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Katie Holmes' 'Giver' Triggers Memories From Her Childhood

Katie Holmes' 'Giver' Triggers Memories From Her Childhood

Katie Holmes dons a black turtleneck while catching a departing flight at LAX Airport on Friday (August 15) in Los Angeles.

The day before, the 35-year-old actress looked chic while exiting CBS Studios after doing an interview about her latest film The Giver.

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“Well, I grew up in the Midwest, and I have such fond memories of every single Christmas. So, what really hit me in [The Giver] was seeing Jonas go sledding, because I remember that so distinctly in my childhood; that sense of freedom, wonder, and awe. [Laughs] It usually meant a snow day and just so much fun,” Katie recently shared to Refinery29.

FYI: Katie is wearing Strom jeans.

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  • Carlota

    I don’t see that.
    I see one comment referring to Harvey and his marketing to the media (which some implied for Katie too) but other then that unless I missed it or skimmed it I don’t see where it was discussed that this movie pushed her as the main star or anything like that.
    Either way, it’s another movie that she is a part of that after all the hype turns out to be a bomb both in income and critical reviews.

  • caryon

    @Missy: Actually Missy most people feel it was marketed as a Taylor Swift film even though she was only in it for what? less than three minutes?

    the film ws never expected to be a blockbuster after the initial trailer was put out. I saw it yesterday and it is a decent film, but not one that is going to appeal to everyone due to the lack of action (i.e. like Hunger Games or Divergent). Skarsgard rocked his part as did Bridges. Streep was competent, but not her best acting. Swift was fine in her minimal role. The lead was not very strong which may be why the film is not doing well. And Katie? Was Katie. I thought because her character was wooden and in my opinion Katie can’t act and is a wooden actress, she would do well. But unlike Skarsgard she was unable to put any nuances in the part like he did that made Father seem more than a robot. Katie seemed a robot with nothing underneath. Just my opinion.

    I don’t think anyone is stating this is failing because of Katie. BUT Katie has a talent for picking vehicles that make her acting look amateurish. Unlike for instance Bullock and Aniston. They aren’t the greatest actresses, but they know what parts fit their skills and talents and usually stay within those parameters. Katie apparently thinks she is a better actress than she is and chooses parts that are out of her skill zone much to the consternation of the majority of theater/movie goers.

  • Carlota

    Comments about Harvey from Celbritchy
    “I read an article on the movie, where Jeff Bridges said he fought to keep the movie similar to the book, especially the kids’ ages. But the producers (i.e., Harvey Weinstein) wouldn’t budge and Bridges was given the choice to “walk away” from this project that he spent so many years on. It was really sad.”
    “Ugh. Harvey Weinstein is The Worst. He’s great at marketing his movies, but he really needs to take a step back on the creative front because his impulses are often bad ones.”

  • Missy

    @Carlota. Whatever. No point in arguing about it. I stand by my comment but it was not directed at you.

    @Caryn: “Katie apparently thinks she is a better actress than she is and chooses parts that are out of her skill zone much to the consternation of the majority of theater/movie goers.”

    Well that’s *your* opinion which you are entitled to. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’ve actually seen a lot of positive comments about Katie’s performance from regular theater/movie goers.

  • Just a Comment

    I don’t think I would like to be in Georgina Chapman’s shoes and be married to HW. There are so many beautiful women in Hollywood who are in his movies and feel grateful for the opportunities. Here he is with the beautiful Marion Coltiard with her arms wrapped around him surely thanking him for something. She appeared in his movie Nine. Katie Holmes also auditioned for the role that eventually went to Penelope Cruz. Nicole Kidman also appeared in the movie Nine along with other beautiful actresses like Kate Hudson, Sophia Loren, Judi Dench (a HW favorite).

  • Missy

    @Just a Comment:
    Oh Wow! Can you imagine if that was Katie? The tabloids and blogs would be going crazy with rumors of an affair! I agree that it would be hard to be married to him, but Georgina is gorgeous and talented in her own right too.

  • Just a Comment

    Yes, Georgina is talented and gorgeous in her own right but you still don’t see her in another man’s arms in public receiving a hug. Not yet anyways. When I saw that picture of HW and Marion it reminded me of Grace Kelly’s autobiography of her marriage to Prince Ranier of Monaco which alluded that Prince Ranier continued being a playboy even during their marriage. Same like John F. Kennedy and Jackie Onassis and Ari Onassis, etc. The cheating was hurtful to the spouse regardless how beautiful or talented she was.

  • Just a Comment

    Donald Trump has been married three times and his third wife Melania is also very beautiful. But you don’t see Trump photographed with women hanging on to him and he owns the Miss America beauty pageant.

  • Danelle

    As previously posted, Katie Holmes will always be know as (by media and audience) as – Joey Potter, ex-Mrs Cruise and Suri’s mom.

    Washington Post couldn’t just focus on her role and her ability to portray the character.

