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Justin Timberlake Jets Out of LAX for the UK Leg of His '20/20 Experience World Tour'

Justin Timberlake Jets Out of LAX for the UK Leg of His '20/20 Experience World Tour'

Justin Timberlake keeps his hands full with luggage as he makes his way through LAX Airport on Thursday evening (August 14) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old entertainer is on his way to the England to begin the UK leg of his 20/20 Experience World Tour, which begins August 16 at Hylands Park.

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“I love you LA. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to close out this stretch of the #JT2020Tour,” Justin wrote on his Twitter account earlier in the week. “UK here we come.”

10+ pictures inside of Justin Timberlake at LAX Airport…

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Frep

    Where is Jessica? She stayed at home again to rescue after her new plastic surgery? and do they even have a sex life? they are always apart

  • Rol

    Where is Jessica?

  • ??!

    Jessica’s been traveling with him for most of his concerts in the states and he will only be gone for a little over a week. Is she supposed to be glued to his side? Like Justin says “think before you speak” trolls.

  • 123

    She actually was only in a few justin’s concerts in US, moron!

  • wenda

    @Rol: She stayed in the stable!

  • lol

    Who really cares where she is or what she does? Jessica is just a bored trophy wife while he sleeps around in Europe. He only married her cause she looks good on red carpets next to him and she holds on to him for dear life cause she has no career to speak of. They are both just as talentless, closeted and dull. Match made in heaven.

  • qLena

    When is the divorce party, Justin?

  • Ken

    @lol: she’s less talented than her, tho

  • Ken

    @Ken: *than him

  • 0909

    where is your wife, justinnnnnnnnnnnnn? you left her alone again?

  • 0909

    @qLena: divorce party coming soon

  • loka

    Jessica who? how is her movie career going?

  • Evelin78

    He doesn’t care about her. They’re weid couple!

  • Becky

    I can’t believe this douche and his washed up wife are still considered as relevant. They peaked ten years ago and even then they were famous for all the wrong reasons.
    Let it goooo JJ! This PR pairing bores us to death.

  • Evelin78

    @Becky: Jessica thinks she’s the hugest movie star in the world! LOL

  • Wow

    I swear JJ has the most hateful commenters. Why do you care where his wife is it’s not of your damn business. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s that same troll leaving comments under different names AGAIN. Get a life. It’s hilarious that people make fun of someone else’s career who is rather wealthy meanwhile y’all are probably living paycheck to paycheck struggling like most of the country. Or you’re just a child still living with their parents. Some of you need to take care of that anger

  • pandaa

    @Becky: why do you call him douche? his fake wife’s a douche but he’s not!

  • Gentelman

    @Wow: Hi Jessica Biel!

  • 3ole

    @Wow: she’s wealthy because Justin works!

  • Gerard

    Hi Angelia……. still clogging up the comment section and having conversations with yourself

  • candy

    @Gerard: who the hell is angelia?

  • ace11

    She is by the far WORST of his love interests

    and #6 is dead on accurate…she is only his wife because she is “good for the image”

    He gets more tail than a airplane seat

  • W/W

    Jessica’s ass is the only she’s got going for her…..especially since she messed up her own face and irrelevant career. It won’t be long ’till he files for divorce if she doesn’t start popping kids soon.

  • Reina

    @W/W: I’m not sure if he wants to have kids with that horse

  • jen

    she stayed at home to make pregnancy rumours. it’s her only occupation these days

  • Amy

    You people have issues and are obsessed with his wife.

  • Kristi

    @Amy: I’m obsessed with her beacuse she remainds me of Michael Jackosn and I love him!!!

  • KatieB

    What a bunch of pressed fan girls. So much second hand embarrassment reading these comments. Do you guys even have friends?

  • Andy

    seriously where is his wife?

  • JT

    should be justney, EXCEEDS!

  • Cara

    @Wow: Biel is incredibly boring as an actress. She’s just excruciating to watch — thus, I do not go see her movies (which btw keep bombing!). I can’t imagine I am the only person who feels this way. Being married to Justin Timberlake is her calling card at the moment. I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you but there is nothing extraordinary about her. Not even her overhyped looks.

