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Katie Holmes & Meryl Streep Make Their Marks at 'The Giver' NYC Premiere!

Katie Holmes & Meryl Streep Make Their Marks at 'The Giver' NYC Premiere!

Katie Holmes and Meryl Streep look so fierce while walking the red carpet at the premiere of their new movie The Giver on Monday evening (August 11) at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City.

The ladies were joined at the event by their co-star Jeff Bridges, who brought along his wife Susan as his date. Meryl walked the red carpet with her youngest daughter Louisa Gummer.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Make sure to check out The Giver in theaters this Friday!

FYI: Katie is wearing a Zac Posen dress and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. Jeff is wearing an Etro suit. Meryl is wearing a Dries van Noten outfit. Louisa is wearing Calvin Klein.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Meryl Streep at the premiere…

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katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 01
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 02
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 03
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 04
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 05
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 06
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 07
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 08
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 09
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 10
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 11
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 12
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 13
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 14
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 15
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 16
katie holmes meryl streep the giver nyc premiere 17

Photos: Starpix/Just Jared, Getty
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  • Mindy

    Meryl Streep looks fab!

  • LolaBee

    Is Harvey coaching her now too?
    It appears she has been making more of an effort lately even if not totally nailing it you still sense she thought more about it. Someone has told her to put the hair up now which does help. However, here it looks a bit just pulled too tight and not really styled
    As for the dress, the color is at least better than that Burgundy get up recently. The shoes don’t fit the outfit though and look totally out of place.
    Next maybe someone will help her with the make up. She always gets smudges in eyeliner that look like yesterday’s left over make up.

  • Jordan

    She never smiles with an open mouth on the red carpet. Is she hiding her teeth?

  • Mary

    Oh come on, Katie Holmes. There is just no excuse to still look this awkward on the red carpet. Her stylist should be fired – she looks matronly and so much older than she is. Good grief I seriously wonder about this gal. She seems like such a novice and she’s been around for awhile.

  • @ Jordan

    She’s been known for having stained and somewhat crooked teeth. Maybe she was a smoker at some point? Odd that an actress would have stained teeth – crooked can be charming.

  • Tired of the biotches here

    I’m so sick of you hateful, nasty people who have nothing even remotely polite to say.

    Katie looks gorgeous. Beautiful, confident and I’m sure, much, MUCH more attractive than either of you #’s 2 & 3.

    You guys are ugly as sin inside and I bet not nearly attractive at Holmes on the outside either.

  • The Giver Premiere

    It looks Katie’s stylist is sticking with the same hairstyle and makeup coloring she wore at the Life Is Amazing premiere presented by The Weinstein Company.

    Her makeup looked better and more fresh faced at the Gravity premiere and would have complemented what she wore tonight.

    Die-hard fans of the novel have expressed their concerns about the decision to make the characters older. Producer Nikki Silver credits The Weinstein Co. for the strategic move: “We started to see that the book would appeal on the wider audience basis.”

    Following the premiere, the stars headed uptown to the Central Park Boathouse for the after party.

  • @5

    At least there are no pigeon toe pictures in this lot here that Jared chose.

  • Lam bang dai hoc

    I also hope the issue concerns all help. Thank you very much.

  • Taylor

    @Tired of the biotches here: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

  • Amy

    Did Katie hire a new stylist? This dress flatters her body type.

  • @ 6 Tired

    THANK YOU for finally saying what many of us are thinking. I’m so sick of these negative people. They wish they were as pretty and rich as Katie. They’re probabaly all scienofreakology people. Hahahahahahahahaha.

  • April

    @Tired of the biotches here: Let’s hear it for another one is tired and sick of them also. They hang out here on Jared and always bash people who more fortunate than them. Envious and jealous B I T C H E S!

  • Nathan

    Love you Katie. You look amazing, very beautiful.

  • @ April

    I think its many of the same people using different names to bash Katie. They are more than just envious. I think they are disturbed. No one else posts here cause these few haters make it miserable for everybody else.

