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Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley Are Our Choice Vampires at Teen Choice Awards 2014

Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley Are Our Choice Vampires at Teen Choice Awards 2014

Nina Dobrev is so colorful while making her entrance on the blue carpet at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday (August 10) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actress was joined at the event by her Vampires Diaries co-star Paul Wesley. Also in attendance at the show was Ian Somerhalder!

Nina is nominated for Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi while Paul is nominated for Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi and Choice TV Villain.

FYI: Nina is wearing a Vionnet top and shorts, a Michael Kors gold clutch, Kurt Geiger shoes, and David Yurman jewelry. Paul is wearing Hudson Jeans and The Frye Company boots.

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  • Wow

    Nina just slayed all of you. She is QUEEN

  • Isa

    Nina si beautiful as usual !

  • Stelena


  • Andy


  • Cami

    They both look so great!!

  • Vessy

    Both are so lovely. I am so proud of the whole TVD cast. This is probably the last TCAs they get… great to keep us loving this show after all these years. Well deserved!

  • Yamna

    wtf is happening with nina’s hair? the end of her braid looks like an old dry rope.
    And Justin Bieber’s oversized version (aka Paul Wesley) looks always the same, so boring. Though he is kinda even more skinny than usual. Is he sick or it’s just Phoebe Tonkin’s diet?

  • Nina

    @7 I am sadly going to agree, I love her but this color hair is definetly the one that suits her least. Go back to every other teen choice wards, there was one difference and that was her hair color.ndark black hair is what suits her. Like it makes her stand out as stunning, this just washes her in with the crowd. Black is what makes you go wow. I hope elena gets through her Damon crisis by having a hair change because this one is probably my least fav. Lucky she has a pretty face so it can’t make her look ugly, but she wowed with black hair. I hope she goes back one day. Also her eyes are her main standout feature, but they get lost with this hair color. Black all the way I say.

  • Paul

    Paul looks lost.

  • Kira

    She looks good, though I would have chosen a white top, which would’ve made it a bit more mature and elegant, with these pants as too much is going on. Love her shoes and the hair. I don’t like the Make-up; it’s a bit dark. It should’ve been more fresh and lighter.
    Just asking, but why is she wearing green contacts?

  • jess

    Nina is so beatiful

  • reba

    the lighter hair ages her. Get rid of it Nina; you’re dark hair is so lovely and you look wonderful with it!

  • Julia

    Man, i love her. But her hair looks like an old broom.

  • ……..

    How can People find her pretty? Everything about her is fake, hair extentions, heavy make up ( who did that? Ewww), fake eyelashes, the dress is hideous and her posing and behaviour is just gross. Pheobe said that she is very dominant. “If Nina says you show up to Dinner, YOU BETTER SHOW UP”…Sorry but who does she think she is? Calm your titties dobrev, you are not Angelina jolie. Go back where you came from.

  • Just no

    Sorry but there is nothing beautiful about her. All I see is that she probably fall into a pot of make up. It’s all oily and weird. She looks like 40.

  • Tom

    @Yamna: I agree, Paul has to be the most boring Guy in Hollywood. His jokes aren’t even funny anymore. She is just blah….

  • Elena

    Did elena go and get herself stupidly knocked up. Because why else does she look so fat these days unless it is for the character.

  • Elena

    Her hair, her figure, everything looked great in the first four seasons and then she let herself go? What I also find hilarious is that it was around this time that ian and her broke up that she put on weight, I mean she us the complete opposite of nearly every female I know, I mean aren’t you meant to go and make yourself look better and go find someone better whilst making your exes jealous. And showing them what they can never have again, but seriously who would want her again when her hair looks disgusting, the color is all bloody tacky for what she suits. And her body is flabby and her legs and face have all become less attractive because of at least 15pounds heavier she is. Yeah we get it nina your a foodie, but does that mean you let yourself go and not workout? I mean what happened to her, get your shit together, because I promise u that without your stunning looks, you aight gonna get the rocked you want. And how on earth is she going yo stand out a stage lead, the lead is rant to look their best and sell the show.

