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Kate Bosworth Talks Nurturing Her Step-Daughter in 'InStyle UK'

Kate Bosworth Talks Nurturing Her Step-Daughter in 'InStyle UK'

Kate Bosworth kills it on the cover of InStyle UK‘s September 2014 issue.

Here is what the 31-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her relationship with 16-year-old step-daughter Jasper: “After ordering pizza for the third time when she first started coming over, I knew I had to learn how to cook because I wanted to nurture her. These maternal instincts kicked in.”

On starting a family with husband Michael Polish: “I know that it’s going to be tough, but Michael and I will find humor in it. We’re already convinced that our kids will do things that are hilarious.”

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  • lar

    this woman? Nurturing another human with food? ahahahhahah.

  • Effy

    @lar: Right? She needs to nurture herself. She’s way too incredibly thin and not in a healthy way.

  • Lydia

    I can’t imagine her malnourished body supporting a baby for 9 months. They will probably have to use a surrogate.

  • Ew

    When that time arrive, this is a child/children who will be bewildered as to why they only eat once a week and why there’s only ever salad, salad, salad and laxatives in the house.

  • HaHaHa

    @ #1 – 4: You need to be more clever in trying to present your posts as four different people.
    She’s a gorgeous woman not to mention bright, talented, and successful.

  • Looselipz

    I can only comment on the fact that she’s seems so unintelligent to me. I’ve never heard her say anything worth repeating. She’s just a pretty face with little else remarkable to notice. I’ll agree that she’s been maintaining this unhealthy looking weight, so it will be interesting to see if she can conceive let alone deal with pregnancy weight gain.

  • Rayner

    @Looselipz: ” I’ve never heard her say anything worth repeating.”

    What about:

    “Great Danes are just, like, so great, aren’t they? They’re just, like, big dogs! I know! Yeah, yeah, Great Danes are great. Oh, my God, they just so are.”


    “”There was just a study done actually, I saw it on Regis and Kelly, I can’t remember how many hours a year a person uses being in their car in L.A., but it’s, like, a lot of time.”


    “It’s amazing. Because if you, like, have everybody taking ten minutes a day and really focusing on, like, positivity and a better world and a better self, like, imagine all that, just all that positivity going out there?”

    last, but not least:

    “It’s so weird how life works out. I never would have imagined all of this. Like, never. When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a waitress on roller skates.”

    She should NEVER have skipped college!!!

  • Cari

    Skarsgard had a lucky escape.

  • Sacrificial Lamb

    she not much of a chitty-chatty person but still ,Why is it that lately ALL she does in magazine interviews is talk about michael and her private life?
    why cant she speak about other wider things ,what point is she trying to send out there and to whom? im pretty sure someone told her to only speak of her personal life , which is sad.

    and how does she expect to be taken seriously when she says such things as “I knew I had to learn how to cook because I wanted to nurture her.”
    well hey, why not learn to cook to nurture YOURSELF .
    she clearly hasn’t been looking after her own health since 2 years ago.
    it just seems she has sacrificed herself to michael and HIS life and left herself to dwindle away.

  • @Rayner

    @Raynor #7
    you really have been paying desperate attention to her worst interviews to have come up with those crappy quotes .
    i dont think she’s as dumb as those quotes make her out to be , i have seen/read her in other interviews and actually she came across pretty smart …and possibly a little controversial ,her own management have really edited her (american) interviews where she has said anything which the public/celebs may not not like to hear.
    but some of those where pre-2006 and NOT silly girly/fashion magazines which leave little in the way for anything other than shallow girl talk.

  • L A I N E Y .


  • Jokes On You

    @Rayner: Shut up Ladybug, all your ‘research’ does is prove how sad and pathetic you are!
    This is the type of woman your beloved Skarsgard dates, so what does that say about him?

  • sue

    Yeah, she eats pizza? NOT!

  • 13@

    No, that I do believe is true.
    In her hast Lucky interview “…scrapped her comfort food diet in the run up to her wedding. Kate Bosworth has revealed that turning 30 and getting married in the same year gave her impetus to scrap her ‘comfort food diet’ once and for all. The actress, known for her slim physique, told Lucky Magazine that throughout her twenties she ‘lived on’ pizza and pasta but ‘now it’s about sustaining energy.”

  • Harris

    @Rayner: According to: (where you obviously cut-and-pasted this info), all your quotes are from a January 2005 GQ Interview. You can’t judge someone’s intelligence from one bad interview. She was probably high at the time anyway.

