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Katie Holmes Brings Serious Star Power to Marvel Universe Live!

Katie Holmes Brings Serious Star Power to Marvel Universe Live!

Katie Holmes is seeing stars while attending Marvel Universe Live! at Barclays Center on Wednesday (August 13) in New York City.

The day before, the 35-year-old actress was spotted looking chic in a green v-neck sweater after hitting a screening of her new film The Giver.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

In case you missed it, check out Katie making funny faces while chatting with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

FYI: Marvel Universe Live! is “a mind-blowing live-action arena experience, featuring the greatest Marvel super heroes and villains.” Katie is wearing a Chinti and Parker sweater and Strom skinnies at the Marvel event.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the Marvel Universe Live! event…

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  • jo321

    She’s been cleaning up ok this week. Bravo Katie. Keep it up.
    But how will the reviews be?
    “But it’s hard to know what exactly to feel for Holmes, who’s casting as exactly the kind of dead-eyed Stepford wife the tabloids proffered during the TomKat years seems like someone’s idea of a cruel joke.”

  • Groucho Reviews

    “It’s too bad that this junior version of Fahrenheit 451 turned out drippy, but it’s not entirely witless. The casting of Scientology escapee Katie Holmes as one of the happily brainwashed is, momentarily, almost enough to convince us that The Giver has a sense of humor.”

  • They’re back

    The boots – :-(

  • Danelle

    A positive review for Katie – film Miss Meadows

    Katie Holmes plays this crazy role to perfection. She might not be the best actress out there, but she’s clearly having fun going around tap dancing and killing people. The rest of the cast does a fine enough job, which is surprising since there are a good number of child actors.

    I’d recommend renting Miss Meadows if that becomes a viable option. It’s not great, but it has a fun plot that gets thrown out the window around the midway point, much like the opening of Nurse 3D, which shares a few traits with this film (just no nudity and less gore here). With some fine-tuning of the script, this film could have been so much better, but as it is, it’s just average.

  • Danelle

    “The casting of Scientology escapee Katie Holmes as one of the happily brainwashed is, momentarily, almost enough to convince us that The Giver has a sense of humor.” –

    Opening weekend should be able to pull $10-15 million from The Giver book fans, Taylor Swift fans and those who are still enraptured by the Scientology disconnect of Katie Holmes.

  • Lia

    @3 that was the first thing that caught my eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She does look better since promoting this movie I give her that but I still don’t find her beautiful. I find her more of the friend of the gorgeous girl type when she is pulled together. Maybe it’s the personality that comes through to me that seems bland.
    @5 You think only 10-15Mil? That is really low and means it would be considered a bomb if that happens. If that is all it pulls the first week it’s downhill from there and this isn’t one that will be a huge hit worldwide.

  • Danelle


    $10-15 million is no Hunger Games money, but estimated production cost for The Giver is appr $25 million. Also, probably not much on marketing/international costs, so they save on that.

    The end is that it isn’t a blockbuster and makes cost and very modest profit.

    Unlike Ender’s Game, another YA top readers list item, which cost appr $110 million and made only $125 million worldwide (50/50 domestic/international).

  • Nathan

    Katie looks great love her hair up like that.

  • Arlene

    It looks like she may have been successfully deprogrammed from the cult.

  • Drats

    OMG – she dragged out those old ankle boots. She always resorts to them when she’s trying to cover up her candles.

  • Eww

    What’s up with the mustache?

  • Just a Comment

    I agree that Katie in her latest public appearances she looks better. I think she’s done all her talk show appearances for The Giver and now its just appearing here and there for the celebrity blogs. Notice, there are less pictures of her and Suri out walking around. I think as Suri gets older she will voice her opinion louder about NOT walking into the presence of the paparrazi. And Suri will be returning to school soon if she hasn’t already and they’ve figured out a way to get Suri to school without being photographed so that’s a good thing for Suri. Good luck to them. They are moving on. No pictures of Cruise anywhere so where ever he’s at he’s staying out of sight. And now we know they KNOW how to move around town and the world without being photographed all the time. Especially Cruise, he has his own plane.

  • Lia

    I agree that it has a low budget so it will make it’s money back but still if a movie only makes 25Million regardless if the budget was low it’s still not viewed as a box office success even if it made its money back.
    Still shows lack of crowd interest and that not many saw it.

  • @12

    Actually there are pictures of Tom almost every couple of days that show up on twitter or instagram.
    He is snapped with fans all the time. They are just not pap pictures so not on blogs or gossip sites.

  • Just a Comment

    Katie probably just pulled out her fall season wardrobe and those boots were in that storage section. I must tell you I like to see her wearing the same handbag several times ((like the camaflage one) because it makes her appear more real and confident. When she was in her TOMKAT period everytime she went out in public she wore a different pair of sunglasses and handbag and then you wouldn’t see those items again. It was like if she was told not to repeat those items. Today I think there is someone behind the scenes advising how to dress and do her makeup but I think she is a little more involved in what she is wearing. This week especially, Katie appears happier, more at peace and confident with herself. I don’t think its just the movie The Giver, I think something has changed in her life. She wears her emotions on her sleeve.

