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Calvin Harris Fires Back at Ex Girlfriend Rita Ora, Had 'Damn Good Reason' For Blocking Teen Choice Awards Performance

Calvin Harris Fires Back at Ex Girlfriend Rita Ora, Had 'Damn Good Reason' For Blocking Teen Choice Awards Performance

Calvin Harris took to Twitter to address why he didn’t approve of ex-girlfriend Rita Ora performing their single “I Will Never Let You Down” at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards!

“You’ll only know 1 side of the story RE Teen choice awards because I choose not to talk to the papers about every aspect of my personal life,” the “Summer” singer and producer tweeted. “But just know I had a damn good reason.”

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In case you didn’t know, Rita confirmed that Calvin didn’t allow her to perform the song during an interview with Ryan Seacrest.

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  • Erica

    what a douchebag move!

  • yep

    Don’t know all the story…..

  • Xoxo


  • Alaia

    I hope he has enough power to make her disappear. Annoying, ubiquitous twat.

  • Isabel

    Someone’s bitter.

  • Yeah right

    @Erica: Oh please, she’s the biggest D-bag in the biz. She’s a ho who’s slept with everybody to further her career, and has cheated on every boyfriend she’s ever had. She’s a user s k a n k. Karma’s a beyotch.

  • Sara

    Rita ora and Rihanna have so much in common! They look the same, both of their names start with an “R” and they both slept their way to the top! Great inspirations!

  • Jess

    Wondering if it was just his relationship with Rita that caused him to block it, or if maybe the performance set up of the song was too cheesy that he didn’t want her to do it…maybe they were going to change lyrics. Who knows. He has his reasons, and if you don’t know the inner workings of the whole story, you have no right to say if he was wrong in doing so. She obviously signed a contract with him, so if he has the right to do what he did, he has the right.

  • ladyb

    Calvin, Rita saying that you blocked the song is not “talking about personal life”, she’s talking about a business decision. If there is another side of the story, then share this as it’s not personal life. If the reason you blocked it is because of something personal and not a business reason (since that’ what you are insinuating) then shame that you let your failed relationship with her interfere with a business decision”………………….Rita did not insult you or said anything bad about you. All sh said that you blocked it at the last minute. She said it with class. She even said she was cool with your decision since you wrote the song.

  • LOL

    @ladyb: Ahahaha no Rita didnt insult him, she just cheated on him, thats of course totally classy.

  • Rita Ora stans are liars

    @ladyb: You’re a liar. We all could watch the interview, she dint say she was cool with it, she even said that it would have been better to get informed weeks before. Not once did she mention to be cool with his decision. And we all know she cheated on him, thats a valid reason to be mad at somebody.

  • anon.

    it’s crazy to see how some people have the b*lls to call Calvin a douche when SHE cheated on him.. Is it now morally correct to defend a person for cheating and proceed to call their cheated-partner a horrible person? What has the world come to??…

  • spirit7

    Gee, Typical, the woman gets called out for cheating and the man who cheats,,,,,?? nothing

  • HA!!!

    @ladyb: She has no class. She’s trying to gloss it over to save face, that’s all. You reap what you sow. She’s screwed over plenty of people.

  • OMG

    @spirit7: You obviously don’t know much about this tramp. He’s a much better person than she is. And plenty of men DO get called out.

  • ARIESgirl

    He’s hot. That is all.

  • danaa

    I really hate rita! What is she still doing in america? Finding another f***** with influencial people??

  • bo

    You guys are a little bit harsh on Rita here. There’s no need calling her names, this and that. Even if Rita cheated or tarnished the relationship badly, Calvin still should have not taken her professional career involved in their personal lives. Their personal relationship between themselves should be separate from the business aspect of their lives. Calvin looks like a douche for making this bitter move. Rita have not said anything bad about him this far and still have not even after the song was blocked from being performed. Meanwhile, Calvin is still stirring shit on Twitter saying this and that and blocking Rita’s performances. You know he also sold all of the songs they recorded together immediately after the breakup? Ouch. Calvin seems to be the obsessive one here and it doesn’t look good on his part, tbh.

    Rita is being more professional than what he has done thus far. And that’s good, because she knows how to keep business and personal lives separate, which he does not know how.