  • :15 Minutes

    Kate’s dumb@ss quote: “I know that it’s going to be tough, but Michael and I will find humor in it.” made the Chatter page in People magazine (August 18, 2014). Congrats Kate!!

  • Bosworth on TOP!

    Like I said before, Kate looks fierce on this cover and the inside pictures are lovely, unique and fun. She’s a true beauty.
    …and I agree with Harris (except for the speculation on her state of sobriety): You can’t judge someone’s intelligence from one bad interview.

  • Tulip

    @Rayner: Her reviews for “Homefront” were excellent!

  • Sacrifice?

    @Sacrificial Lamb:
    “she clearly hasn’t been looking after her own health since 2 years ago.

    2 years? More like 8.

    “it just seems she has sacrificed herself to michael and HIS life and left herself to dwindle away.”

    This is incorrect, he’s sacrificed HIS life to HERS, she occasionally does work without him. He doesn’t do anything that doesn’t involve her since they got together 3 years ago.

  • Sterling

    After looking at the GQ Interview that Harris mentioned (found here:, I don’t think anyone can disagree that she lost her youthful beauty years ago!!!! She’s a dried up old prune at 31! What a waste!

  • Lando

    @Sterling: Did her youthful face slip away during or after her relationship with Bloom? (I don’t remember them as a couple at all)

  • In less than a year

    @Lando: By 2006 she was in really bad shape, so it was less than a year after that GQ article.

  • fresh

    @Lando: Bloom doesn’t look much better these days. I wonder that if they had stayed together maybe Kate wouldn’t have to hawk cr@p for the highest bidder and he wouldn’t be throwing punches at silly Canadian punks.

  • @Sacrifice? #19

    “2 years? More like 8″
    No ,you clearly only see what you want to see ,she was at her most stunning from late 2007-2010 (circa skarsgard) maybe it’s some warped fantasy of yours to imagine a pretty lady to unattractive maybe it makes you feel better about your own body but she was really athletic gorgeous and strong for some of those years.
    “This is incorrect, he’s sacrificed HIS life to HERS”, ….”
    how do you know this? because it doesn’t look that way to me at all , she’s the one who has changed so dramatically (physically) she never smiles anymore ,and it sometimes looks like she needs to be ‘held up’ her body really has become emaciated since he came along.
    she talks of offering HIS daughter nurturing yet clearly not herself.
    she is adjusting to someone else’s world and by all means has seemed to forget about hers.

  • BadAdvice

    i wonder who her ‘adviser’ is , because if she does have one she should either fire them or realize that this person/s is not her friend.
    only talking of your husband and his daughter is not a good interview

    …idk maybe her interviews are edited almost entirely or maybe she doesn’t have a wider scope of discussion or the interviewer only interest is her personal life (which has always been the sad case)
    i mean doesn’t she always say she a bookworm, if so she needs to get out of the fantasy fulfillment books offer because they are not doing her any any good except bide her time.

  • Sacrifice?

    @@Sacrifice? #19:
    Mmm, she didn’t look all that healthy in 2006. And she’s been underweight since then. Not healthy or athletic like she had been.
    How do I know? Check his work since he’s been with her, it’s working with her, doing her commercials for JewlelMint, TopShop and now Style Thief. It’s all about her.
    How do you know she’s being manipulated by her husband. Is there some reason why you think she’s just a puppet to her men, that she has no control over her life at all? I know that it’s often mentioned that she adapts to what her boyfriends have liked, but you’re taken much further. There’s gossip, and then there’s what you’re doing. What you’re saying is actually more demeaning to her.
    The reality may be is that what she likes to do, adapt to her partner. And Michael seems to be adapting to what she likes, fashion, etc. So they’re both doing it.

    @BadAdvice: I’m not sure of the point of this interview either, since it does not appear to even mention the two movies that’s she’s filmed in the last year. You’d think they’d at least mention Still Alice, perhaps talk about working with Julianne Moore, KStew and Alec Baldwin.

  • @Sacrifice? #19@24

    @@Sacrifice? #19: “most stunning from late 2007-2010″ NO WAY!
    She was at her most beautiful in 2005.
    She lost her fresh & youthful face in 2006 and NEVER got it back.
    It takes a team of professionals to put life back in her hair, eyes and face! Her smile has not been the same either.
    Poor Kate, what did Orlando do to you???!!

