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Katie Holmes Remembers Robin Williams: 'He Made Us All Ride So High'

Katie Holmes Remembers Robin Williams: 'He Made Us All Ride So High'

Katie Holmes leaves CBS Studios after giving an interview for her movie The Giver on Thursday (August 14) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress’ movie comes out tomorrow and also stars Taylor Swift, Alexander Skarsgard, Meryl Streep, Odeya Rush, and more. Joining Katie for her interview was Harvey Weinstein of The Weinstein Company.

Katie recently commented on the tragic death of Robin Williams.

“It’s so awful, so awful. It’s just shocking. We just heard. I’m just so sorry for his family and friends,” Katie told E! News. “He made us all ride so high. He brought such laughter and joy to us for so many years.”

FYI: Katie is wearing J Brand jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes leaving an interview…

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katie holmes remembers robin williams 01
katie holmes remembers robin williams 02
katie holmes remembers robin williams 03
katie holmes remembers robin williams 04
katie holmes remembers robin williams 05
katie holmes remembers robin williams 06
katie holmes remembers robin williams 07
katie holmes remembers robin williams 08
katie holmes remembers robin williams 09
katie holmes remembers robin williams 10
katie holmes remembers robin williams 11
katie holmes remembers robin williams 12
katie holmes remembers robin williams 13
katie holmes remembers robin williams 14

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  • Same Me Harvey

    A bit of over-exposure this week for a movie that appear to be bomb
    30percent RT rating

  • huh

    Fat Harvey is behind her leaving.
    They left together? Huh.

  • Lydia

    “ride so high” sounds like a drug thing. Not the best thing to say about someone who had drug problems.

  • sabrina

    Although I haven’t liked all of her outfits over the last couple of weeks I must say she is looking 100 percent better. It isn’t only the make up and hair styling, but she looks clean. I don’t mind casual, but she often looks like she hasn’t washed her face and her hair is dirty and her clothes are ill fitting and wrinkled. So hopefully if she continues with a casual no-make up look she will at least wash her hair and brush it before putting it up in a scrunchy and wash her face and make sure her clothes fit and are clean! Simple, right?

  • Blind Item

    From back in July
    20. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/02 **#8**
    Everyone wants to know why this B list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition has not found a new boyfriend yet. She has one, but he is married and she is very good at keeping secrets. Katie Holmes
    CDAN hasn’t revealed the “correct” answer yet. Based pm tje
    very good at keeping secrets” phrase–and the A+ name recognition clues–she is the top guess.

  • Danelle

    So, after The Giver release this weekend, will it be promos for Days & Nights for OnDemand release in September?

    Harvey and Katie will have a busy next three months.

    It will be interesting.

  • Danelle

    @Same Me Harvey:
    Not an official bomb yet, the numbers aren’t in.

    It’s just a bomb with critics, but the YA crowd may flip the script.

    I predict $10-$15 million opening weekend, but it could still do $8-$10 million and still make cost with a little profit cushion before the release of Maze Runner in September.

    Maze Runner seems to be doing better in the YA interest category (i.e., twitter and youtube) than The Giver had before its release this weekend.

    Maze Runner is has a more familiar feel (visually), I believe, for the YA crowd that they are used to with Hunger Games and Divergent, which will be a big draw in getting the seats filled for its opening and full run.

    Therefore, The Giver has a small window of opportunity to not end up as Ender’s Game, in regards to profit or monetary gross.

  • #7

    That is still a very low number regardless of budget.
    If you have only 1Million dollar budget of course it won’t be a financial bomb but still it’s a bomb if it doesn’t get watched.
    $10Million for an opening weekend is peanuts.

  • Just sayin’

    I wonder if The Giver will do as badly as Tom Cruise’s recent movie has done. Cruise’s movie cost almost 180 million to make, but it couldn’t even break 100 million in the states. It did a little better overseas, but not by much. It tanked in Japan, which is usually a big market for Cruise. The film may eek out a profit after DVD though. How times have changed. Everybody knows Cruise is a cult obsessed nut.

    The Giver was made for 25 million. All it needs to do is gross 50 million worldwide to break even. It’ll make money sooner rather than later…..unlike the recent Cruise films. If its not a Mission Impossible movie, his films have all been duds lately.

