “trapped” when they have the ability to leave. A child doesn’t keep people together who don’t want to be. With Ryan’s money, if he wished, he could arrange custody and never have to see Eva again if he didn’t want to. She also doesn’t need any money from him.

    And many people have children who don’t want to get married, I’m not sure what marriage has to do with any of this discussion.

    Either you’re very young and don’t have any life experience, or you’re living in the past where someone’s daddy forced a marriage with a shotgun when someone got pregnant.

  • Linds

    I actually think they will eventually marry after the child is born. It’s hard to understand why people are so bitter? Let’s face it, he wanted a baby and he wanted it with her. Let’s just wish them well and move on. Ryan is a good guy and a true man. If you want to vent your venom at someone why not J. Beiber. He is the very definition of what a man is not.

  • Linds

    @Linds: I mean Beiber who posted a pic on his Instagram of him apparently having sex with some random skank/yacht for pay model. Check Lainey’s blog for the pic. He is a embarrassment to his gender. Ryan doesn’t deserve all of this distain because of his relationship with Eva.

  • bambam

    Omfg, all you people are so dumb and funny. NONE OF YOU KNOW these people. Get a life!!!! lol.

  • Julie

    There is something really fishy about this… she did not look 7 months pregnant in the photo where she was supposedly covering her baby bump. She was wearing 4.5 inch heels while her doctor prescribed strict bed rest? Why is she hiding the entire time? Just really bizarre.