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Gerard Butler Shows Off Chest Hair While Shopping in Malibu

Gerard Butler Shows Off Chest Hair While Shopping in Malibu

Gerard Butler is all smiles while stepping out for some retail therapy with a guy pal on Saturday afternoon (August 16) in Malibu, Calif.

The 44-year-old Scottish actor took advantage of the hot weather and left his shirt unbuttoned at the top, revealing some of his chest hair.

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The day before, Gerard was spotted hugging his pal Mel Gibson while they grabbed lunch together in Los Angeles.

25+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler enjoying his day off in Malibu…

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gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 01
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 02
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 03
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 04
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 05
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 06
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 07
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 08
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 09
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 10
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 11
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 12
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 13
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 14
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 15
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 16
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 17
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 18
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 19
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 20
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 21
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 22
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 23
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 24
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 25
gerard butler chest hair shopping malibu 26

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Love that shirt

    Love a man wearing a beautiful shirt and smile :)

  • nyc

    He needs someone to help him pick out clothing.
    Those pants are from 1970.

  • Selena

    Wow. New thread. I was waiting for everyone to go nuts…

  • saralou

    Totally luv him. He’s looking happy and relaxed at the minute. Definitely would love to take him shopping for some new clothes though as he is comfy in the same old things. Guess that’s part what makes him down to earth though. He just doesn’t seem bothered about designer gear.

  • Cthrew

    I love that he couldn’t do the Point Break remake because of a “scheduling conflict.” So far he’s been at the World Cup in Brazil, and now, lazing around L.A. Hope Edgar Ramirez kicks his ass in the role. An actor who truly appreciates the work he gets.

  • Cthrew

    I hope Edgar Ramirez kicks his ass in the role of Bodhi in the remake of Point Break. You know, the film Gerard back out of because of “scheduling conflicts.” The only thing Gerard’s done in the last few weeks is go to the World’s Cup in Brazil and laze around L.A. with various broads.

  • dargabriel66

    I have a few things to say, Earth and Water. Scorpio,Libra,Capricorn is Gerard water his element, mine Capricorn,Taurus, Libra, Earth. Gerardar. 6669, 822. Dark features light features, Scottish Italian, same spiritual DNA. No matter what everyone thinks, this is it. NDE’S. Both in San Mateo CA. Mine by hanging 1969, his by water, same as my birth/home place. Gerard will meet his other half in a public place, he he, make her pass out with his Godly powers, I have and am half of this. Love,dargabriel66

  • Queen Elizabeth II


    Nice to meet you

  • siena

    sandra bullock and george clooney will begin filming they new movie sept.29 in new orlean do you think they will see. gerry.

  • Abdicate now

    @Queen Elizabeth II: Before Charles is too old.

  • Does anyone know

    what has happened to Can’tGetEnough? I miss her posts.

  • ????????
  • T.M.I.

    You classless cheater.

  • GFW

    I might be out of line saying this, but if his male companion, that we see him with on-going is a guard of any kind, then shouldn’t he be wearing solid shoes rather than flimsy flip-flops?
    And I know where CGE is, she’s living her life. I don’t mean to sound snarky, but it’s the truth. She told me of upcoming events that would be taking up a grand amount of her time this summer, but just know they’re terrific happenings. Plus, what all is there to post that isn’t getting posted?
    The wise departure from the remake doesn’t bother me at all. And neither does any extended in-between downtime before filming again.

  • Pamela

    @dargabriel66: iDIOTO

  • selena
  • Selena

    Toothless? lol Looks like a pretty day over there.


  • Selena

    Yeah, I just looked up the Chinese astrology…
    Yes, I am a Fire Dragon. I think I should have been a war correspondent.

  • dargabriel66

    @Queen Elizabeth II: nice to meet you as well. Have a stupendous day. Love,dargabriel66

  • Gerard Butler’s Armpits

    Helloooo! We exist too you know! Our tresses have been out and about all day yesterday and we didn’t get a mention, double standard uh?

  • dargabriel66

    I do not lie,about this truth. No Gemini. Karma is slow at balancing, especially when there is a tilt of anger, thanks for making your madness still exist, not kind. Got to love, Butler, not just a mask. Love,dargabriel66

  • Gjhhgxhgjbjhvh

    @dargabriel66: yfukhiugycyjcj

  • Pamela

    @Selena: More like a Fire Sock.

  • Who cares
  • blu

    ‘Beauty sleep’ is no myth
    People often joke about needing their “beauty sleep”, but researchers in Sweden have provided scientific evidence that we really do. People kept awake 31 hours developed droopy, swollen eyelids, bloodshot eyes and dark circles under their eyes, according to the researchers. The sleep-deprived also appeared to have more facial wrinkles, a consequence of poor sleep unverified by science until now – at least in humans. Rats deprived of sleep quickly develop nasty skin lesions on their paws and tails.