  • Elena

    That was roles you want stupid spellcheck

  • Marilyn

    I guess when it comes down to it, guys want to have to chase the girl, because as the quote says “if she’s easy to get she’s easy to forget”
    “Smart girls like but never love, listen but never believe and Leave before they are left”. “The girls who don’t ask for much, deserve it all” “Always be good, because at the end of the day it is what is on the inside what people will remember not the outside”. “Good things will come if you are good to others”. “Girls chase after guys, women chase after their dreams”.

  • No wonder

    Fact, guys want a girl who can get on with other girls, who can get on with their mates without flirting with them, who have a down to earth personality, and most of all someone who can give them space and not chase after them, or expect things. If your high maintenance go array a 80 year old billionaire, because all the other guys are only hoping to end up settling down forever with mature women who aren’t looking for what they can get. Like one direction says ” if you don’t knew your beautiful Tegan that’s what makes you beautiful”. If your personality isolates you than change or never ever expect your life to get better. Only narcissistic people stay the same, check in with them in 10 years and I bet they wish they had ignored the arrogant voice in their head and actually been nice to others. Because only the truly top successful people, are people who are liked in the industry. Fans mean nothing, friends, not one or two, but the ability to communicate with everyone, without having to lean on guys as a crux.

  • That gat t

    That hair is utterly repulsive and tacky and that makeup is disgusting and heavy, and she never adds bright colours to her lips, all you can ever see is brown foundation. I mean why has she let herself go?

  • Paul

    Wow, a lot of hate on nina.npaul to me is so weird looking and his stance always seems off. How he got cast as a lead baffles me. I mean arent the leads meant to be attractive. In saying that, I did read the above hate and will agree on one thing. Nina was absolutely flawless and one of the most stunning women in the world when this all started. She gad definetly still got potential I can see, but she has changed a few things that have made her appeal less. She needs another makeover. Actually now I think about it she and Paul do suit now, she let herself go, he is just weird looking.

  • Nibs

    She just is so stupid, could have had it all, but was to immature and childish to be in adult relationships. She needs to date below her age next since she can’t handle maturity. Gosh filming this season is going to be a blast I bet. How could you be so dumb, I know your young, but seriously, why would someone so young need to be settled down, especially since you want success. So what is it you want success or family, because you are like a walking contradiction. Grow up. You have looks that most women crave, you have money, you have fame,, change your attitude , and have more common sense, and think about your age. Your throwing it all away on your own. Wake up.

  • Mature

    Remember this quote always, if you don’t have the ability to listen Tegan don’t even read it because you have no hope. “Always be careful what you say, even to your closest friends or cast mates, any of them, I mean this, because most people don’t care what you say,and the rest are just spreading what you say and nailing you look worse. Especially exes, one day your with them, and the next day tier telling your enemies every word you said about them” in this business just trust yourself and but of course be friendly to others, but watch everything you say. Because you boyfriends secrets with you, become tomorrow’s news for everyone to spread.

  • sandra

    Paul is the most beautiful man on planet!

  • Flo

    Paul looks great,love him. Nina looks so beautiful,hope Ian eats his heart out. He chose to be with that ugly downgrade Nikki. Enjoy Ian,you are the loser!

  • Florence

    Paul looks handsome. Nina is so beautiful and looks amazing. Hope Ian was drooling looking at Nina,he chose that big downgrade ugly Nikki instead! LOL

  • Elena Gilbert

    I think she is a beautiful woman but imo she looks better when she is not overdoing it with make up and hair. She looked amazing in 2010 & 2011 when she was more natural. The heavy make up ages her years. She needs to tone it down.

  • Yolanda

    @Flo: LOL, the only one Ian is drooling over is the gorgeous Women He is in Love and happy with. Nina’s loss in letting go of that gorgeous, wonderful Man. If anybody is drooling ,it would be here, Ian looked out of this world beautiful in the Interview at the Emmys, that every Chanel ,on all the entertainment channels on TV, have been showing over and over.