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Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' 'Another Me' Scares Us So Bad - Watch Trailer Now

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' 'Another Me' Scares Us So Bad - Watch Trailer Now

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers keeps it cool in a denim jacket while doing some shopping at The Grove on Monday (August 11) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old Irish actor was spotted carrying bags from Topman and J. Crew while spending the day with his girlfriend Mara Lane.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Check out a new trailer below for Jonathan‘s upcoming film Another Me, also starring Sophie Turner and Gregg Sulkin.

In case you didn’t know, Another Me hits theaters on Friday, August 22.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – ‘Another Me’ Trailer

10+ pictures inside of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers doing some retail therapy at The Grove…

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jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 03
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 04
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 05
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jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 07
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 08
jonathan rhys meyers another me scares us 09
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Photos: AKM-GSI
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    Point taken.
    No.1 at 9:11;
    Last night at 12:18 AM I had a flash vision of the above figure coming out of the fenced backyard gate of the 19210 house on Evergreen Drive in Bonney Lake, Washington. The only difference was that his hair was a bit longer and more grayish. Otherwise, he looked the same.
    My first impression was that he was role playing the proverbial future ‘back door man’ made famous by the The Doors.

  • Laura

    @Genie.: yes, much older and you’d think the maturity would be there..

  • Viki

    They follow anyone connected w/JRM – like dentists and doctors?!? If GF mentions or takes a pic w/ someone -they r following that person @ Twitter or IG – liking on FB and leaving comments to get noticed (for what?!?). strange. creepy.

    look at the comments on some of JRM’s friends IG feeds and how they act like they know him (say hi to my friend for me) and weird stuff and as soon as that GF is gone – so are all the loving comments and praises.

    They make fake accounts of soc media w/ profile similar to JRM or GF (where they r from, work, live . . ) and post mean comments until they get shut down

    They like, comment on every pic/ tweet/comment from GF about how smart,kind,beautiful,wise,calming . . .she is but don’t know anything but what they read on soc media and they find every single thing that exists and put it all together online like those people in movies who have the shrine rooms . . . then u see they never comment on anyone else pics like that – so it is phony act to get noticed.

    I am going to write story about obsessed fans and get a bunch of ideas from looking at JRM soc media. it is a strange place in fandom once you take a look. strange than fiction. they r not as smart as they think they r.

  • Laura

    @Viki: hahah, claiming they know him or his mental state.Crazy bunch of idiots and I’ve never encountered this in any other fan base. I have screen shots that’d make a celeb file a restraining order…scary bunch

  • Viki

    @Laura we could write the book together. It is nuts isn’t it? nicknames – they comment ike the GF trying to sound so intelligent – but they don’t. I can’t believe the GF lets some of them follow her twitter – they always tweeting to her strange things – they don’t even tweet to friends in RIL like that on their accounts. then they have other fake accounts that they use to be mean to her and about him. why so mad? did these 50yrs old women think they had a chance? JRM would see their tweets/fansite and date them?

    This fans are something to study .

  • Laura

    @Viki: no, they need medication …

  • Tracy

    @Weslie: I hated the series poorly written and produced. Hope he finds bigger and better roles. His Twitter fans are obsessed with this show

  • Viki

    @Tracy they are obsessed b/c they think it will get them noticed and keep them popular with his GFs and family so they can keep tabs on them on soc media w/o being blocked. its a manipulation and obsession more than genuine

  • Huh

    I’ve noticed that some of them pose as other people ( other fans) so they can stir up trouble. Some of them steal peoples pics and pose as someone else to tarnish them

  • Here we go again

    Oh yada yada yada. Same old comments saying the same things time and time again. Instead of saying how ‘ill’ he looks, ever thought of saying something nice in the light of poor Robin Williams? Of course you wouldn’t because it’s beneath you. You know he’s had issues so when your houses are all in order and your life is better than perfect I wouldn’t bother commenting. I didn’t realise tattoos changed you either but whatever.. Loads of the comments about his fanbase I completely agree with, I’ve ran out of words to describe some of the wackos, it’s something to be scared of if I’m honest and half of them are middle aged catty women think they own him or stand some sort of chance with him, dream on its creepy/stalker like if nothing else. Just curious does anyone know Mara in real life or Jonathan? Thought not. Half of you who’ve commented about her or him are brave behind a screen but would bet you wouldn’t have the b***s to say it to their faces. Pathetic. Do you know his story? Do you know her story? Like I said when you’re perfect, then come back and comment. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones springs to mind.. Wish I was as perfect as you lot, must be nice :)

  • Here we go again


    Haha yes, I remember that and I do believe that person has commented on her ‘I’m done with JRM’ was a tweet that was posted if I remember rightly..

  • Ana

    Wow, you all need to let go of Jon’s past, because he has. Move on people he’s doing great now. I don’t think Mara been this all the sudden “mean girl.” All I know, she’s been really nice to his fans, sharing personal pics and letting Jon do his own thing. Jon is still very kind to his fans. Kinda shocking to heard all this stuff about Mara. I don’t know who the hell she is but I don’t think she’s that mean. Show us proff of Mara being this”bitch to Jon’s fans” because I’ve not seen any.

