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Amal Alamuddin Turns Down Spot on UN Commission for Gaza

Amal Alamuddin Turns Down Spot on UN Commission for Gaza

While it was previously reported that Amal Alamuddin was appointed a spot on the UN’s Commission of Inquiry for Gaza, she has turned down the position.

“There are various reports published today stating that I have been appointed as one of three members of the UN Commission of Inquiry for Gaza. I am horrified by the situation in the occupied Gaza Strip, particularly the civilian casualties that have been caused, and strongly believe that there should be an independent investigation and accountability for crimes that have been committed,” Amal said in a statement to

“I was contacted by the UN about this for the first time this morning,” Amal added. “I am honoured to have received the offer, but given existing commitments — including eight ongoing cases — unfortunately could not accept this role. I wish my colleagues who will serve on the commission courage and strength in their endeavours.”

In case you aren’t aware, Amal is engaged to actor George Clooney and they recently received their marriage license.

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    So it WAS A PR STUNT on her and Geroges behalf, shame on them both, desprate for getting her name in the news, if she had turned it down then WHY would the UN go ahead and announce it ? does not make sense. Somthing is fishy here its more like a PLANT AND DENY JOB from these two famewhores

  • Plant & Deny

    Why did the UN say she accepted when she’s saying she didnt ? this does not sound right, any way its a win win situation the UN got publicity and Amal & George got more free publicity out of it as no one was intrested in their wedding now they got people talking about them AGAIN, how very convinient , very well timmed George your PR stunts never fail to surprise us.

  • sillyme

    The more I think about this, the more I think that Clooney has a political future in mind, and needs a wife. Politically, she seems to be about where he is – to the far, far left. And, she’s Arab, and we all know how the left LOVES anyone who is Arab. But, watch, expect to hear Clooney run for office in a year or two.

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    RP stunt!

  • LOL

    Its a political game these two are testing the waters withtheir PR games , both of them are Famewhores, desprate for attention.


    I bet Clooney is going to come out crying (i WILL SUE) to anyone who says boo to Amal, seeing that she played the media with her plant & deny game. What took her soo long to give out a statement , she must has known as soon as she accepted the job the UN willannounce , she has made them look like fools.

  • Lucy6

    seeing that she carries her iPad with her 24/7 its odd it took her this long to do a denial statement LOL, sounds very hinky

  • jjB


  • Yup

    Maybe they weren’t getting enough attention for the upcoming wedding. Honestly I don’t know anyone who actually cares about George clooney getting married. More people actually cared about kim Kardashian’s third wedding.

  • lol

    The biitch accepted the job thats why the Acossiation press had released the news, I bet George got a call from Hollywood where all are Jews and told him to get her to refuse it, thats whay all of a sudden she is seding out denials.,

  • lol


  • Anon

    Occupied Gaza? Wow how impartial she would be. Not that anyone from the UN would be. I really hope she and Clooney just disappear. I haven’t liked him for years and now can’t stand him even more. I doubt we’ll be so lucky though.

  • Idil7

    @lol: u definitely right, George Pr were quick but fact is she accept at the beginning but George Pr prevent her to join after they received complain George friends who majority are Israeli in Hollywood, this is already their 1st mistake, it show that she didn’t consulted George in the 1st place accepting the position

  • groundcontrol

    Tell me again what qualifications she has for serving on such a delicate commission?
    Her statement reveals a bias and preconceived notion regarding blame. And in her eyes it would seem the blame is nowhere to be found in the Gaza ergo not Hamas.

  • A


    it is ovcupied. what world u livin in?

  • strt

    Before the UN would have lowered the gavel to begin the Commission’s work she would have already found Israel guilty of something because she’s nothing more than an anti-Israel Lebanese Arab. Her obvious lack of impartiality should have disqualified her from the start but since the UN is also anti-Israel it’s no wonder she was considered. Hope she and George now disappear from the headlines.


    Why would she go risk her life when she’s mere days away from bagging the bachelor of the decade? Who does that?

  • What a snooze!

    @REALLY?: She is a publicity w*h*o*r*e* nothing more nothing less. It is only going to get worse from here. George should be tarred and feathered and she stoned for pulling such a stupid stunt!

  • Karen Sherry Brackett

    Amal has represented Gadhafi’s son, after he was already found guilty of blowing up a French airliner in an act of terrorism. She has provided legal counsel to the King of Bahrain who has implemented Sharia Law on his subjects. Her heritage is Druze which is a Shia branch of Islam.

  • she-whom-shall-not-be-named

    WHAT A PARADOX! Amal practices HUMANS RIGHTS law and she’s already giving up her freedoms to George Clooney’s ego. I don’t think George Loony needs to run his decisions by her but now she has signed up for stepford wife!

