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Ian Somerhalder Adorably Kisses Nikki Reed's Forehead at the Farmers Market

Ian Somerhalder Adorably Kisses Nikki Reed's Forehead at the Farmers Market

Ian Somerhalder leans in to his girlfriend Nikki Reed to plant a smooch on her head while browsing items at the Farmers Market together on Sunday morning (August 17) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old Vampire Diaries star and 26-year-old actress walked around and tasted some of the fresh produce on display.

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The night before, the couple hit the red carpet separately at the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live.

“We won!!!!! @YEARSofLIVING won!!!! WOW!!!!!” Ian tweeted after.

FYI: Nikki is wearing a Lanston maxi dress and carrying a Lacoste tote.

15+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed at the Farmers Market together…

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ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 01
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 02
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 03
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 04
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 05
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 06
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 07
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 08
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 09
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 10
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 11
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 12
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 13
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 14
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 15
ian somerhalder nikki reed kiss forehead farmers market 16

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107 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder Adorably Kisses Nikki Reed's Forehead at the Farmers Market”

  1. 1
    Feya Says:

    They are so cute together <3

  2. 2
    Isabella Says:

    Ian looks SO EFFING HOT OMG <3 they are cute

  3. 3
    isabel Says:

    Famewhores two D List celebrities

  4. 4
    joyous Says:

    They are happy whenever they see paparazzis it means free publicity for them.

  5. 5
    Westerous Says:

    Cant we just see them a proper kiss and hand holding already?

  6. 6
    Zella Says:

    Nikki rat

  7. 7
    marcy Says:

    eeeewwwwwwww Nikki finalize your divorce yet.

  8. 8
    Paula Says:

    they are so adorable! Love them and Ian is sexy as hell :))))

  9. 9
    Leah Says:

    It’s so obvious Ian doesn’t give two hoots about the abusive teens input in his life. They spew hate and directly threaten and insult his girlfriend and he hasn’t gone to ground, he’ll even still post a photo. This tells me very much that he is the one that hasn’t resigned and is walking away next year. Good luck to you man and congrats on your involvement in YOLD.

  10. 10
    Joycelyn Says:

    You cannot see them kissing properly or holding hands properly because these are all publicity stunt to get media attention.

  11. 11
    charlie Says:

    Seriously what a farce!! these 2 are actors and yet their moments look so awkward and forced….

  12. 12
    SS Says:

    How is living your life and doing the things you like asking for PR?..Nikki has been going to that market for years because she is into organic food & stuff. Now she took her boyfriend 6 his friends with. That is not PR that is people living their lives despite the paparazzi. They just don’t care.
    Should they stop going to public places because they might get papped? Sigh..

  13. 13
    Tine Says:

    I think they are a really hot and beautiful couple. If Ian is happy I am happy!

  14. 14
    JB Says:

    @Westerous: I know, right!!! They’re cute πŸ’—πŸ’—

  15. 15
    Alice Says:

    Omg they look amazing together, wow

  16. 16
    Katie Says:

    Aww! Love the fact that Ian has no problem showing his beautiful lady plenty of love and affection while walking through the Farmer’s market. Very nice that Jessica and Paul were able to join these two lovebirds today.

  17. 17
    delenasanarchy Says:

    Finally they don’t care about the haters anymore and are just enjoying themselves. thanks to rabid nian fans Ian will not coming back for season 7, Ian is free!!! You go bb

  18. 18
    aneta Says:

    boy he looks amazing, all the workout he is doing with nikki in and out of bed is doing wonders, his muscles are delicious

  19. 19
    cheryl Says:

    They don’t behave like other “normal” couples and they look awkward and forced because this “relationship” is for “business” purposes. Both benefit from publicity. Wake up Ian teen fanatics, there are a LOT OF HIDDEN AGENDA AMONG HOLLYWOOD STARS.

  20. 20

    Yea, I’m sure the paparazzi are just waiting ALL day for Nikki Reed and Ian Sonerhalder. A Twilight reject and Dlister on a teen vamp show. They are so desperate it’s not even funny.

  21. 21
    Anya Says:

    the haters are crying so much right now lolololol. Nikki has all of this in her bed every night while nina has nothing. You can cry all you want Nian shippers, in the end of the day Nikki will be riding this hot sexy specimen and you’ll be crying alone

  22. 22
    maria Says:


    There is a pic of them holding hands though..:your argumet makes absolutely no sense anyway

  23. 23
    Kylie Says:

    Nina shippers, stop making excuses and embarrassing yourselves. Stop posting photos from two years ago like it’s present day. Stop living in the past and move on. It’s annoying as hell and childish.

