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Robin Williams Will Be Honored at Emmy Awards 2014

Robin Williams Will Be Honored at Emmy Awards 2014

The late Robin Williams will be remembered at the 2014 Emmy Awards, which is set to air on Monday, August 25.

Earlier this week, the 63-year-old actor died after hanging himself at his home in Tiburon, Calif.

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“Plans for the In Memoriam segment are in discussion,” executive producer Don Mischer shared in a statement to People. “While we are all still coming to terms with this week’s tragic news, we are working to give Robin Williams the proper and meaningful remembrance he so well deserves.”

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  • Misscutiepie
  • Mike

    Why honor a guy who killed himself? I don’t care what he did in his career. Once he killed himself, he screwed up his legacy. Oh no, he was depressed. He wanted to end his pain. Well guess what, now its his family who’s depressed and in pain. You want to honor a guy who was too weak to deal with his pain and just passed it on to his family? Screw that. Throw him in Potters Field with the rest of the trash and forget he ever existed.

  • emily

    @Mike: Oh shut up

  • Sarah

    Oh really why show Phiilip Seymour Hoffman , and Heath Ledger and several other actors Who took their own lives but celebrate their death as if overdosing is a great thing ! Same thing as suicide either way they are ending their lives! But celebrate it ! Come on every entertainment show does! Throw all the drug addict actors who committed suicide by drugs!
    Throw them in Potters Field those losers had children of their own and Matilda never got to know her dad! Robin. Williams is not a loser but did not like his life! You MIKE should grow up ! Overdosed Actors get more publicity like it is a vert thing to commit suicide by drugs,

  • sarah

    All his ex’s and his current wife must be feeling pretty f- ing guilty. So many guys have to pay so much money to women. Whereas the other way around the chick never has to pay.

  • ignore the a-hole “mike”

    @Mike: go to hell b!tch, you as well as many of the ignorant population that has absolute no sympathy or understanding of the power of destruction that mental illnesses encapsulate in others. it seems like you’re the type of person that would have more empathy for somebody that had unbearable physical pain and then killed himself no matter how much medical help he received, the same thing happened to robin except its with mental illness but you’re too ignorant to understand that. he was truly trying to get his life back together, he insisted on going to rehab to prevent himself from going in a downward spiral, he did genuinely try. believe it or not people have bigger personal demons than others, im sure his family that is in pain is more than aware of the demons he was battling, he’s admitted his demons before to the press, its not like he was hiding it. and no, once he killed himself, he didn’t lose any legacy whatsoever, maybe in your eyes, but millions of people in the world right now are shocked that a man with such a beautiful, positive spirit would end his life. everybody knew him as a good man and that will always live on, if his family can lament on his pain and still say he was a good man, then yes he is a damn good man. im sure if the world knew that robin williams was at the verge of committing suicide, we would all give him a big group hug and tell him “we need you robin! the world will never be the same without your spirit and one of a kind talent. you’re one of the few good souls left out here in this negative, dark world. we understand you’re in very deep pain but please don’t leave us!” that’s what we would all say if we knew Robin Williams wanted to kill himself. you’re the one that deserves to be buried in Potters Field you insensitive P.O.S.

  • Mr Noodle

    Brilliant yes, everybody loved him, but he was ranting sometimes to draw in the crowds like a showman (part pt barnum) a lot of people gather around someone who is ranting. His genius was to know what aled you, his hope became your hope.

  • andrea82086

    The straight ignorance of some complaining. Have some respect you know nothing about how bad depression can get unless you’ve gone through it or have a family member who has. Depression can lead to such darkness and sadly sometimes people lose hope. I send out my condolences to Robins Family and all those who loved him. He was a fantastic actor and comedian. He gave us all so many laughs, tears and joy over the years. It makes me sick seeing people rant and rave because he took his own life. You don’t know what he was going through so stop being so judgmental. Have some respect and decency internet trolls.

  • Sebastian

    it doesn’t matter if he killed himself or not, PEOPLE SHOULD STOP JUDGING THAT SIDE OF HIM coz it’ was his own stuff plus people should stop throwing shade and negative comments to his children…as Michael Jackson was acussed as a pedophile but he was a MUSIC GENIUS this guy was also one of those unique people who did good with his work. no one can deny that…he made us dream or laugh, apart from that YOU SHOULDN’T CARE IF HE KILLS HIMSELF OR STICKS A DILDO UP HIS ASS.

  • Louie!

    @Mike: Im sorry, but that is by far the most ignorant,arrogant and idiotic pessimistic statement ive ever read.
    Did you climb up the “stupid douchebag” tree and hit every f*cking branch on your way down or something? Because you obviously don’t understand and never will understand what depression is or does to a person, let alone what darkness he hid this whole time, so who the f*ck are you to be the asshole to say a discrediting and disrespectful statement like that? Cmon.
    He was braver than you could ever try to imagine to be living with those kinds of demons. Respect the absolute fact with the massive inner struggle that no one knew he was actually fighting on the inside and for god sakes RESPECT AND HONOR what good he has done & happiness that he has brought in this goddamn world.

  • Max Savage

    @Louie!: lmfaoo climb up the “stupid douchebag” tree? Lol! Well said though Mike is a big douche