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Katie Holmes' 'Giver' Triggers Memories From Her Childhood

Katie Holmes' 'Giver' Triggers Memories From Her Childhood

Katie Holmes dons a black turtleneck while catching a departing flight at LAX Airport on Friday (August 15) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 35-year-old actress looked chic while exiting CBS Studios after doing an interview about her latest film The Giver.

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“Well, I grew up in the Midwest, and I have such fond memories of every single Christmas. So, what really hit me in [The Giver] was seeing Jonas go sledding, because I remember that so distinctly in my childhood; that sense of freedom, wonder, and awe. [Laughs] It usually meant a snow day and just so much fun,” Katie recently shared to Refinery29.

FYI: Katie is wearing Strom jeans.

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87 Responses to “Katie Holmes' 'Giver' Triggers Memories From Her Childhood”

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  1. 1
    annnnnd..... Says:

    and we have our answer and it’s YES she is going to go right back to going out with messy hair and strange odd clothes.
    Is that a freaking turtle neck? It’s 70plus in los angels and probably 80 in NY.

  2. 2
    Giver Says:

    RT Rating jumping between 27-30percent last day.
    Opening Weekend: Latest estimates around 10-12M

  3. 3
    Just a Comment Says:

    Even the article hints at it “The day BEFORE, the 35-year-old actress looked chic while exiting CBS Studios after doing an interview about her latest film The Giver.” It doesn’t say that she looked chic at LAX. I think Los Angeles does not hold fond memories for Katie. It is where Tom Cruise’s Beverly Hills mansion AND Scientology’s Celebrity Center is at. When Katie’s reportedly in Los Angeles, she seems to arrive QUIETLY to do whatever she is there to do and then leaves ASAP. I agree that she will go back to her casual look (NOT CHIC) once promotions for her projects are over. But I think this video that Katie directed of Inspriational Women shows the REAL Katie Holmes. I think this is how Katie would prefer to dress if she didn’t have to get CHIC for her acting gig. I think she is a very casual, messy type of person.

  4. 4
    lollipop Says:

    There are quotes form her saying she is a slob by nature and it seems to carry over into her dressing.
    Casual and unkept are not the same thing.
    So many have commented that it’s very more strange that this person aspired to have a fashion line and she usually looks so out of style. What she is wearing here looks like a girl from a mid-west mall but I think worse to be honest. Just not up to date or sharp. If she doesn’t care she is in the wrong business especially since she chose to live in NY and knows she will get her photo taken every few days.

  5. 5
    DTBH Says:

    She reminds me of my middle child. If you think that someday u will be pleasantly surprised forget it. Now 25 she keeps life living at the edge. For her? That, I don’t know! No doubt Katie doesn’t give a hoot about any of us posters: “Judge not lest yea be judged”.

  6. 6
    Just a Comment Says:

    There are many pictures out there of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise early days together where they are both sitting outside a field watching Isabella play soccer. This was before they got married and Katie is dressed very casual, not wearing expensive clothes, barely any makeup, hair not styled just a very casual jeans gal. I think when she married Tom Cruise he was the one that offered her a world of unlimited couture dress designers, make up stylist, hairstylist, and introduced her to a luxurious world she had only heard of but not lived. She comes from a middle class family and not a wealthy family. When you see Katie at premieres PRE CRUISE she is not wearing expensive clothes or great make up, hairstyles, etc. she was a young pretty girl dressed with her own defenses. You can see that evolution in many pictures or videos during her marriage to Cruise where Katie’s appearance is changing for the better. And that included exercise, ballet, private lessons, facials, stylists, etc. All that takes discipline and $$$ Here’s a video of some of their first appearances together as a couple. I think in the very beginning Katie was infatuated with Cruise and you can see it in her face, the happiness and joy she is living. That was in the very beginning. She probably felt she hit the jackpot. Little did she know what the next seven years would include…

  7. 7
    Rosemary Fidalgo Says:

    Why does she always have that witch and mean expression on her face?

  8. 8
    Lilly Says:

    Wow you guys have tough standards. All I see is a woman wearing a normal casual outfit. Jeans, sweater, tennis shoes. Everything is snug and tidy. Her hair looks wet to me. She probably hopped in the shower and then rushed to catch her flight. Not sure what all the fuss is about.

  9. 9
    Rosemary Fidalgo Says:

    Look at her lost sight, she’s planning something… Crazy woman, I wonder whats her problem.