  • Missy

    Katie looks beautiful.
    Reviews for The Giver are starting to trikle out if anyone’s interested. There are two very positive ones on RT. THR also has a review which is lukewarm/mixed. I can see why they wanted an embargo as some of the reviews give away a lot.

    BTW, I’ve been away for a few weeks. I see that not much has changed. Guys, just ignore the haters. Trust me I’ve tried to engage but it’s just not worth it.

  • Just a Comment

    I like the way Katie looks in this dress, her makeup, and hair. I don’t like her shoes she should have worn nude color shoes.

    Looks like Meryl Streep worked all day.

  • Just a Comment

    Katie was busy this weekend. According to JJ she was in LAX on Saturday but back in New York on Sunday and at the Hamptons at Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman’s house for a private screening of The Giver (according to the New York Post). Guess her parents met the Weinsteins. Tomorrow she’ll be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

  • Jay

    The just jealous line is what is old and tired. Sorry but this is a celebrity blog and Katie’s threads aren’t even as bad as many others here.
    Things aren’t going to change just because a handful of fans want everyone else to love their little Katie.
    Comments will always be mixed.
    Be glad you don’t love George Clooney or Jen Anniston because those threads are a million times worse.
    Get over it unless you want to go make private fan page for your loved one.

  • DeFore

    The Giver Film Review – HR

    But (no spoilers here) the hurdle Jonas eventually faces is more akin to that of the wizard-battling hero who can just smash an enchanted object to break the spell enslaving his kingdom. Wham-bam, no need for feel-good scenes of the peace he has brought to his fellow peasants.
    This easy out should go over especially badly with readers attached to the novel’s much more ambiguous end — though to be fair, audiences by now are so used to this type of nonsense that it hardly even register. Like Jonas’ father — Alexander Skarsgard, who more than anyone in the cast finds a way to embody Sameness while being unmistakably human — we moviegoers tend to accept what we’re told, never knowing the peaks of feeling and intelligence we should really be demanding.

    The Bottom Line:
    A lazy ending mars this fine, if generic, take on a much-loved YA novel.

    ***the review only mentions Jonas’ father (Skarsgard); it does not mention his mother (Holmes).

  • Variety- REVIEW

    “But it’s hard to know what exactly to feel for Holmes, who’s casting as exactly the kind of dead-eyed Stepford wife the tabloids proffered during the TomKat years seems like someone’s idea of a cruel joke.”

  • Giroux

    The Giver Review – FSR

    To their credit, they never try to make the book something it’s not. The Giver isn’t a thrill ride, nor should it be.

    The Upside: Jeff Bridges is excellent; captures the spirit of Lowry’s novel; the beautiful black-and-white photography; Marco Beltrami’s score; finishes strong

    The Downside: A slightly bumpy narrative; the end credits song doesn’t suit the tone of the movie or the ending; one scene definitely should’ve been in black-and-white, since it’s not from Jonas’s point-of-view.

    Grade: B

    ***mentions Streep, Bridges and Thwaites characters only.

  • Foundas

    The Giver film review – Variety

    What Lois Lowry hath given in her bestselling YA novel, this flaccid screen adaptation taketh away.

    Sameness, the conformist plague that afflicts the futuristic citizens of Lois Lowry’s celebrated and scorned YA novel, “The Giver,” might also be the name given to what ails the movie adaptation — the latest in a seemingly endless line of teen-centric dystopian fantasies that have become all but indistinguishable from one another.

    “The Giver” reaches the screen in a version that captures the essence of Lowry’s affecting allegory but little of its mythic pull — a recipe likely to disappoint fans while leaving others to wonder what all the fuss was about. Any hopes by co-producers the Weinstein Co. and Walden Media that they might have the next “Hunger Games” (or even “Divergent”) on their hands look to be dashed by lackluster late-summer box office.

