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Robin Williams' Wife Reveals He Was in Early Stages of Parkinson’s Disease - Read Her Statement

Robin Williams' Wife Reveals He Was in Early Stages of Parkinson’s Disease - Read Her Statement

Robin Williams‘ wife Susan Schneider has released a statement revealing her late husband was suffering in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

Robin spent so much of his life helping others. Whether he was entertaining millions on stage, film or television, our troops on the frontlines, or comforting a sick child – Robin wanted us to laugh and to feel less afraid,” Robin‘s wife Susan Schneider said in a statement (via Deadline).

“Since his passing, all of us who loved Robin have found some solace in the tremendous outpouring of affection and admiration for him from the millions of people whose lives he touched. His greatest legacy, besides his three children, is the joy and happiness he offered to others, particularly to those fighting personal battles. Robin‘s sobriety was intact and he was brave as he struggled with his own battles of depression, anxiety as well as early stages of Parkinson’s Disease, which he was not yet ready to share publicly,” Susan revealed.

“It is our hope in the wake of Robin‘s tragic passing, that others will find the strength to seek the care and support they need to treat whatever battles they are facing so they may feel less afraid,” she concluded.

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  • Kim

    OMG This is heartbreaking…

  • go go

    Wow,no wonder, so sad

  • Cindy

    My heart just broke even more at this news. Bless Robin and his grieving family. Such a tragedy.

  • Amy

    Makes a little more sense now. :(

  • LaCroix

    How much more are we to endure of Robin Williams suffering? I just feel so sorry for him, sad to see him go but only hope he is at peace now.

  • duck

    So sad! He didn’t deserve any of it :( Hope he is pain free and happy in heaven with angels now.

  • Camy

    Wow, so sad… At least haters and sick people will stop claiming that he was back on alcohol and drugs…

  • jamine

    Kind of seems like the wife/ex wives are trying to draw attention from themselves. I mean didn’t Robin say in an interview that his ex’s cleaned him out financially and he had to sell his house, this wife had a separate bedroom, and so on.

  • Lena

    Aaaaaand????? Soooooo? Michael J Fox has lived with it bravely for years. Is this about Robin or the family saving face? Was he in physical pain or something? In the early stages? Why go through this? He still killed himself without a note from what I heard. Is issuing public statements helping the family figure out why or something?

  • Makes no sense

    Kinda wondering, though, she left the house at 10:30 am without checking on him before she left. She hadn’t seen him for 12 hours. Why was it that his ASSISTANT was the one who checked up on him?

  • Makes no sense

    @jamine: I agree. This third wife left the home at 10:30 AM without bothering to check up on him? They slept in separate bedrooms. She sounds like an attention getter too. Just like that money grubbing second wife, the babysitter. Sounds like they preyed on his weakness.

  • K

    @Lena: Saving face? He took he’s own life not somebody else’s. He didn’t do anything that he’s family would need to apologize for so why would they trying to saving face? Besides who knows what it takes to someone to be pushed over their limit emotionally?

  • ted

    Seriously?? It’s ignorant people like you who feed into stigma associated with mental illness. He was dealing with severe depression (perhaps precipitated or exacerbated by his Parkinson’s…). Do you know what depression is?! One of its symptoms is suicidal thoughts and depression accounts for 75% of all suicides. Who cares if he didn’t leave a note? Who cares about the amount of “physical pain” he may have been in. He was obviously in enough psychological pain that he believed not being alive was better than living. Educate yourself!

  • Sweet Cheeks

    I watched him again on Inside The Actors Studio with James Lipton and the audience was rolling. I was laughing and crying at the same time. Robin was a gifted and natural funny man. My fave was the question/answer part; it’s only 11 minutes….but it’s priceless. Robin Williams was and always will be priceless. He was truly loved to the moon and back. God bless his family.

  • really?

    I am sorry but I believe it is sad and hurtful enough that Robin died, He was a good funny man, I always enjoy Nite at the Museum movies and Mrs. Doubtfire.

    But I think enough is enough with public statements and details surrounding his death. I believe it is not necessary for the media or press to make it public the release of statements to the public everyday and letting us know that Robin, was suffering from this and that or he was having financial problems here and there. We did not back then when he was alive why we need to know now taht he is dead. Is there some sort of cash in on his death? I mean those things wer epersonal back then why now make it public constantly and everyday? I dont understand why

    Especially the wife, releasing statements, how can she ask for privacy when she is releasing statemetns to the media and press, she is doing the total opposite of that she asked for it.

  • Eve

    @Lena: You have no clue about the disease clearly. You can live for years with the disease or be taken suddenly. There is no way to know. MJF is one of the lucky who can lead a good life with the proper medication. He’s a great spokesman fpr awareness but Parkinson’s comes on in many different ways and you can’t use his condition and his capability as someone with the disease as an example for everyone who is diagnosed. Educate yourself.

  • Amy


    This is his 3rd wife who is speaking.

    As far as his ex-wives go he should have had them sign a pre-nup.

  • Uljana Karaleva

    A study released in the journal PLoS 1 , reports the research team identified among a million birth defects, a mutation of the gene GRIN2A activate its protective effect against Parkinson coffee intake.

    The research provides a molecular explanation for the protective effects that increased caffeine intake has on the development of the disease and the results show that people with this combination are at significantly lower risk of developing it.