  10. 10
    SCOPE Says:

    Yes, like America celebrates alien eurasian holidays in their midwest. More media industry garbage.

  11. 11
    Fifth Place Says:

    yikes. 10million opening weekend is not anyone’ s idea of a hit movie.
    came in 5th last night

  12. 12
    Just a thought Says:

    @Rosemary Fidalgo: Doesn’t like to be hounded by the paps and feels they r every bit intrusive as Tom was.

  13. 13
    Rosemary Fidalgo Says:

    @Just a thought: Yes, the girl’s exposure is because of Tom too. I dont mean I like him.

  14. 14
    friend Says:

    You adore them or hate them. Or you just dont care…

  15. 15
    Bot Says:

    @friend: I dont care

  16. 16
    Missy Says:

    I like her bag.

  17. 17
    popeye Says:

    What’s wrong with the get-up?!?? Love how Katie looks – just being fresh and comfortable.. People here really do have high standards. Or maybe in hollywood you really have to look fabulous and sophisticated outside to cover up the trash and rottenness inside just to protect the “brand”. Oh,well…

  18. 18
    olive oyl Says:

    She looks ok to run to the store but if you are a celebrity going to an airport like LAX and you know they are covered with paps why not dry your hair?
    If she doesn’t care so be it but most people would not want to be featured in tabloids looking not fully dressed.
    Most people I know celebrity or not wouldn’t go to the airport with a wet head.
    It’s not just the brand it’s coming across put together and LAX is a place she knows she will get her picture taken.

  19. 19
    DTBH Says:

    She so reminds me of my middle child! If you think u’re going to be pleasantly surprised, forget it! These personalities like to live on the edge (or keep you living on the edge) and have no interest nor give the time of day to those who judge. ” Judge not lest yea be judged”=:O

  20. 20
    Danelle Says:

    One star that tends to look casual and stylish most of the time, even on airport runs, is Cate Blanchett.

    She is one of my top 5 favorite actresses, so I may be a little bias, but I don’t think too many would disagree.

    I think if you googled Katie prior to Tom Cruise she has pics where she was out and about (airport, street walks, etc) and still looked casual and not careless.

    There are more pics during on post marriage that she more than not looks careless and its obvious (to press, media, general audience) that when she does look put together, nice or fashionable, its due to someone else’s work. (i.e., stylist)

  21. 21
    Just a Comment Says:

    #19 – But the thing is you will be judged. You will be looked at, commented at, written about. In the TomKat period they both participated in that exposure. Now they have backed off that approach. However, celebrities are scruntized especially in this day and age of information when photos and videos travel quickly and a lot of people have cell phones with cameras. Going back to the early days of Hollywood the public has been consumed with celebrities. That’s why stylists and makeup people charge their fees because they are in demand. Katie knows this but I don’t think she has the discipline to look chic all the time. That makes her look like everyone else. If you have ever been physically near a celebrity, especially one that is currently successful, you will see they are slender (camera adds pounds and they have trainers), have nice skin (get facials for close ups and photos), and their hair looks healthy (especially the women), etc. But they can afford it because the successful ones also make a lot of money. And that makes them look nice, beautiful, exceptional from the public.

  22. 22
    Just a Comment Says:

    #20 – For me, Cate Blanchett a professional. She understands her brand and takes care of her image.

  23. 23
    Just a Comment Says:

    and Cate Blanchett is a talented award winning actress. I think there is something about successful people that they somehow have this discipine in their grooming. I’m not talking about ALWAYS being all chic and having flat ironed hair but clean and well groomed when they go out in public. Yes, granted these pictures of Katie at the airport which what appears like she had wet hair and its drying, I know would NEVER go to the airport with wet hair especially if I know the paps are going to be there. No way! You see celebrities coming and leaving to the airport (Eva Longoria, Salma Hayak, Gywneth Paltrow, Jennifer Gardner, Victoria Beckman, etc.) and they all look comfortable or very nicely groomed. I don’t think I have ever seen a celebrity going to the airport with wet hair. Oh well…

  24. 24
    DTBH Says:

    @Just a Comment: #23 – than Leonardo doesn’t give a rat’s Petunia. Nor Maggie gyllynhal etc. I don’t think u can generalize like that. Phillip and Robin were gifted but their lack there of self discipline is what did them in. No doubt her PR people have told her about image and she will concede but not be controlled. Wet hair at the airport, not sure that’s a make it or break it deal?

  25. 25
    Devil's Advocate Says:

    Russel Crowe is known for his horrendous BO

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