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Taylor Swift, Katie Holmes, & 'The Giver' Cast Get Together at the Film's Press Conference!

Taylor Swift, Katie Holmes, & 'The Giver' Cast Get Together at the Film's Press Conference!

Taylor Swift, Katie Holmes, and their cast mates promote The Giver during a press conference at JW Marriott Essex House on Tuesday (August 12) in New York City.

The duo were joined by actors Odeya Rush, Meryl Streep, Cameron Monaghan, Jeff Bridges, Emma Tremblay, Brenton Thwaites, author Lois Lowry, director Phillip Noyce and more.

The Giver, based on the popular novel of the same name, is set to hit theaters this Friday! Be sure to check it out.

FYI: Taylor is wearing an H&M top and skirt, Elie Saab shoes, Jennifer Meyer earrings and rings, and Red C Jewels ring. Cameron is wearing a Bar III tie.

20+ pictures inside of the cast of The Giver at the press conference…

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  • NotKateFan

    No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to find a single thing to like about Katie Holmes as an actress, a fashionista or a person. Blech.

  • lisa

    It’s ridiculous that Alex is getting some of the best reviews for this movie but isn’t mentioned in any press stuff. That Brenton kid is a worse actor than cardboard.

    “But it’s hard to know what exactly to feel for Holmes, who’s casting as exactly the kind of dead-eyed Stepford wife the tabloids proffered during the TomKat years seems like someone’s idea of a cruel joke.”

  • @1 notkatefan

    She is no fashionista by any stretch but she did take advise and scrub up for this weeks events. She has looked better than she has in a long time and the comments around the web were the most positive she has had as far as appearance goes. Even if most of them were “finally, she scrubbed up” type it’s still better then what you normally read.
    Now will she take the hint and keep it up after this week or will she go back to dirty hair and unfit clothes?
    It will be interesting to see what reviews come out for this movie. Can she wing it? Rumor is her role in her other project got cut to just a few lines. If either of these two don’t go great I wonder if Harvey will have buyer’s remorse yet.

  • Danielle

    @@1 notkatefan:

    “Mom, by the way, is played by Katie Holmes in a suitably chilly performance as a rule-obsessed judge, intimations of the actress’s own recent brush with Scientology hovering over her scenes like a teasing, troubling mist.” – Washington Post

    “suitably chilly” because of her “recent brush with Scientology”?

    That’s why she is a weak actress, because of Scientology?

    2 years on and still the excuses. Katie Holmes will forever have an out for her bland acting and embarrassing to forgettable performances.

  • Just a Comment

    I also agree that Katie is looking better in these last appearances than she has in awhile. I think the appearance on the Today show, Kelly and Michael, the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and even at the premiere was more Katie getting advise on dressing, make up and hair which was more suited to her and she felt comfortable with the choices because in the interviews she sounded more relaxed, more like if she’s having fun, enjoying the moment. I did NOT like the way she looked at The Met with that awful yellow gown and her hairstyle combed that way. These last appearances she looks happier, more confident, and like she having a good time.

  • sabrina

    @lisa: I agree totally. I know he had a long term commitment to Tarzan, but wish he could be there for some of the reviews. He is also, not only due to his looks, but his acting, one of the few reasons to watch True Blood Season 7. He and Pam make the show.

  • sabrina

    “be there for some of the appearances” not reviews!

  • Mikki

    @6 I agree it seems clear someone is making her listen. Maybe Harvey and his wife had a talk with her and told her if he going to try and help her she has to do her part and brush her hair at least.

  • Thornton

    Lol, more lies to try to make it sound different than the actual review Danielle. The actual review was very positive towards Katie’s performance. I noticed you cut out the very next sentence, ” Mom, by the way, is played by Katie Holmes in a suitably chilly performance as a rule-obsessed judge, intimations of the actress’s own recent brush with Scientology hovering over her scenes like a teasing, troubling mist.

    Jonas’s father, equally skillfully portrayed by Alexander Skarsgard, features prominently in “The Giver’s” most disturbing sequence, in which Jonas witnesses one of the grisly realities beneath the anodyne double-speak that he’s now beginning to question. ” As you can see they thought Katie’s performance was skillfully portrayed and they liked the film. It’s sad that people hate others so bad they search for anything they can find to make them look bad, and if they can’t find anything they just lie.