    You guys have awful double standards. Women get bashed way too often for cheating when men just do about the same.

    But basically, this shows that you should NOT mix personal life with business life. It ends up badly.

  • Sweetness

    What is this resentment that she chooses to sleep around. She’s an adult and this isn’t some Islamic state where women are stoned if they engage in sex outside of marriage. Btw did Calvin Harris marry her? No so he doesn’t own her va jay jay! Men in the music biz sleep around too so grow up with this she cheated on him. He sounds like an obsessive resentful ex bf and maybe she realized it was time to roll. Her not performing on the Teen Choice is not exactly the biggest loss in the world .. It’s the Teen Choice not the Grammys people! She is not disappearing because a DJ with some summer hits is holding a grudge like a whiny tool.

  • LOL

    Soooo. Is Calvin Harris related to Jesus that OMG someone dared to cheat on him. Boo hoo ..Perhaps the dude was lacking in the bedroom department and she got bored.

  • So cheating is cool now?

    I cant believe how her fans defend her cheating ways. Its pathetic. And even act like “Rita have not said anything bad about him” of course not, she was the one who cheated, if anybody could say something bad it is him. Nobody even asked Rita in that interview, she came up with saying unfortunately they couldnt perform that song at the tca. And when they asked why she said “Ask Calvin”. Now Rita plays Mrs. Innocent. Just wow.

  • Okay

    @Sweetness: But what if he had cheated on her? Would you still be cool with it? Or would you be calling him all kinds of names. And stop saying if a man does it it is considered okay,no it isn’t okay,it never is. And if she wanted out of the relationship she could’ve just ended things with him instead of cheating on him cause that is a sh I tty cruel thing to do to anyone,MAN or WOMAN

  • Nikki

    She didn’t even say anything negative about him on the radio show. All she said was that he waited until the last minute to let her know she couldn’t do. Regardless of their relationship and how it ended he still is the one that looks bitter in the end by going on twitter and addressing it the way he did. At the end of the day the song was produced by him and he could have gotten more exposure for it he let his personal life get in the way of that.

  • shamu

    1000% Team Calvin. IT s his song. And had really a good reason. Everyone who work for rocnation know that. and they(incl.) at his side with that decision.

    @ Sweetness Calvin is one of the best Producers/Songwriters all time.
    He is earning the year $66 million. Is number 21 at the Forbes list 100 most powerful celebrities.

    He is not obessive , it is not her song. because she is a big liar.

  • toxxic

    If she was talented enough to write her own songs this wouldn’t be an issue..

  • scarlett

    She’s known in the industry as being a ho bag and will cheat without thinking twice. Yeah, if she wants to do that fine..her body..her life. But don’t be surprised if you get called out. She effed with the wrong guy because he is pretty powerful. He writes and produces and he charts. When was the last time she charted? I don’t remember either. I personally hope she disappears. She is extremely annoying.

  • Lena

    Can I just say? Wow!!! Love that move by Calvin! I was raised in a time where the saying was “don’t write things down unless you want the whole world to know about it.”. Sort of a threat to not speak up. Then there’s this bullying of employers looking at Facebook. Everyone it seems is on Facebook. What’s wrong with transparency? And I remember how cool I thought it was when two of my ex bosses got into a well publicized high profile local fight, and these older gentlemen went to a war of words behind the news article which addressed it. It was a thumbs up from me. :). Speaking their minds!

    Or when Sarah Jessica Parker took to Twitter to put someone in their place! Loved that… :)

    I don’t care who cheated on who here. I don’t even care what the dispute is about. I dont even know who Calvin or Rita are (sorry). But, I just love that Calvin said “screw my PR team…. I’m human and I’m ticked so I’m responding.”. According to the psychology experts (whoever THEY are. LOL :)…) there are 300,000,000 people on Earth today suffering from celebrity worphip syndrome. Zombies who idolize these mere mortal celebrities simply because they are photogenic, are willing to starve themselves, sleep with people to advance their careers, have expensive PR teams to craft images of human character perfection or of the type to hit all the right obsession buttons, and hide their truths from the world to sell tickets.

    I think their work product not farce or fraudulent PR images should sell tickets. And, I think we should get used to and embrace verbal battles on the internet. Just like the court system offers an alternative to settling disputes through swords and armies, I think the internet offers a great opportunity to serve as an additional safe alternative to hand to hand combat. Sticks abd stones as the saying goes….people also need to toughen up about words..