  • #7

    Here is says budget was 20Million so it needs about 50Mil to make a profit.
    “The other major wide-release, “The Giver,” is also the biggest question mark. The Weinstein Company produced the adaptation of Lois Lowry’s summer reading list staple. It stars bright young things Brenton Thwaites and Odeya Rush, along with veterans Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep.

    Shot for an economical $20 million, the picture centers on a seemingly utopian society, one without conflict or sickness, that is gradually revealed to be built on a rocky foundation. It should pull in between $15 million to $17 million in its debut when it premieres on roughly 3,000 screens.”

  • #7

    Yes his movie didn’t do great at the box office either.

  • Danelle

    @Just sayin’:
    If The Giver only has to gross $50 million to make a profit, how is it that Edge of Tomorrow (Cruise) didn’t make one with a budget with $363 million worldwide? Not following you line of reasoning.

    Most of Cruise films, excluding MI and WoW, have only made $100-$150 million domestic for as far back as A Few Good Men (boxofficemojo), so the money for his none MI films has always been primarily international.

    Edge of Tomorrow did just under $100 million domestic, so it seems more of an indicator that the domestic audience is warming back up to his films to put him back in that $100-$150 million domestic range.

  • TO Danelle

    EOT will eventually make it.
    It did get great ratings and is making the 100Million domestic.
    There are more factors to what a successful movie is.
    Movies with huge budgets have a higher mountain to climb for sure but you can’t argue that if a movie only makes 20Million dollars it’s clear the public didn’t like it or watch it as a whole. But it might “make budget ” if that budget was 5 million.
    But if a movie makes 400Million or there about world wide but is still making up the rest due to larger budget but was watched by a whole lot more to make up for that 380 Million.
    So “just sayin” has a point that his movie did not blow it out either but it was seen and enjoyed by a whole lot more then will most likely see this one if the current box office tracking is legit.

  • bahaha

    @Just sayin’:
    So the haters of the haters are caught in their hypocrisy again.
    You were one of those jumping on people for calling Holmes names or whatever and here you are calling Tom a cult obsessed nut.
    Granted he probably is but it’s always funny to see the haters do the same things they call others out on.

  • The Star Review

    Another cult reference.
    ‘Tom Cruise ex Katie Holmes, a former Scientology fembot, is perhaps ironically cast as Jonas’s un-maternal mother and there’s a brief and forgettable appearance by country music star Taylor Swift as the Giver’s long-deceased daughter.’

  • Lydia

    The budget for The Giver was $25-30mil, not including the advertising and marketing budgets. Theaters take a percentage of the box office. So to make a profit, I’d estimate it would need to make $60mil.

  • duck

    I like her hair color here, but not a fan of high rise mom jeans :)

  • The Bright Side

    Look on the Bright Side: At least it is doing better then Jack&Jill that is 3%RT rated.

  • DTBH

    @bahaha: #14 – this is and has been so obvious. The reason they r so sensitive about it is they are looking at themselves in the mirror. I read 1, maybe 2 of their sentences and just think blah; blah blah. Blah! blah! Poor Katie, stuck in a man’s world.

  • Nathan

    I love the jeans. They look great on her. Katie is so beautiful in these pictures.

  • Two Words

    Casting couch.

  • Just sayin’


    What the heck are you on about? Cruise is cult obsessed and if you have any doubt, there are tons of video’s and interviews out there to prove it. Anyone unintelligent enough to do that is a “nut” in my opinion and the opinion of many, many others. It’s a FACT that Cruise is cult obsessed. Nothing hypocritical about that. Those that attack Katie talk about her not being a good parent or person, being ugly, dirty, having an affair with a married man….etc. NOTHING she has ever done is deserving of those statements nor are any of them FACTS. They’re just obnoxious personal attacks. If you said she was stupid to get involved with Cruise and his cult, that would be a fact.

    Stop trying to excuse the nastiness and ignorance that happens here. There are people who are just plain hateful, gossipy, obnoxious biotches with nothing better to do than behave badly.

  • Just sayin’

    @ DTBH

    Who’s “they”?? Makes complete sense that you’d take issue with anyone who calls you out on being so hateful and vicious. It’s hard hearing the truth about how nasty you are. It must be hard for you and the others to defend being mean to a total stranger with lies and nonsense. Try behaving like a human being occasionally.

  • Mojo Forecast

    “The fan base is strong enough to essentially guarantee a $10-million debut, but $20 million seems like a stretch at this point.”
    “Bar for Success
    The Expendables 3 doesn’t quite need to match The Expendables 2 ($28.6 million), but it really ought to be opening to at least $25 million. Anything over $20 million for the five-day opening is a win for Let’s Be Cops, while The Giver needs a minimum of $15 million to get a pass.”