  • whatever

    Thornton I am not Daniella but I can see the reason she cut off that part is because they changed the subject to the next actor. She cut and pasted the part that was directly about Katie.
    That was hardly a lie

  • Thornton

    Yes it was about the next actor but it shows they thought her performance was skillful, just like Alexander’s performance. Besides which the words suitably chilly performance implies a good performance not a bad performance as she said. So why say the opposite unless you want people to believe a lie.

  • Effy

    Taylor is only getting press in this movie because she’s already a huge star, even if her role is MAYBE five minutes long. If it was another actor, they wouldn’t even be asked to attend such events.

  • whatever

    No idea maybe she will explain what she meant exactly but I don’t think she was lying.
    So far the reviews are mixed. Many don’t mention her at all. Those that do tend to make a cult joke either directly or indirectly.
    It’s still early and only a few reviews so too early to see a consensus of her performance.
    However, if overall people walk away with just thinking of her in scientology and that is why she can play a robotic character that won’t help her either in public perception.

  • Just a Comment

    They are going for a younger demographic audience (Hunger Games, Divergent, etc) and trying to bring along the Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep loyal fans.

  • Tap Dancer

    Did Katie REALLY say she could tap dance on SNL??
    On another blog someone posted this. Around 3 min she talks about Katie Holmes telling them she can tap dance but she wasn’t good. LOL. How many things has she claimed to do?

  • Lainey Gossip

    Lainey post another video here below of her dancing and said “remember when she thought she can dance” among other comments from Lainey…….

    “Katie was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night after the premiere. Fallon’s silly games always crack me up. Even when sanctimonious Julia Roberts is playing –

    Last night Fallon asked Katie to make f-cked up faces with him on a tablet. Should have been a riot, right? Oh but he had to work for every single laugh, didn’t he? Her energy is just so… DULL. What could have been a hysterical segment was, well, almost flat, if not for Jimmy sweating for it, sweating to make something out of, well, out of Katie Holmes. There are guests who make it easy for you. And then there are the nights when you have to throw everything at the camera.”
    Video is in link–Taylor-Swift–Odeya-Rush-coordinate-on-The-Giver-red-carpet/30979

  • Danielle

    How about this – “Katie Holmes has never been more wooden, not since Dawson’s Creek that is. Sadly, this is also the first time in forever that one can say that Meryl Streep actually phoned in a performance.”

    No reading into this review

  • Meg

    Watching What Lies Beneath…..I could so see her playing a remake of it, or The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. Seriously; as she grows older, ….those vacant eyes. Harvey’s not tapping into her true potential.

  • To @1

    Be ready to be accused of being Jealous. lol
    Her fans think anyone who doesn’t believe she is pretty can only be jealous as if there can be no other reason to not see what they see. Truth is they are in the minority as far as her looks and acting. It’s not just JJ posters it’s pretty much all over. Some do think she is pretty no doubt but most are “meh” or she is average at best and overrated and only hyped in the media/pr but you wouldn’t look twice if you saw her on the street

  • Nathan

    @Lainey Gossip:

    Lainey is crazy I thought Katie was awesome on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon she was cute, funny and sweet.

    And I loved when Katie did the get happy song and dance her singing voice was great her dancing was good and her legs looked supper sexy.

    Katie is a born entertainer. I love her. she is the best.

  • Jack

    @To @1:
    It is not a question of jealousy, but most do consider her talented and not just some along with her fans. (The General public does) and we are not talking about commentors on gossip sites.

  • 77777

    Yea whatever Jack, you have no idea if the “general public” does if not for comments on boards. Did you interview the “general public” to find this out?
    Gossip sites or regular news sites the comments are usually along the lines of “why is anyone still talking about her she doesn’t do anything noteworthy”.

  • annie

    Not jealous, just hateful people, and if it wasn’t for the name changing , only 2 or 3 originals!

  • @Annie

    @annie: and how many non-naming changing Katie Holmes fans? 2 or 3? evens it out, no?