  • ROFL

    LOL Good link. The WA Post said she did a good job but of course once again it’s good at being the cultish personality from her past.
    “Sure enough, the similarities between the real-life experiences didn’t go unnoticed by bloggers when the casting was announced: “That’ll make for a fun exercise, watching the movie while scanning Holmes for signs of Scientology memories,” Grantland snarked. “Just one year after fleeing the evil clutches of Scientology, Katie Holmes seems ready to dive back into her role as a brainwashed wife who’s unaware of what’s going on in her own home,” Crushable added.

    Critics took note after the movie came out, too. The Post’s Ann Hornaday writes that Holmes gives “a suitably chilly performance as a rule-obsessed judge, intimations of the actress’s own recent brush with Scientology hovering over her scenes like a teasing, troubling mist.” Another weighed in: “The casting of Scientology escapee Katie Holmes as one of the happily brainwashed is, momentarily, almost enough to convince us that ‘The Giver’ has a sense of humor.”

  • Box Office Finals

    It was only 12.3 and not 12.7 after final tally

  • Just a Comment

    #59 – and Katie’s membership in Scientology as a stepford wife. I think that role of “Stepford wife” was the performance most documented on the Internet and it will be harder to shake off. Little did Katie know when she married Cruise it was not going to be that easy to leave him and the Scientology association.

  • Just a Comment

    I think the Hollywood Reporter might have been a little closer to the truth when it said “someone played a cruel joke and cast Katie to act like her stepdird wife days.”

    The irony here and the HW and Tom Cruise connection here is that Harvey W has recently released 2 movies with 2 of Tom Cruise’s Ex Wives (Katie in The Giver and Nicole in Grace) and both movies have received bad reviews and are not expected to be box office hits.

  • interesting

    What is strange about all of that time period is that Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, , Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston,jada Pinkett, Lisa Marie Presley and especially Kiristie Alley don’t have anything close to a docile personality.
    Most of the women cult members actually are anything but that. In fact many of them are loud mouth types. Other women in the past weren’t that way with Tom even as far back as Cher (not that I would have followed back then but no one would assume Cher was ever docile.)
    Why was Katie so docile?

  • Just a Comment

    I don’t think Katie is docile in real life. Cruise has said it and so has her mother. The mother told Good morning America that Katie was headstrong.

  • interesting

    She sure left that impression on a lot of people and the media. She has the rep as a stepford wife

  • interesting

    btw what people say on tv doesn’t mean a whole lot. Of course neither he nor her mother would say anything different.

  • Just sayin’

    Y’all need to stop letting the media define your opinion on Katie. Her Mother said she’s “headstrong”. I would assume her Mother knows much better than the myth the media created. You guys believe gossip, rumors and nonsense. Just stop. If I see one more Crazy Days and Nights blind item posted on a Katie thread, and some moron claiming it’s Katie as if its a fact, I think I’ll scream.

    Also, just cause part of HW’s career is to interact with beautiful women does NOT mean he’s cheating on his wife by any stretch of the imagination. Its pretty obnoxious to say something like that. Passing gossip sucks. Creating it sucks even worse.

  • Scream Away

    People can post what they want to. If you don’t like it don’t read it.
    Here is the blind about an actress that seems to fit Katie’s current situation. It may or may not be her.
    ***This B list mostly movie actress is having her part reduced significantly in her new movie because her acting has been really awful. What was supposed to be a fairly major part for the actress trying to be known for more than just a relationship is turning into a tiny role with just a few lines. I don’t know where that once promising actress went.****

  • Just a Comment

    Here is Katie’s mom at 2:45 talking about Katie

  • Just a Comment

    #68 – I didn’t say HW was cheating on his wife. I said Grace Kelly who was a beautiful and talented actress & was married to a man Prince Ranier who was cheating on her. Many autobiographies say it and the same thing goes for John F Kennedy and Ari Onasis with Jackie Kennedy. Many people have gone on record and said their were extramarital affairs. Even Donald Trump cheated on his first wife with Marla Maples but seems to be loyal to his third wife Melania. These are very wealthy or influential men married to beautiful and talented women in their own right and yet that is not enough. What I said was I would not want to be in Georgina’s shoes married to HW because he is in an industry where there are many beautiful women looking for an opportunity to break through. A man has to be very strong & loyal to his wife to remain monogous in that industry.

  • Just a Comment

    And lets not get started on men like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who cheated on his wife Maria Shriver with the housekeeper (who was not particularly beautiful) and both women were pregnant at the same time by Arnold and living under the same roof. They waited until Arnold’s Governorship in California was over before giving a press conference that they were getting a divorce and there was a love child and the mistress was the housekeeper. When Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to president John Kennedy, his wife Jackie didn’t go to that event. She knew all about Marilyn Monroe’s affair and other affairs her husband had and she didn’t want to be publicly humiliated. Did John F. Kennedy care about her feelings? Those affairs hurt their wives but they still do it.

