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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Attend the Creative Arts Emmys 2014

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Attend the Creative Arts Emmys 2014

Ian Somerhalder looks super studly in his tuxedo while walking the red carpet at the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday (August 16) at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor went to the awards show in support of his documentary Years of Living Dangerously, which is nominated for the Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series award this evening.

Ian‘s girlfriend Nikki Reed was also seen in attendance at the awards show. She walked the red carpet with her dad Seth.

“Beautiful California! So happy to be here for the Creative Arts EMMYS! I hope @YEARSofLIVING wins tonight! Thanks so much for the support! Wow!!” Ian tweeted. “The fact that programming like Years of Living Dangerously can affect so many and be so impactful gives me hope, hopefully gives us all hope.”

FYI: Ian is wearing Dior. Nikki is wearing a Versace dress, earrings by Graziela Gems and Dana Rebecca Designs, and rings by Graziela Gems and EF Collection.

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  • Sonic

    Ian looks so hot tho but Nikki ew

  • dim

    Ian well ,but Nikki is so ugly

  • lolita

    Nikki sucks ,not sexy,the dress is awful

  • Anara

    Poor Ian ( Nina this Queen ! Nikki is a pathetic fake.

  • Ñøüř Ãnĕ

    She’s not his girlfriend.

  • Polly

    Nikki looks like a cheap

  • Levito

    that’s an ugly dress.It doesn’t even FIT her.

    What a downgrade!

  • 0001

    I didn’t know her dad was in the business….that explains literally everything

  • Kol

    Poor Nikki ,you will be sucks always

  • Alice

    so good to see nikki supporting her dad and ian, both nominated.

  • West

    Nikki why are you so terrible and why are you the traitor ?

  • rachelle

    Jealousy everywhere….they look so hot! I truly think they make a cute couple and I’m really glad for them! :)

  • Sam

    I can’t remember the last time I saw Ian so gorgeous, he is beautiful but in this tux with amazing hair wow, he looks amazing

  • vessy

    OMG Ian looks so sexy I wanna suck his c*ck

  • LoveNotHate

    Here we go again, all the immature Nian fantasy fans spreading hate. I wonder when and if they will ever grow up and quit living in the past…it’s pathetic and getting really old!

  • Stela

    Nina on the red carpet – queen ! Nikki – maid :))))

  • Lena

    Ian is so hot with stubble

  • Val

    Ian and his bitch

  • aneeeeeeee

    nian :(

  • delenasanarchy

    nian shipper can cry all they want but in the end of the night Nikki will be riding Ian’s c*ck and having a blast. Just look how gorgeous this man is tonight, and he is all hers.

  • aneta

    they look amazing and so hot together, Ian looks so happy and Nikki is glowing

  • aneeeee

    niki you slut

  • Bet111

    Nikki ? Horror

  • bella

    nikki is gorgeous and make ian happy. Why nian shippers whine so much? Where is your precious nina? I tell you where she is not: at the Emmys. She is showing her boobs in that terrible movie that is being slayed with terrible reviews. It was all for nothing Nina, keep showing titties and maybe you can do some porn after tvd is over

  • Whatever!!!

    I’d love to know what he’s done with his hair – do a Google search for him from 6 years ago. He was totally receding. Now he’s got a full head of hair. Either plugs, extensions, a piece, what is it???

  • Jenn

    Nikki has not boobs . Poor ,poor Ian ( Dream about Nina

  • nina dobrev

    nina is quuen

  • and

    FYI: Ian is wearing Armani, girlfriend Nikki Reed is wearing Kmart

  • Anya thefictionalyst

    Gorgeous couple. Too bad the nian shipper don’t leave they alone, they avoid to take pics together because of them. If these brats could behave, we’d have pics of Ian and Nikki on the red carpet already together.

  • nina dobrev

    nina is queen and nikki is stiupid

  • CaliBabe

    Ian looks very dapper in his tux, but unfortunately Nikki’s dress is a miss. The color is nice, but the weird diagonal cuts do nothing for her and it needs to be tailored because it doesn’t fit.

    I think it’s great that Ian came to support YOLD and that Nikki was on her dad’s arm.

  • Caroline

    I hope that Nina regrets for the rest of her life that she dumped Ian. I’m so glad that he got over her. He is better off with Nikki. She’s so beautiful outside and inside.

  • lauren

    @Whatever!!!: HAHA i was wondering the same thing. his hair looks fake.. i mean he is almost 40

  • Ginny

    Nikki has eyebrows like an ape.

  • aneeeeee

    nikki is stupid nina is biutiful. ian poor . nina is choise not nikki you supid ian

  • Pressed much?

    I guess the only thing Nian lovers can do now is troll the internet for stories about Ian and Nikki and make comments that show their jealousy. Nina and Ian split over a year and half ago and yet here you are still living in the past. Time to grow up kiddies!

  • http://@paulinaprincess Pau

    Why is he with her? she is ewwww!!! That’s low! Nina is a queen and this girl sucks!

  • Renee

    Ikky shippers obsessed with bashing nian as usual. What are they so nervous about?

  • hannah

    Nikki’s dress is horrible and doesn’t fit.

  • Caroline

    I can understand that Ian wants to leave TVD after season 6 bc of all the hate he gets from so-called Nian-fans. But thanks to these “fans” this will also mean the end of DELENA.

  • aneeeeee

    nina is biutiful and nikki is stupid. ian poor. nina is choice not nikki, ian you boobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    1) ian dumped nina
    2)nina has bigger worries than nikki right now, in fact she doesn’t care they are together so you should all support them

  • Sara

    Del amitri………………

  • Teyla

    Nikki is absolutely gorgeous! The color of her dress is beautiful and the shoes look perfect. Ian is so Sexy Hot and handsome. I love these two! Ian and Nikki are the hottest sexiest new celebrity couple. There is no doubt about that. So happy they went to this event together.

  • clmguest

    Glad Ian and Nikki are at this prestigious event together, even if they didn’t walk the red carpet with each other. I hope YOLD comes away with both awards it is nominated for. God’s blessing to this lovely couple. May they stay strong against the tide of hate that is being sent to them by so many.

  • Rayne

    So happy Ian and Nikki went to together. They both look fantastic. I love them as a couple and hope it lasts for a very long time.

  • Katie

    Nina who? Ian and Nikki are the new sexy and hottest celebrity couple. Beautiful couple inside and out. Ian is a lucky man. Nikki is a lucky lady. I would love it if there was a Nikki & Ian engagement announcement around the winter holidays. Actually, I think we all should expect it.

  • .

    Her gown is the worst I’ve seen… This couple has the days numbered, since Ian was spotted holding hand with Nina after shooting a market scene. They stayed in his trailer for a couple of hours after going out. And Nikki is going on tour with her ex… Wonder what can happen…

  • Vessy

    @vessy: Maybe stop with the profanity?? This is the one and only comment i make on this article. I see you post with other names too. I do not see your point, besides embarrassing yourself. People already know your style and approach. Its getting ridiculous. You kw that the websites can see your IP address and see it is the same person right? Or you are just too dumb to know that?!

    So, now onto the the topic. Ian looks lovely s always, i assume Ilaria took care of this. I can say he was the best looking male on the carpet. As for Nikki, the design of dress is not in my likes, but i love green. I hope YOLD wins tonight! Good luck Ian!

  • Lindsey


    Nina? Nina? Nina who?? LOL! LOL!
    Ian and “what’s her name” broke up a year and a half ago. Ian’s girlfriend is Nikki Reed and she is a natural beauty, as well as being a very sweet and lovely young lady. Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are the sexiest hottest celebrity couple. I want to see more of the gorgeous couple.