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Michael Fassbender Rocks Out with 'Frank' Mask On for Colbert!

Michael Fassbender Rocks Out with 'Frank' Mask On for Colbert!

Michael Fassbender carries a garment bag over his shoulder while stepping out of his hotel on Thursday afternoon (August 7) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor and his Frank co-stars, including Maggie Gyllenhaal, made an appearance on The Colbert Report to perform a song from their movie.

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Michael, just as he did at the movie’s premiere after party earlier in the week, wore his character’s mask throughout the full performance!

Watch it below:

Michael Fassbender Rocks Out with ‘Frank’ Mask On for Colbert!

FYI: Michael is wearing the Lacoste Sherbrooke.

10+ pictures inside of Michael Fassbender looking suave outside his hotel…

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26 Responses to “Michael Fassbender Rocks Out with 'Frank' Mask On for Colbert!”

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  1. 1
    patmst Says:

    That isn’t Zoe leaving the hotel with him. LOL

  2. 2
    Drake Says:

    Did Jared originally post that was Doe with him?! Oh LAWDS! That is his ‘Frank’ bandmate Carla Azar! Get it together JJ!

  3. 3
    Drake Says:

    Spell check fail! Z O E

  4. 4
    patmst Says:

    @Drake: To be fair to Jared some of the other websites are making assumptions.

  5. 5
    Lena Says:


    Don’t you DARE criticize Jared for a case of mistaken identity. Under the circumstances it’s understandable. Trauma from trying to pronounce or spell that obnoxious fictitious band name. At least the Partridge Family name was words everyone knew (bird + common social reproductive unit common in society= Partridge Family) And, David Cassidy was a real singer. Still is today.
    So let’s recap the faux rock star career of the actor “formerly known as Michael Fassbender.” Now just referred to as…
    “1) the guy who is in a really bad fake band with no real musical innovation or talent,
    2) who possibly had a role in deciding to name a band an unpronounceable name after not learning the hard lesson by the artist formerly known as Prince, and
    3) looks like a dingleberry hopping around on stage in a human sized cardboard bobble head and a suit of all things.
    I mean…even the die hard zombie fans at purse forum are openly talking about how they have “embarrassment by proxy” FOR him.
    So now he’s walking around with his fake band mate for publicity? How dumb…
    What possesses someone to be that way? What is so odd is that he had such potential. And he seems to want to IRK people by design and turn them off. I wonder if that is a manifestation of narcissistic personality disorder, where someone thinks they are invincible so they purposely see how far they can act in a ridiculous fashion and still have people adore them? I wonder.

    An aging man STARTING a band nearing 40? Not a good look. The Zoe Kravitz thing was always bizarre. It’s like he struggles to figure out who he is as a man. Except…. nearing 40?
    Guys….trust me….Michael has goo goo gaga girlie fans…but don’t try this at home. In the REAL world, women want a strong man. Not guys who want to be crazy kids. In REAL life, this kind of nonsense is an UNBELIEVABLE turn off. For most women.
    Bimbos and kids maybe….but that’s just creepy and a circus in of itself lending to making the man a laughing stock with his peers (behind his back). Despite more times than not, the guy THINKS naively he is the envy of his peers by dating a young girl or brain dead bimbo. Guys like that don’t realize how dumb they look to people… But it instantly lowers respect in most folks….the irony of that dynamic. It’s one of those “things that make you go hmmmm.”. As in “hmmmm, he seemed smarter than that…how strange…”
    Just my opinion

  6. 6
    Natalie Says:

    I love Michael Assbender. Such a talented actor.

  7. 7
    Natalie Says:

    I love Michael Fassbender. Such a talented actor.

  8. 8
    Drake Says:

    @Lena: If you run a gossip website and you don’t know what Zoe Kravitz looks like, you need to hang it up. If you are questioning whether the person next to him is ZK and you can’t Google a photo of ZK for comparison, you need to hang it up.

  9. 9
    Drake Says:

    @Lena: I just read your entire dissertation. You must be smoking some good ish, cause THE HELL?!?! Michael actually isn’t starting a REAL band. The band is FICTIOTIOUS for the movie only. He’s not walking with Carla for publicity. The cast – minus Maggie – are probably staying at the same hotel. They both spoke at the Apple event tonight and shared a car.

