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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Attend the Creative Arts Emmys 2014

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Attend the Creative Arts Emmys 2014

Ian Somerhalder looks super studly in his tuxedo while walking the red carpet at the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday (August 16) at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor went to the awards show in support of his documentary Years of Living Dangerously, which is nominated for the Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series award this evening.

Ian‘s girlfriend Nikki Reed was also seen in attendance at the awards show. She walked the red carpet with her dad Seth.

“Beautiful California! So happy to be here for the Creative Arts EMMYS! I hope @YEARSofLIVING wins tonight! Thanks so much for the support! Wow!!” Ian tweeted. “The fact that programming like Years of Living Dangerously can affect so many and be so impactful gives me hope, hopefully gives us all hope.”

FYI: Ian is wearing Dior. Nikki is wearing a Versace dress, earrings by Graziela Gems and Dana Rebecca Designs, and rings by Graziela Gems and EF Collection.

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  • Kris delenadominion

    Nikki is amazing and Ian is gorgeous, I wish I could watch they had sex. I never had sex in my life, imagine watching somereed in bed instead of the nasty porn movies I watch! It would be precious

  • Heba

    wtf people why u involve nina in every comment this is about ian and nikki attends the emmy’s not about nina at all who told u that nina need someone to talk about her or about how sad she’s after ian dating nikki ian look hot nikki is amazing her dress not the best but still cool leave them alone leave them live their life on their own way both of them move on and happy what ur problem now go live ur life and think about ur choices stop judging people by their look or cause they are famous or cause you’re behind damn screen speak kindly or shut ur mouse

  • Jen

    Ian is so handsome in this tux, he looks young like in season 1 of tvd. Congrats for winning as best documentary

  • cherie

    Ian and Nikki look gorgeous<3

  • cherie

    @delenaftdobrev: LOL, if Ian is leaving the Show there wont be no season 7,.

  • Annie

    why do you guys want ian back with nina? she doesn’t want Ian, Nina wants to offer herself to every guy who can put her on a movie, if you see a making of with her and the let’s be cops guys you will see. The guys joking between them and she trying desperately to dance and be part of the jokes and they ignoring her, it’s pathetic. During the summer she just wanted to offer herself to all kind of guys while Ian was quiet suffering and she posing as badass heartbreaker, making fun of his feelings. Now he found someone that cares about him and left LA to spend more time with him because she cares and loves him enough. And I’m sure she gives better head too, a good oral sex is important, nina must be awful at it with the whiny face of hers. Why Ian would get back together to someone that doesn’t even know how to blow c*ck properly? Ian just want nikki, she must be good in bed and are making him addicted to her

  • Katie ShipperJunkie

    I write the worst fanfictions ever and now I’m sad because Ian took the gorgeous Nikki Reed for the Emmys. What do I do with the Nian fics I’m writing? I helped brain wash so many innocent teenagers into thinking nian was still together and lying that I had inside sources just to make they read my real life couple fics and get more reviews and fame. Now they will find out I’m a fraud. I’m so sad, I wish I wasn’t such a loser

  • hehe

    No wonder Ian is leaving TVD. Those fans are stupid. Who gives you the right to bitch on Nikki? She just met a guy she likes. I wounder how would you feel if magic happened and your celeb crush asked you out. And you would get all this hate just because that guy actually would like you. Dating a gergous man is not a crime,you know! Jealous idiots… What goes around comes around..

  • Peach

    Gorgeous couple. I had the opportunity to see them in person at a restaurant in Atlanta and they look smitten, very lovely with each other holding hands and kissing

  • derek

    The rabid nian shippers are destroying delena. I’m so mad, why you guys did this? You are so rude and hateful and sent so many threats to nikki and ian that now he won’t accept to be on season 7. Delena will not be endgame. Do you think nina and paul will quit just because ian gave up? No, they will want their money for one more year and the cw won’t give up of TVD so easily. They will fail but they will at least try one more season without damon. But this will ruin delena’s endgame. I hope you delusional idiots that ship real life couples and make their lives a living hell on twitter are happy now. You are responsible for the end of delena. You destroyed everything when you turn the fandom against Ian. You should have know better that the influenced teenagers that you brainwashed cannot separate Ian from Damon. Nian from Delena. And now it’ll be all over because of your hate and disgusting disrespect. The cast are scared of you, they can’t wait to TVD be over, they don’t want anything to do with these kind of insane fan. You are psycho and I don’t blame the cast for wanting distance themselves from this insanity

  • Tina

    @Why?: T
    I agree with you I do find it strange. You also do not see pics of them kissing or holding hands. Yes there are pics of them hugging and him kissing her cheek or hair but not the lips or holding of hands. If they are so inseparable then what gives. With Nina, she thought she could go and live her life and Ian would always be there, especially after his New Years resolution of getting back with her. Now Ian has decided to stop waiting and being a doormat. I don’t agree that Nikki is the best choice but she is the only one that is staying with him and not denying him . All the girls he has been with this year have denied him and denied being with him.

