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Katie Holmes: 'The Giver' is a Very Emotional Celebration of Life

Katie Holmes: 'The Giver' is a Very Emotional Celebration of Life

Katie Holmes wakes up for an early morning coffee run on Tuesday morning (August 19) in New York City.

The 35-year-old The Giver actress recently opened up about working on the film.

“I really loved the script, and then I read the book, and I immediately understood why it’s so beloved,” Katie told CBS. “I think these themes are very important, and what I love about the movie is, you know, you really see this extreme society.”

“No war, no pain,” Katie added about a world that has no war and pain. “But then you see Jonas go through having all these memories and these beautiful human moments, and it’s wonderful to see on screen these wonderful life moments. To me, the movie is very emotional when you see it. It’s a celebration of life in many ways because you’re seeing what happens when you take away freedom.”

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes on a coffee run…

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  • Just a Comment

    This is the real Katie…

  • Bomb

    Wonder if she is depressed. All that hype last week for another box office dud to add to the list.
    Now she is back to her normal grungy self.

  • Just a Comment

    The entertainment business is a path of incredible highs and lows. So many things are out of your control whether your movie succeeds or not at the box office. What a difference a week can make.

  • Jayne

    Does she have any real friends? You never really see her doing anything fun and social just for kicks.

  • Nathan

    The “Miss Meadows” trailer E-Online posted looks great.

  • #5

    didn’t you say someone nominated Katie for the ice bucket challenge? I guess she didn’t accept since there is a time limit.

  • Nathan

    To #6

    Rita Ora nominated Katie for the ice bucket challenge.

    Did you watch the “Miss Meadows” trailer posted on E-Online ?

    I’m telling you guys “Miss Meadows” is gonna be Katie’s comeback movie it looks awesome.

  • Danelle


    As far as female Pulp Fiction satire I think it was done better with Serial Mom –

    But if the trailer at the link you provided is pretty much the movie it seems more like a Girl Interrupted with all the main characters wrapped into Miss Meadows, which I don’t feel, based off the trailer, that Katie has range enough to cover them all and keep the picture in a Pulp Fiction satirical realm – (re: Hollywood Reporter).

    It depends if this Miss Meadows is suppose to be satire, I didn’t see any comedic timing from Katie Holmes in the trailer, which you would expect from similar films (Serial Mom, Pulp Fiction, Heathers, Seven Psycopaths, etc.).

    Speaking of 7 Psychopaths, I saw it an I think it is the best recent example of films such as what Miss Meadows seems to be marketed as.

    Off the chain characters, twisted humor and a lot of violence all with a sense of life as normal.

    Again, not sensing it in the Miss Meadows trailer.

    We’ll see when more trailers are released, along with the eventual release of the movie in November.

  • Madonna

    Is Miss Meadows a limited release ?

  • Danelle

    How long did it take for Nicole Kidman’s establish her self as an actress (solid) independent of Tom Cruise (i.e. post divorce)?

    Moulin Rouge (2001), Hours (2002) and Cold Mountain (2003) – all within 2 years of the divorce.

    I am not a major fan of Nicole Kidman, I like some and not others, but she has evident talent and her work speaks for itself.

    Not so much for Katie Holmes post Tom Cruise, over 2 years out.

  • shhhh

    shhh. Be quiet Danelle!
    You will ruin the narrative of poor little girl who just needs another chance.
    She has only been given more then most ever dream of.
    It’s not her fault. It’s her ex’s fault. It’s the media’s fault for the way they perceive her. It’s the directors and producers fault that they won’t hire her since she was in the a cult. (even though she has the studio owner trying to plug her anyway he can). It surely can’t be her lack of talent or charisma it must be the fault of someone or something else.
    You gotta keep the narrative that although she has been the business for 17 years it’s still just the fault of her stint in the cult that she hasn’t really made a big impression or been a star in her own right.You just wait 2015 will be her year (although they said that after the divorce about 2013 too)

  • Nathan

    Thanks for the “Serial Mom” link Danelle i have never seen it before but i gotta say i think Miss Meadows looks like a better more serious version of that movie.

