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Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' 'Another Me' Scares Us So Bad - Watch Trailer Now

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' 'Another Me' Scares Us So Bad - Watch Trailer Now

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers keeps it cool in a denim jacket while doing some shopping at The Grove on Monday (August 11) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old Irish actor was spotted carrying bags from Topman and J. Crew while spending the day with his girlfriend Mara Lane.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Check out a new trailer below for Jonathan‘s upcoming film Another Me, also starring Sophie Turner and Gregg Sulkin.

In case you didn’t know, Another Me hits theaters on Friday, August 22.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – ‘Another Me’ Trailer

10+ pictures inside of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers doing some retail therapy at The Grove…

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jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 01
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 02
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 03
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 04
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 05
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 06
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 07
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 08
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 09
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 10
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 11

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • jj

    Wow, he’s looking rough from all the drinking issues, I guess. I used to a fan of his untl he disappeared.

  • Oh Henry

    He looks suicidal, too. He has made several attempts since his mother passing and his ex fiance left him because he drinks too much.

  • Mia

    Addictions have taken their toll! Yikes.

  • Sharon

    Wow, people can be so mean. If you don’t have anything nice to say, why even respond?! How long must a person live a healthy, substance-free life before you stop defining him by his past struggles? I think he looks great. And his “gal pal” is his girlfriend Mara Lane.

  • Me

    He looks wonderful! He’s 37 for goodness sakes. Nice to see him out and about with his FIANCÉE Mara Lane

  • Cassie

    He looks like he’s fading away..not the same vibrant man he used to be. I’ve also heard his new fiancée is on the internet stirring this up with fans ( not fair )..his privacy should be protected Mara.

  • Janice

    Aging before his time I see. Doubt this new girlfriend will tame him. I’ve seen videos of her online…lol, very childish and fans are upset about her fickleness on Twitter.

  • Tammy

    Still looks unhealthy and unhappy. These celebs have the world at their feet and they still seem to struggle. Johnny, address your demons and marry a woman with addiction issues either. Sheesh, you don’t pick a partner in rehab my friend!!

  • Chris

    Did they meet in rehab? Yeah, that’s what I thought I saw on Twitter!

  • Sara

    He looks awful. His ” girlfriend or fiancée” isn’t going to hand holding?!

  • Ann A

    He’ll be another Hollywood statistic if doesn’t smarten up. They are both addicts I hope this doesn’t ruin his career he’s such a great actor. She seems like another parasite

  • Mangia Mangia

    past 6 mos been interesting w/ J -many many of tattoos in few weeks, house for sale, not sale, engaged w/ old friend from many years . . .moving fast. But his hair. Not good, going away on top.

  • Belinda

    Marrying someone u met in rehab many years ago is doomed to fail. Anyhow, best of luck Johnny. If I were u I’d focus on staying sober ( with a functional person, not a co-dependant)

  • Vik

    OMG, he’s going bald! What’s with all the tattoos?

  • Jaydon

    Hope he stays sober and happy. He can be vicious and irresponsible drunk. Who this new girl? I hope she isn’t an ex addict! Imagine starting a family with an addict and an ex addict…that’d be interesting.

  • Helen

    Best wishes to Johnny Boots! Hope he’s enjoying LA !

  • Kristen

    Girlfriend harassing people on FB and Twitter..she annoying and mean to fans.Do yourself a favor Mara, stay off the internet and focus on your OWN career and addiction issues

  • Another angry fan

    Love Johnny’s work, one of the best actors out there. One thing does anger me and many other fans…his love interests get involved and alienate fans. Please, leave fans ALONE Mara! We don’t care about your engagement, your cutesy pet names, your past history of addictions or advice…..WE ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN HIS CAREER! So, get off your high horse Mara.

  • Lisa

    @Another angry fan: agreed…get lost Mara

  • Shannon

    Wondering when this movie comes to the UK?

  • Shannon

    @Mia: not liking the tattoos, balding scalp and emaciated body ..blech

  • Genie

    He doesn’t seem to be playing any major roles since Dracula ( which was awful).Must be battling the drink again..looks like it.

  • Say my piece

    Johnny is a fabulous actor. I’d like to see him in bigger roles but apparently his personal issues prevent him from reaching his full potential. I hope we don’t see another actor perish. Another thing, sick and tired of fans, girlfriends ( yes u Mara) thinking they own Johnny or bothering him. Just let the guy work and enjoy piece and quiet

  • Sage

    The people posting on this thread are ridiculous. Why not do some research before you start bashing and picking Jonathan apart? He’s not going bald. It’s the photo. Really. He’s 37 for crying out loud, he looks GOOD. He’s doing great and is in good health! And he’s dating a gorgeous, non-celeb woman and has been for a couple of months. Where is this “old friend from rehab” story coming from? Quit talking sh!t on him if you’re not going to take 2 minutes and read about the man. @Oh Henry: He LOOKS suicidal? Really? What an atrocious comment to make about someone.