  • Jess B

    @Here we go again: see the thing is some of u think u can own a person when you can’t. To be honest..Johnny could care less about any of u? Do u see any ounce of appreciation for the pages u make in his honor…NO! Do u sit and have tea with him every night..NO! Most of u are just old cranky woman (except for one cranky 20 year old) that sit behind a desk and post pics all day. Seriously folks, get a life

  • Rose

    It’s no big secret that JRM’s brother Jamie publicly scolded one crazy fan for attacking Mara on Twitter. Instead of walking away with her tail between her legs, this person continues to come back to Twitter (and sometimes Facebook) using other names. Laura, Shannon, Helen, etc. She creates fake drama for sympathy (deaths in her family, injuries to her kids, premature births) and steals photos from other websites and posts them as if they are her own. She’s a pathological liar. I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling. Her crazy stripes are visible from a mile away!

  • Jess B

    Attacking people will not solve anything other than making the attackers look pathetic and immature.When was the last time any of you had a tweet from Johnny himself? Like I’ve stated, all of you are pathetic

  • Jess B

    @Rose: Anne Allison, Gina, Helen, what about the alienators ?why do they think they own him? And Jen is this you?

  • Jess B

    @Rose: show yourself Rose or should I say Allision, Vivaldi, one of the crew that attacks people. Friend me and let’s have it out. If you know me then friend me. Because I’ll challenge u

  • Jess B

    @Rose: orrrr Is this Helen Carabine ..hmmm

  • Rose

    @Jess B: Truth hurts, huh? I know it must seeing as you are allergic to it.

  • Jess B

    @Rose: I think you’re the craziest of them all..sitting behind your desk like a coward when you can just find me if you actually know me.,You’re one of them that have sold yourself to be a slave to whover he’s in contact with. Go join Moldy Mansion where u belong. If you’re one of the group leaders or an ex friend of mine FRIEND ME or tell me who you are cause I have an inkling

  • Still waiting…..

    Brave behind a screen..come get me. Waiting to be friended

  • Still waiting…..

    @Rose: it’s ok Ann maybe another day

  • Pj

    I think he looks good here. Just out and about trying to enjoy his day until he is intruded upon by annoying paparazzi. He’s a wonderful actor who has obviously overcome some obstacles in his life. I wish him all the best.

  • Miranda

    Think it’s time JJ take these comments down. Obviously his “fans” are selfish and immature.He looks FINE! Gina, Editha, Ann, Helen, go the heck to bed!! Sick and tired of your fighting. Don’t like each other, fine don’t subject anyone else to your rubbish

  • Saber

    Stuff like this continues and people can sue for slander. This is bullying and the culprits know who they are. Leave other fans alone!!Sad that this has come to this

  • Time for bed

    @Here we go again: ok Gina…off to bed

  • Jenn

    @Jess B: No, it wasn’t me. Keep me out of your drama.

  • Brittany

    What’s with all the bashing ? OMG the guy has feelings!!

  • Jen B

    @Jenn: oh your so kind

  • Jenn

    @Jen B: Unblock me so we can talk in private.

  • Step into the Light

    These comments should stay here so that people who is actually a part of his REAL life can see how other people use them with phony comments and likes and favorites to get close to them, learn information.

    Some of this people still following Mara Layne on Twitter even after her account is private. I wish she blocked all of this people if she was going private. If she lets this people follow her she can not complain when they dont allow privacy – and they will do it. Best idea – private means private. Real life friends only.

    I hope someone shows her these comments with a link so she see the methods used, and what people say about her – and that she should be careful to allow anyone contact with her. I just saw one of them yesterday try and use another and ask for a follow and they were mean to her before! They dont give up. Its like an obsession.

    This people are commenting nasty things online. Esp. whos dated who. And they are allowed to follow on Twitter. What? Cut them all away Mara Layne. They are not your friends.

  • JRMGirl

    There are some on twitter that send a nutty fan tweet every few hours many times a day and they are allowed to follow while others are blocked who have never tweeted anything. Explain that?

    And give up on save Dracula already. It’s over. If JRM wanted to save Dracula, he would. He’s moved on. So should everyone else. To quote Rambo, it’s over Johnny – over.

  • Stevie

    @JRMGirl: It’s because she’s a master manipulator. The thing that baffles me is why she thinks she needs to lie and create drama in order to gain followers. She’s very charming and funny, and the lies just aren’t necessary. So while ordinarily I would enjoy being friends with someone like her, I just can’t get past the dishonesty and manipulation.

  • JRMGirl2

    Master manipulator? Dunno agree w/ that. Its naive to allow any fans access to her, if anything. She should block all JRM fans and they should stop trying to get noticed. But it is an amusing circus to watch. They send her tweets and try to imitate her interests and values to get noticed.

    Now I see that some internet site said she was Maggie Q!!! How embarrassing. Can’t tell one Eurasian from another Evoke? They should be ashamed!!!! Not to mention 90% of the statements in the piece are flat out wrong. But no comments allowed there so. . .