  24. 24
    Katie Says:

    @cheryl: You are really looking silly about right now with that comment and your wishful thinking because Ian and Nikki are the real deal.

  25. 25
    Bella Says:

    cry cry nian stans. You’re all bitter because now you have to face reality. You lied to so many stupid deluded teenagers and now everybody know you were lying and you had no inside sources. Ian is with Nikki, Nina left Ian 17 months ago. Cry in bed because it’s warmer at least

  26. 26
    ... Says:

    They’re lately look like an older and healthier version of Zac and Michelle. All the time on here. With the same ****. That’s boring. Leave them alone.

  27. 27
    jojo Says:

    This is news?!?!?!?!?!?!


  28. 28
    Lainey Says:

    I’m in love with them. They are soooooooo sweet. GORGEOUS COUPLE

  29. 29
    Noelle Says:

    I’m the most happy stelena shipper, nian obsessed stans ended delena. Because of them Ian is leaving TVD so no more delena after season 6. Bless

  30. 30
    Kylie Says:

    The delusional dozen on Twitter think they are so smart with their PR and this will end soon theories. But the thing is = if Ian wasn’t with Nikki, he still wouldn’t be with Nina. They had 15 months to sort their stuff out. Go figure. It makes no sense other than it’s all about your (the entitled fan) hurt feelings.

  31. 31
    Amy Says:

    Disappointed in Ian. This is definitely a PR relationship. How many times have they been papped already?

  32. 32
    . Says:

    This makes me sick….. He deserves so much better than this attention seeker.

  33. 33
    Rebert Carell Says:

    OK, i was wondering why they never kiss on their lips or hold hands for a long time and walk hand in had like couples in love do. They look good together but ts all so weird. Ian who said that dating in Hollywood is a nightmare or something is now in Hollywood in paps’ faces all the time. Before he was so private and hated his personal life being abused by media, he was protective and care full. Now he has changed. And i do not understand all the Nikki thing, OK she is with Ian but what do you know about her? When tomorrow she does something stupid and make Ian look ridiculous will you still believe in the illusion you created or you will trash her like Meghan and Nina and….well the rest ones?

  34. 34
    Katie Says:

    @Rebert Carell: There are pictures of Ian and Nikki holding hands, embracing each other and Ian kissing Nikki, but JJ doesn’t have those pictures posted yet. During the time Ian was with Meghan Auld, he was very open and showed her plenty of PDA… When Ian is in love with a woman he shows it. He was never private until he was linked to Nina Dobrev. Then suddenly everything was hush hush. Ian never said dating in Hollywood was a nightmare. Ian said it is gnarly to date in Hollywood and he said that on Chelsea Lately. Definition of gnarly is: difficult and challenging. I’d say the paparazzi proves him right because there is always a flashing camera in a celebrities face.

  35. 35
    Lol Says:

    Shouldn’t he work on TVD set or sth? Or maybe he works on the Farmers Market now, cause he spends there most of his time with girlfriend and paps around :D

  36. 36
    Katie Says:

    @Amy: It can get gnarly in Hollywood with all the paparazzi around… at least Ian and Nikki have their Atlanta bubble where they can relax and have their privacy. It is nice the way they are sharing residences – Nikki’s home in LA and Ian’s place in Atlanta. One thing for sure they have been pretty much inseparable for the past 2 months because they actually started dating in mid-June.

  37. 37
    GreenGirl Says:

    I could care less who these two date, but seriously, all these pap pictures over the last month or so that are ALWAYS posted on Just Jared, scream PR. Lots of celebrities frequent this Farmer’s Market, I see them all the time as a regular there myself. Funny though, you don’t see JJ or any other site posting pictures of celebrities buying produce EVERY weekend. Do the paps hang out there? No. The paps get tips that partilcular celebrities will be at a certain place, ones who want their picture taken, and then voila, instant PR. As for Ian kissing Nikki on the forehead, he does that with EVERYONE. Just ask Paul Wesley, an Ian fan, or even random stangers on the street Ian runs across. Ian loves people, he’s just being himself.

