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Zoe Saldana Can't Do the Ice Bucket Challenge Because of Her Pregnancy, So Hubby Marco Perego Steps In (Video)

Zoe Saldana Can't Do the Ice Bucket Challenge Because of Her Pregnancy, So Hubby Marco Perego Steps In (Video)

Zoe Saldana was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but because of her pregnancy, acknowledged that she could not do it.

However, the 36-year-old actress’ hubby Marco Perego gladly stepped in in her place!

“I am accepting James Gunn‘s challenge to take on the ice bucket challenge,” Zoe says in the video. “Obviously, I can’t do it myself so I nominate my husband to take on the challenge.”

Zoe and Marco nominated James Cameron, Aileen Getty, Ron Burkle, and Salma Hayek to take the challenge next. Watch the video below!

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  • Whatever!!!

    The girl finally admits the obvious.

  • Courtney

    typical lazy woman’s excuse to get out of so many things is pregnancy why couldn’t Ms Saldana take part pregnancy shouldn’t be an excuse to skip a charity fundraiser unless you’ve had complications which I don’t think Zoe has. somebody would’ve leaked something to the tabloids as happens with most other celebrities

  • Sassypants


    Why does she need to admit or announce anything exactly? Anyway, I think they are both cute in pictures together. Nothing like the honeymoon phase in a relationship!

  • KBB

    Mr Perego is absolutely beautiful and hen he talks *sigh*

  • Sassypants


    Women are notoriously overly cautious with their first child/pregnancy, which is her prerogative, she likely did not want to risk getting sick having a large bucket of ice cold water poured over her head.

  • Well


    Every detail of a celebrities life is not in the tabloid, especially their medical history. Who knows, she probably checked with her physician first and he probably told her it would be best not to do it. You never know. Therefore, I trust she had her good reasons for not doing the challenge herself.

    Also, ice along then plus water can be very shocking to the body and since she is early in her pregnancy she might not wanted to take a chance and do anything that could cause any problems like possible miscarry, etc. I wouldn’t have done it, if I was pregnant.

  • Sarah

    Wait she can’t do it because she’s preggo!? What!? My neighbor is 6mths pregnant & did it with her family!

  • Okay


    Your friend is further along than Zoe and maybe she was advised by her doctor not to do it….geez why are some criticizing her for her personal decision…it’s her first child and none of us know her medical history. Plus they gave a donation.

  • Ghee

    It´s just cold water people, com on. What could happen and why go see a doctor to ask, it´s water, not something dangerous. Gheee.

  • skyyronnie

    geezzzz,,,,, who cares ?!
    and they won’t last anyway,,, he is getting his green card and free no work lifestyle ,,,, not bad , smart man

  • DeeDee

    Maybe she doesn’t want to get a cold, having a cold while pregnant is the worst!!!

  • Courtney

    those of you calling me out um celebrities give away part of their right to a private life when they decide to be famous and she’s obviously more than three months as it’s been in the news since before Guardians Of the Galaxy was released. and what I said is true first time moms over age 35 are at a higher risk of complications then those under 35 oh please having a cold while pregnant is nothing to worry about try having placental issues or issues with the amniotic fluid as Faith Hill did with her last pregnancy 13 years ago

  • GradBoy

    Marco will continue to learn what he has to do to be married to a diva.

  • Kiarah

    @KBB: AHHAHA, I thought the exact same thing. I dont think i would be able to listen to his voice day in and day out.

  • jon m’shulla

    She could do it. Most of them cheat on it anyway. Just a few cubes. Although some go all out and dump a ton of water with a ton of cubes. Half the men anyway.

    Take that racist, closet case Oprah Winfrey…..Gail dumped about 12 cubes with almost no water over her. A preggers babe could do that. Not that it is an excuse for fat Oprah, the muff diver.

  • jon m’shulla

    Of course it is the donations that count.

  • Leché

    y’all broke asses sound stupid … pretty sure she made a generous donation anyway so why y’all so concerned whether or not she did it … get a grip .