  • Karen Sherry Brackett

    @PR STUNT: If it was a PR stunt then it was only to draw attention away from her making the legal mistake of posting in the UK on their marriage application that Clooney’s marital status is “dissolved”. A person is single, married or divorced…. and not “dissolved”. Btw, her spelling or lack there of and not mine. :D

  • Idil7

    @Karen Sherry Brackett: it means his marriage was dissolved or annul in 28 days which means he was living with his ex wife 3 years after they put to an end to the marriage (because of Pr) & never get divorced in the 1st place, which explain why he put dissolved on the application

  • Ru

    These two need to go away, take Miley, KK and her gay PR husband with them and retire on a deserted island. Enough of these trashy celebs!

  • Emerald

    PR STUNT @ 08/11/2014 at 4:38 pm

    Of course Al’smarmot, everything that George and Amal do is PR stunt. You know this because invisible beings deliver the message into your seriously deluded mind in the middle of the night.

  • George And Amal STUNTING

    The blogs have been inundated with comments about how Amal seems to do nothing but go to lunches, do pap walks, shop, and travel with Clooney. And she’s planning a wedding. Clooney’s plan to prop Amal up as this incredible modern woman with this hard-driving job backfired when it became clear in the public’s mind that she seems to rarely work. Folks aren’t dumb. We know you can travel and work, you can tele-commute, you can work from laptop and iPhone. But this woman is planning a wedding, meeting friends, shopping, and traveling — it’s an absurd notion that she’s working full-time. She might have 8 cases but she likely has a very small hand in them. She HAD to plant the UN story and then come out and deny it — she had to do it to make it seem that her job is demanding and that she is in demand. This was her response to the months of negative gossip about her obvious lack of work. It’s all a stunt. It’s all George and Amal stunting.

  • George And Amal STUNTING


    I’m not a George fan. I think he’s a HUGE phony, a small and insecure man who is can’t keep a relationship with a woman and this marriage to a Left-wing, anti-Israel Muslim woman is a big stunt. But, you are wrong about the meaning of “dissolved”. It means divorce. All marriages that end in divorce are “dissolved”. Dissolution is the act of legally ending the marriage. The result of a dissolved marriage is called “divorce”. If you’re no longer married you can technically say “my marriage has been dissolved”, but most people just say “I’m divorced”.

  • George And Amal STUNTING


    Totally agree. Her anti-Israel bias is disgusting. Occupied Gaza? What a meaningless phrase. What meaningless drivel.

  • What a snooze!

    @George And Amal STUNTING: I do believe you have a valid point. Now we all know how absolutely useless and a twit brain she really is. She has to top as the absolute of all women Clooney has done or relationships with. A total disgrace to all women who worker fir their education and career. Too bad we cannot lock them up in a dungeon somewhere and throw away the key. This act act was of desperation and just pathetic. I ashamed for them.

  • Open your eyes

    George’s future wife defends notorious war criminals like Abdullah al-Senussi, Muammar Gaddafi’s former dictator intelligence chief who oversaw torture, assassinations and town square hangings. The future Mrs. Clooney believes that Abdullah should not be tried where he committed the gruesome crimes.

    George’s future mother-in-law, Baria Alamuddin, who is the foreign editor of Al Hayat

    Has released this article urging all Arabs to united against anyone who is not Muslim

  • Laughing at you

    @PR STUNT: So the UN are now on George’s PR? Because the UN needs publicity? Lol

  • Laughing at you

    @groundcontrol: What qualifications has she got to serve on such a commission. Um, that she has served and is involved in other commissions. Maybe you need to brush up on how human rights lawyers are appointed and why

  • Laughing at you

    @Karen Sherry Brackett: No she hasn’t represented Gadafi’s son. And you should also learn what and how human rights lawyers are appointed.

  • emesi

    I am so disappointed on what Amal has declared in her statement, she is obviously ignorant and racist when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people. She has no right to put the blame on Israel when it is Hamas that has caused this ongoing fighting by ignoring every cease fire that Israel has agreed to. The UN is disgraceful and has allowed Hamas to wage this religious war by allowing Hamas to store weapons in their schools and by allowing Hamas to use the people as human shields. Amal should focus more on her fake marriage to George Clooney and get her facts straight before she spouts hate regarding things she has not right to talk about.

  • Hang on

    @emesi: You watch too much American news. How about looking at news from other places then you may realise that there is another side to this. Hamas has ignored all ceasefires? Except of course the ones that Israel broke like an attack on a UN school with UN staff still inside and the Oh you kidnapped one of our soldiers you broke the ceasefire so we can bomb you – oh no the soldier was already dead but will blame you anyway. And Israel use human shields just as much; pot kettle black. I suppose you supported apartheid in South Africa too. Maybe you need to see the world from another point of view.

  • Brendon

    @Hang on: Nelson Mandela was still on the US terrorist list until 2008. That alone shows why Americans support Israel so much

  • Emerald

    Open your eyes @ 08/12/2014 at 2:42 am

    Whether you like it or not even Abdullah al-Senussi and others like him are entitled to represented in a trial by a lawyer. That is his right under international law as established by the Nuremberg Trial at the end of WW2.