    ….while the incidental character of the community’s Chief Elder has been padded out into a ghoulish, Nurse Ratched-esque villain role for Meryl Streep (who appears alternately in real and holographic form, and seems equally disembodied in each). And with only partial success, Noyce, who’s long been one of the best action directors around (“Patriot Games,” “Clear and Present Danger,” “Salt”), tries to turn Lowry’s elegant, open-ended climax into a large-scale setpiece involving speeding motorbikes, drone aircraft and storm-trooper thugs rounding up dissidents into a Guantanamo-like prison.

    —-And yet, Bridges is the most affecting thing in the movie — a man physically and spiritually exhausted by having to carry the emotional weight of the world on his shoulders. The same, unfortunately, can not be said of Thwaites, who barely registered as the young prince in “Maleficent” and makes even less of an impression here.

    As Jonas takes on ever more of the Receiver’s wisdom and experience, he’s meant to be shaken and stirred, pushed to the very brink of psychological endurance, but Thwaites plays it all with the same unwavering expression of sleepy, dumbstruck awe, more Harry Styles than Harry Potter.

    Elsewhere, Israeli newcomer Odeya Rush flashes an entrancing come-hither stare, but otherwise sets off few sparks as the unrequited object of Jonas’ proscribed affections (or “stirrings,” as they’re known in community-speak), while country star Taylor Swift feels like the equivalent of human product placement in a thankless walk-on.

    But it’s hard to know what exactly to feel for Holmes, who’s casting as exactly the kind of dead-eyed Stepford wife the tabloids proffered during the TomKat years seems like someone’s idea of a cruel joke.

    This year at the movies has given us two superior dystopia tales — “The Lego Movie” and “Snowwpiercer” — rich in the kind of real emotion “The Giver” talks about a lot but never achieves.

  • Drumm

    Review: Why ‘The Giver’ is a Flawed Adaptation of Lois Lowry’s Book – IndieWire

    Over dinner, during the time allotted for sharing feelings, Jonas reveals to his parents that he is “terrified” (rather than the book’s “apprehensive”) about the prospect of tomorrow’s sorting, to the chagrin of his straight-laced, Department of Justice mother (picture perfect, easy-to-grimace Katie Holmes), who tuts him to mind the accuracy of his words, and the slight dismay of his Nurturer father (icy yet ultimately tender Alexander Skarsgard).

    Grade: B-

  • Kang

    ‘The Giver’ Review: Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep Can’t Teach This Predictable YA Thriller New Tricks – The Wrap

    If the film aces its depiction of the dawning horror and social alienation that comes with studying yesteryear, the rest is largely a failure. “The Giver” is an anti-totalitarian allegory so farcically hyperbolic it feels like only a teenager could have come up with it.

    Despite these chance felicities, though, “The Giver” feels pinned and tucked into place, evincing a too-smooth surface with all the standard narrative folds and corners. The picture is more human than the people it depicts, but it merely goes and ends where you’d expect it to, save for a gruesomely stupid final two minutes that surprises only with its laziness.

    ***mentions Streep, Bridges and Thwaites characters only.

  • Liulu

    LOL are they mocking her “grimace” since she always smirks?
    So far her reviews are ‘perfect casting’ for playing a stepford wife and having a grimace? lovely. lol

    Go look at 90percent of the threads of Katie here when she was a co$ member. You will find the comments were just as bard or worse but it’s an easy excuse for fans to make up.

  • Examiner

    He scored a major coup attracting the likes of Meryl Streep to star as the Chief Elder and she’s so bland you wish for the hair-pulling excesses of August: Osage County. But she’s a damn sight better than Thwaites who seems to have taken the lack of emotion to heart. While others such as Katie Holmes, Alexander Skarsgard, and Odeya Rush are expected to dial it back due to the story’s requirements, Thwaites has no such excuse. He’s comically bad and woefully stiff, but worse he’s just not much of a presence at all. The story needs a charismatic figure and the only one it gets is Bridges. With a mischievous, knowing twinkle in his eye he’s the only character fully-formed enough to warrant our sympathy,

    ***The only mention of Katie in the review


    Daily Mail has a few shots of her hanging with Spike Lee at the party. Wondering if they are talking about the fact that Mania Days never got released.

