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Jessica Chastain: Robin Williams Changed My Life Through a College Scholarship

Jessica Chastain: Robin Williams Changed My Life Through a College Scholarship

Jessica Chastain is opening up about the death of legendary actor Robin Williams and how he changed her life by funding a scholarship that she received to attend college.

Robin Williams changed my life. He was a great actor and a generous person. Through a scholarship, he made it possible for me to graduate college. His generous spirit will forever inspire me to support others as he supported me. He will forever be missed,” the Oscar-nominated actress wrote on her Facebook account.

In a previous interview, Jessica said that Robin‘s funding “paid for my schooling, back and forth to go home for Christmas, books, everything. He actually made it possible for me to go to school there because my family were not incredibly wealthy and I was the first one to go to college.”

When talking about it over the last few years, Jessica said that she never had the chance to personally thank him for his generosity. One time he sat next to her at a restaurant, but before she had a chance to talk to him, he ended up leaving and she didn’t want to run after him.

We surely hope you got the chance to meet him, Jessica!

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  • sdf

    She had PLENTY of time. How can you sit next to someone who paid for your college tuition and not even say one word?

  • go go

    Yes of course its about Jessica, isn’t it

  • phony

    She knew he was struggling with depression and addictions, like pretty much everyone else in Hollywood. How about giving him a call Jessica when your career went up and his down? He paid for Juilliard, that’s the least you could have done.

  • Sam

    “She never had the chance to personally thank him for his generosity.”
    Ever heard of cell phones, emails, Skype, Twitter, letters, gift baskets, anything?? SMH.

  • I’m sorry

    That’s like someone saying I wish I had set aside my differences and told them I loved them when it’s too late! She was just selfish and was riding high on her fame and got too big to tell the person who gave her a chance at a good life in HW “thank you”. That one “thank you” could have possibly made Robin’s day but instead you chose to ignore him. Jessica you could have kept that tidbit to yourself because now you come off as snobby and ungrateful.

  • Excuse me

    Why does it continually surprise me that people, even in the sad and sudden death of a fellow actor, that people can be so cruel. Tell me what you know about the relationship Jessica and Robin had. How many times they talked, how much she thanked him for all he did. How often he mentored her. No doubt they knew each other well enough that he was aware of the need and both attended Julliard School of Performing Arts.
    You three posters above are small. Small in heart and mind and not even to be pitied but despised for your comments and way of thinking. Shame on you 3 blind mice. The saddest part is that these two talents will be remembered but never 1, 2 and 3.

  • Excuse me

    Add 4 and 5 to that list of despicable posters.

  • He never knew her

    @Excuse me: They didn’t know each other so he never mentored her. As she said so herself she randomly won the scholarship: ““I’m the first person in my family to go to college. We didn’t have a lot of money, and Juilliard is a pretty expensive school. Robin Williams is a very generous Juilliard alumnus, and gives a scholarship every two years to a student, and it pays for everything, and I just got it.”
    Robin Williams was simply paying it forward. In his Reddit AMA, he talked to fans about how friend and fellow Juilliard schoolmate Christopher Reeve helped him out while they were at school together: “Him being such a great friend to me at Juillard, literally feeding me because I don’t think I literally had money for food or my student loan hadn’t come in yet, and he would share his food with me.”

  • assman

    wow me

  • Debra

    @Excuse me: Please, get off your high horse. You’re the rude one here. Being a celebrity doesn’t give more meaning to someone’s life… and who are you to judge? If you really want to thank somebody you just do it. She had 10 years to do so. What’s the point of saying it publicly when they’re gone? Anything for good publicity.

  • ungrateful

    Sleepy Hollow’s Nicole Beharie was the first student to receive the prestigious Robin Williams Scholarship by unanimous vote of the Juilliard drama division faculty. She never even spoke a word about his death.

  • She thank him

    She did thank him when he was on a Jimmy Fallon show. She went there and talked to him. SO SHUT UP

  • lol

    @She thank him: Link?