  • anon

    why is there some asshole commenting on this article pretending to be a ton of people? you are getting yourself NOWHERE with what you’re doing and you’re just a sad, pathetic dick with nothing but time on your hands since you have all the time to do this and the funny thing is, everyone is just laughing at whoever you are because this is just amusing. Have fun being a psychotic and lonely person!

  • sara

    Beautiful people, inside & out.
    This article has nothing to do wtih Nina. And comparing Nina & Nikki is just ridiculous. It’s disrespectful. Hating & bashing Nikki only shows what kind of person You are. I’m sad that people have this much hatred inside of them. Nikki is just a girl who fell in love with a single man while she was single too. And now she is getting bashed & hated all over the Internet, she is even getting dead threats. It’s just horrible. Most of it is coming from Nina stans, I bet she would be disappointed in her fans.

  • …… does not a good mother make

  • Live without pretending, love without depending

  • BlahBlah

    Awww poor Nina fans have to plaster their vile comments all over Ian and Nikki’s stories, can’t you find any Nina stories to comment on?

  • http://N/a Kiera

    Oh my god posters 1-6 cracks me up I think it’s one person.these haters are cray.just be happy for them and move on!

  • zdog

    @hehe: Our founding ******* fathers gave us the right to **** on Nikki. You like her, others do not. When you walk red carpets and do magazine spreads you are exposing yourself to a massive amount of press…the point of which is to garner attention. They know that wherever they go it will be a top news story, and if that bothers them (which I doubt) then they should probably start spending less time in the most paparazzi dense place in the ******* world. They clearly like the attention so tighten up Ian stans.

  • Mel

    The Thing is that Nina is Nothing without Ian, that is why her “Fans” are so pressed. Nina lost an incredible man…IAN. He is not only very attractive, talented, awesome, kind, funny, honest, Sweet…no he is an amazing supportive BF. His instagram posts are brilliant. His words are incredible beautiful, wether it’s about Nikki, his work, Tvd, or anything else…he is one of a kind and Nina will never find a Guy like him again. He cared about her, promoted her, supported her, took her with him to the Emmys as his plus 1 etc…all this is no more and her Fans can’t accept it. Ian’s full Attention belongs to Nikki now………not Nina.

  • Anita


  • Raya

    Wow, so many bitter and jealous posters here, gee, I wonder why? Lol! Congrats Ian on YOLD win and for your amazing, beautiful soul! You are incredible in every way possible! Nikki looks beautiful


    Ian looks hot af and I love Nikki more and more everyday! As for those who say she has done nothing in her career let me remind you that she wrote a movie in her 14 who got an Oscar nomination, she won prestigious critics awards for her acting and writing and she’s also a producer, song writer and director. How about your favorite?

  • Lovely

    @Why?: simply because it was about YEARS and nikki’s Dad was nominated too. It wasn’t about them as a couple. I’m actually glad they walked seperately because it shows that A) they aren’t PR B) they aren’t looking for Attention c) they are genuinely happy and supporting Years and cosmos! Ian and Nina always walked the red carpet seperately or posted for pics together. The only pics we got of them together were at the Emmys. The Rest of the pics were from Parties, not red carpet.

  • Gema

    They look so hot!

  • Truth

    @Raya: Ian and Nikki are slaying! And Nina stans are afraid Somerreed could become more popular than Nian was. Yeah i’m saying it now…they are afraid!!!!!

  • Hanna

    I’m in love!! Ian looks so beautiful <333 This is my fave pic of him: I want to see that interview asap! I love that Nikki is there with her dad and her man. I always loved her!

  • Sylvia


  • Lena

    Love, love, love!!!! They look so beautiful!!! I love how relaxed & happy he looks lately! Being in a relationship suits him!

  • Fiona


  • For Elena Gilbert

    Some people’s bitterness and hypocricy are showing! I’m talking about those who were lecturing about feminism and double standards in the fandom! Congrats!

  • Sissi

    @Hanna: Ian has the most gorgeous eyes and Face I have ever seen. Literally flawless <3

  • Hanna

    @Sissi: Yes and imo he looks even better in person and in candids than when he poses for pics in the red carpet! He looks more natural and his beauty shows more!

  • Maria

    @Hanna: I agree, in person he’s so perfect! His eyes are glowing and he’s so sweet & handsome

  • nicole

    If Nikki is ugly, can i please, please, please be as ugly as her?!!!