  38. 38
    Rebert Carell Says:

    @Katie: But with Nina he had his mist real relationship and longer than any other woman. He was private and protective… he is no different from the rest celebs. And he and Nikki look off somehow, i mean where is the real chemistry?? Ian is a man who cherishes a real woman’s beauty, i doubt he will hold it for long to be with a woman with no bobs, just my vision of things. I have studies sexual behavior and it looks like this. But maybe the future will show how it will be.

  39. 39
    cher Says:

    I am a Twilight fandom and just so you know Ian stans, Nikki has a reputation of calling out the paparazzis for publicity. This information was from Kristen’s close friend. Kristen and Nikki used to be BFFs but they had a falling out in 2009 because of Robert Pattinson.

  40. 40
    verox87 Says:

    I love and respect Ian..I really do..I think he’s a great human being, with a big heart and a lot of compassion for people, animals an nature..but I don’t really like this “relationship”, if you can call it..I mean he’s always been so reserved about his peronal life..and now every single week there are photos of him with her?..I know is LA and is full of paparazzi but something is weird..and I’m sorry but don’t like them as a couple..actually I’m not sorry

  41. 41
    GreenGirl Says:

    Unfortunately your information is wrong. Ian kept his relationship with Meghan extremely private and actually became irritated on several occasions when they were bothered. His realtionship with Maggie Grace wasn’t in the media and no one really knew that they dated, for quite some time I might add, until Ian mentioned it during a Paley Fest interview this last Spring. Ian wasn’t really on the paps radar until after TVD became a hit so of course when he and Nina started dating they kept things hush hush, but all you had to do was look at them to see that they were together. You’re right about one thing, when Ian is in love he shows it and isn’t shy about it, but I’m sorry a random forehead kiss, an arm casually around someone doesn’t scream “I’m in love with this person.” BTW, let’s get real, this is a gossip site, so if there were pictures of them kissing and holding hands, I’m sure they would have been posted by now.

  42. 42
    Levito Says:

    Publicity WH*RES.

  43. 43
    julie Says:

    attention seeker both

  44. 44
    lol Says:

    Yet here you are, taking time to post a comment.

  45. 45
    janney Says:

    Ian may not know it maybe Nikki or someone from her camp were the ones who always call the papz. She was like that in Twilight she always call the papz whenever she is out and about. Poor Ian if he does not have any knowledge what a famewhore Nikki is.

  46. 46
    Ellie Says:

    @GreenGirl: Nikki goes there every Sunday when she is in LA. At least get your facts straight. They don’t need PR…Ian was in the press every week when he was single aswell. They get papped because People are interested in them! Just look at how many People write a comment here!? Do you really think JJ doesn’t know how popular and LUCRATIVE this New couple is? They get tons of Money for it and that is why they post pics of them! Some of you really need to do some research about how Hollywood works.

  47. 47
    lol? Says:

    They shop there every Sunday they are in town for their groceries. Do you shop once a week for yours? or do you work at the grocery story like you are inferring they do? Get real, the paps get pics of all kinds of celebs at this market, it’s how they get paid!

  48. 48
    gullible Says:

    so since you read that somewhere you automatically believe it? You know the internet is full of lies and rumors right? Just admit you have no way of knowing what Nikki really does, you just like to make sure she gets negative comments.

  49. 49
    janney Says:


    QueMalaSHEIz Daryl Dixsons WIFEY
    RT @QueMalaSHEIz Nikki reed blocked me for calling her a famewhore :) … N saying that she’s jealous of Kristen and her success ..

    RK_robsten31 Sarah.
    RT @RK_robsten31 Powerful as in “*****”? LOL RT”Nikki Reed Part of EW sponsored CC Panel: Powerful Women in Pop Culture:

    CalliopeBlabs Calli
    ?RT @CalliopeBlabs clearly an attention *****-must b friends w/Nikki Reed RT @taryder: what some girl is wearing #goldenglobes

    DaryItzy Itzel Dariela
    RT ?@DaryItzy Omg Nikki Reed has a Twitter Account! So now you know if you want/need ***** advice you should follow her #lmao

    Stewza Krisbian
    RT @stewza I just wanna punch @NikkiReed_I_Am in the face.

