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NASCAR's Tony Stewart Runs Over & Kills Kevin Ward Jr.

NASCAR's Tony Stewart Runs Over & Kills Kevin Ward Jr.

In a crazy story that is currently developing, it appears that NASCAR driver Tony Stewart (pictured left) ran over fellow racer Kevin Ward Jr. after an altercation during a dirt-track event at the Canandaigua Speedway on Saturday (August 9) in Canandaigua, N.Y.

According to eyewitnesses, the 43-year-old driver hit Kevin‘s car and it spun out of control.

Kevin then got out of the car and when Tony was making his next lap around the track, he slammed into Kevin who was angrily rushing towards the car. People in the stands say that he flew more than 25 feet from the scene.

“People (who could see it better) said the guy got out of his car and was gesturing angrily at Tony Stewart when Tony Stewart came by during the next lap under yellow,” an eyewitness told The Sporting News. “He approached him and evidently when he was driving by the guy standing on the track gesturing at him, he gunned his engine. What happened was the back end kicked out and clipped the guy and the guy flew across the track.”

Police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident and no further details have been revealed yet. The race track updated its Facebook page after the incident saying that “Tonight’s racing events were suspended due to an accident. Please hold off on any speculation until we have further information to share.”

Tony is currently scheduled to be racing during the 2014 Cheez-It 355 in Watkins Glen on Sunday (August 10).

UPDATE: Read an eyewitness account from a sprint car driver at the scene

SECOND UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Kevin tragically died in the crash

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  • Warren Duke

    his is a sad situation. Tony Stewart obviously did not intent to hit Kevin Ward. But you have to say to yourself. What kind of an idiot gets out of their car in the middle of a race just because your car got bumped into the wall? What kind of immature kid does that? Stupid is as Stupid does

  • AWR

    @Warren Duke: -wa
    well what else is he suppose to do if his car is totaled sit in his car till it magically starts working again tony should never have tried to show out in front of the guy just because he’s a nascar racer the boy is 20 years old he probably had ever dollar he ever made in that car i don’t blame him at all for actually standing up to stewert

  • MM
  • JJ

    I’ve watched that video and read the article. I see a few errors between this article and the video.

    Kevin was in the middle of the track. In fact he was more than halfway to the inner edge of the track when contact was made.

    The only back end kicking out of Tony’s car appeared to be after contact had been made with Kevin. Which not to be very gruesome but if you hit something with your tire it will slow that wheel down and force your vehicle to jerk in that direction, which clearly happened.

    AWR: Yes he was supposed to sit in his totaled car until it is safe for him to be removed from the track. Or if he just had to get out of the car, to get on the other side of the wall.

  • Detective Galio

    I have seen the video; In my experience it seems that while the other driver in the blue and white vehicle just ahead of Tony Stewart seemed to be breaking, Stewart was going full throttle into the driver that was killed. Tony Stewart should be tried for murder in a court of law in front of his peers.

  • Will

    Sorry but Kevin Ward’s friend has it wrong. The video clearly shows what actually happened. Ward was pissed about being spun out and wanted to make sure Stewart knew it. He also wated to look like a bad ass be able to tell everyone that he stepped roght up to Stewart’s car….you know, cuz he’s a tough guy. Unfortunately he was a bit too close. Did the baxk of Stewart’s car fishtail?? Yes. Was it because Stewart hit the gas? No. Watch the video. The car fishtailed to the roght because the right rear tire stopped spinning at the same rate as the left rear tire. Why did it do that? Because it had hit Kevin Ward. It did not fishtail before it hit Ward. Srupid move by a young kid who wanted to be tough. Too bad he lost his life. Very sad story for everyone involved and their families but def not homicide as some of the “experts” here seem to think.

  • Will

    @Detective Galio: Ok. So the car in front of Stewart was braking at the same time you say Stewart was “full throttle”. Hmm, so why did Stewart not hit that car? In fact he didn’t even seem to be catching up to it. Amazing how so many people never wanna place the blame where it belongs. It is always someone else’s fault.

  • http://Bingnews Diane Struthers

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony reacted out of shock when hitting Kevin with his car. I’ve seen cars get hit many times by other cars on track by accident or intentional but never have I seen a driver with such aggression while during a race approach an oncoming car on the track like that before . I feel saddened for the driver because he wasn’t thinking clearly . Let’s pray it was an accident on Tony’s part because if it wasn’t he sure wasn’t thinking clearly either. I send my prayers for Kevin and his love ones . Hoping he doesn’t go thru with the race on Sunday out of honor and respect for his competitor Kevin Ward.


    @Warren Duke: i dont know what video you were looking at , but Tony turned his right front at him and straightened it back up……Tony has gotten out of his car and alot of other drivers done the same….MY God man they were under caution

  • Guest

    The kid was completely stupid for going into the middle of the track and in front of the other cars. He died a senseless death. R.I.P

  • Nico


    You’re an idiot! He was supposed to stay in the car til it’s safe to be removed or until his team got there to get him back on the track safely. Not f***ing run in the middle of an ongoing race! he could have been hit by other racers but he specifically targeted Tony for taking him out of the race. He was pissed. A mature professional racer knows not to do that. You have beef with another racer? Handle it off the track! Still this is very sad, but I don’t see how this is Tonys fault.
    @steve yes some racers get out of their car, to standby not to charge at other racers, and if they do they are stupid as well.

  • Tom

    He was moving fast and erratically, definitely not standing on the side of the track. On top of that he cut down the track when he saw tony coming closer. Tony was probably sliding because he saw the kid cut down and tried his bet to get the car turning. This is nobody’s fault but the kids. It’s a tragic way to go. Sorry for his family and for tony who will never forget this day.