  • love amal

    I think Amal had applied for the position earlier on, the UN invited her and she accepted, and subsequently changed her mind. I dont think anyone could undertake that investigation and prepare for a wedding, travel all over the place as she is currently doing. Her cases are it seems undertaken in conjunction with other lawyers – usually silks – usually Geoffrey Robertson QC head of Dougherty Chambers. She is still a junior and therefore would undertake much of the work and would run interlocutory matters.

  • Samantha

    @love amal: Finally an intelligent response! The notion that these two had an immediate connection and attraction for one another is completely believable. People close to GC see his amazing strength and heart, and his parents think she is lovely. No, This doesn’t look like a stunt to me. They look like friends too, and if they do follow through with marriage, then I wish them all the best.

  • Open your eyes

    George’s future wife defends notorious war criminals like Abdullah al-Senussi, Muammar Gaddafi’s former dictator intelligence chief who oversaw torture, assassinations and town square hangings. The future Mrs. Clooney believes that Abdullah should not be tried where he committed the gruesome crimes.

    George’s future mother-in-law, Baria Alamuddin, who is the foreign editor of Al Hayat

    Has released this article urging all Arabs to united against anyone who is not Muslim

  • Open your eyes

    A must see documentary video!

    Mad Dod, The secret world of Muammar Gaddafi.

    These are the people George’s future wife is committed to defend.

  • Open your eyes

    “…George Clooney’s anti-Israel fiancée, Amal Alamuddin, has been appointed to a United Nations panel investigating whether Israel has committed war crimes in its most recent conflict with Gaza…

    …Alamuddin has repeatedly come under fire for demonstrating an anti-Israel bias and is said to come from a Lebanese family known for its extreme views on Israel.”

    George Clooney’s anti-Israel fiancée says nothing about the atrocities that Hamas has committed against his own people.

  • Open your eyes

    Open your eyes and ask yourselves what kind of humanitarian defends criminals who see human life as disposable.
    As prey for a good laugh and amusement.

  • Sick of it

    She is an unattractive woman who has done the best she can with what she has. Probably never got much attention growing up so this hype about her “beauty” must be feeding her shriveled ego. Now she will be appointed to everything and then issue denials coupled with Clooney’s name ad infinitum ad nauseam. They have no shame. These two couldn’t care less about anyone but themselves. I think most people would be surprised at the number of celebrities who actually do charitable works and not just use for publicity. They can say whatever they want and the gullible believe it. But any viewing public that embraces reality TV and especially the kardashians deserves to be duped and lied to. Most celebs wouldn’t part with a dime of their money even for the truly needy. They just want you to think they do. Wake up dumdums and stop buying into this trash.

  • jenny
  • Emerald

    Open your eyes @ 08/13/2014 at 3:23 am

    Grow up!!. Lawyers in every almost every country defend criminals who see human life as disposable. You’re just angry that she is defending this one man. That’s the job she has been asked to do.

  • Emerald

    Sick of it @ 08/13/2014 at 3:52 am

    Feel better now that you’ve vented your green eyed jealously?

  • ismail

    @Emerald: just because someone isn’t singing her praises doesn’t mean they are jealously. I feel people have a problem with her because she isn’t the only lawyer in England and she is only getting notice because of who she is with. Their are QC and Judges that are higher than her there names aren’t being printed in mainstream media what aren’t they qualified.

  • Jealousy

    @ismail: Oh, but the wording! It certainly is true that when people associate with the famous, their names are in print and there is media hype. But People will rip apart a woman’s beauty when too much attention is drawn to her, especially when there are political differences. Men do not get ripped apart in this way. I saw this happen to a female politician in a town where I have lived in the U.S. too. George knows that Amal is a strong woman and would be subject to criticism, including that of her universal beauty. Someone even said here that she is too old for a man to want her. Wow! It’s 2014, folks!

  • Ornella

    @Jealousy: Amal Alamuddin is unattractive.Period.
    Overwhelming common opinions globally from China, Latin America, Europe & especially USA.
    What universal National Geographic “beauty” are you referring to, PR rep? People aren’t blind.
    She has:
    Freaky, thyroid bulging eyes.
    A humped massive fat nose.
    Nerdy buck-toothed mouth with upper palate sticking out.
    Tiny bone head.
    Coarse steel dung colored hair.
    And a stick insect scrawny asexual body with knock kneed shapeless legs & deformed big feet.
    Lucky she has an education but the deluded & ugly Amal Alamuddin is greedy & corrupt too.

  • Megan

    She is stunning, beautiful, elegant. She has a slender frame, beautiful lips, nose, eyes … I am a woman, and when I first saw a picture of her, I thought, “This is a gorgeous woman, ” and I’m sure I was a bit jealous. People are acting ugly! The ugly side of humans are being revealed here.