  • Helen O

    @Sage: lol, how can they tell all that about him in a pic?Sad pathetic people.

  • Sad but true

    She’s praised Johnny on Twitter ( in a happy birthday tweet 2009) about how he rescued her from hard drugs..yes, she’s a former addict

  • Sad but true

    She’s a d lister celeb…watch, just furthering her career. I can post the link of her 2009 tweet if u like

  • Mangia Mangia

    Look at the hairline and the wig in Dracula and say again his not loosing hair. Use your eyes!!!!!

    What is this about this woman making fans mad and turn away? Please explain . . .

  • Beautiful

    @MangiaMangia she’s beautiful, THIN (maybe a little too thin if you ask me) and has one of the most handsome talented men beside her. He looks GORGEOUS as usual. Happy to see him out and about with someone who doesn’t seem too caught up on appearances.

  • Sick and tired

    Sick and tired of the drama surrounding this man. Yes she’s beautiful but she’s immature and an attention seeker. Reena and the others stayed away from all the drama and she throws herself in it. Just hope fans don’t maul her to death..his fans are crazy

  • Helen O

    Let’s just admire his work and stay out of his personal life..

  • Mangia Mangia

    no @beautiful – I meant people said she attack or make mad people on Twitter and FB – what is that about?

  • Stonewall

    He looks awesome in all his Stonewall pics I have seen. I can’t wait to see him in it. Jeremy Irvine is so hot too!

  • HA!

    Some of the people on here now defending and pleading for privacy attacked her in March on Twitter, calling her a groupie, and getting publicly scolded by J’s brother for posting it.

    Now they are a defender. We know who you are . . .

    Weird fans. . . And rabid – and delusional about their “relationship” with J and any/all of his GFs.

    There is no relationship and none of you know him (or her) from adam. So, you’ve seen all his movies and all of his interviews. Big deal. You don’t know him any better than Joe Blow who has never heard of him. You know what he shows you in a public setting, and that’s it., and that ain’t nothin’ at all folks. That’s showbiz.

  • Weslie

    she’s better than the fur wearing eastern european broad with the plastic surgery or the man before. She looks anorexic but I don’t sense attention seeker about her whatsoever. When is Dracula coming back? Amazon …. Netflix … someone.

  • Sarah J

    @HA! His brother posted photos of them last spring. This is where it all started. Who cares. We wish him the best with whomever he is with and want to see him in more starring roles like he deserves.

  • Genie

    @HA!: lol, I know who you are..posers than rat on fans to Mara and Jamie..gotta love u guys. Two faced bitches who defend to get closer to Johnny

  • HA!

    J’s brother scolded the person who was mean on Twitter about the new GF. It was all taken down within minutes, the guilty party who called her a “groupie” sulking around, I’ll never do anything for JRM again, blah blah blah – they called me a name. Meanwhile, this person started it calling the GF groupie. Now they are on this story defending her. Weird and delusional. And I agree about the woman in the furs – ay yi yi.

  • Genie

    @HA!: so then name the the individual Jamie attack?! You’re so brave the individual

  • Genie

    @HA!: I know who u are

  • Sonya

    She worked Jonathan’s fans hard and non stop over the years, leaking info, private pics and compromising deets nobody really needed to know. Were his former gfs aware of his BFF? Funny game pleasing people for ego boosting fluttery and some hidden agenda, then going on poor victim mode when it backfires.

  • Viki

    @Sonya: exactly…she’s been playing fans

  • Viki

    She runs to the brothers for sympathy .Most fans are pissed off NOT one

  • Viki

    @HA!: Vivaldi we know it’s u ( JRM-Love)

  • Viki
  • Laura

    Why would anyone want to be part of his fandom when this is how things roll? Scary people, I’ve met a few that I don’t ever want to encounter again! One told me she knew him and they had a special relationship while going about how NOBODY knows him. Just creepy and I left the fan base pronto

  • Laura

    It’s not Johnny it’s his catty, crazy fans that drive people away ..actually very stressful and creepy. Lol, one told me she had an FBI brother if I told anyone she’d find me

  • Genie.

    @Laura – and alot of women 10+ yrs older than JRM from what I seen.


    No.1 at 9:11;
    Last night at 12:18 AM I had a flash vision of the above figure coming out of the fenced backyard gate of the 19210 house on Evergreen Drive in Bonney Lake, Washington. The only difference was that his hair was bit longer and more grayish. Otherwise, he looked the same.
    My first impression was that he role playing the proverbial future ‘back door man’ made famous by the The Doors.

  • Heather

    I see two people shopping and enjoying their afternoon with some retail therapy.