    Brit_LApack AzaLea L
    ?RT @Brit_LApack yeah i hate @NikkiReed_I_Am since i heard abt her trying to hooking up with rob

    RobstenEvrAfter Robsten Enthusiast
    RT @RobstenEvrAfter @ITookAShot I toally agree! @NikkiReed_I_Am always tries to find a way to get her picture taken with Kristen. So pathetic. #FameWhore

    Invinciblehobos Captain
    RT @invinciblehobos when urbandictionary gives @NikkiReed_I_Am as an example of an attentionwhore

    LuvinRobsten143 Nicole Cullen ?
    RT @NikkiReed_I_Am is just jealous of Rob,Kristen & Taylor

    EpicRK Ross
    RT @Nikkireed_I_am I HATE YOU!!! You’re a jealous ***** bc Rob have everything and you nothing, you never gonna have a Best Actress award EVER

  50. 50
    twitter Says:

    The pics of them holding hands and kissing and hugging tight are all over twitter, way before Just Jared posted anything. Do your research.

  51. 51
    Susan Says:

    Stop calling them PR …they spend every waking Moment together. Nikki travels to ATL for him, and he back and forth to LA for her. They are not afraid to show their love so what? It’s a beautiful Thing…even Jessica and Paul ( very close Friends of Ian) are there! If it was PR he would never bring them along. Plus Ian’s Sister followed Nikki on Twitter! She never followed Nina btw! #js

  52. 52
    Diana Says:

    Ian’s messy hair is Life. God he is sexy <3

    Somerreed is beautiful. I support them :)

  53. 53
    Katie Says:

    @Rebert Carell: Ian and Nina broke up 17 months ago so “no” they were never meant to be.

  54. 54
    Alyx Says:

    @Anya: yeah but Nina has an actual career,she is relevant enough to be seated in front row at Chanel show @Paris Fashion Week meanwhile Nikki has her beloved paps on speedail and direct to DVD movies LMAO

  55. 55
    Katie Says:

    @GreenGirl: Actually my information is spot on and 100% accurate!

  56. 56
    Katie Says:

    @janney: LOL! As though any of those non-fan tweets even matter. What a silly thing to do.

  57. 57
    Stefy Says:

    Nikki is as desperate as they come. She was a druggie in her teenage days and had reputation of being a big trouble maker on Twilight set. Ian dude you need to run as fast as possible before this leech sucks you dry.

  58. 58
    sorryGreenGirl Says:

    Every comment you have made is full of false info. Let me guess, you get your info from tabloids. You need to research things yourself before posting.

  59. 59
    Lindsey Says:

    I am so “roflmao” at the lengths the naysayers try to go just to disprove Ian and Nikki are a romantic couple. It is just so comical. Let’s try this one more time…. Drumroll: Nina broke up with Ian 17 months ago because she wanted to be single. Nina had no intention of reconciling of Ian. Ian has now started a loving relationship with the very lovely Nikki Reed. Ian has no qualms at all in showing Nikki plenty of love and affection publicly. People will just have to deal with that fact.

  60. 60
    Narcissa Says:

    I don’t understand why she never touches him. He is always the one doing all the kissing, hugging, nuzzling, holding hand, his arm around her, etc. She barely places her hand on his shoulder from time to time, that’s all.

  61. 61
    . Says:

    Haha… Go to old news in this same site, from before the rumours with Ian started, and you’ll see Nikki Who has been hated since before. This hate isn’t just because of Ian and Nina, she’s an attention *****, and she’s smiling not because she’s happy because of Ian, but because the papps are crazy after her… She’s using him to get fame, something Nina didn’t do, because of her natural charisma and all…
    Ian… Run as fast as you can… This attention ***** is trouble and will stain your bright carreer!

  62. 62
    Narcissa Says:

    Well, one of them has to be. And IS sure isn’t that person, because he’s been in the limelight for years and he had never been into being papped 24/7.

  63. 63
    Narcissa Says:

    It wasn’t that private. He was papped with Meghan in New York and in the airport and so on, and in the famous video where she flips a bird to the cameraman you can see he is smiling, not annoyed at all.

  64. 64
    . Says:

    Just saw the photo of them holding hands, and one word for it… AWKWARD. Their fingers aren’t even enlaced, it looked like, ‘Hey, I saw a papparazi, lemme take your hand’ … This is more than clear it’s all for PR. Summer will be over as well this ‘thing’ between Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Who.

  65. 65
    LOL Says:

    Spoiled, bratty shippers not getting their own way is hilarious. Enjoy Ian’s middle finger to you all. About time!

  66. 66
    Nicole Says:

    Ohh lindos! β™₯

  67. 67
    Nicole Says:

    Nikki β™₯ This girl is WONDERFUL!

