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Kendall Jenner Denies Throwing Money in a Waitress' Face

Kendall Jenner Denies Throwing Money in a Waitress' Face

Kendall Jenner has taken to her Twitter account to deny the rumors that she threw money in a waitress’ face after allegedly walking out on her bill.

The 18-year-old model and reality star was eating at Mercer Kitchen in New York City on August 4 with her gal pal Hailey Baldwin, 17.

A source told The New York Post that Kendall was not happy when the “staff wouldn’t serve her [booze] because she’s underage.” The report then said the girls got up and didn’t leave enough money for the bill, let alone a tip. The waitress then ran after them and Kendall reportedly took a couple $20 bills out of her wallet and threw them at the waitress while laughing.

“these rumors r absolutely ridiculous! I would never throw money in anyone’s face or act that disrespectfully. I was raised better than that,” Kendall tweeted. “said it once and I’ll say it again, don’t believe everything you read!”

Hailey‘s rep denied the rumors as well, saying “They thought everything was paid for. Kendall was polite and asked ‘Does this cover it?’ They didn’t run.”

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  • Lisa

    I bet Kendall did it. she has no talent.

  • Olivia

    You look at the receipt. Since when do people ask their waiter, “Does this cover it?”. HA!!

  • breezin

    This story is very easy to believe if you watch Keeping Up. Kendall and Kylie have always been spoiled, pouting brats. If they aren’t allowed to have what they want, like tattoos, they just go and do it anyway. They have serious entitlement issues.

  • essie

    Does this cover it, sounds like a snide comment to me..

  • Robin

    I believe it. These girls were raised as brats and i can’t wait for the day some girl pulls an Orlando Bloom on one of those b!tches.

  • Mrs.K

    Well of course ‘the rep’ will also deny it. They get paid to put up and shut up! Kendall and Kylie are known for being snotty spoiled brats and who says ‘does this cover it?’ if they havent already paid the bill in full? Haha! Even the ‘rep’ is dumb.

  • yuck

    The point is, she still tried to order booze, even though she’s 17 or 18. Her bratty little sis did this before, and threw a tantrum when she didn’t get HER way, too. They are entitled scum.

  • JOsh

    You know she’s lying because she said
    “I was raised better than that…”

    We all know she wasn’t.

  • I believe it

    She denied throwing it in her face, that doesn’t mean she didn’t throw it at her. Entitled b*tch!

  • Hate these poopbags.

    I wish they’d all die in a plane crash.

  • ew

    entitled snobs. these girls are so detached from the real world. who the hell do they think “covers their bills”, like wtf? kendall isn’t even high fashion material to begin with, she should be going to college and getting a minimum wage job like normal girls her age but thats obviously “too much” for her. spoiled beyond comprehension

  • Blossom

    Please, someone run over those two little b*tches with a tractor trailer, PLEASE. I can’t believe we have two more to endure. GO AWAY!!!

  • Kultural Kapital

    The Kardashians and the Jenners are proof that you can make serious dough in America by acting like brats, being trashy, and drawing out the hate. These people are just dreadful.

  • Yep

    Kendall is a Liar. Period.

  • jess

    I am willing to bet she did it.

  • NYC fashionista

    @Olivia: I’m so annoyed that I took 5 secs to comment on this vapid family who contributes nothing to society but great point! Why if she really looked at the receipt and paid her bill as she should, would the waitress have to follow her outside for her to ask if this covers it and give more $$?!!! I really hoped these Jenner girls would go to college and get an education instead of being airheads focused on nothing but selfies and plastic surgery and everything superficial but I guess the apples don’t fall far from the tree. Idiots!!!

  • liz

    but why can’t they just ask for the check, and pay it off there? I am 20, and I go out to eat a lot with friends or family and we have never gotten up to leave the restaurant before making sure the bill and tip was paid. it’s simple, when you’re done, you say “can we have the check please?” and pay it while you’re still seated. it’s not rocket science!!!!

  • Myrna

    brats!!! can’t wait for them to fall off the face of the earth!!!!!!! idiota!!!!!

  • Lo

    Do you guys actually believe this? It was a sour actress turned waitress who claims this happened. She’s getting exactly what she wants from this and it’s her 15 minutes of fame. I call BS.

  • smiley55

    Oh my how such a Spoiled child she is,kendall denies everything. I can believe she stated that her mother taught her better than that. Well, what about the incident at Jada Pinkett’s Smith Home, when Mrs. Jada Smith, KICKED kendall from her home for disrespecting her staff in her home. Kendall, is beginning to LIE just like the rest of them and believe me she is NO ANGEL. Give it time Kendall, all of her TRUE Colors will Surface, and her image will become Toxic and Tarnish because she will have Labled herself as Liar in the eyes of her so called FANS. The Ugly just came out of her but more is to come, kendall is trying her best to do DAMAGE CONTROL right now. Kendall needs confess the truth because right now and on down the road people will judge her for her LIES. Stay tune.

  • Olivia

    Way to go @Liz !

  • daniles

    @Lo: Why would a waitress want to make money and get cheap fame over a spoiled brat who is the sister of a D list reality tv star? They are not nice people at all.
    Did you hear the story of how Jada Pinkett Smith did not like how this brat was treating her housemaids? She was treating them as if they are ‘below’ her or something. Funny coming from a girl whoses only fame is being the sister of a woman who got famous off a sex tape. They themselves have become famous for doing something that is not respectable.

  • Alaric

    yuck. what a horrible horrible family. all ego and just some skin but not one iota of a braincell between all of them to share!

  • Elaine David Lisle

    I hate to tell you Kendall but if you did not pay your bill then it is dining and dashing and you are guilty. It is not defamation if you did, in fact, do it. THIS is why your dad wanted you to stay in school rather then letting your mompimp treat you like a meal ticket just like your other sisters.

  • Elaine David Lisle

    @smiley55: I would respect her more if she admitted her error and apologized rather then demand the waitress issue an apology to her for asking for the money to pay her lunch bill. Some nerve from another spoiled snot.

  • Jordan

    I can believe that someone would make up something like this… if it was Mother Teresa. The fact that it’s Kendall would make me believe almost anything. I’m curious… does anyone NOT think she did it? (Besides Kendall) I hope this waitress stands her ground.

  • doraglasberg

    That ‘s not a picture but a Painting at this point,
    Photoshopped to casket-like perfection.

  • Vern Trex

    It’s clear she is hated by everyone.pretty sad little trollop