  • Missy

    Just catching up on some of the comments from the last thread and this one. I have to laugh at how some of y’all make it seem like Weinstien owns every small studio in Hollywood. Harvey has nothing to do with IFC, the company thats distributing Days and Nights. In fact, I googled it and saw that they actually produced an unauthorized doc about him! As for eone, the company that’s distributing Miss Meadows, Harvey has a deal with them to distribute some of his films in Canada, but he has nothing to do with the films they distribute in the U.S. No doubt Harvey likes her and is trying to help her succeed, but not everything is about Harvey. If anything it’s her agency, ICM partners that deserves credit for securing these deals. Leaving CAA was a good decision on Katie’s part.

  • Mojo Forecast

    Forecast (August 15-17)
    1. Ninja Turtles – $26.2 million (-60%)
    2. Guardians – $24.9 million (-41%)
    3. Expendables 3 – $24 million
    4. Let’s Be Cops – $17 million ($26 million 5-day)
    5. The Giver – $16.5 million

  • Danelle


    I didn’t say or even implied Harvey Weinstein owns anything other than part owner of Weinstein Co.

    I said ‘connections’ and implied ‘heavily influenced’ the distributors of upcoming films – Entertainment One and IFC.

    As for Harvey has nothing to do with IFC –

    “Mr. Dolan, a close friend and occasional business partner of the movie executive Harvey Weinstein, sits on the board of AMC Networks, which owns SundanceTV, the IFC channel and IFC Films, a major art-house distributor.”

    If you go back to some early posts Mr Dolan is mentioned at a Knicks game with Katie Holmes and also attended a luncheon for the launch of Allison Pataki’s book ‘The Traitor’s Wife’. Harvey Weinstein was quoted at the luncheon that Katie (in the media) would be perfect for the role and Allison agreed.

    But I digress, point is your googling must be off because the link I provided is from early this year and it states that Harvey Weinstein indeed has a business relationship, via Mr. Dolan, with IFC.

  • Missy

    All I know is that IFC distributed a very unflattering documentary about Harvey Weinstein. Harvey tried to have it squashed but was unable to. Doesn’t seem like he has all that much influence over which films they pick up.

  • Missy
  • Danelle


    I didn’t say anything about a documentary, I mentioned that they had a relationship/connection at a business level and that connection is what facilitated the movie getting distributed.

    Your link does mention “Weinstein apparently tried to persuade Avrich not to move forward and at one point told him that Quentin Tarantino was already doing a similar project.”

    Harvey has a relationship with Quentin too and yet he states that Quentin was “already doing a similar project”.

    As for Dolan the media did mention their relationship and it relates to the films distribution –

    “Weinstein apparently did not cooperate with the production and tried to persuade Avrich not to move forward. But that did not stop the director from making the film, and it apparently won’t stop IFC from releasing it — even though James Dolan, the chairman of IFC parent company Rainbow Media, is a known friend of Weinstein” – LA Times 9.16.2010

    Harvey has influence with Dolan on projects, which is what I implied – ex; Rockettes:

    “Sloane Zelnick confirmed Weinstein saw the show, and that it simply wasn’t ready. She emphasized that Weinstein, an Oscar-winning movie producer, was there solely as a friend giving advice to Dolan.” – NYDailyNews 3.22.14

    Notice at my link Leslie Sloane Zelnick is mentioned as Harvey Weinstein’s spokesperson, and she also happens to represent Katie Holmes. All 4, Sloane Zelnick, Weinstein, Dolan and Holmes were (together) at Allison Pataki ‘Traitor’s Wife’ luncheon. – PageSix 3.22.14

    Both Dolan and Weinstein have backed Leslie Sloane’s new company after she left or was fired from BWR (Katie’s former reps) –

    All four are connected and the Dolan – Weinstein connections/influence are supporting (giving life to) Katie Holmes’ projects.

  • Only the facts

    Someone posted that Katie is dating a married man. How do u know and who?

  • Amelie

    No one said she was. They cut and pasted the quote from the blind item and in blind items the name of the person most guessed is posted next to it as it was here. Then below it says the name wasn’t revealed gave the hints.

