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Robin Williams' Wife Susan Schneider Releases Statement On His Shocking Death

Robin Williams' Wife Susan Schneider Releases Statement On His Shocking Death

Robin Williams‘s wife Susan Schneider has just released a statement on his sad death.

“This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin‘s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions,” the 63-year-old actor’s wife told THR.

Robin and Susan tied the knot in October 2011.

In case you missed it, have a look at the statement from Robin‘s rep after his surprising death.

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  • Jory

    So sad RIP Robin you will be missed :’(

  • Fan

    Tinsletown is a crazy place…RIP, Robin. Your best role was Dead Poets. People please be alert to depression in people around them and help them get help.

  • dharius

    The world was just too ugly for him. Everything we see and hear now is all just so ugly and horrifying. The world is BROKEN.

    We didnt deserve him. He was abused and taken for granted plain and simple. Nobody deny it.

    Oh this hurts so much….

  • http://AOL Berry

    @dharius: @dharius:
    He abused himself….drinking and drugging…he was his own downfall..get over it!!!!

  • http://AOL Berry

    I feel for his family…cause when you do something this selfish….they always wonder why…the why is cause he was washed up because of his own doings!!!!

  • Jamie

    So saddened by the news of Robin Williams’ death! I lost my brother in law to suicide. He may be one of the funniest men I knew….amazing how people who bring so much joy to others are hurting inside.

  • dharius


    YOU are what is wrong with the world!!!

  • Megreek

    Yes, he was too good for this world, the rarest of diamond souls.
    He was a brilliant performer, one in a million. His performances brought tears to my eyes. I will RIP Mr. Williams. His legacy – love first.

  • Jaye

    dharius @ 08/11/2014 at 7:49 pm #3
    Suicide ( if this is the case) is not about the world being broken, but the person being broken. He suffered from depression and alcoholism for many years. Even people who do get help, sometimes came endure the journey. RIP, a very creative human being.

  • dharius


    I meant as a whole – everything is just gone so wrong. Now the world is without one of the best bringers of joy.

  • Robin

    A big loss for man !
    A great loss for mankind!
    nanu nanu

  • Tammy

    Awe. Shozbot! I loved Mr. Williams as a kid and adult. An example of sincerity and fun, mixed with love and caring for others in a challenging world!

  • http://jackih01 Jacki

    Please pray for all of us that deal with depression & try to get through everyday by helping others!! How brave of Robin to keep making us laugh & feel better!! Truly remarkable Man –I will always cherish all he did to help us by laughter!! Say Hi to John Wayne for me Robin-2 Hero’s down RIP

  • Bernie

    He’s finally out, he’s finally free, I cannot feel sad…

  • Lena


    That’s nonsense. Life is tough. I liked his movies. But…He had it EASY. He was worth $50 million??. Had the love of so many. He abused his mind and body. It’s ridiculous you are blaming the world for this. He was one of the last people on Earth who had a hard life.

    Perhaps you should get some perspective on how easy celebrities have it. Perhaps THEY should too. Some people would be so grateful for just a chance at life. Others have EVERYTHING and it’s not good enough.

    ….$50 million rotting in a bank= depression……

    ….$50 million HAND DELIVERED to help untold numbers live another day= filling your soul with so much love that you can’t wait to wake up tommorrow because you are so eager to see how good you can make someone ELSE feel tommorrow.

  • Mindy

    @Bernie: …………….
    while the rest of us are heartbroken. RIP .

  • Mindy

    Money, popularity, fame and fortune doesn’t make one happy. Robin is one of the many who “had it all.” There was obviously something deep inside of him that never healed. If someone could have knoreached out to him in time……..

  • Mindy

    Money, popularity, fame and fortune doesn’t make one happy. Robin is one of the many who “had it all.” There was obviously something deep inside of him that never healed. If someone could have known to reached out to him in time……..

  • http://Facebook Cammie

    Sail high Robin, I have enjoyed your laughter, your acting, your voice…God is waiting for you……
    Go make the angels sing now…
    You will never be sad again, although you leaving us all has made me very SAD….
    God Bless you and your family at this time

  • Lou

    @Lena: Lena -

    I agree w/you.

    When you can hang yourself in a 35 million dollar house, your life isn’t bad.