  • Just a Comment

    This is the age of information and the Internet. Today its not so much about passing gossip, today its “here’s the videos, pictures, or link to XXXXX” And it doesn’t go away its in cyberspace for a loooooong time.

  • @73

    As for Katie people get their impressions of her from what they saw in pictures for about 5 years. It’s not just the media saying it. In fact if you go through Just Jared old links you see a multitude of pictures that paint the very picture that the Washington Post, Variety and others spoke of. It wasn’t just pictures either. There is plenty of video of her giving insipid interviews feeding the very stepford stereotype.

  • Nathan

    Rita Ora nominated Katie Holmes to do the “Ice Bucket Challenge” on her instagram.

    I hope Katie dose it i would love to see it. :)

  • Missy

    Her character in the Giver isn’t a docile stepford wife though. She is brainwashed, but she’s one of the leaders and is a tough, scary woman.
    Anyway, all these articles basically confirm what I’ve been saying all along: Critics and journalists ARE affected by all of the hoopla surrounding her personal life. The difference is that when she was with Tom, she was mocked and ridiculed. Now some are rooting for her.

  • @76

    They brought it up because in this case she plays a cultish type of person but that doesn’t mean they would have brought it up otherwise. It was very hard not to notice.
    That was the whole point: why is Katie playing this brainwashed role

  • Just sayin’

    Whomever stated that anyone can say whatever they wish here, please get a grip and stop being a brat. I agree that’s the case, which means I can speak freely as well, so get off your high horse and deal with it.

    Just a comment… seem to have alot of time on your hands. Its my opinion that it was IMPLIED that HW might be cheating on his wife, which I found to be unfair. Until you know something for a fact….well, it’s just gossip, isn’t it. And in this age of information and the internet, GOSSIP IS STILL GOSSIP. Gossip is unfounded accusation and inuendo and it still sucks, even if you’re anonymously promoting it on a site like Just Jared. Stop justifying.

  • Missy

    I’ve seen critics bring up her personal life while reviewing several of her movies, even ones that had nothing to do with cults/scientology.

  • Meg

    Just like Charlize Theron played that series killer, I think Katie needs to find a dark and twisted character.

  • Scream Away

    You are the one that needs to deal with it and get off your high horse.
    You can post what you want but others are going to do the same no matter how much you protest.
    I have a feeling you wouldn’t dare take the time to post those things at places like Dlisted or others. You would get ripped apart. Jared is mellow in comparison and it’s not going to change because you don’t like it.
    If you hate gossip so much maybe you are the one that should stay away from all these kinds of boards.
    It’s not the posters alone it’s those that run the blogs. Every rumor is a new thread and people comment.
    So you are the one that is in the wrong place if you are so against it (but I have a feeling you aren’t so against it when it’s about someone you don’t like)
    Post away. Knock yourself out but you are wasting your time if you think you are going to get others here to change because of what you want.

  • Nathan

    @Missy: # 76

    I agree Missy. in-fact I remember there were a few film Critics that straight out said years later that they judged Katie’s performance in Batman Begins unfairly do to the whole TomKat thing.

  • Danelle

    James Swanwick one of his worst interviews was with Katie Holmes, 2003 at the Toronto Film Festival for Pieces of April – a few seconds around the 00:22:15 mark

  • Just sayin’

    @ Scream Away

    Sorry you don’t like my opinion and would like me to leave, but I’m not going to do that. I’d much rather hold a mirror up to people like you who are just hateful and mean, for no other reason than they can be. I’m also sorry you think that asking people to be polite and stop passing ridiculous rumors and attacking the character of a complete stranger is a waste of time. It’s never a waste of time to be polite and atleast slightly responsible with the nonsense you spew. It’s sad that you want me to leave because I’m calling you on being a hater.

    I’m entitled to speak my peace, just as you are, under whatever name you choose to use that day. If you don’t like it…..oh well. Don’t read my posts.

    By the way, I don’t say awful things on other posts of people I don’t like. I don’t bother posting on the topics of people I don’t like. Why would I? Why waste my time. Not everyone is like you, dear. Some people don’t judge total strangers based on rumor and gossip and don’t say hateful things just for the sport of it.

    Now, go away. You’re dismissed.

  • Scream Away

    The “your’re dismissed ” line makes you sound so silly.
    I don’t care if you don’t leave. I just think you are wasting your time if you think anyone would change due to your desires. Have at it and post away.
    No one is going to change and no one that post normally on this or other blogs is going to take you seriously. It’s pure comedy that you go to gossip board and attack people for gossiping .
    Your insults and judgements are also humorous coming from you.
    Take your own advise and if you don’t like what people post around here don’t read it.

  • Danelle

    Sarah Palin turns film critic to praise The Giver

    Blurb on Palin’s site also describes The Giver as offering “a positive pro-life and pro-liberty message”.

    Well it’s straight to video and never heard from again from here.

  • Brandy

    Harvey is a big Obama supporter too. Wonder how he felt about that??