  • allison

    It’s weird that we have all these ways ( Facebook, Instragram, texting, tweets etc ) to communicate with others but we seem to do it less than we did when a postcard was the thing to do.
    Mr Williams was on instragram and so is she. How hard would have been to just post a thank you about the scholarship. Rather than just talking about wanting to thank him.
    Don’t delay to tomorrow what you can and should do today. You never know that the future will be.

  • fact check

    @She thank him: That’s completely false! Robin William was not a guest on the show when she was (January 2013). She only said she wished she could meet him to thank him and that restaurant story that goes with it. She had the whole meal to speak and chose not to because she was too proud.
    “I almost met him I was at a restaurant and I was telling someone the story… (and) Robin came in and sat down next to me. I waited until he was done eating because I don’t want to be the crazy girl at the restaurant, and before he finished he jumped up and left and I jumped up and I was gonna chase after him and then I thought, ’No!’”

  • Amy

    @fact check:

    Why are you assuming she was too proud? Maybe she was nervous and had some anxiety about approaching him. Maybe when she finally got up the nerve he had already left.

    People seem to forget that most celebs don’t know each other well or haven’t worked with each other. If she wasn’t close friends with him when would she have had the opportunity to thank him later?

  • obvious

    @Amy: How about “I don’t want to be the crazy girl at the restaurant”?

  • lol

    @Amy: I’m sure she could have set a meeting, a phone call or worst case scenario showed up at his place. They have people for these things.

  • Lydia

    Chastain is so thirsty for attention that I’m sure she’ll exploit this man’s death as much as possible. He had family. How can these random celebrities continue to make HIS death about THEM?

  • Domino

    Wow… haters in this site are pathetic.

  • Lara

    I love how everyone here assumes she didn’t thank him, when that quote of her not having thanked him yet is years old. I also love how many of you are so jealous of her you spend your days hunting down the posts about her, hahaha!

  • siennagold

    @allison: I totally agree!

  • Kate

    Wow! her Oscar campaign started very early this time! I guess we’ll see her exploring his death until the Oscars! Next step: she will call her paparazzi friends (as usual) to take a picture of her crying at his funeral…

  • Tony W

    She didn’t pay attention in English class. The proper agreement would be;my family WAS not wealthy. She wrote WERE not wealthy.

  • Tony W

    She considers herself to now be articulate yet she chose the term “schooling” much like Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies would constantly state. An articulate choice would be: “paid for my EDUCATION”.

  • guest

    She IS acting like an attention seeker. If she did not thank him, she had plenty of time to do so, by twitter, instagram, Facebook, etc, if not by email.

  • Elizabeth

    Wow. . .it never fails to shock me that these posts about JC on this site in particular bring out the trolls and crazies. Most of you sound like all you do is look for posts about Jessica so you can come on here and bash her. She’s one of the nicest and most down to earth actors out there. So she goes to industry events and the like. So what? Wouldn’t any of you do the same thing if you were in her shoes?? She’s ambitious and hard working and she’s enjoying the fruits of those labors. Don’t see anything wrong with that. And I am sure she thanked Robin in her own way. She thanks him everyday by not squandering the chance she has been given. She’s risen from unknown to A list in a few short years. And she always mentions Juilliard so she never loses sight of where she came from. Some of you people need to get a grip and take a look at your own lives.

  • Joyce T

    She thanked him several times during media interviews as well as on the Jimmy Fallon Show. I’m sure Robin Williams knew how grateful she was. Sometimes people who do nice things for other people don’t do it to be thanked; they do it out of kindness and to feel good about themselves, that they’re helping others.

  • Cate

    Beautiful story about Robin Williams by Jessica. He was an extremely generous man and even if she never had the chance to thank him in person I’m sure he knew how grateful she was and she has shown it by working hard in her craft and career.

    The people using this an opportunity to criticise her in this post are foul. They really need to look inside themselves and wonder what they are really angry about instead of using a tragic death and Jessica’s sweet story highlighting his kindness as an excuse to post vitriol about her.

  • Jon75

    Jessica is such an idiot. She has time to party in Ibiza and not time to thank anyone but her entourage or endorsements, on social media.