    I have only seen Nicole Kidman in like two movies The Others (2001) and Days of Thunder (1990) so I don’t know that much about her acting but from what i saw I don’t think she is a better actress than Katie holmes.

    Plus I know it’s shallow but Looks are at play here too and Nicole Kidman is pretty but Katie is gorgeous and Katie has way more sex appeal.

  • sara

    Jared obviously loves Katie Holmes. What about a thread with Alexander Skarsgard’s take on The Giver. His opinions are so much more educated and informed then Katie “Amazing” Holmes vapid replies. Or what about Jeff Bridges? Again his dialogue about the movie has much more depth than KH presents to us.

  • Danelle


    ” better more serious version of that movie.” that’s my point.

    The movie was advertised at TIFF as – “Miss Meadows (Katie Holmes) is not everything she seems in this satirical comedy about manners and mores and what happens when moral compasses go helter skelter against the messy magnets of real life. Holmes dons the role of a dainty vigilante,”

    It is also how the few reviews from TIFF (i.e., Hollywood Reporter) have described it – as a ‘satirical comedy’ in the vein of Pulp Fiction (my examples, Serial Mom, Heathers, etc.,),

    If it is a satirical comedy then it is the comedic timing the audience will be looking for as the tone of the film flips back and forth between the violence and normalcy or innocence projected by characters and scenes.

    If it is a drama in the vein of Girl Interrupted the characters emotional flaws are front and for most, which characters need range and depth to pull off a realistic acceptance by the audience. Which all the cast of Girl Interrupted conveyed – the late Brittany Murphy (epic performance), Angelina Jolie, Clea Duvall, and Winona Ryder.

  • Danelle


    I saw ‘Others” and I thought Nicole’s performance was brilliant. Her mannerisms perfectly captured the essence of the character (period and class), the emotions (fear, stoicism) and tone of each scene for the movie. Although I sensed the ending earlier on in the film I still thought her performance was chillingly on point.

    I saw her in Golden Compass, Invasion, Stepford Wives, and Bewitched.

    Didn’t care for her acting in Invasion, but liked her in Bewitched and Golden Compass.

    I think Nicole knows her acting strengths and plays to them in her films (porcelain-like beauty, sophisticated manner, and forceful stare) and can even use that understanding to her advantage in comedic roles, similar to Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada or Death Becomes Her – Nicole in To Die For.

  • Danelle


    I’m surprised too, since Alexander Skarsgard has more of a following than Katie and better acting creds (as far as reviews).

    Maybe his people don’t pander to blogs so therefore not than many post.

    His acting talents can stand on their own without the regular Starbucks runs captured by the papz.

  • @16

    I don’t think it’s that JJ loves Katie as much as he loves hits.
    If you notice there are very few threads here that have many post anymore.
    Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and a couple of others get large post count but not many others.
    JJ post what gets hits and comments

  • Danelle


    JJ posts on Chris Brown regular goes without comment or limited comments because the violence that happened in his relationship with Rihanna years back, but still he gets posts.

    Halle Berry, very few posts and mostly negative if any, but still JJ posts.

    Doctor Who, which I am a fan of, gets a decent amount of coverage here about a dozen a year, and it only gets a handful (if that) comments.

    There are many more examples so it can’t be primarily hits.

    JJ has his staple hits makers – Angelina, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kardashians, some of the former Disney crowd, Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler, a few more. But outside of these staples its most PR and filler.

  • Danelle


    But I do agree that in Katie’s case its the hits.

    Katie’s career is an enigma – modest talent, insipid personality that is revealed in boring interviews and limited style (there I am being generous).

    I stumbled on this – – the other day and got a chuckle.

  • Buckeye

    @Nathan: Hope you’re right. Is it going to make it to the big screen? I liked it!