  • AR

    So sad. An accident that should have not happened. Kevin shouldnt have been in the middle of the track walking in front of the cars. Looks like he jumps out of the way for car 45 when it was coming. But walked straight in line with tonys car.

    I feel for his family and friends. Such a loss to them losing a loved one at such a young age.

  • Selena

    Tony Stewart is supposedly a seasoned driver and a grownup and should have KNOWN BETTER… Please, these where over grown go carts. Tony didn’t HAVE TO HIT hit him. This is vehicular manslaughter. That’s for driving dirty, Tony. We all saw this coming.

  • Selena

    BUT Kevin Ward was in the road too like an idiot. It’s like jumping in between a hunter and buck just before he shoots. But Tony could have swerved.

  • Selena


    You are an idiot. Tony’s career is over.

  • http://justjared GE

    The kid did what many mature professionals have done also. If you watch NASCAR , you have seen even Tony do the same. My heart goes out to Kevin’s family.

  • Da stay in your car

    Stay in your car. Common sense. No way tony intentional tried to kill the kid.

    This is why officials get pissed when people get out of their car and do stupid things.

    The kid died doing a Tony Stewart thing. Stay in your car.

  • Grabes03

    In the video, if you listen closely, Tony gunned his car and fish tailed into the kid. He hit him on purpose, no question. Probably didn’t intend to kill him, but still needs to be tried in my opinion.

  • ljr

    JJ, Perhaps you didnt hear Tony’s engine rev as he’s impacting Kevin? Manslaughter!




    No question?? You have no idea of his intentions, and most likely didn’t see him until the last moment, and reacted by trying to avoid, but failed. Unfortunate, but K. Ward should not have been in middle of track – PERIOD.

  • BW

    The writer of the above article has apparently already written off Kevin by labeling him as “the guy” numerous times. Kevin deserves to be called by his given nam@yahoo.e just like writer did for the arrogant ass Tony Stewart who under yellow accelerates his car when he spotted Kevin to show that he will not hesitate to push young talent out of his way.

  • Selena


    Look. He’ll be charged. It probably won’t be vehicular homicide but manslaughter since the boy was walking on a dangerous race track during a race, but Tony COULD have missed him. It’s that simple.

  • conservancy@MHR

    … dog-eat-dog, a professional bloodsport, the only place God’s green acre human beings are free from common law and financial responsibility, just so long as you’re on-track, in a racing car, you are free to nerf fellow competitors to their death, no consequence to yourself, whatsoever. Tony Stewart’s been around long enough to know the ins and out, what he can get away with, and what he can’t. Were Tony Stewart to have murdered a driver of equal stature, with a large fanbase, perhaps the outcry would have been sufficient to prompt intervention, from outside motorsport. That it was just a 20 year old he ran down, like a dog, no worries, Tony Stewart will be living the high life, shirking it off, laughing it up all the way to the bank, walking away from this thing scoff-free, secretly smirking and snickering under his breath how he snuffed-out this Kevin Ward kid, no one ever the wiser — asj.

  • Lee

    Racers need to stay in their cars instead of being hot heads and trying to confront fellow racers still on the track.

  • Grabes03

    @WFOOFW – if you think that a professional driver, one of the best in the world, can’t handle his vehicle any better than what your insinuating…… There’s no point in having a conversation with you.

  • jas

    Even with the lights its still pretty dark and at the speed theyre going you dont hve a lot of time to react. Its not the road where you can easily see things and just swerve out of the way, its a dirt track where you can barely se what’s around the bend.

  • Johnny Reb

    Was Kevin Ward stupid for leaving his car and confronting his rival on the track? Absolutely. Was Tony Stewart an idiot for gunning his engine as he passed by a pedestrian on the track while under a caution flag? You bet. Will Stewart be criminally charged? Very unlikely. Will he and his racing team get the pants sued off them in civil court for wrongful death? Count on trial attorneys stripping him of million$. Further, he can look forward to loss of fan support, and essentially an end to his driving career as he is shunned by sponsors. There was absolutely no need to accelerate in that situation. Hope Stewart has nightmares for the rest of his life. What a moron….

  • say what?

    I’m sorry he died, but you’re a dumbass if you race cars, get bumped and get out of your car to look all tough against a 150 mph car in the dirt. Tony probably didn’t believe what he saw in front of him until it was too late. What kind of idiot gets out of a car and confronts a speeding car—in a race or on the highway. Dumbass hick.

  • racer75

    Dont know if any of you have driven a sprint car but I do and by the time he might have seen him these cars are different than typical cars when you hit something you car dose swerve that way not just that gas makes them turn you jump on the gas to make turn if he would have slammed on his brakes would have been totally ran over brakes make you turn right notice big tire right rear this tire will pull you that way

  • Seboe

    There was only Stewart in that car and if it was a definite attempt why is the investigation going to go on for two more weeks. Ward made a conscious decision to do the wrong thing and get out of the car. Any car could have taken him out, he targeted Tony and he is not stupid enough to to risk his career on a dirt track with a driver over a wreck, how many times has a person seen a dog in the street they can’t stand and deliberately hit the dog, you may not like the dog but you would swerve.
    Stewart may have issues but he is no killer. We don’t know what was going through his mind but Ward was way to close to make a statement against speeding steel and horsepower.

  • Daniel

    every race car driver knows you do not get out of your car on a live race track unless the track is a red light . just like you dont run to the front of a smoking gun barral .