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Former President George W. Bush Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Former President Bill Clinton!

Former President George W. Bush Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Former President Bill Clinton!

Former President George W. Bush accepted his nomination to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and had water poured on his head by his wife, Former First Lady Laura Bush!

“To you all who challenged me, I don’t think it’s presidential for me to be splashed with ice water, so I’m simply going to write you a check,” the 68-year-old politician said in the video, before his wife surprised him by pouring the ice water on his head. So funny!

At the end of his video, Former President Bush nominated Former President Bill Clinton! Watch the challenge below.

George W. Bush Ice Bucket Challenge

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  • CandiCe

    I hate him more everytime I see him.

  • wow

    Wow he was actually really decent this time.

  • angelwings1

    What a class act and good man!

  • Lara

    @angelwings1: Hahaha okay…

  • God

    Bush is searching Iraq for the missing ice cubes, so far 4,000 Americans have been killed and 100,000 maimed.

  • xtincta

    We haven’t forgotten about his failed presidency and the lies he told us to get in Iraq. Screw him!

  • Living in a box

    This man is the reason why America in deep sh!t! Not just America also Iraq! Now Iraq been terrorize by Isis! This man is a war criminal!!!!

  • obamaistheproblem

    @Living in a box: since your obviously “living in a box” you must be a very uneducated citizen. Obamacare is the cause of America being in deep shit. Obama spends more time making visits to Hollywood, then he does running our failed country. you’re beyond ignorant.

  • obamaistheproblem

    why does someone keep deleting my comments? I’m not surprised. All of hollywood supports our current president, who has driven our country off a cliff.

    to “living in a box,” like your name, you are an ignorant american citizen… probably not even a citizen. America is in deep shit because of Obama who has been president for almost 8 years. he spends more time visiting hollywood to round up more money then he does focusing on the future of our country. Just watch, our country is over because of that man.

  • Mike

    Lol so many haters. He was a pretty bad president but we haven’t traded up either. Obama is much the same as Bush. @Livingin a box get over it, ISIS taking control over Iraq has nothing to do with Bush. The fact we left without establishing a strong central government is what allowed ISIS to take over. My biggest problem with Bush in trying to form a democratic government there was that you can give people something they don’t know exists or what it is.

  • sky

    wow wow wow, this is the ice bucket challenge not a presidential debate. My goodness.

  • ish

    you can rag on bush all you want, but obama is far from being an upgrade.

  • Emma

    LOL! I can’t wait to see Bill Clinton’s. I doubt he will accept as it will run off his toupee. hahaha.

  • Diana

    I’m glad he’s no longer president but this video was amusing and shows he has a sense of humor.

  • Living in a box

    @obamaistheproblem: I’m not fans of obamas but who send thousand of American to Iraq? who’s claiming Saddam have WMD? How many Iraqi died before Obama entering the office(white house) When the economy is collapsed? before of after obama became a president? Who be friends with Osama bin laden? You just another right wingers, brainwashed by Fox news.

  • Living in a box

    @Mike: Did America government training Isis? Just how America trained Al-Qaeda. Have you wonder why there is no Iraqi military been send to fight Isis? Because after Saddam died the U.S government disbanded the military in Iraq. Iraq have no defense, any threat can easily enter the nation.

  • Pretty Freakin’ Cool

    This was unexpected and awesome all at the same time.

    His wife is so cool. Great job guys!

  • Sad world

    @Mike:They know what democracy is and democratic systems have existed in many parts of the world in different forms but with the growth of the national states system many of these local democratic traditions were lost and abandoned. Unfortunately, many people do not know about this history which is why it is often viewed entirely as a western idea imposed on others. I’m sure many ordinary civilians in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan want some kind of democracy and independence but there are groups and individuals with their own agendas and extremist views which have taken up arms because they want to overtake control. They don’t care about the civilians or about local traditions.

    Many of the fighters in ISIS are not from Syria or Iraq, sadly some of them were even born and raised in western democratic countries. So they know what democracy is but they have a warped view of it and simply don’t believe in it. Some have been brainwashed and lead to believe that it’s a western concept that is used as a way to gain power and control over the whole region and their resources. That’s their world view and justification for every horrible thing that they’re doing. We have to understand this if there’s gonna be any hope for defeating them.

  • Cate

    All politics aside that video was funny and drew attention to ALS.

  • RME

    This POS needs to be charged with war crimes and committing a genocide, a la Hitler, aganist the Muslim people. Don’t let hate cloud your judgement. What he’s done is W-R-O-N-G. He is the very demon he claims to fight–a terrorist.

  • obamaistheproblem

    @Living in a box: dude…. learn english before you attempt to make an argument. Literally everything you said was incomprehensible. I’m glad Obama has people like you behind him. How sad.

  • Yuuuuck

    OMG I hate this man so much. He ruined the world and this country for 8 long, dark years. It makes my skin crawl to hear that uneducated, arrogant, obnoxious voice of his again. Shudder, shudder, criiiiiiinge, cringe. Thank GAWD he is no longer in power!!

  • vom

    look at him, giving a 5 minute long, rambling speech, as if he still has any influence in this world. haaaaaaate this idiot!!!!!!

  • ravenhead

    don’t hate people
    it’s not good for the soul <3

  • vom

    @ravenhead: I HATE THIS FOOL. He’s not good for the souls of all people in the universe <3

  • Texti

    These challenges will eventually digress to public sockings, Dilbert first !