  • @Annie

    @@Annie: correction: non-name changing

  • @26

    She claims to know how many? oh please. And you are right about the name changing on the “stan” side too.

  • The fruit doesn’t fall

    @Nathan: So is Hone Boo Boo a was Anna Nicole Smith. I believe her first Whatever Lola wants performance was at an all boys CATHOLIC school. Her parents are clueless.

  • I’ll Say It Again

    She looks amazing. She’s a beautiful woman and anyone who says otherwise is either jealous, blind or has another agenda (like scientology or Cruise). The idiot who called her legs “hefty” is probably the size of a house. She may be heavier on the bottom than on the top, but she’s still in great shape compared to most. As far as not being much of an actress, I can’t argue there. She really isn’t very good, but as far as living her life and her physicality, her haters need to get a grip. She made a few bad decisions, married an arsehole who’s in a cult that she got herself sucked into, she got out when it threatened to affect her daughter, and she’s living her life in the biggest city in the world, working, and seems to have a good relationship with her family. Women should support one another, not act like animals and say rotten stuff. And don’t give me this sh&t that its worse on other boards. Thats not right either and no excuse for the way many people here behave. I would love to see what YOU look like and how “hefty” YOU are and how well YOU live your life. Stop being a bunch of haters. You all sound like miserable, ugly, old, fat cows who are jealous of a young, attractive woman.

  • Rotten Tomatoes

    58% on RT right now.
    Other board predictions are it ending up around 30 percent rating on RT to high or 50ish.
    Opening weekend predictions (fans not critics) are as low as 18Mil to high 25M.
    Anyone else have bets?

  • To Meg

    Meg was it you that thought she might have problems with Suri down the line due to them not having the same personally type?
    Check out this photo, 2nd one down and the lady looking back at whatever was said.

  • @#31

    How the hell would either you or “Meg” know Suri’s “personality type (or Katie’s for that matter)”?!?!?! You’re ASSuming. You see pictures of them at a brief moment in time and you make stupid ASSumptions based on that. You don’t know either of them, especially this child who’s voice you’ve probably never even heard. People like you are obnoxious. You form a ridiculous opinion with no factual evidence. It’s hateful and stupid – as in anyone who does it has a low IQ. You might not like what Katie wears or her acting, but everything else beyond that, especially with Suri, in regard to “personality” or who they are in the real world, is nothing but a sick fantasy you’ve created in your head. The fact that you spend so much time thinking about it makes you a really damaged person.

    I can’t stand hateful people and there are 1 or 2 disgusting human beings here who post constantly using all different names. They’re OBSESSED with hating Katie Holmes (and probably others). Its sick and sad and they MUST HAVE AN AGENDA. I bet they’re Cruise fans. And please don’t tell me this is a gossip board as if that justifies the obsession and hate. THAT IS NO EXCUSE TO BE A HATEFUL HUMAN BEING AND ASSUME YOU KNOW THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW.

    The funny thing is, I’m not even a Katie fan. Not really. I think she’s pretty and I was pleased she got her child out of that crazy sick cult. What I really am a fan of though, is NICE people who know that we don’t know these people and shouldn’t spend hours a day (you do haters!) saying horrible things about them due to what you’ve created in your mind. Stop being so angry vicious and hateful. Focus on making YOURSELF BETTER. Focus on the people you like and admire. Anything other than that – hating on a total stranger – is DEMENTED. Give an opinion and MOVE THE F**k ON instead of spending your life focusing on hate.

    Why don’t you tell us WHY you hate Holmes so much. SERIOUSLY, WHY DO YOU HATE KATIE HOLMES?? What do you think she has done that makes you so vicious?? Stop being cowards and hiding behind your little screen. Tell the truth.

  • Meg

    #32 – The truth hurts.

  • Missy

    The difference is that NONE of Katie’s critics use 1 name. Some of her fans may use different names, but there are at least a few who use 1 name.

  • Not Really

    Both you and Annie have admitted to using more then one name so who are the few that only use one name?

  • Meg

    It’s not that there is hate as much as shear frustration for someone who is so ignorant and arrogant at the same time. Both Suri and that lady might as well be trying to be turning the light switch on thinking they just bought a bulb.