  10. 10
    Lena Says:


    Oh pahleeese…I heard they are releasing that “I love you WALL” row row row your boat song as a friggin’ single. It’s bananas. The power of celebrity worship syndrome to make people like really bad musicians is truly amazing. If you don’t believe me, Google Keanu Reeves’ Dogstar. That music iz a snoozefest. Zzzzzzzzzzz. But the girls go gaga when Reeves jumps on stage. So dumb….don’t they know a pen/is or an ego can’t generally play guitar…neither can actors usually…

    Why is that girl a part of this? To latch on to Fassbender’s star? Two hipsters trying to increase their hipster appeal? This is nearing 30 Seconds To Mars Enola Gay catastrophic to me. Think of the children!!! Have you no humanity! We NEED to save the children from this nonsense. Sighs.

    I’ve got all I can handle making final arrangements for my anti 30 Seconds To Mars Jared Leto (the guy wears 1985 Rock Star clothes and sings like Tiffany??? WTF) campaign without this additional affront to humanity occurring.
      She’s not a good drummer. I’ve seen some of her work with Autolux, and it’s a snooze fest.
    These show good music and/or drumming (regardless of whether you like the genre…at least it has energy and is alive…it isn’t thump..pause… thump…pause…)
    BARONESS (this band is so unique; 5 different genres all in my opinion…that drummer works HARD… awesome! Not…thump…pause… thump…garage band…limited talent cr/ap)
    GOJIRA (Heavier… but the drums and unique sound…innovation in music..)

    Such God given talent.
     But, it’s TYPICAL of Fassbender to latch on to everything hipster poser. Oh, excuse me. I have to spell it the other correct way (poseur….was scolded by a ninny)…And why is it that MOST hipster mainstream rocker wannabe type women always try to wear their hair as ugly as possible? Yeah…yeah…yeah…I dated a musician in an alternative band for years in college. I know this pretentious arty music scene well. Hahaha haha….Generally filled with really smart folks (geniuses)… And the guys are ****** and so are the girls, they’re liberals, side with foreign countries against so called American Imperialism. And here’s what a lot of the alternative band crowd girls do (not rock star Barbie girls who want to be pretty..I’m talking alternative music crowd)
    They recognize their losses in the genetic lottery, so they go the OPPOSITE route… into the “pseudo-intellectual” arty hipster cool, no make up, make yourself a plain Jane look. Its ridiculous. This woman would look better with long straight hair. Not that chopped mop. I guess it’s the same reason Lupita does it. They want to PROVE they don’t WANT to be pretty. That they are too strong go be pretty.

    Well, I’m pretty. And I’m not going to go out of my way to shave my head or make myself look dumb, or purposely “uglied down” just to prove I’m a strong woman. Shoot…I’ll just try a case for that…LOL. just kidding. Actually I ain’t provin’ NOTHIN’… which is my point about purposely uglying yourself down, like this woman appears to have done.
    It’s dumb really. Makes these women seem weak to me. There’s nothing wrong with embracing your femininity and beauty as a woman. You do not have to try to look like a female ET to prove you have depth. LOL :)
    When I saw she is touring with Jack White, it all makes sense to me now.   No bigger snooze fester than THAT guy…thump thump thump thump….yikes.

  11. 11
    Ross Says:

    Mmmmm , Michael !! I bet he’s delicious :P

  12. 12
    Wow, Just ... wow Says:

    @Lena: Holy effing sh#$t balls you are crazy. Certifiable.

  13. 13
    Morgana Says:

    Hotter than the sun.

  14. 14
    OH MY GOD Says:


  15. 15
    MICHEAL Says:


  16. 16
    dolce Says:

    Well ,he dit not need an assistant for the jackets , he is very cool in this pics, definitely.

  17. 17
    Lola Says:

    The whole movie band played, but they were not interviewed prior to playing? *I really don’t know, I did not watch.*


    Thanks for the songs, did not know of the bands.

  18. 18
    Lola Says:

    I have to laugh, not about your comment but what I thought of when I read it.
    It’s just that since I started writing I have always wonder what is the job of the PR Lady and after all that has been written of her photo bombing her client, I have to say, I have only seen a picture and 1/4 of her this time around … does she read the posts? or has someone on her firm (if she has one) do it for her … I would expect that part of her job is keeping up with what is being said about her clients (Fassbender and others) on celebrity news outlets, but I am not so sure.