  • Teresa


  • Maggie

    I was suprized by the Mel pics that Gerard was sans his little cap buddy. I guess the paps unnerved him. Too bad, unless he really does need somebody with him, which is scary.

    I love the little lacey off-the-shoulder maxi in the one pic(977) of them walking out of the shop. Sooo me! I don’t think I’d like to look at the price tag though! Ha! I am such a window shopper, but seeing something TDF in a store window 3000 miles away is astonishing even to me. LOL Can anyone tell what store that is? Maybe they do shipping. I Want That Dress!!!!

  • Jared making fun of GB

    Anyone else think Jared is making fun of Gerry with some of these headlines? lol!
    Gerry looks good here. The shirt, like all of his shirts, is a size too small.
    The guy seems to be a close pal/colleague?
    The smile betrays him. He loves attention. He likes knowing the paps are still interested. Not a bad thing at all. Like all entertainers, his career relies on it.

  • Malibu country mart
    Of course they ship. Thing is why aren’t you looking it up if you really want it?

  • Maggie

    @Malibu country mart: That’s why I asked. Thanks much. Mine… mine… mine!!!

  • Selena


    That’s just mean.

  • Suzi

    In the last thread someone mentioned Gerard going to Holy family church and I heard this a few weeks ago from a woman who’s niece is friends with Mel’s daughter.

  • Again…

    Shopping for women’s clothes. Gerry seems to like shopping for his lady friends.

  • ?

    @Again…: maybe for his girlfriend?

  • Selena

    Isn’t Mel’s daughter married to Kenny Wayne Shepherd?

  • True

    @Selena: Yes, they were married at HF.

  • Maggie

    Thanks again, Found it! At the Planet Blue store. I adore those “boho”/ vintage styles. I love things with character. Those, and blue jeans with big cotton shirts pretty much defines my closet. At six feet tall and top heavy, I can never find things. I am reminded now why I only window shop. My pretty dress is $385.00 + tx. Even if I could afford it, I would never spend that kind of money on myself. I have kids. is incredible, if anyone else is interested, and wonderfully afordable.

  • Selena


    That’s so sweet. I like KWS and was excited to hear he married Mel’s daughter a few years back.

  • Maggie

    @Suzi: If it’s true, that Gerard is attending church, especially HOLY FAMILY, I am overjoyed. It will do him a universe of good. Thanks Mel.

  • What?

    You have kids? Sure you do. That’s why you’re here for hours every day. Let me guess, you only “check in” while raising your brood? Maybe they’re older, college age, and no longer at home?
    No mom I know with kids at home has time to check gossip sites for hours every day.

  • I agree

    @Maggie: We know that he always attends church when he’s back home in Scotland and I think he may have been attending church for some time as there have been the odd sightings of him. One of those sightings was at a Latin Mass in Moscow a couple of years ago so perhaps he prefers that Mass and is attending Mel’s church.

  • Anonimus

    @Again…: he did not buy anything, he entered and left, it seems in a few minutes … maybe he was wrong shop …

  • Maggie

    @What?: Is it somehow your business how often I am “here”? You may have heard of smartphones, and tablets. You can access JJ now 24/7 from anywhere in the world, or your bubble bath in your own home. My family is just fine, thank you. I made pork roast with spiced apples and cabbage for dinner. How about you? I call it “prioritizing”. I made sure my job, well several jobs, can be scheduled around my family’s needs. That is the plan anyway. LOL.

    @I agree: Hello. I find the ritual of the Latin Mass much more meaningful. I think a lot of Catholics now adays never were taught the importance of Latin to our faith, and got lost along the way. It would be like Jews not being taught Hebrew. I have one new friend who was marveling at “Ave Maria”, and had no clue that it is the “Hail Mary” High Holy prayer set to hymnal music.

  • Mmmhmmm

    @Maggie: You are a laugh riot. You aren’t fooling anyone. You’re here posting 24/7 and you are nothing but a sock of the usual suspect, LOL.

  • here
  • Pia Smith

    @Does anyone know: I’m still here as Nicole, and Tasty, and CGE and a slew of other monikers. Since I’m outed, I switch around just to stay hidden. I live here 23 hours a day at least, don’t you?

  • greeneyedminx

    @Jared making fun of GB: I agree, Jared is having fun with Gerry. Two gay men, why not? One gay teasing the other and Gerry saying, “you got me”.

  • Ressler’s Tiny Teeth Nubs

    I’ve finaly given up on him. He’s gay, no longer any doubt. It’s starting to get well known in LA now. More people are talking about it. No big deal really but I’ve moved on to other stars.

  • Maggie

    @Mmmhmmm: Get a life, troll.


    @Pia Smith: You seem very jealous and obsessed with those who post the links here. I’m sure they will let you post a link or two if it would make you feel better. Or perhaps a nice big box of donuts would ease your suffering?