  • @19

    That “deep tweets” was posted here before. It’s hysterical.

  • @19

    Also notice in the first 15 seconds they say “Katie Holmes, of Dawson’s Creek and Tom Cruise marriage fame”. Dead on.

  • Nathan


    From what I read it sounds like Miss Meadows has both comedy and drama plus Katie gets to tap dance so it sounds like it’s the prefect movie for her she likes to tap dance and she is great at serious dramatic cry on cue type scenes.

    I saw that “Deep Tweets” article and i thought it was kinda mean.

  • Buckeye

    @Danelle: Leo sometimes gets in the upper hundreds. Who’s to say Katie can’t continue to grow. U know. Coaching, classes. I see her as determined!

  • Nathan


    Hey Meg # 20 Dailymail says Miss Meadows will be released in limited cinemas and on-demand in the US on November 14

    Dailymail link.

  • Danelle


    Thanks. That’s where I must have got connected to it; I couldn’t remember how I found it.

    Dead on though.

  • Tina

    Nathan you must be the only one who thinks Katie can tap dance. Did you see Tina Fey’s take on it?

    They must have mocked her at SNL for saying she can dance and Will Farrell had to save her

  • Danelle


    Ahh, yes forgot about Leo. He keeps the hits coming for JJ too.

    Changing the topic back to Miss Meadows, just a little duplicity by Mr Weinstein.

    – Weinstein got into a discussion with Stern about the issue of gun control, telling the controversial radio host, “I don’t think we need guns in this country, and I hate it. I think the NRA is a disaster area.”

    “I shouldn’t say this, but I’ll tell it to you, Howard. I’m going to make a movie with Meryl Streep, and we’re going to take this head-on,” Weinstein continued. “And they’re going to wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.”

    And yet Katie, according to Harvey, gave an Oscar worthy performance in Miss Meadows as a gun toting criminal serial killer – prim and proper grade school teacher.

    No finger wagging by Harvey at Katie or the writer/director/producer of Miss Meadows.

  • Buckeye

    @Nathan: #25 – What blew my cover?

  • Nathan

    @Buckeye: #29

    The Coaching, classes comment you always say that.

  • Buckeye

    @Tina: Tina trashes everyone so her remark means nothing. Perfect example: she moves the 26 y/o girl to the side so she doesn’t “steal her spotlight”.

  • Nathan

    @Tina: #27

    Yup i saw that but did you see Katie on SNL tap Dancing with Will Farrell they were both great. I don’t know why Tina Fey took a shot at Katie like that it was not cool SNL seems to like to go after Katie I mean even anne hathaway made fun of how Katie talks on SNL.

  • Tina

    That was a joke and the 26year old was in on it.
    #32 But from the intro you can tell that wasn’t the original plan. Will had to go out and dance with her to save it and it was probably like her other dance where it was a lot of walking on the stage and not much actual dancing.

  • Danelle

    It looks like Tom has been challenged and accepted the ALS buckets of ice from Hugh Jackman and Pans cast.

    Will Katie accept her challenge? Is it just that you have to donate if you don’t accept the ALS challenge in 24 hrs?

  • Tina

    I heard it was like 24hrs so her time is up.

  • Nathan


    I think you gotta give 100 dollars to ALS if you don’t do it.

  • Buckeye

    @Tina: I know. That’s Tina! She’s all about mocking others or squelching others. Personally, I don’t how that is talent.

  • Ani

    Oh, I thought it was more.

  • Danelle

    @Nathan @Ani

    Just checked the ALS site and it doesn’t mention an amount, it just states – “Those who refuse to take the challenge are asked to make a donation to the ALS charity of their choice.” –

    So, it sounds like the refuser makes a donation in the amount they choose.

    When you click on the donate button at the site it starts the donation amounts as low as $35 and you can choose the Donor for recognition and whether it was for the ‘ice bucket’ challenge.