  68. 68
    pinksmans Says:

    Gorgeous couple, this is a big f*ck you to the haters. PR was Ian and NIna buying christmas tree. That was literaly a photoshoot with makeup and clothes selection. They go to this market every sunday, as Nikki does for years even before she met Ian. A lot of celebs go there so the paps are always there. And with all these comments in every article about Ian, of course the paps would chase them, you guys make them famous obsessing over Ian in every website. Thanks to you we have new pics every week. All what Nian creeps can do is cry and scream hateful words and swear it’s all PR. Keep fooling yourselves, it’s amusing to watch how delusional you are.

  69. 69
    lucia Says:

    If Ian wanted PR why he didn’t walk the red carpet together with Nikki? They always meet inside, so people won’t use their relationship. Of course he doesn’t hide on the streets and won’t spend his days when he goes visit her in LA locked inside just to hide from paparazzi, they are living their lives, but when it comes to pose or get photographed together they always decline.
    The fact is, the nian shippers are spoiled brats that are throwing a temper tantrum because they are not getting their away. They spread lies convincing dumb teen girls to believe Nian where together and never broke up, that they had inside sources and now is proved they were disgusting liars. But the only thing they are achieving is making Ian more protective of Nikki and making Ian leave the show after season 6 killing delena. Congratulations you idiots.

  70. 70
    delenasanarchy Says:

    It’s unreal the amount of jealous dobrevics in this article. You are all so pathetic but it gave me a good laugh. Meanwhile your queen Nina is irrelevant showing boobs to be in a movie that is being macerated with terrible reviews. Don’t worry guys, there will be always porn for Nina to find a job, but she is kinda fat lately so maybe not even being covered in spunk could be an option of career for her.

  71. 71
    Vessy Says:

    They look so in love, it’s beautiful to see <3 I'm jealous

  72. 72
    Peach Says:

    What I don’t get is, wasn’t she just with Derek Hough in June and now fawning all over Ian. She is divorcing her husband, citing that they got together to fast and now this. Can the girl not be alone? Another thing, I thought she and Nina were friends? This is just weird. Something seems off here.

  73. 73
    Linda Says:

    They are in love for sure, the way they look at each other, hot couple

  74. 74
    zee Says:

    love them-too cute together and they look happy!!!! Ian should marry her and lifes is too short-so let them be happy and do whatever the hell they want!!!!

  75. 75
    Amy Says:


    LOL. I doubt that’s going to happen. She just got divorced.

  76. 76
    . Says:

    @Peach: Exactly! Everything is off in this ‘thing’…. Nikki Who is an attention seeker and she’ll always be! I wouldn’t mind if Ian was dating Sophia Bush for instance. That woman has more class and dignity than this Nikki will never have. And to be honest, I don’t know what’s worse, the somerholics that supports every girl Ian dates, or the ones who says Ian should go back to Nina. I just want this to be over… Ian has changed a lot since he started ‘dating’ this Nikki… He was so much more private, now there is article of him everywhere, and not because of his amazing work with ISF but because of this woman, who has paps on her speed dial.

  77. 77
    Kyla Says:

    Just remember that when it comes to actors’ personal lives, what the fans think becomes completely irrelevant.
    Whether your opinion is negative or positive, it won’t matter one bit in what that personal decision will be. I find them cute and they seem to be very in love… Whatever Ian decides is the best for him is fine with me. <3

    @Peach: just rumors! Nothing confirmed. There is not even one pic that shows them together. I still think Derek is gay.

  78. 78
    Nina Says:

    Nina quit and is now living on a yacht. She has already left I heard. And she needs to lose weight, girl got fat, she is going to look huge and unattractive this season, isn’t the main girl meant to be the hottest????

  79. 79
    Ann Says:

    they’re both jerk. i would never do that to my friends if you know what i mean. Ian can’t have Nina so he settle with a less attractive version of her. sorry i’m not sorry…

  80. 80
    BlahBlah Says:

    Poor Nina stans all over Ian and Nikki’s story again, why don’t you go post on Nina’s latest story – she only has 7 comments, guess no one cares about her, not even her “fans”.

  81. 81
    Ann Says:

    I see privacy is not a thing for Ian anymore. 3 years with Nina & hardly we
    see pictures of them together and now he’s everwhere with this woman.

  82. 82
    . Says:

    Why post in a gossip site like this one, when we can send love to her in her in other medias… Nina doesn’t have a contract with paparazzis like Nikki does…. And after all these rumours started, Nina has being receiving plenty of love, where she actually sees it… Ian and Nikki, especially Nikki Who are being critizied for this backstabbing.