    He was one of SEVEN who got into Julliard one year. He was a WHITE, MALE in an industry that only thinks WHITE, MALES matter.

    What the frak did he have to be unhappy about.

  • Bobby

    The world is missing an amazing amazing man…my heart is heavy he is gone too soon…Rest In Peace Pan the man.

  • Mork

    Nanu Nanu
    An amazing actor who made me laugh from childhood to now. Not to mention he was a brillaint stand up comic and dramatic lead as well.
    So multi talented and unique. I think of the actors and pretty boys who ate hailed as being brilliant that don’t even come close to him in talent and execution of craft.
    He is one of the few who know how to entertain and draw the crowd not based on looks but real true ability.
    In an increasingly superficial world this is a really sad that he did not feel supported or valued enough to stay….



  • jay b

    I think what some people are failing to see is that money, power, popularity, or celebrity does not mean anything to someone who is depressed. They don’t choose to be depressed, it is a real illness in which your brain is chemically off-balance. A person suffering from depression can be delivered news that can be extremely life changing to most (i.e winning the lottery) & the most tragic news and respond the exact same way.

    I too used to think that it was just dramatics, and how could you be so unhappy. However, once a friend of mine suffered from this disease and I did my research my eyes opened to a ton that i never knew.

    May Robin Williams, one of the most talented & beautiful persons rest in peace.

  • dorothy o

    Let’s us all learn–Life is too short! Reach out the the ones hurting-with depression–We have hope in God for peace, joy and true love.
    God bless Robin Williams. We will miss him. I hope to see him in heaven.

  • BJ Watts

    To LOU its always got to be some DA to bring in race. Which your comment is a ball face lie. You just cant stand for someone white to die and let GOD be the judge. Remember he is your judge also. I have an idea what your judgment will be.

  • BJ Watts

    To all of you morons criticizing Robin Williams. Did you know his life history? Were you GOD? Could you see into mind and heart? H— no!!! If not shut the blank up!!!!

  • sherri

    @Berry: Reading some of these comments like the one ending with get over it….ugh. Just sadly, once again is proof this world has become completely void of compassion, love, etc..anything positive at all.
    Watch out, judging others is wrong and you better hope God has pity on you cuz that just happens to be HIS job and HIS alone…

  • Rspandonis

    So very sorry for your loss. The world lost a great person, comedian & actor.

  • Dieter

    This BITCH has left him ROTTEN !!!!!

  • Tired of Ignorant people.

    @Lou:… obviously… you KNOW NOTHING ON DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE..Ones wealth and material gain knows NO BOUNDARIES ..get educated!

  • eli

    First my condolences. I am totally caught by surprise that this man inspired so many people in the world and yet he could not see a glimpse of hope for overcoming his pains. My only question where was his wife Susan Schneider at the time of death. It seems that his depression caused by the relationships with the wives . No luck . I am sure Mrs Schneider has to show the world that she loved him in her statement. I doubt it .

  • Marianne Vreeland

    Depression is an invisible disease. It can be caused by organic (chemical imbalances), circumstances, or secondary to substance-dependency. Whatever its cause, it is a DISEASE which needs more public awareness and interaction, to prevent its demonic death toll from increasing.
    Robin? An icon of humor, the fountain of happy one-liners, and apparently a good father. No one gets spared from Depression. Too bad he had such a rough time with it. May he rest in peace. See you on The Other Side, Mork.

  • Marianne Vreeland

    @HANS WENGEL: Danke, Hans.

  • susan

    What if he really didnt committ suicide. Why would his wife leave in the morning and not say bye to him? If they were happily married why was he sleeping in a different room. She could of killed him and made it look like a suicide

  • Gr12

    She spoke about him fast. I would’ve expected a response weeks maybe even months after. Not less than 12 hours.

  • Frankie

    So very true. Money is worthless, it means
    nothing when you are lonely and feel unloved.
    I’m sure, his wife wasn’t there for him, and
    It compounded his depression. Loneliness
    breeds depression. There are things that no
    Amount of money, can buy. What is it that
    Some , just can’t understand?? I agree, with
    whoever said to go “get educated.” You know
    absolutely nothing about life. Not anything that’s real.