  • annie

    The Getty images are beautiful, loving her style, also the blue dress she wore on Jimmy Fallon (daily mail).
    Agree about about the haters, I’m cutting down posting as well, who cares let them have the floor, awful people !

  • Positive Review
    Here is a positive for Katie but you still get the feeling it’s the same as the stepford comment. She is playing herself from her cult days.
    “As Jonas’ mother, a terrific Katie Holmes (2011′s “Jack and Jill”) is the epitome of buttoned-up repression, asking no questions and doing only what has been brainwashed into her. “

  • Felicia

    @Positive Review:

    The “epitome of buttoned-up repression” and “brainwashed into her”? yeah, she plays that type well, but if it is a complement it seems too close to her TomKat days in the media.

  • Positive Review

    that’s what I mean. IDK was it a backhanded complement?

  • Meg, sincerely disturbed DTBH

    Yes I am admittedly OCD. But don’t u think that if she wasn’t such a big target, people wouldn’t “hate on her so much”? I have a dtr. who went to a private catholic high school and I would rather have her flying under the radar when she tries to excuse “bad behavior”. Katie seems to really think that this cute behavior justifies her actions. Plus her parents/family chime in. Hence the big target. I really try to like her because of my desire to not be judgmental. Then Every “cute” thing she says is so easily looked at with, you Have GOT to be kidding me. If she had a PR Christian, she listened to, I think she would not have so many haters…

  • Meg, sincerely disturbed DTBH

    @Meg, sincerely disturbed DTBH: …in response to #6:(

  • @18

    So the Clinton’s report was false it was a HW gathering?

  • Meg, sincerely disturbed DTBH

    I noticed Marty recently took Divorce off his list on his site of what kind of law he practices. Duooyy!

  • lr

    To those of you criticizing negative opinions: This is an open public forum and a celebrity gossip site, SO if you can’t tolerate opinions that don’t agree with yours don’t come to sites like this. Go to their fan page where you all agree instead.

  • @ lr

    The issue is not tolerating “opinions”. I can tolerate differing opinions just fine. It’s fine to say “I don’t think so and so is very pretty” or “I don’t think she can act” or any number of other opinions that are just that….a personal opinion. What is intolerable is the outright hate and viciousness in which that differing opinion is approached and how many times it’s approached. The fact is its not normal to spend hours a day being hateful toward a total stranger, which is what happens here. There are one or two negative posters how use dozens of names and are totally and completely horrible. They’re obsessed with being hateful. That’s not a difference of opinion. That’s a couple of people with a sick and twisted version of their own reality who hi-jack a board because they’re obsessed and crazy. It doesn’t just happen here. It happens with other starts as well. Look at the nutbag who checks up on what type of law Holmes Dad is practicing. WTF?!?! What kind of a sicko needs to go that far? And then the same sicko thinks she can draw something about the family from that information. Sorry, but that’s not opinion. That’s obsession and altered reality. I’m sick of the excuses that this is a public forum. It is and you can say whatever you want, but that doesn’t make the insanity any better or any more right. I can say exactly what I want as well and I’m saying that there are a few very, very sick individuals here who are obsessed with hating a total stranger and have created a sick fantasy of who they think she is. If a fan does that, it’s obsession and delusion. When a hater does it, its also obsession and delusion.


    To the haters: Try being nice for once in your pathetic lives. You’re taking your frustrations about your own pitiful lives out on a total stranger. Try working on YOUR life for a change. If you’re positive, positivity will follow you. At this rate, the only thing Karma has for you is more hate.

  • Just sayin’

    Gee… got quiet in here. LOL. None of the haters want to answer the questions because they know #38 is speaking the truth. Whoever said these haters have an “agenda” is right. No one hates another person they don’t even know unless there’s a reason… being a delusional Tom Cruise fan or a sceino or just plain old miserable people.

  • @39

    Don’t flatter yourself.
    It’s only quiet because two new threads came up in the meantime.