  • JT

    she was with him almost every show … He blinks at her

    and various things he does for her on the show.
    if you were a fan would know … but how is haters are talking shit.

  • guTe

    @JT: omg he does not blik at her. somebody cut that video and it look like that. their love and marriage is as fake as beyonce’s and jayz’s marriage.

  • 81world

    @JT: what various thing he did?heh?

  • 81world

    @Cara: I agree

  • Slayer

    @Cara: Mte! She’s another in the “looks but can’t act for spit” category. Never understood her appeal. NOT a JT fan either!

  • tree

    Jessica is preparing to her new movie role. she’s gonna be michael jackson in his bio movie!

  • Hyp

    @Slayer: Damn she’s ugly and talentless.

  • alic2

    @JT: hi jess! how are you?

  • Kyle

    @Amy: I agree with most comments here! Justin is annoying & Jessica Biel can’t act for sh’t, lacks personality and she looks bloody weird in a very fake Hollywood way.
    Don’t get me wrong, good arse. But what the f’ck is going on with that botoxed face of hers? Plastic looking teeth, bizarre nose that just does not occur in nature at all, & two huge pink slugs for lips. Hit and run kinda gal but not wifey material. Tsk, Timberdouche & his overblown ego. Had to marry her so we’d seriously think he’s straight.

  • TaintedHo

    @Hyp: Yes, yes she is. For one, she gives off the impression that she is as insecure as a high-schooler and has the same range as Kristen Stewart, only she can actually fake smile without looking like she’s going to die inside. Jessica Alba and Minka Kelly have the SAME thing going on as Jessica Biel. I’m not going to keep naming actresses, but damn, she is AWFUL. And she thinks she’s too pretty for Hollywood… Hilarious! Keep telling yourself that, Jess! The problem isn’t your very limited acting ability/nasty Lisa Rinna lips or anything. *cough cough*

  • ROFL

    Geez, J-Biel is neither pretty, bankable nor talented, and that is why nobody hires her anymore! Hollywood is full of women more talented and prettier than her who have steady jobs. Gimme a break! Why would they pick her over Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams or Angelina Jolie?!?
    She needs a career change! Maybe another obnoxious lifestyle website?

  • Hmm

    Never liked neither of these 2 hacks.
    Bland butterfaces pushed down our throats.

  • Dean

    Who let Britney Spears near the computer. Britney I thought your people banned you from all technology? Listen you cheated on Justin and he dumped your fat poorly photoshopped peaked at 21 yr old ass. Get over it and stop coming to just jared and attacking his wife under various names. Let’s be real normal post on Justin get a max 7 comments it’s clear that someone is trolling and leaving more than one comment under various names and not even being good at hiding it.

    It’s really pathetic and the only person who looks bad here is you! Keep riding that D Jessica laugh all the way to bedroom .

  • a

    Apparently Justin is a douche and his marriage is fake. Wow, what you can learn from few irrevelant people who seem obsessed with him. Are you Shitney fans? People don’t just fake relationships for almost 8 years. Good luck to Justin and his normal marriage.

  • @dean

    Dean you forgot that at 32 Britney has the saggiest boobs and aged liked a god damn banana. She looks 50. Man justin dodged the biggest bullet thank god justin dumped her. Best decision of his life she’s the most useless pop singer of them no one can take her seriously. The only people who are still a fan of hers are people too young to know better, gay men and those who live and breathe on nostalgia lol.

  • ohboy

    Stupid people with these comments smh.. And stop bringing up Britney all the time you stupid “TimberBiel” lovers. I’m 89% sure you’re jealous or have a issue with her too.And no need to lie because we know you are. ;)

  • no

    @ohboy: Who would be jealous of a fat cow? I can assure you my grandma looks better. It’s not Justin fans who start this nonsense. Leave Justin alone and no one will attack your lipsincing idol.

  • SMH

    All those Britney fans in here. If my idol was so easy to diss I would shut my mouth. Love Justin, great guy.

  • ery

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