    So I love it that Calvin did not sit back and let a mere stoic PR statement fly. Some celebrities are too cowardly to stand by their words and off the cuff human aggression that, let’s face it, every one of us has from time to time. I think seeing these people as they REALLY act and behave can go a long way to stopping celebrity worship syndrome from spreading like a virus even further. It already has infected our court system I believe (eg, J Laws and Pitts unfair stalking results in my opinion) and the Legislatures (eg, 1.4 billion in refundable tax credits, that is free grant money paid to Hollywood, not loans but rather gifts by 42 states paid for by taxes as those same Legislators cut funding to courts, the poor, the military families, bridge and infrastructure repair). Celebrity worship is not necessary to enjoy a good movie or song or play or TV show etc. And we don’t need to spend taxpayer money to fund the lifestyles of Hollywood millionaires simply because elected officials dreamed of being movie stars as kids and they think if they act real nice and give Hollywood stars millions of dollars (taken from other vital state programs) they will be ONE bffs with their favorite Hollywood star.

    I think he was okay in doing this. Right on daddy O!

  • Sexy

    I just came here to comment that Calvin Harris is veyr attractive handsome sexy man. I give a darn about his relationship with that s*k*a*n*k

  • Lena

    Celebrity worShip syndrome not worPhip. ANd instead of aBd. Sorry…Small keys on mobile. Long nails. :). They just got too long. Nail appt made for emergency spell check correction. Girls, I’m sure some of you know what I’m sayin’…lol. :). You know, when the claws come out…. :).

  • Trish

    Didn’t this Twitter outrage come from Rob Kardashian also? I remember they broke up and Rita Oral kept denying their relationship. I don’t know who else she’s been with but girl Calvin IS somebody. Just be glad the stoning days are over.

  • Sweetness


    @ Okay..are you living in the real world. Men are constantly cheating on women. And they are looked up to. In fact celebrated for being players! So no they don’t get backlash. Once again this is 2014. It’s her body and she can do and sleep with who she likes. Maybe she wanted an open relationship. And for him to be so resentful when they were only dating for a few months indicates he waaayyyy too possessive.
    DJs are not some innocent angels. It’s shocking how women are so eager to turn on another woman who does as a guy would do.
    She’s clearly over him because at least she’s not playing the victim.

  • cenile

    @Sweetness: Women should be smart and strong enough! I’m tired of that whole woman shouldn’t attack women for doing what men do BS! Guess what sweetie we’re not men! We’re women! We’re suppose to be nurturing and wise. Not rude disgusting s l u t s that cheat. Yes it’s her body but she should be smart enough to break up with someone or stay single if she wants to use people. I don’t how it got into females minds that cheating and homewrecking is acceptable and forgiven. It just shows how much class and morals you lack as a woman along with having no self-respect for yourself.

  • Sweetness


    your rant is silly at best.
    bottom line she can do as she please in a free society. this is not the mid east or some village in Pakistan where a woman gets stone because she kissed a boyfriend she loves and not some man her family told her to marry. How did Rita Ora home wreck Calvin Harris. Was he married to some one else. Really so what’s he doing cheating on his wife with Ora?? Also Rita has not been complaining about him, she took it with stride that he nixed her performance. He’s being a punk by using Twitter to say she knows why..Ok punk why stop there, be a man and say what the reason was. Because he took the chicken sh*t way out with the juvenile twitter rant. He’s a DJ and his ego got bruised because she was just wasn’t into him. And a bruised ego is immature like a child.
    Again it’s strange that he’s so hurt and resentful because of someone he dated for a few months??
    Gwyneth Paltrow and her ex uncoupled with cheating rumors and all, split amicably and they were together for 10 years.

  • steffi

    @Sweetness you wrote such a bullshit.
    Calvin is first a Songwriter and Producer and everyone said is is one of the best all time. He is Legend,
    Cheating has nothing to do if you are married or not. Its very very disrespectful.
    And Ora has for nobody Respect

    But lucky is a fight David vs Goliath and Calvin is one of the most powerful celebrities in the world. And he has Jay Z, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady gaga, Will Smith etc. in his Team