  • Last Puppy in the Shop

    @@Sacrifice? #19@24: She seemed really, really (pathetically) happy to see Orlando after Skarzy dumped her. Kate either didn’t hold a grudge over their break-up or she had something to prove. Probably a bit of both.

  • nyckelpiga

    @Last Puppy in the Shop: At least she’s not causing post-coital tristesse in Alex anymore. It’s a sad world we live in when an empty shell of a coke-head like Kate gets a slice of Västerbotten!!

  • A little too late

    What kind of “nurturing” do you give a 16-year-old?? I was “nurturing” my younger siblings at that age.

  • Vinny

    @@Sacrifice? #19@24: Orlando Bloom wrecked Kate! Drugs, smoking and partying are all destructive habits that she picked up from him and now this Polish guy is “nurturing” her eating disorder!

  • Evie

    @Vinny: Don’t blame someone else for her destructive decision making. We have to take responsibility for our own actions.

  • @#27

    wait what!!!!
    “She lost her fresh & youthful face in 2006 ” she looked incredibly young in 2005 ,and when i say young i mean she looked like a teenager!!!
    do you find teenage girls attractive or something? you sound like a frigging weirdo pervert.

  • @ Last Puppy in the Shop @ 08/

    @ Last Puppy in the Shop

    so sorry to burst your pathetic little bubble
    actually orlando was just as happy to see her even years after the breakup ..and that is why he often attended her party’s and was present when hosted gatherings .
    and also continued to invite her to his gatherings.

    and to correct many of the false info that went around at the time in 2011 when ‘that’ photo was taken it was orlando who parked his motorbike very close to kate’s friends house ,kate did not turn up to see orlando it was orlando who would often visit her .
    so no neither seemed at all bitter…though i bet you wished they where.

  • @@#27

    @@#27: “you sound like a frigging weirdo pervert” That’s the crow calling the raven black!! We ALL know you have a crush on Kate, but you should STOP fantasizing about her being a teenager at 22. Ewwww!! Get help.

  • Vinny

    @@#27: You are welcome to your opinion, of course, but she definitely did NOT look like a teenager in 2005, and I am sure every other hot-blooded, hetero male agrees with me (especially the GQ readers).

  • Law Rules

    wow, you can talk ,trying to turn the tables to redirect from your own perverse guilt.
    you really are the pervert aren’t you.
    who are you are you really? Ladybug? or a former friend/foe or how about that sadistic wench L a i n e y or maybe your just a bitter ex boyfriend ….how sad and pathetic of you to spend so many years following around and bullying a girl who really is just harmless to the world

  • #37

    @Law Rules: What on earth are you talking about??!! Stop skipping your meds!

  • Tulip

    @#37: You would be better off just learning to ignore her. That’s what the rest of us do!!

  • nana

    Oh Kate, nobody will shelter you from yourself, even Michael Polish.

  • Over 10 Years Ago

    “You might still think of Kate Bosworth as that surfer girl from Blue Crush or maybe the store clerk who won a date with Tad Hamilton (aka Josh Duhamel). Nowadays, the actress is a grown-up, and she just might be a mama one day!” (read the entire article, if you would like, at:
    This story is a little insulting. Kate has done plenty since “Win a Date With Tad Hamilton” in 2004!!

  • 41@

    I prefer this article. They actually talk about new projects and current ones.

  • Another Good Article (2006)
    Here’s a good quote about moving into her first LA home:
    “When you’re away for so long, there’s something about wanting to really nurture things at home,” Bosworth says. “I’ve been feeling really domestic lately.”

  • ???

    I’ve met her several times recently. She’s a very cool girl, nice, kind, classy, and gracious. Too bad the same can’t be said for so many posters on message boards!

  • Full of It

    @???: “I’ve met her several times recently.” Of course you have!

  • Cleary

    @???: Really? Well, I’ve met her several times recently and she said that you are a complete nutter!!

  • Belle

    @@ Last Puppy in the Shop @ 08/: And how do you know all of that juicy information, you stalker weirdo?!

  • Belle

    @Another Good Article (2006): Hahahahahahaha! Good one! Yet another “intelligent” comment from drug-dumb-ass KB! She really is so vacant. No looks. Old. And stupid. Oh well! Fashion loves that kind of vessel I suppose!

  • Belle

    @Over 10 Years Ago: Like what? People only new Blue Crush and the stinker epic Superman Hahahahahahahahaha! KB only had a tiny role in Tad Hamilton. Is she really Oscar-serious material? Nope. She should have been in the OC, but wasn’t even really good enough for that hahahahahaha!