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Olivier Martinez Looks Like He Traveled Back to the 1970s!

Olivier Martinez Looks Like He Traveled Back to the 1970s!

Olivier Martinez shows off his retro style while stocking up on groceries at a local market on Friday (August 15) in Malibu, Calif.

The day before, the 48-year-old French actor’s wife Halle Berry celebrated her 48th birthday! Happy Belated Birthday, Halle!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

Earlier in the week, Olivier and Halle were all smiles while holding hands during a lunch date in West Hollywood.

Check out a new clip below of Halle in her recent film Frankie & Alice, which is now available on DVD/Blu-ray.

Halle Berry – ‘Frankie & Alice’ Clip
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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Moi

    Never known anyone lose ‘it’ like he has. He used to be so gorgeous but now just looks like a 1970s porn star.

  • just saying


  • Wurry

    He looks the same hungover gross no matter what decade he is dressed for.

  • Wurry

    Well, I suppose they sent you this as this movie came out in 2010. LOL.

  • lr


  • ceacvlammxc

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  • halle and maceo

    halle and maceo

    he definitely looks like his sister in the face and eyes
    (general comment)


    Halle son don’t look like her daughter, he look like Halle before she got her nose done. Her son look just like her.

  • so did Nahla

    @MYWHAT PEOPLE WANT: so did Nahla’s baby pix. He does look more like her (Halle) and not Baguette Boy.


    Maceo look like Halle and Nahla is the image of Gabriel period.

  • more with her assistants…

    @halle and maceo: More pix of Halle w/her assistants and the kid.

  • bluebeard

    I feel that they are not married and that wedding was only a ceremony. I highly doubt they are legally married. It’ll come out that their marriage is a fake. Don’t forget, even in France, it is public record.

  • shelbethegreat

    Maceo is better looking than his sister and will be as handsome as his father Olivier.

  • British Latin American

    @shelbethegreat: You really have it in for Gabriel, don’t you? Please find a more constructive way to deal with it.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @British Latin American: I didn’t mention golden boy’s name, you did. Maybe if you stopped obsessing about that loser you could have a life.

  • monkeyboy

    My God is he ugly and dried up.

  • just saying

    Why don’t Olivier take his own child out in public by himself like he used always take Gabriel and Halle daughter?????? Have some father son time, people remember how he use’s to play daddy, now it’s his turned to play daddy now.

  • shelbethegreat

    Olivier takes both children out, not just one that’s the kind of man he is, an excellent role model(He works and is rich). Maceo is too young to do much right now. At his age he is more attached to his mother, this will change when he is older. Maceo is a beautiful child and if you see pictures of them together Olivier obviously loves him.

  • just saying


  • just saying

    By the way Matthew McConaughey, Josh Duhamel,david beckham, Ben Affleck, and the list goes on, Is his hands made of gold that he can’t hold his own child and be by himself with him the child is almost a year old come on.

  • guest

    you sad sad person, you have no idea what a role model is. you really should quit acting like you know them personally because you just sound very gullible and silly.

  • Carla Mendes
  • old pix-halle’s there

    @Carla Mendes: Carla you’ve posted that before from last month. He’s not with Maceo by himself. Halle is usually nearby. @justsaying was referring to OM w/Maceo w/o Halle around.

    If Olivier is ever holding Maceo or with him–Halle, is always present. The Disneyland pix are with one of Nahla’s friends and her mother there.

    Olivier has NEVER been photographed without Halle being present./nearby and sometimes other folks around and maybe the nanny.

    Maceo is usally always with Halle and the Nanny. She always takes with her when she travels because of her nursing him with assistants and nanny/nannies part of her entourage.

  • just saying

    My you can clearly see how he is not a natural holding that baby, he look very uncomfortable holding that child. We saw those stage family outing lost month and again We want to see picture of him going out with the baby alone not with Halle.

  • shelbethegreat

    @just saying: So the paparazzi haven’t caught him alone with the child yet, maybe he’s more private than goldilocks and his staged photo ops. Olivier is a private man, besides Maceo is a baby now, there isn’t a rush to prove anything particularly to you.