  • maly

    Just saw the pic Ian posted. They look so happy!!! Good for them! :)

  • Candy

    Beautiful Nikki + Handsome Ian = Power couple = Jealous B!tches

  • Kelly

    Psssttt. Calling Nikki ugly does not make Nina beautiful. ;) It just shows how ugly her fans are and she needs to do a better job in being a role model.

  • mindy

    The hottest couple in Hollywood!!!

  • Emma

    @Maria: he really is! I met him up close and he is so beautiful. Pics don’t do him or his eyes justice. Same goes for Nikki. They are beyond perfect in Person. Flawless skin etc. They are really stunning, it’s hard to believe they are real.

  • mindy

    They are perfection.

  • ……..

    @Kelly: Nina a role Model? LMAO she is the worst role Model ever. Her Fans are the biggest bullies I have ever seen. Funny because Nina is against bullying…ever saw her vid? Guess her so called Fans did not! there is a new low these passive aggressive assholes hit when things don’t go their way. Poor Nina.

  • Ian Fan

    THEY ARE HOT and BEAUTIFUL and damn Ian’s Last Tweet slayed all of the pressed Nian stans. You go guys <3

  • .

    Oh, right, Nikki is a great role model dating your friend’s ex…. This disgusts me. I’m happy that Ian won the award, but he should chose his partner better…. And for the record, Nikki has always been hated, now that she’s ‘dating’ someone more famous than her, the hate just grew bigger. I hope to everyone that supports them, that you called friend starts dating your ex boyfriend you see everyday at the work, who will be a denying of their betrayal. And no, Delena won’t end because of the fans, if the trio won’t renovate, there will be no TVD with the main trio. And if Delena ends, it’s Ian’s fault, because I wouldn’t blame Nina for not wanting to make romantic scenes with someone that hurt her… Which I don’t think that happen! I think she’ll make him see what he’s losing by staying with Nikki Who, whose father is way pretty than her.

  • Katie

    @Amy: Paul and Nina have already signed on for Season 7. Anyone that follows Ian and has attended the summer TVD convention would know, just by listening to what Ian has said all summer, he is the one that has not signed on for Season 7. Ian will be moving on to other projects after Season 6 of TVD. It is ridiculous how the fans confuse the fictional characters of Damon and Elena with the real lives of Ian and Nina. This is August of 2014. Ian and Nina actually broke up in March 2013, but it wasn’t reported in the tabloids until May 2013. They NEVER reconciled. Nina wanted to be a single woman and did not want to be defined by a relationship. This came straight from her mouth. Nian no longer exists except in a fantasy world of the delusional fans who cannot move on. No matter how many hateful, rude, threatening comments that are made towards Nikki Reed it isn’t going to change the reality that NIAN no longer exists. Ian has chosen to be involved with Nikki. They are happy together. Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are the new HOT and Sexy celebrity couple. It is time to deal with that fact because it isn’t going to change anytime soon. They are sharing their living space whether it be in Atlanta or in LA…. it doesn’t matter because they are inseparable. That is the point…. .

  • laura

    I’m so glad for all the haters, Ian’s articles have tons of notes and this way the paps will keep following them and we’ll have more stories and pics about Ian and Nikki, so thank you haters. And Ian is the only one that didn’t sign up for season 7, and it’s thanks to the obnoxious tvd fandom (a part of it, specifically abusive nian stans). He wants nothing to do with these bullies in his life and in his beloved girlfriend life. He want to put distance between nina and him so the obsessed fans will leave them alone. They are even threatening to kill their pets, it’s pathetic and medication should help. These fans don’t realize they are killing delena, creating drama between nina and Ian when there is no drama and they are friends. Being aggressive and hurting Ian and the people he loves. This is making Ian leave and NIna and Paul won’t refuse another year of money, they will stay and this means the end of delena. No damon, no delena. Congratulations psycho nian shippers

  • Alice

    Sexy couple, they look amazing. Congrats for winning as best documentary, Ian

  • Ellen

    @laura: Ian leaving would be the End of the Vampire diaries.

  • Katie

    @Ellen: If Julie wants to continue TVD past Season 6, it will be without Ian. Ian has been hinting his exodus from TVD all summer. He wants to leave on a “high” and not with the mediocre storylines of the past two seasons. Ian is the only main cast member that has not signed a contract for Season 7.

  • Ellen

    @Katie: I agree, I diden’t make Myself clear enough., somebody at the network said, maybe it was Julie, I forgot where i read it, that either all three sign ,or the other two wont be signed and they go on with the rest of the cast, and the show would never make it without Ian in it. I hope they don’t make Him feel guilty because He is so loyal to His fans the Show and the other actors., that He hangs in there for another year.

  • Ann

    So does this mean it’s ok if Nina dates Paul McDonald or Paul Wesley? since her ex is dating her (ex)friend. ;D