  • Stevie

    @JRMGirl2: I didn’t mean that Mara was a master manipulator. She seems sweet. But certain “fans” (who shall remain unnamed) are very manipulative in trying to get others to sympathize with them.

  • I don’t understand

    @JRMGirl: AMEN SISTA …drop Dracula tweeting. Why would any celeb want to follow or bother with fans anyhow?!! I don’t get it?!! Please explain

  • I don’t understand

    @JRMGirl2: exactly…what’s with that??It just creates drama and jealously among a group of already immature fans.I don’t know why

  • H

    @Jess B:
    No appreciation that you know of. Just because you haven’t heard about it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Part of the reason people probably haven’t shared if something nice has happened to them is because of comments like the above. And the comment about is ‘Rose’ Helen? No, this is Helen. I have no idea what your issue is with me exactly, I don’t even know who you are nor have I heard of you before. Guess I’m that cranky 20 (*22) year old you’re referring too? You’d be right, I am cranky when people talk about me indirectly. I don’t sit and post pictures all day if you actually look at the media accounts as I have something called a job so that is wrong before you even start. I don’t think ‘I own him’ at all as you put it, I care about him and his feelings and defend him where and when I think appropriate. I’d do that for anyone as I like to think I’m a decent person and that person would do the same for me if ever needed. The internet is a misleading place and I’m not a horrible person. I don’t wish to talk like this but you seem to know my full name so obviously know who I am so if you want to talk to iron anything out in private that’s fine with me

  • WhyCantUJustBeHappy

    Right Stevie! That’s why she needs to cut them off on twitter and be careful on FB and IG. I’m not saying all people who follow her have ulterior motives. I’m sure there are some people who find her a nice and interesting person in her own right. Some people do develop genuine on line “social media” friendships. Those people aren’t laying on phony compliments to get noticed, and bringing up her BF in every comment.

    If you follow anything JRM related, or follow M, you can’t help but see the usual suspects and their patterns, meltdowns, etc. someone said its like a study – it is. In psychology. A classic pattern (really, google it, start at delusion and then add celebrity)

    There’s a whole thing going on, and sadly, it’s that people have some fantasized reality that they know JRM and what he needs, feels,thinks, and if *only* he would meet them, they *know he’d fall in love with them.

    Some will take advantage of her honesty, and personality, which I believe to be genuine, not from what she says or does online, but what others say about her.

    Granted, I am gleaning this from a few comments here and there. But her friends all say the same thing to her – they love her, she lifts them up, she’s a joy to be around. They *really love* her.

    It seems that if you truly admire someone as an artist, you want them healthy and happy and working into old age. That’s if you are a rational person.

    If you are deluded by obsession, your delusion is that you know who M is, and you know she’s this and the other, and you know what JRM needs.

    None of you, NONE OF YOU unless you know him or her personally. Like pick up the phone status, knows JACK about either of them. So, come back down to earth,stop obsessing, leave these people alone and be happy your favorite artist is happy.

    I believe that the greatest thing in life if to have true, unconditional, you could tell me you killed someone and I’d get a shovel type love. If they have found it, that’s wonderful. I hope JRM does his best work w/ the love if his life.

    Sorry to put this all here but b/c the so called fan pages with “forums” are so heavily censored, I wanted to say it here.

    I feel weird even writing it but maybe it knocks some sense and reality into some of the people who
    Would crawl up M’s butt if they could. Chill people! She’s really nice and good!

  • Tongue stuck

    I thinks sad because after all no one actually knows who Mara is to be honest. I think it’s also sad because she may be a nice person but most online don’t have good intentions. Must be wary of sociopaths and nutters they are everywhere ..just saying, be careful people

  • Tongue stuck

    Oh and btw …charming and funny, sociopathic traits

  • Honestly

    True fans don’t have to battle it out in a comments section. Proper, compassionate fans co-operate and boost each other and Jonny up. Never seen such a hostile group of people. Stop picking on each other or pretending to be angels when you’re not and just leave this kind of discussion in private groups or better YET to YOURSELVES!! That’s my piece for this thread. Sorry Jonny

  • Patty

    There are a group of emotionally unstable people….one person keeps exploding and causing grief, another keeps making outlandish claims, one keeps stalking. It’s hilarious . Just sit back and enjoy the show

  • Patty

    Oh and there’s the liar ( sympathy fan)..,come out crazies

  • aj13

    The facebook page entitled Peace Pilgrim has insights into who Mara is… especially years 08 and 09 where she talks about her “heavy drug addiction” and leaving her daughter in Vietnam with relatives.

  • BS

    @aj13: sorry you’re cruel. Attack her behaviour towards u. Filthy attack..come on Just Jared. Take this shit down

  • aj13

    It is not cruel to share the truth…mara posted this herself, that was not an attack.


    Thursday morning, the nice little man who lives next door on Evergreen Drive came up to me with the operator’s manual for a used Black & Decker weed-eater I had bought from him two weeks ago at a garage sale. So today I took another look at the above Jonathan pix and noticed that his hair looks like a weed patch.

  • Leslie

    @Viki: Can I co-author the book? LMAO…

  • Puff

    @DR PEPPER: what the….hahahah