  • hey

    my grams had parkinson it so many years. ;(

  • JustChill’n

    I agree with the ones that think his wife is just saving face. Just like others mentioned, his wife is bringing his disease out in the open to deflect attention off of herself. She said he didn’t want to share his disease with the public yet that’s the very thing she does? Please. She knows others don’t think too highly of her, & she’s not looking too good in the public eye right now. I have been married for many, many years, & my husband & I never leave one another without saying good-bye. Even if I thought my husband was asleep, I’d at least give him a kiss on the cheek before I left. I originally thought it’s best to keep one’s thoughts to oneself & not judge a woman during a tragic time like this. But now that she’s going & revealing a disease her husband didn’t want shared makes her deplorable. A wife should go out of her way to honor her husband’s wishes after his passing. Rotten things stink, and this lady actions stinks!

  • essie

    I agree, why make another statement and then reveal about the Parkinson’s.. nobody asked… let Robin rest in peace!

  • ee

    max life expectancy in Parkinson’s is 7 yrs. It will kill you eventually but before that it will rob you of who you are. No wonder Robin did this.

  • Anti

    i dont know if he was ever on anti-depressant medications but but a little research shows Anti depressant medications are one of the biggest causes of Parkinson’s disease.
    sadly for some it’s to late by the time of getting off them the symptoms have all ready permanently damaged the body’s system.

  • Tyla

    @Anti: Where’s the proof to back up your claim that anti-depressants cause Parkinson’s? There’s no medical proof of that at all.

  • Emerald

    Lena@ 08/14/2014 at 3:36 pm

    Michael J. Fox is not also battling clinical depression and does not have a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder. Next time think before you post something so idiotic. Better yet, actually strain your limited mind and do some research.

  • Wendy

    I can relate to Robin’s pain, my heart and prayers go out to his family. He was an amazing person and loved by many. He’s gone but he’ll never be forgotten.

  • Skye

    Why do people have to be such jerks? A lot of people here are mentioning how it’s hypocrisy that Susan asks for privacy and then comes out with new press releases on Robin’s condition. Did it ever occur to anyone that she’s coming out with these BECAUSE she is being hounded? The day of the death, news stations had helicopters hovering over the Williams’ home, just to gain more information than they already had.
    The sad truth is that a death that causes this much of an impact cannot possibly remain private for long. Leave the poor woman alone.
    That said…with Robin suffering extreme depression and coping with it as best he could on his own…it makes sense that the added diagnosis of Parkinson’s would harshly affect him. It sounds like a completely scary situation to go through, and if you’re already strongly under depression’s hold…well… :( I just feel awful for him. I’m sorry that you were overcome, good sir. You will be missed.

  • ss

    Let the guy be. Media just can’t quit. That’s their job. He shouldn’t have killed himself. Shouldn’t have been married and divorced. Get married once for life. Shouldn’t have done drugs. Come on man, be a man. Life is painful in this nasty world, but you have to be strong. Great many movies. So sad. God forgive him. Bless him. Or the Creator. The good one.

  • unknown

    I le@ving JJ on @ jet pl@ne – lets see who isis going to try & stop me.
    me? no body

  • Looselipz


    That’s true Eve. My friends husband was diagnosed 3 years ago with a rare and very painful form of Parkinsons. He’s had several surgeries, takes over 60 medications and is in severe pain almost 24/7. It’s the worse curse ever. He had just retired when he got the diagnosis. It’s a very brutal disease.

  • unknown

    He W@s @lso fmous rich & by the look of IT – doting wife,
    selfish & look @ me! still KICKIN
    my God I get bullied every hour by dj’s /press /TV-you n@me it . On the bottom , e@sy to bully he h@d it good.
    My son cryin – who 2m I ? THE HOLY GHOST

  • Lena

    @Eve and @Ted

    @Eve and @Ted, back off you moronic fools. I’ve known people who have committed suicide and a victim of a murder-suicide. I am smart enough to also understand how to read studies on the neurobiology of suicide attempts as well as Parkinson’s and pharmacology side effects of certain drugs as well (including suicide ideation)…
    The days of suicide being ONLY about “awww….leave the guy be….he was just sad” are long gone. From what I understand Parkinson’s disease affects a part of the brain called the substantia nigra, which affects “motor skills” (deep in the brain)and it’s by the all important brain stem from what I understand. It is my understanding the disease also affects dopamine and seratonin levels and studies have linked sudden drops in SEROTONIN to abrupt aggression including self aggression like suicide. Some studies about DOPAMINE level drops as well.

    It is MY understanding the guy had cut marks on him. Some medications can cause suicidal ideation. A chemical reaction and possibly serotonin syndrome. It was a completely valid question to ask if he was in pain. I’ve known someone to let themselves forego chemotherapy for ovarian cancer because the pain and sickness over and over was too painful. And, someone injured in a work accident who couldn’t take the physical pain so s/he killed him/herself.

    So @Eve, and @Ted, just because YOU both have tunnel vision does not mean I am ignorant or a jerk for asking that question. What was the point of the family’s statement? Will this be tied to his death? I think it’s possible Parkinson’s could have caused him to kill himself, but not because of “woe is me,” but rather because damage to his brain could have whacked out his dopamine and serotonin levels, or some medicine could have done that (explaining the cuts). The lack of impulse control. Sudden aggression. Autistic kids sometimes strip naked because they can’t tolerate the feel of the clothing on their skin. Their brains acting up. So, if he had Parkinson’s, it could have explained a lot. Just a speculating hypothesis. I’m not a doctor or scientist.

  • Lena

    Oh. I didn’t see @Emeralds Jack@$$ statement. I add that poster as well. Don’t take your aggression out on me folks. Instead of doing that, if you were so smart, maybe instead of taking pot shots at me, you could have shared your vast alleged insight.