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Jared Leto Opens Up About His Life During TimesTalks - Watch Now!

Jared Leto Opens Up About His Life During TimesTalks - Watch Now!

Jared Leto keeps it cool while attending the TimesTalks event at The Times Center on Thursday (August 14) in New York City.

The 42-year-old entertainer talked for an hour about touring with his band 30 Seconds to Mars, his Oscars win for his work on Dallas Buyers Club, and getting a creative education from his family. Watch the video below!

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Earlier in the week, Jared rocked a pink tank while taking a stroll in Nolita section in the Big Apple.

Jared Leto – ‘Times’ Talk Interview

10+ pictures inside of Jared Leto participating in a TimesTalks event…

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  • nanana

    he’s so gross

  • Drew

    Only an hour? He must have been devastated he couldn’t listen to his own voice for longer.

  • hahaha

    People who think he’s gross are ugly men with inferiority complex.

  • nina

    he looks like he needs a shower, someone should tell him to stop trying too hard

  • Bloop

    @nina: Indeed. And he looks like a kid, screaming “mamma, mamma please look at me i am trying to be your good boy”….
    He’d better cut off his hair and shave his beard and get glasses that correct his staring eyes and become the dull guy that he is when no one watches him. Msybe then I’ll find him cute (although I doubt that!).

  • Julie

    Although I think parts of what he’s saying are interesting and inspirational, I find him to “appear” to be too self-satisfied, too self involved. He seems completely removed from/disconnected from other people on an emotional level. The concept of love and truly giving of himself to another person in any way….seems like a foreign one to him. It seems to be all about himself, his music and his eternal drive for more success. Very alienating and cold person.
    He’s also very, very short with the people with whom he interacts, even in this medium. Definitely keeps himself at a distance from others, which is a really unattractive trait.
    Not impressed.

  • The Ch@lk Kids

    I c2nnot Leto you will bee tlking 2bout me- see IT’s @ll me
    & you bully me just like the rest

  • look @t the post’s

    on this p@ge – cold person ,
    @liens , medium , not impressed bl2h bl2h bl2h= she t@lkin 2bout me sweets in @ very cunning w2y

  • this isn’t 2 g@me

    pushed too fr – in@ corner- @ the bottom , bullied , @lone, then you don’t know people – I @m SET5> mort@l

  • russell

    @Julie wow you must be a psychiatrist or something. can’t say you were completely right though.

  • Super – hosting IT

    God is re@l – loose me & God will blight you – you hve to believe th@t- posh , rich , stuck up, self import@nt , me@ns SQW@T – you @ll the s@me to GOD/WORLD clothed food-

  • Super – hosting IT

    @russell: she will not @nswer bullies don’t

  • Russel Ro@d

    good times do I know you?
    hi Drew C4
    does @ny one else w@nt to hide behind pc @nd **** with me?
    cos I s@w one ugly cow tod2y

  • Daft sPlunk

    30-40 odd foot of seconds to mars grunt.

  • nanana

    @hahaha: actually i’m a woman you moron

  • siren

    Whoaaaa. Why is everyone insulting him? Big deal he has a beard or wtv. And maybe he went through a lot of heartbreak and that’s why he’s disconnected himself emotionally. And yes, he likes talking about his success.. Who doesn’t? I would be so proud if I’d have achieved as much as he has in my life. Gosh, I know we all have our opinion, but who are we to judge someone we don’t even know on a personal level. Be kind to one another.

  • hahaha

    @nanana: either way you’re irritated that he’s prettier than you.

  • Miss

    “his eternal drive for more success”
    You think you can understand and really see through people, but I doubt. You really didn’t get any of him or of who he really is, maybe just the cold part, something that he knows he is. Maybe if you knew just a little bit of his art, you’d know that he knows himself pretty well. Deep inside, you don’t know and don’t understand even yourself.

  • Andi

    Great interview – amazing singer and actor. But it sounds like he’s quitting. Movies are often planned years in advance so this guy isn’t planning anything for a LONG time? he won’t sign a recording deal and he has no plans of more records or tours. Its just going to be him and Emma Ludbrook working on their business next year – I’d bet he’s planning to settle and have kids next. (b4 I’m attacked by female fans who just can’t believe it – I’m just stating a fact that he HAS put emma’s name on all his businesses) He has said he wanted to leave the music and movie business many times before. The best part about this interview was the TimesTalks guy who talked of the Huffingon Post piece on the amazing Oscar speech – his article was bang on.

  • Donovan

    Can nobody see how narcissistic this guy is? When that kid got up and said he went to 17 of his concerts, the dude didn’t even say :”wow that’s awesome!, thanks so much, we really appreciate it!”. He could have even given the kid a hug or something.
    The rude comment to the girl who talked about MSCL…” I think it was more impactful to you than it was to me.”
    …and what was that arrogant comment when a person came in late?
    He’s SOOOO pompous and self important.
    None of his blind legions of “echelons” see him for what and who he is….they’re too busy worshiping at the “altar of Leto”. Disgusting.

  • Miss

    Another person talking without any knowledge…of anything…

  • R

    Are we even watching the same interview? He was polite to the kid who went to see the band in concerts 17 times. He thanked him and was amazed at his dedication towards the band. What else you want him to do?
    His reply to the MSCL girl was funny. I think you are the only one who thought it was rude. He was being honest. He said it so many times before, his days in MSCL was nothing extraordinary.
    I don’t think you understand his jokes. Too bad. The girl who was late, I have no sympathy towards her. She looked happy and clearly did not hold any grudge at all, you can see that during the questionnaire session.
    Stop taking things so seriously and lighten up.