    Promotion has exceeded expectations.

  • Toodles

    When Tom Cruise fell in love with Katie Holmes, he talked with ease about how talented she was and how great her work was. He was clearly talking as a “man in love”…. blind to her actual abilities.

  • @40

    Not to mention much of what they both said was pure pr bullshitttt.
    Everything from both of them was “amazing” and “magical”.

  • @40

    AND he was trying to push her career and the tomkat brand.

  • Mary

    @#41 – Cruise had big plans to become a power player in Hollywood and had bought United Artists studio, a big BeverlyHills mansion, and married a younger woman 16 years his junior Katie Holmes and was trying to make her into successful actress, fashion designer and they would become a power couple with a photographic little girl and they would be associated with Scientology. Cruise’s TomKat period was a fiasco for the church of Scientology. Talk about things not working out and backfiring.

  • Danelle

    Johnny Depp made $1 million for a week of Into the Woods. Meryl phoned in her turn in The Giver. Boarding, or flying in big actors to shoot for a few days, is bad for the big picture.

    In Tinseltown parlance, “boarding” involves an A-list star being inserted into a big-budget picture, having their individual scenes blocked out so they can shoot them in a matter of days or weeks, and then hitting the road. The practice is highly beneficial to both parties. Films get to score a big star in their movie at a discounted rate, paying them a fraction of their standard quote, while the star gets to keep their full quote stable—since their fee is prorated—and is able to have their name attached to a flashy flick, thereby increasing their individual box office clout. It’s the audiences consuming these patchwork products that suffer.

    “Boarding is basically a way of, for lack of a better word, mailing it in,” an agent told The Hollywood Reporter.

    So, the inimitable Harvey Weinstein worked his magic, calling on his pal Meryl Streep—who famously referred to him as “God” after winning her Best Actress Oscar for the Weinstein-distributed Iron Lady—to return the favor, don a gray wig, and play the villainous Chief Elder in the Lowry adaptation.

    …..her involvement convinced other stars like Alexander Skarsgard and Katie Holmes to sign up in order to work with the living legend.

    “We were able to drop Meryl in for 10 days, which was a win-win because we get Meryl to promote the movie, but no one gets paid a big salary,” TWC COO David Glasser told THR.

    So about a $1M for Katie’s performance? or less?

  • no

    No I doubt KH can make a mil for a small part
    MS was the big draw. If KH said no they can find someone else.

  • Mary

    I don’t think that Tom had fallen in love with Katie and was head over heels in love with her, he wanted the public to buy into the PR that they were the happily married couple with a cute little girl and that would silence the gay and sterile rumors and create a whole new image for Cruise with a younger demographic. I think Katie was in love with Cruise as much as one can be if they know each other for 2 months. Katie was with Chris Klein until April 2005. Then she reportedly met Tom Cruise in April 2005, and were engaged June 2005. According to their account Suri was born April 2006 and they married Nov 2006. This entire TOMKAT relationship was controversial from the beginning. A lot of people alledgedly don’t believe Suri was born April 2006 nor that the biological father is Cruise. But that is water under the bridge. That relationship no longer exists and if years from now we find out who Suri’s father is I don’t think it will be as scandalous as it could have been during the TOMKAT period. If Cruise is not the father that also makes Katie look bad for bringing Suri into this.

  • Mary

    Hollywood is where illusions are made. The public likes to be entertained and wants to look at beautiful people, acting, hear talented voices, etc. Actors have to sell an image that people will care about. Who wants to pay $14 to go to the movies and see a dull story, a boring personality.

  • annie

    read a review about Miss M…”.takes you on an amazingly fun ride”.

  • annie

    The Washington Post was very complementary towards her acting in The Giver. plenty of imfo around to keep things fair!

  • @49

    Those that gave her good reviews were all impressed she was so good at acting like what a cult member or brainwashed person would be like.
    So sure she “nailed” that as they gave her backhanded compliments about it.