  • ???

    @Eww: what mustache?

  • Lia

    It’s probably a combo of her movie coming out (first one in years) and her parents being in town.
    I do want to see if she continues with this routine as it does appear to be on advise since it’s so sudden and different then her norm. We will see soon enough.

  • Just a Comment

    Several media outlets are saying this moving is a like a Hunger Games, Divergent type, etc and going after that youth demographic (of course, Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep will bring their fans to the theater). Personally I think they dragged their feet making this movie and should have made it before the HungerGames & Divergent were released. That would have made it more of an original theme but its almost here. Hope its a good movie.

  • Just a Comment

    It must be disappointing to work on a movie and then it doesn’t get released (like Mania Days and The Seagull or Untitled project) haven’t been released) so The Giver is the next movie since 2011′s Jack n Jill to be released and have a premiere. I agree that having her parents in town, this movie coming out, and what appears to be a new connection with HW have added a sparkle of hope in her eyes for her career. I think you have to have thick skin to be in the entertainment business because there is so much rejection. And Katie has had it easier than others. When you look at Taylor Schilling’s IMDB there are many years before she appeared on OITNB. I didn’t know who Taylor was until she appeared on OITNB. Now she’s nominated for an Emmy.

  • Lydia

    I like that black star sweater. Can anyone ID it?

  • Danelle

    @Just a Comment:

    She has Miss Meadows releasing in November but no mention if it will be wide or limited.

    Depending on the type of release and marketing involved she may be out-and-about for media buzz (for the film) more often between now and Nov. Some small interviews, example indie blogs and other similar type outlets, along with appearances at Weinstein sponsored events.

  • Danelle
  • Danelle

    actually not exact sweater but similar

  • Dee

    Harvey is hand feeding her. If she doesn’t make it now she never will. Goodness she has been spoon fed so much.

  • Danelle


    Maybe Harvey will bring Katie back to the theatre –

    “Finding Neverland,” the movie-to-musical adaptation produced by Harvey Weinstein, has penciled in a Broadway schedule, with the production aiming to begin performances in New York in March.

  • Dee

    Dear God, I hope not. Did you follow her during her run at the theatre? Reviews were not kind to say the least.

  • Danelle


    Just in case you think Harvey bringing Katie to Broadway in ‘Finding Neverland’ is far fetched –

    “Last June, Weinstein overhauled the original team, bringing in Diane Paulus to direct and Gary Barlow, of 1990s boy band Take That, to pen additional songs. Playwright James Graham also was brought on board to work on Allan Knee’s script, which was based on his play.” –

    Holmes and Paulus earlier this year –

    Something lined up for next year? Just speculation. Katie could be returning to TV too (re: OITNB recent news).

  • Danelle


    Harvey eyeing a Tony for Katie via Diane?

    “Paulus is artistic director of ART and director of the recent Broadway revivals of Hair, The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess and Pippin, all three of which won Tony Awards in their respective years as best musical revival. In addition, Paulus won her first Tony for best direction of a musical in 2013 for Pippin.” – same link referenced in previous comment.

    Harvey, “the movie mogul with a flair for awards-season jockeying,” – description at Variety link provided earlier.

  • Danelle


    Just speculating :-)

  • Danelle


    Didn’t know Katie had already done a reading for ‘Finding Neverland”

    “Bart who was to play Charles Frohman, Dustin Hoffman in the movie, was the American producer who presents“Peter Pan.” That role will now be played by Michael McGrath, who won a Tony in 2012 for Nice Work If You Can Get It. He was also a Tony nominee for his performance in Spamalot. Oh yeah, don’t forget Katie Holmes did the reading.”


  • Mary

    Sigh. Most of the women around here who are out running errands look better than she does. She just doesn’t have any presence, and she can’t dress at all. I really wish a real stylist would get a hold of her. She has potential!

  • Lucette

    Totally agree Mary but gotta give credit where it’s due. Usually she doesn’t even brush her hair and looks dirty. I think people are just impressed she made an effort this week for all her movie pushing gigs.

  • To all enablers

    All fixable! Orthopedic shoes, even PT for correction or even corrective surgery. (Down the line she’s going to end up having knee problems), capped teeth. Hair stylist. Analogy: if you wanted to compete in a race, wouldn’t you take advice from a nutritionilsist etc. Re: sleep, adequate carbohydrates, protein, fluids etc. and exercise to prepare? Don’t get these people who think we r haters. If Honey Boo Boo were to enter a Miss Teen Beaty pageant, would u say that she should win because she can’t help how she looks? .. Or how dare we “attack” her for being out of her league?