  • yep

    @just saying: Yep, totally agree…any pix they produce of Baguette Boy w/Jr. Halle is present. He’s not husband or father material. He’s totally inept beyond the scope of being a 1st time Dad. You can tell the kid is with Halle and the nanny/body guards more than OM.

  • just saying

    Come to think of he do look more like the GRANDDAD THAN THE FATHER.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Olivier is looking the part of General Santa Ana everyday, more and more. He is absolutely delicious, lucky Halle.

  • FOOL

    LUCKY Shelbethegreat

  • shelbethegreat

    @FOOL: I see you Just Saying. We are all lucky to look upon the gorgeous Martinez.

  • New pictures of Maceo

    Here are some new pictures of Maceo, he’s adorable. Erste Bilder: Halle Berry zeigt ihren süßen Sohn |

  • FOOL

    @ shelbethegreat I didn’t attack you please don
    ‘t attack me It’s my right to say what I want thank you, and if Olivier Martinez is gorgeous my pet dog is way more gorgeous than him and I have a pet bull.

  • @#31
  • Shelbethegreat

    @FOOL: Since Olivier was able to marry one of the most beautiful women in the world I am inclined to believe you have vision problems. And I am sure Olivier is way better looking than you and your dog combined.

  • FOOL

    @Shelbethegreat You dumb fool we all know you are in love with that UGLY A** man. The day Halle kick him out you will hook up with him good lucky to you Shelbethegreat all that shine is not gold only in your eyes FOOL. By the way Halle don’t count she is a rounded a way girl she have being with everyone she work with big deal.

  • http://firefox genab

    Why do rich people dress worst then those who don’t have money. What so bad about it is that the clothes they wear cost a lot of money.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @genab: Most guys don’t’ care about clothes, just look around, he’s not the only one. Sure Olivier is rich and all, just doesn’t spend it on clothes.

  • Amazed

    Must be a movie role. He looks like a frenchman fom the country,

  • carla
  • re: carla
  • more staged photos

    Maui trip staged like bday w/OM and her asst as with Halle being solo w/Maceo and her assist or Halle, Maceo, Nahla and her friend at Legoland. Funny, on the Bossip pix, how Olivier is holding Maceo while Halle, Nahla and Nahla’s friend go parasaiing happened right after he was called out here last week for only holding him when Halle is nearby or there—she did this all the time about when rumors were flying about she and Aubry before their split was announced. One thing is for sure, Maui isn’t Mexico, Paris or Turks & Caicos. Oh well…tick tock…tick tock

  • carla
  • more staged photos

    @carla: nothing new –same pix on DMUK link. Like I said they settled for Maui instead of Mexico City, Paris or Turks & Caicos like Halle wanted. All the pix from all the different sites Bossip, DMUK etc make it look like more of family vacay w/bringing Nahla’s friend along than an anniversary.

  • more staged photos

    @more staged photos: not saying she and OM didn’t do anything there for their anniversary.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @more staged photos: You got some serious problems. A person will see trouble if they really want too. You should really get a life, instead of praying for a family to break up.

  • Eli-7

    @ShelbethegreatWhere you read all of that in the posters comments, is beyond me?

    How does w/ kids and Nahla’s friend in tow making it look like a family vacay on the different sites than an anniversary when Halle said multiple times on TV, print etc where the several places they were going this summer for their family vacation and /or anniversary –how you twisted that into they hope they break up–is still beyond me?

  • JJ2009

    @Shelbethegreat: Physician heal thy self…funny, how you are always accusing others of things you have misread that aren’t there. Oh well, to each his/her own , right?

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Eli-7: @Just Saying your using multple posts again i.e. Eli-7 & JJ2009. Stop talking to yourself.

  • Eli-7

    @Shelbethegreat: Nope, I am not @justsaying—sorry JS. I am another poster calling you on your hypocritical bullshit

  • JJ2009

    @JJ2009:Shelbe, no I am also not @justsaying or @Eli-7—I have been using this moniker here on JJ etc since 2009–check the Halle archives here–Shelbethegreat/April/Nell/Angel/Carlam…/carla and all of the other alias that me, jsut saying and all of the others have been mentioned on Halle threads since you have been posting here. Seriously, I am not JS.