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Nikki Reed Wants to Give Music Life for 10,000 People!

Nikki Reed Wants to Give Music Life for 10,000 People!

Nikki Reed stays dark in all black while out and about on Friday afternoon (August 8) in Los Angeles.

The next day, the 25-year-old actress was spotted going for a run.

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Recently, Nikki revealed that she was supporting Fender’s “Give Music Life for 10,000 People” Crowdrise campaign.

“Help support #Fender Music Foundation buy guitars for underprivledged kids. #GiveMusicLife #Music #Education,” she captioned the Whosay photo.

Earlier that week, Nikki went for a jog with boyfriend Ian Somerhalder and their dogs.

FYI: Nikki is wearing a Cooper & Ella tank and Tory Burch flats while out and about.

15+ pictures inside of Nikki Reed in LA…

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nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 01
nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 02
nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 03
nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 04
nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 05
nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 06
nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 07
nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 08
nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 09
nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 10
nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 11
nikki reed runs errands sans bfs ian somerhalder 12

Photos: FameFlynet
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    She’s really pretty but she does seem to be papped a lot doing nothing.

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    Nikki is gorgeous. I’m not even a fan of hers and I can see that. And clearly she is getting attention because she is dating Ian. It isn’t rocket science. Celebrities are targeted by paparazzi when some kind of controversy/scandal is going on. 1 + 1 = 2 guys…

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    @Ruby: Everyone in Hollywood works out all the time.

  • scarleth

    Nikki is a beatiful lady, she’s doing good things for the people. Stop the hate.

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    Lol, before somerhalder got in the picture, she only had nice comments in her JJ articles. Now haters are coming out of the woodwork saying she’s ugly all of a sudden. LMFAO stop girls, you guys are so sad and pathetic. Ian was gonna move on sooner or later, no matter who it was you guys were going to drink the haterade regardless. Is it that hard to be happy for Ian or are u guys still fantasizing about Ian’s and Nina’s PR relationship.

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    No matter how much she works out or donates, she will always be a bad friend in the eyes of me & my friends. What a POS she is, inconsiderate and all.

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    she’s gorgeous, talented and has such a good heart. And she and Ian together are super hot together. Ignore the haters and losers. They are just jealous because they will never be you and have what you have

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    Nikki Reed is BEAUTIFUL. Love the hair. Love what she is wearing. And most of all love who she is! And she makes Ian Somerhalder happy.


    @Ruby: She’s famous for her movie Thirteen, Twilight. She just released a new album and a documentary on autism which she directed, produced and wrote. She is more famous than Ian and Nina.


    Nian shippers are so obsessed. They think calling someone beautiful ugly will make her stop dating Ian! LMAO. While I laugh at you, please take this moment to remember that Ian and Nina broke up MORE than a year ago. Nikki is GORGEOUS. And she shares the same interests as Ian. She fits him way better. Ian is happy and you opinion is invalid. Stay pressed.

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    @Komal: That’s a load of bullshit. Google “Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed” and it’s pretty clear that they have been friends for awhile. Not best friends, but definitely friends. She and Paul used to double date with Ian and Nina. Lol Nikki and Ian deserve each other.

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