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Katie Holmes on Life After Tom Cruise Split: 'I Never Really Look Back'

Katie Holmes on Life After Tom Cruise Split: 'I Never Really Look Back'

Katie Holmes makes an appearance on the Today show (her first time in about 13 years!) on Wednesday morning (August 6) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress talked raising her young daughter Suri.

“I think, of course, you try your best,” The Giver actress said on the show. “I try very hard because I am very grateful for my upbringing and my parents and siblings. I try to do what they did for me for my little one. The most important thing for me is letting her know how proud I am and that her accomplishments mean everything. Whatever I do is whatever. It’s really just about her and that’s what I think is most important.”

She also discussed looking forward to the future and not focusing on events of the past like her split from Tom Cruise.

“I never really look back. I just approach life one day at a time. I’m excited about where I am right now, this movie…I’ve had some really wonderful creative experiences. I am just excited about the future,” Katie said.

Later in the day, Katie made a visit to SiriusXM studios.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes doing promo work…

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  • Of course

    The headlines have to be about her daughter or her ex . On her own she would have been long forgotten.
    She knows full well this will make headlines.
    Her acting? not so much.

  • Jordan

    She sounds so dull and stupid in that interview.

  • http://comcast Marge

    I still would like to congratulate her from saving Suri from Scientology and also to congratulate her on The Great Escape.

  • @3

    And I would like to congratulate you for being an idiot who lives and breathes what the tabloids feed you. Good luck.

  • Leila


    tom cruise is that you girl?


    So yesterday there was a story in the daily mail about how Katie almost was on OITNB show.
    Gotta love the comments-Just about everyone said thank you God it didn’t happen.

  • Sassypants

    @Of course: I kind of agree, if it weren’t for her marriage to Tom Cruise she would be nothing but at most a B movie actress and never make any headlines.

  • Minna

    @Leila: Haha!

  • Minna

    @Of course: She wasn’t exactly trying to make headlines. She was asked a question and did her best to avoid saying anything with her “I don’t look back” bulls***. He’s the father of her child, it’s not like she can just forget him and avoid all contact.

  • PennyLayne

    HAHA Did she really refer to herself as an “artist”????? OMG. New level of delusion for Holmes.
    You’re a tv actress hon. And a bad movie actress when you actually get parts.

  • Katie’s Herpes

    I dare anyone to google Katie Holmes herpes and look at the images.
    Warning: Don’t eat first.

  • Roberta

    @LILOU: Even reading about it made me think “God no”. OITNB is one of my new favorite shows. She would ruin it;

  • sweetness

    She’s been split from Cruise how long..and still needs to bring his name up? Just like Nicole Kidman…they constantly need to mention his name in interviews, NK is married and has kids yet still, to create buzz she yaks about Tom…If they were so interesting on their own they wouldn’t need to mention him.

  • Cate

    This dullard. She can’t act, has zero charisma and can’t even dress well. The only thing keeping her slightly relevant are her ex-husband and daughter.

  • TO Sweeness

    Even if she was asked she can decline to answer. She can do what a lot of celebs do and say personal life is off limits but I think she knows and secretly wants to be asked because that is what gives her the middle aged house wives sympathy. Her handlers know what makes the papers. Pity though she can keep trying it but it won’t change the fact that she can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

  • anne

    Never look back, Katie.
    What you did was horrible. Enter into a marriage contract, having a child to fulfill a contractual clause …….
    In the end, everything went wrong. Only left Suri and support to children. Sad.

      You read the National Equire on the secret gay life of Tom Cruise? New lawsuit coming. I hope Tom wins. Ridiculous tabloids that does not leave him alone.

  • Just a comment

    As Matt mentioned they were at a party last week and I would not be surprised if Harvey W told Matt “why don’t you let Katie appear on the Today show to promote The Giver.” Interesting that Matt brought up “her heel getting stuck in the wood planks and she could have fallen into the pool but he didn’t rush over to help her.” What a dummy. He shot himself in the foot. Katie interviews the way she always has, kind of all over the place, not really completing a sentence. And she’s been interviewed many times. She can’t say she only looks to the future and not looks back, every month she is reminded that Cruise was in her life when she receives her monthly child support check. That marriage has made it possible for her to live at a $12,500 a month apartment and not feel the pressure of getting work right away. Good luck to her with this movie.

  • Just a comment

    I like the way they applied her makeup in the picture where she’s wearing the polked doted blouse. Bu I don’t like the jeans with that blouse If she combe her hair and put make up on like that more regularly she would not get such a bad rap when she was out and about walking around. But I suspect the real Katie is not very disciplined about wearing any kind of makeup and is a jeans girl, casually dressed gal.