  83. 83
    Deb Says:


    That’s because Ian and Nina were in ATL most of the time shooting TVD. When Ian and Nina would go to LA there were often pap pics of them. Oh, and who can forget that time they were, you know, just shopping for a Christmas tree in ATL and lo and behold… they were papped. Hmmm, wonder how that happened since paps don’t usually just hang out in tree lots in ATL. LOL

  84. 84
    Mandy Says:

    FOR THE RECORDS…Ian was never private about his relationships! And don’t say Nian was private…we got a lot of pics of them together! When Nikki and Ian are in ATL we see no pics…just in LA which is normal. Seriosuly you guys do not have one legit reason to bash them….just admit it already!

  85. 85
    Amanda Says:

    He looks great!!!

  86. 86
    Julie Says:

    Ian looks super sexy, Nikki is the luckiest Woman on Earth.

  87. 87
    Lila Says:

    So happy that Ian took his best friends to the Emmys with him. They deserve this so much!

  88. 88
    Teyla Says:

    He’s so cute <333

  89. 89
    Dani Says:

    They are both so pretty. Love them as a couple XD

  90. 90
    Amy Says:

    LOL. It’s easy to tell which comments here are fake…

  91. 91
    Lucy Says:

    I could care less who Ian dates….but this appears like PR. Nikki supposedly hooked up with Nina’s past supposed boyfriend Derek who sets off my gaydar and now Nikki is dating Nina’s former boyfriend Ian who also sets off my gaydar. I bet Nina and Nikki are still best friends and are laughing at all of the comments on the JustJared posts.

  92. 92
    Isa Says:

    Hot pair !

  93. 93
    nicole Says:

    i though Ian was carrying a fire extinguisher, haha i mean his so HOT right and Nikki needs that is Boyfriend is on Fire HOT..:)

  94. 94
    Siena Says:

    I think Jared enjoys the hate comments. Why else post these boring d list actors everyday. When was the last time this girl had a successful movie or major role. And Ian better sign on to as many Tvd seasons as possible because he’s not gonna get any work after it. His career is super embarrassing

  95. 95
    U.Luv.paparazzi Says:

    what is it with these two,
    they are obviously calling the paparazzi on themselves …that goes without saying.
    but why exactly are they so desperate to ‘sell’ this relationship?

    is it revenge against the ex’s ,
    is it a PR stunt ,
    or is ian just feeling a wee bit of a famewhore.
    ..idk which but these ‘accidental’ photos is definitely a set-up.

  96. 96
    DoppleGanger Says:

    ian obviously has a ‘type’
    in some photos she looks remarkably like Nina .

  97. 97
    Amanda Says:

    Hot couple!!! Some people are bitter I see! LOL

  98. 98
    Elena Says:

    It must be the sirebond, no Ian would never date anyone else, no it’s the sirebond, he’s changed! *replace sirebond with pr*

  99. 99
    Ilona Says:

    @Noelle: If Ian is leaving there will also be no season 7, and Delena will be endgame because they belong together especially after last episode , they will do anything to find there way back to each other.and Ian and Nina’s onscreen chemistry Is always of the charts , whether there together or not in there private life,.

  100. 100
    Ilona Says:

    Congratulations to Ian on the Emmy. His Interview from the red Carpet has been all over the Entertainment News on TV. and the most shown. He looked stunning. Love Him and Nikki, there beautiful. I am so happy for Them and , maybe by Christmas we get on Engagement.

  101. 101
    Tracy Says:

    What a beautiful & sexy man!!!

  102. 102
    Isfraud Says:

    @Ilona: ian didn’t win an emmy, he’s just acting like he did.

  103. 103
    Ian's the best Says:

    Bitter people are the best! Not only they can’t stop talking about Ian and they raise his popularity but they also prove how more interesting he is than their favorites! <3333

  104. 104
    Damon the King Says:

    Ian posted a pic of Damon and #DamonSalvatore was no1 WWT in less than 10 min. And of course the bitter bitces are becoming more bitter!

  105. 105
    Dalia Says:

    @Ian’s the best: THIS

  106. 106
    mimi (Brazil) Says:

    miracle that SHE IS DRESSED

  107. 107
    Mia Says:

    @#70: LOL She didn’t show her boobs in the movie idiot, just her back.

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