  19. 19
    Lola Says:

    OMG!!! You are actually writing HERE!!!! I need you do to me a solid, kid …. PLEASE!!! I want to meet EMERSON JOHNSON!!!! Come on!!! Introduce us!!!!! Emerson is like the JUICE!!!!!! ;-)

  20. 20
    Lena Says:


    *****, is that the Irish slang spelling for “refundable film tax credits” or something?  Help me out….I’m lost…. sawwwwwreeeeee…but…

    Part 1


    Part 2


    But thanks for the segue into Lea Thompson.  Okay, so this ding  dong of a washed up actress had the nerve to go to Sundance 2014 and in an interview say how terrible she thinks alleged online bullying of celebrities is.  Uh, Lea, you mean public criticism and commentary on PUBLIC FIGURES???? Yeah, that’s apparently online bullying to her…a friggin public figure…supported by taxpayers…Anyone surprised by the attitude?
    So this idiot Lea Thompson says that talking bad about people is crummy and a sign of a dark heart. Uh, even apparently criticizing fame chasing famewh/’re  taxpayer leeching actors and actresses, many of whom make entire careers out of making movies to preach their crummy political and social messages about all kinds of people, which is SPEECH as well isn’t it?.  And much of the time speech in the form of movies involves actors painting their targets negatively….. Hypocrite much??? They do this while relying in many cases on 40% of taxpayer funds to preach their socially and politically leaning messages to the masses, I might add. Uh… Disseminated to millions….where’s the bigger problem Lea??? (Rhetorical…. I don’t want this woman to think I’m talking to her, scared little sensitive dove she apparently is….sarcasm intended)

    I personally think it is more crummy and more of an indication of a dark heart when hypocrite show biz insiders like Lea Thompson willingly join in on the forced taxpayer fleecing of just struggling to get by taxpayers. She recently did a movie in Louisiana which has one of the highest FREE  money giveaway programs (on the taxpayer backs and their dime) to Hollywood millionaires there is…

    Thompson says nonsensically that actors shouldn’t be bullied (which she defines broadly as receiving any criticism apparently or words that make her self admitted sensitive daughter cry…) because it hurts her “feelings” and she thinks people FORGET that “celebrities are human” and have “feelings.”.  She also says that she has a daughter in the business (oh joy….another Hollywood taxpayer leech???) And her daughter cries from the criticism?  How is that MY problem or any member of the public’s problem? We have to self censor our speech so celebrity feelings don’t get hurt, while they don’t censor their speech in their movies, and they charge us through compelled taxes, for movie tickets, DVD sales, cable fees, etc.? Hardly…

    And what a pretentious, elitist, bitter jerk she is for suggesting that ordinary peon members of the public are so stupid and unenlightened that they can’t figure out that celebrities are “human.”.  Uh, that’s pretty telling of her crummy and dark heart and bad uppity attitude as it relates to adoring fans in my opinion.  Don’t celebrities realize fans and public taxpayers are “human?” Or is that not relevant here?
    Second, I don’t know about you @MICHAEL, but I think Lea’s attitude is typical in Hollywood and I suspect Fassbender shares it.  That it’s okay to take money from the public and hold them in contempt in the privacy of Hollywood cocktail parties so long as you SMILE for the camera real big and pretend to make love not war with the public.
    But, I personally don’t care whether celebrities like me.  I would prefer they stay out of taxpayer treasuries so that money can be spent on teachers, police officers, courts, roads, disabled, the underpaid military.  
    And I think it’s not MY fault if this jelly spine actress Lea Thompson raised a weak, vain, narcissistic daughter and did not adequately raise her to have a thick skin before sending her off into show business and a PUBLIC FIGURE life.
    Basically, it’s not my job to babysit the sensitivity of Lea Thompson or any weak cry baby daughter she may have who may want the admiration, love, taxpayer funds perk side of fame, but is so elitist minded as to think unlike 7 billion people on this world, she gets to go through life without having her feelings hurt.  Or especially as a fame chaser, get criticism after doing movies that may offend millions.
    But I have enjoyed some of her movies…Same with Fassbender….LOL.

  21. 21
    Curious Says:

    There’s a news article in Ireland about Michael being spotted with a mystery blonde, but it looks like the PR ;ady to me. Is it her?

  22. 22
    @curious Says:

    shes is paula , his pr

  23. 23
    or is Lola actually Lena Says:

    @Lena: Fassbender is not starting a band you pyscho hes pretending to be a musician. You know it’s called acting.

  24. 24
    what type of drugs are you on? Says:

    @Lola: please give deets because I wanna try it too!

  25. 25
    Lola Says:

    @what type of drugs are you on?:
    If you explain what made you think I was on drugs, then maybe I can help you .. (you know … get in touch with the supplier …. he / she hooks me up! it’s basically a mixture of air … semi polluted — I live in a city — then you have the other contaminates (have no idea how to translate that to English) … then the local beer! OF COURSE! :-)

    If it is the comment about Emerson Johnson .. since someone posted a pic of him on the SWSNBN Thread I have maintain that the guy is like the Juice!!!! You know what that means right? VERYFINE!!! ;-)

    Why is it hard to believe that I don’t think Fassbender is all that and I would rather his friend? Because the friend is not famous?

    Anyways … *smile!*

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