  • Lynn

    I don’t get it, she looks so tired and sad all the time, I don’t understand all the hype about Katie Holmes!

  • @19

    the only “hype” is that she is the ex tom cruise and suri’s mom.

  • Amelia

    She is so freaking immature. She is almost 36 and her dream is to play Wonder Woman??
    Really Katie??

  • Erin

    @Just a comment:
    Yep. Why Matt I wonder. Katie was posing with him along side Harvey last week or so. Matt who people associate with the Cruise rant years ago and Harvey who is an enemy of his. Katie plays her ignorant fans like a fiddle. She isn’t the sweet midwest girl at all. She is and always was a manipulator.

  • Uljana Karaleva

    why does she look miserable!

  • h8e

    So sad seeing all of you bringing Katie down. Of course she knows she’s known for being Tom Cruises arm candy, and I’m sure she regrets being brainwashed by a controlling nome. She’s working hard to get back out there she’s a strong single mom and if you can’t see what scientology has done and is doing to her career then you are idiots.

  • Please explain

    #24 Please explain what Scientology has done and is doing to her career.
    That sounds like you are making excuses for her.
    How are they holding her back? Does she go for parts and the church tells someone not to hire her?
    She has a contact with someone like Harvey Weinstein who owns a studio and is giving her bit parts.
    Scientology doesn’t have a strong hold in Hollywood anymore (or maybe never really did).
    If you are going to make excuses for her bad acting and lack of good roles please be specific how someone or something is holding her back.

  • h8e

    @Please explain: Please explain why you can’t stop making several comments under different names? You’re nothing but talk behind a screen and if it wasn’t for that i would punch you in the face. That’s how annoying you have become. How much does Tom or the scientology church pay you to act like a big bad wolf?

  • sara

    @h8e: Sorry, but she had a fading career before Tom Cruise. She was not asked back to Batman regardless of what her fans think. It was put out that she was fired from it and then suddenly Cruise Control saying that she was the one that quit and decided not to do Batman II. Her career tanked while married to Cruise and it is tanking now. She knows she is nearing an age where it is going to become increasingly more difficult for her as a female actress to get parts. She is desperate for her a hit movie. If she doesn’t have one soon she will fade into bit parts. Simple money math will drive her there. She calls herself an artist, but she lacks the artistic drive, the artistic bent and the artistic talent–without any of them she has to rely on connections. At some point her being unable to drive a movie’s profits no matter how minor will mean the end of her career. She may get some bit parts, but she won’t get much else.

  • Tom not in her life

    First off no she does not mention Tom you comment page do! And the interviewer does ! She does not care about talking to interviewers who
    Only ask Toms exes that question ! So why comment page do you hsve the right to say that about Tom! Eh? Nicole could care less about Tom or the adopted kids thaT he had with Tom! Her first born is Keith’s daughter!

    KATIE and NICOLE should be Tom Cruise free! He is free of Scientology!

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    I watched her on the Today show this morning; never during the interview did I hear her mention Cruise by name nor their life together. Matt led her in that direction, but she steered away. The only thing I came away with was she seemed much too young to be married to a 52 y/o man.
    BTW, Sweetness, I haven’t heard NK mention her 1st husband in a long time. Considering the huge settlement she received in the divorce, she owed Mr C a mention now and then.

  • h8e

    @sara: Come to think of it i would not be surprised if you were another actor or actress bashing her with so much hate.

  • Please explain

    LOl yes I am everyone. I bet you think I am Sara too now ??? lol

    you never did explain your excuse for how the church messes with her career.

  • Please explain

    Oh and if you think you know the posters here that means you are a poster too and we don’t know the name “h8e” so you must post under different names too. LOL

  • h8e

    @lizzie: Exactly.

  • h8e

    @Please explain: Unlike you i post on lots of threads i don’t just sit around waiting for a Katie Holmes story the way you do. If you don’t see my name that’s your problem not mine. I don’t need to explain anything to you, you know why? Because i know what scientology consists of. You obviously don’t because your defending it. Such a loser.

  • Please explain

    LOL when have I ever defended that cult?
    I just said it doesn’t screw with Katie’s career now or at least no evidence for it. You make excuses and then refuse to back it up.

  • Please explain

    Oh and you have no idea what threads I post on. Man, you keep saying all kinds of things you can’t back up.
    Bet you really do think I was Sara above too.