  • Meg

    @To Meg: Where did u find this? That is priceless!

  • Missy

    LOL at the Cruise fans who are so eager to believe that there is something wrong with Katie and Suri’s relationship. They desperately fantasize about Suri going to live with her father when she’s a teen. I hate to break it to you guys but it’s not gonna happen. Katie has sole legal custody, which means it would be very difficult for Cruise to ever get custody of Suri, even if she wanted to live with him. I’m not an expert. but I believe he would have to prove that there is some sort of abuse or neglect.
    It’s sad that some people actually relish the idea of Katie having problems with Suri. I may not like Cruise that much anymore;I may be glad that Katie got Suri out of CO$; but I genuinely hope that he does still see her and have a good relationship with her. If you truly cared about Suri, you would want her to have a good relationship with her mother. The best thing for a child’s development is to have a secure loving relationship with their parents.

  • Meg

    @Meg: In response to #32.

  • Not Really

    Nice post to avoid answering who are the ones you claim only use one name?
    Btw- I didn’t hear anyone say they thought she would end up with him only that she and her mother might have problems but whatever. You want to read into it they are supporting Cruise or wanting her to live with him but I don’t think that was said or wished for.

  • Missy

    @Not Really:
    I’ve never admitted to using more than 1 name. Not sure where you got that from. That said, I will admit that I sometimes used to use another name. I wasn’t trying to fool anyone. I just didn’t intend on posting much so I didn’t see the point in using 1 name. However, once I started posting enough that people “knew” me, I stuck to 1 name.
    I don’t think annie uses different names except as a joke once in a while and she immediately admits that it’s her. This is not the same as changing your name every time you comment.

  • Not Really

    No Annie only admitted it a couple of times after she was called out on it.
    So who knows how much really there is name changing on that side too? We don’t.
    But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter both sides do it and it’s the internet its suppose to be anon. If you want to stick to missy (most of the time) your choice but I don’t think anyone post only under one name.

  • Missy

    @Not Really:
    Wasn’t trying to avoid anything. I wrote my 2nd post while you were replying.

  • Missy

    @Not Really:
    I’ve heard people mention suri going to live with her father on previous threads, not necessarily this one. In any case, I still think it’s kind of sad some people seem hope for Suri to have problems with her mother.

  • @ Meg

    The truth hurts? What truth?? You have no idea of what the truth is! You aren’t hurting anyone but yourself with your nutso conspiracy theories and total stupidity. Why do you do this? Why is saying awful stuff about a total stranger so important to you?? It’s weird. What kind of sick human being thinks they see issues between a Mom and her 8 year old when they have never even seen them in the flesh? Come on. Seriously. Get a life. Stop creating these fantasies in your mind and work on your relationship with the rest of the world. A normal person doesn’t wish a total stranger ill. Shut off your computer (this goes for all you haters) and stregnthen your relationships with your family instead of commenting on the life of a stranger in the most hateful way.

    I’m not a fan. I just strongly dislike hateful people with too much time on their hands who take out their own frustrations by attacking a total stranger and an 8 year old girl. GET. A. GRIP.

  • annie

    Actually every time I’ve changed my name , I said I did, and joked about which name I was going to use next.

    @ Missy
    I don’t bother anymore Missy, there are only a couple of them, changing their names over and over, sometimes you think they chase Katie all over the internet because their comments sound so familiar.
    Probably Tom or Scie fans.
    I figure, let them wallow in their misery!

  • Not Really

    Annie that isn’t true.
    You confessed to being Becca after you were called out on something else. Then you admitted to being “tom” after someone thought it was you. You didn’t admit it until it was called out.

  • @ not really

    So how many names do you use? 10? 15?

    I find that people who like to call others out are usually the biggest offenders.

    I have seen annie here many times. She uses the same name all the time as far as I know.

  • Not Really

    I wasn’t the one that called others I was replying to Missy saying that her fans don’t change.
    This is not your usual name either
    But so what – if Annie changes her name and Missy too then why should anyone believe they only do it when they say they do?

  • Nathan

    @Not Really:

    I only post as Nathan. So I would be one of the few Katie fans who use 1 name that Missy was talking about.