  • Rotten Tomatoes

    Still dropping.
    Down to 27%


    This former A- list mostly television actress who had one hit show on an almost network and now seems to wander from project to project while making sure she gets her photo taken by paps several times a week was confronted by actual fans earlier this week but our actress refused to sign any photos that included photos of any of her co-stars from that popular show. Considering how hammered she was you probably couldn’t make out her scrawl anyway.
    1) former A-
    2) Almost network WB
    3)Mostly TV
    4) wander from project to project


    5) sure to get photo taken several times a week

  • Blind Gossip

    154. BLIND GOSSIP 08/13
    The stars of this film recently attended their premiere. Each was accompanied by a significant other or a family member or a publicist. Except for this one actress. She brought THREE bodyguards with her. WTH? Girl, you’re just walking the red carpet… and you aren’t even one of the top four stars of the film! Do you know how many security guards the four real stars of the film brought with them (two of whom are Academy Award winners)? None! Your costars may just roll their eyes at your antics, but we are going to tell you straight up: You are not doing yourself any favors by giving off airs and playing the diva every time you walk outside.
    Katie Holmes “The Giver”

    Although the bodyguards may be to protect her from Xenu

  • Danelle

    @Blind Gossip:

    I see one bodyguard unless the blind is counting Leslie Sloane (Zelnick) and the other other guy in this vine – – as bodyguards #2 and #3.

    I can see Leslie being mistaken as one (tongue in cheek) but the other guy seems like a part of the PR/Managerial team.

  • Danelle

    @Blind Gossip:

    Also, I don’t think ‘Xenu’ cares although it does play well in the media. ;-)

  • Apple

    #36 do you have a link?
    did others guess Holmes?
    Who else can it be since that is the only premier that came out recently with that many actors.
    #38 Exactly- Xenu peeps aren’t going to nab her at a premier or anything these days. It would only be more bad press and they sure don’t need it.

  • Apple

    Vines are only 6 seconds though. No idea what happened the rest of the time

  • link

    Guesses are Taylor or Katie

  • Danelle

    The younger actors, especially Taylor, do a better job at giving their take on the book and film than Katie.

    Katie, does a good number of Umms and looking skyward (thinking) during her interview in this youtube video of The Giver red carpet premiere –

  • Danelle

    @Blind Gossip: Another vi

    According to NYDaily News the Blind is Taylor Swift –

    “The TV crews “were eventually told they had to stay behind the felt ropes, and after some discussion and a threat of leaving, the camera crews won,” says our tipster. “There was extra security on guard, though, because of Taylor Swift, who rarely does carpets.”

    Read more:

  • Danelle


    The NYDaily News also provided this Katie Holmes tidbit –

    “Katie Holmes followed her publicist’s every instruction, we’re told, as she walked the carpet before heading inside.”

  • #44

    Sounds about right. She is clearly getting “instruction” on everything from what to wear to how to do her hair these days. Someone had a talk with her.

  • Just a Comment

    #45 – Something CHANGED for Katie and if she is getting advise, good thing she’s LISTENING because she was at a point in her career (after Dead Accounts, Bobblie Brown, ending of her Holmes and Yang, etc flops) something had to change in her career. I mean so far this recent change or advice has made her RECENTLY look better in public, got her a release for the movie Mania Days, and given her publicity that does NOT include Suri or Tom Cruise. It includes her name associated with Harvey Weinstein and we’ll see OR HW will soon see if that’s a good thing.

  • Askars fan

    Well since Jared appears to be ignoring anyone doing PR for this but Katie, here is an Askars interview. He is always so gracious about giving credit and kudos to his costars, crew etc. He said in another interview that he is not dating Katie and called her a sweetheart. Said she and Taylor Swift were constantly baking for everyone.

  • Meg

    More power to her. This last 2 weeks; she’s making all the right moves. If u have something agt. her at this point, u need a life!

  • Just a Comment

    Agree she’s doing what she should have been doing pre Cruise, going out in public looking nice, promoting her projects and not putting her baby girl under distress with the paps around OR trying to sell an over the top romance. Hope she keeps her makeup like she has in these pictures, when she goes out in her regular life as they will help her public image (brand) and endorsements, etc.

  • Nathan

    @Just a Comment:

    I like that Katie doesn’t look red-carpet ready on a daily basis she keeps it real like a regular person. IMO it makes Katie more likable. The celebs like kim kardashian that dress to the nines no-matter where they go just seem really fake to me.