  • DTBH

    @h8e: From Cleveland, watching the evening news with of my husband when they announced KH speaks about Lebron James. Dressed in an orange dress, she looked cute. When I asked my husband what he thought of her, he said, “she’s 1 lucky girl. She’s got a cute personality. People are just jealous.” Hey she works and is making a living. Just because she not the greatest actress, people hate her????? I had to agree. She carried her own in her movies except Mad Money and I’ve seen some really lousy appearances by Nicole, Brad Pitt etc. Just a thought:)

  • Pat

    Someone from dlisted is claiming to be an insider.
    “Celeb fact from good friends of the Holmes family from their own lips: Cruise was never interested in them, never interested in her side of the family. They were collateral damage in order to get Katie to be married after two other actresses were interviewed/auditioned by him (as well as heads of Scientology) for marriage. There was no dating, nothing like that. It was a contracted courtship with the intent to lead to marriage after Katie said yes (with the others turning down the deal, despite being promised the world). TC visited her home in Toledo only about twice in the whole relationship and was not interested in having her family visit his compound where his kids, mom and sister live. It they came it was Katie who forced it. She went to visit them alone in Toledo and kept it quiet to keep the media and Tom at bay. Her parents are devout Catholics who didn’t like or trust him and they were part of her escape plan that took several months to workout.”

  • annie

    It was a sweet and lovely interview, she’s so natural , very pretty and young looking. Doesn’t have a need to be pretend to be any one other than who she is.

  • Crushable

    “This Early Review Of The Giver Will Make You Also Wish You Didn’t Have Any Memories”

    While I knew it would be a really difficult story to translate to screen, I still held out hope that it would work. Mostly because I’ve waited my whole entire life to see it as a movie. Even after Taylor Swift weaseled her way into the movie and even after Katie Holmes tricked someone into thinking she was an actress and even after the first trailer bombed, I still thought it would be good. But alas, it looks like it’s not.

    Read more:

  • Reddit

    Save your money… Jeff Bridges is the only good part in it. That and the main premise of the movie is all it really has going for it. The biggest problem I had with the movie was the acting. The main actor playing Jonas was so boring. Katie Holmes’ performance was almost laughable, and everyone else is pretty stale. Maybe if they had chosen better actors that could deliver well than maybe I would have enjoyed the movie more. Sorry to disappoint book readers hoping it would be good, but in my opinion it was very boring, unlike the book.

  • Maybe Some things SB Forgotten

    #39 – There was a period when Katie was trying to pretend to be someone she was not. Who could forget this interview with David Letterman in Jan 2008 when she was promoting Mad Money. That was the first and last time she wore a dress that short on a television interview and looked like she was trying too hard to look sophisticated.

  • Ew

    I doubt she never looked back. She’s got this sadness to her face,like she wished she never got involved with the second ranking Ho$ guy…

  • Tim

    I doubt Katie or Tom never look back. Their personal lives have taken front seat to their careers as the volume of gossip has clearly outweighed anyone caring about the truth. Too much and too everywhere.

  • B52

    Granted that is a fan review and not a real critic but to say it was laughable leads me to believe it might in fact be another cringe worthy performance. Not sure how many more of those she will get away with and still get employment. Nothing on Rotten Tomatoes yet but reviews should pour in next week.

  • Cari

    She looks incredibly frumpy in those jeans and polka dot blouse. Ages her.

  • Blind item

    And guess who the top guess is? The woman can’t act.

    349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#1**
    This B list mostly movie actress is having her part reduced significantly in her new movie because her acting has been really awful. What was supposed to be a fairly major part for the actress trying to be known for more than just a relationship is turning into a tiny role with just a few lines. I don’t know where that once promising actress went. Katie Holmes “Woman in Gold”

  • @ Blind item

    Go read TomKat comments at Dlisted, far more interesting!!

  • LMAO

    @Blind item:
    I think that was even talked about here when she was filming a couple of weeks ago. Someone joked that there are so many threads here of her supposed work but they either get cut or don’t make it at all. She is always busy but nothing comes of it.
    Wouldn’t at all be surprised if it’s true. Didn’t she only film for like two days and come home? Maybe she and Ryan did not click well at all.
    If that gets cut and then bad reviews for Giver what will be next?

  • LMAO

    @Blind item:
    The timing of that post also fits since the last days of filming were around the 17th 18th of July and this was about 10 days later so the gossip could have got out. Having said that it’s a blind item and might be totally made up. We will know though if it turns out to just be a few lines when it comes out. As of right now her role doesn’t have a name on imdb.