  • Lucette

    @To all enablers:
    Totally agree with the overall point. I just think people were nicer this week because as I said above she looks like she at least tried and was making progress in some areas. Only God (or Harvey) knows of she is going to keep this up when we see her daily jaunts to starbucks again after the premier is over.
    I do agree the media can try and push someone and tell you they are beautiful like they did with Jennifer Aniston. I think Jen is a nice person but she was never a beauty. Same goes for Sarah Jessica Parker. Please get real!!!
    If the media is going to push these things then of course people are going to give their opinions on blogs and such. If she wants to be a beauty on the big screen she has to know no one wants to see yellow chipped teeth or no one will find standing pigeon toed sexy or confident.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Reviews

    It is down 19 points from yesterday and it’s now at 39 percent.
    Katie is rarely mentioned in the reviews but when she is it’s mostly to say she is playing herself as a cult member from her Scientology days.

  • To all enablers

    @Rotten Tomatoes Reviews: AGAIN, dental surgery, orthopedic work and hair stylist AT Least. Isn’t it ironic that to get to this site, JJ has a site that shows 19 stars who have had dental work.. Including Katherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas, Ben Affleck, George Clooney.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Reviews

    Wow. No wonder Harvey had the embargo. It’s rapidly dropping. In the last 3 hrs it went down another 8 points to 31 percent.

  • Just a Comment
  • Rotten Tomatoes Reviews

    #38 Well Harvey better work some magic because as of right now that piece of Shiz that is Expendables 3 is ranking better then The Giver.

  • Just a Comment

    At 4:46 in the video Harvey says that “Katie and Alexander are getting strong reviews, they mirror Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep.” He is really pushing her star. Wow! I know they have to really sell this movie but most reviews barely mention Katie’s role or performance. It opens tomorrow so these appearances are last minute. I can understand how he wants this movie to come out of the ball park with high numbers because he’s the producer but most reviews barely mention Katie. But I must say seeing Harvey Weinstein and Katie Holmes appear together kind of gives her brand a little more clout. I hope this association with Harvey is good for her and she doesn’t get on his bad list because he is very well connected. And in Hollywood you have to watch the landmines.

  • Just a Comment

    I wonder when Tom Cruise plays the role of the producer in Tropic Thunder, was he immitating Harvey or was that suppose to be someone else?

  • @40

    yes his character was based on HW.
    They don’t get along too well either so that is one theory for why he is taking on KH.
    HW doesn’t like to fail so he is going to push this Holmes thing to the max.
    He is lying about the reviews as you already said but so be it. She did get a couple of good mentions but most were jabs at her zombie playing in real life. Most are no Holmes mentions at all.

  • Just a Comment

    I don’t know if there was ever a rift between Harvey and Cruise, but if there was I can see how it helps Katie to get on Harvey’s good list.

  • Just a Comment

    All of these actors lives are intertwined: Meryl Streep worked with Tom Cruise on the movie Lions for Lambs, Meryl is now in The Giver with Katie Holmes. Meryl’s next movie costars Emily Blunt in the upcoming movie Into the Woods and both Meryl and Emily co starred with Tom Cruise in a movie, etc. imagine the gossip that runs through this town via actors, stylists, makeup people, grips, crafts crews, producers, directors, etc. and one thing about actors and everyone associated with making a film, your job lasts as long as it takes to film the movie and then your unemployed until the next movie and so on. How exciting or risky.

  • Nathan

    Katie Holmes Drama ‘Days and Nights’ Set for September Release.

    Set in rural New England in the 1980s, “Days and Nights” is centered around a fading movie star who brings her paramour to her lakeside estate to visit her ailing brother and son, a fledgling artist, over Memorial Day Weekend. Reckless desire leads to a disastrous turn of events, which leads the family from dysfunction to heartbreak.

    The film, which premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January, will be released theatrically and on demand on Sept. 26.

  • question
  • Nathan

    @ #46


  • question

    Thanks Nathan, but you are easy to please in that area ;)

  • Danelle


    Weinstein gets Katie in the theatre in The Giver in August.

    Weinstein’s connections IFC and Sony will get Days & Nights in the theatre for Katie in September.

    Weinstein’s connections with Entertainment One (and ICM) will get Miss Meadows in the theatre for Katie in November.

    And Weinstein will get the “Woman in Gold” next year for Katie.

    Maybe that was why Spike Lee was at The Giver premiere discussing Weinstein getting Mania Days in the theater for Katie.

    Evidently, Weinstein and Katie’s PR making sure Katie’s projects get marked complete and at the same time convince media (the public) that she is an awards contender.

    Curious to see if Weinstein gets Katie back on stage.

  • Carlota

    No idea why some fans view her as some strong woman and good example. In everything she does she needs a man. Marriage to Cruise got her her fashion line and other hook ups. Now she is again relying on a man to pick up the slack and throw her freebies.
    That is why she is annoying to so many. It’s because she comes across so weak willed and babyish among other things.Even the “strength” of leaving the cult was more due to her dad if the tabloid version was true.
    She might be a nice person but there is nothing about her that screams Strong Confident Woman making it on her own.