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Chris Evans Wears a Suit & Tie for Ice Bucket Challenge Video!

Chris Evans Wears a Suit & Tie for Ice Bucket Challenge Video!

Chris Evans changes from his sweats to a suit and tie to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in style!

“I have two beefs with this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. First, if you dump ice in the bucket immediately before dumping it on yourself, that’s not ice water,” the 33-year-old Captain America actor says in the video. “So, we’re going to do it properly this time around. We’re going to put the ice in now. We’re going to let that marinate for 30 minutes.”

“That will give me time to address my second beef. I keep seeing these videos with people in bathing suits and t-shirts and tank tops. For me personally, when I bring awareness to a charity, I prefer a more formal setting, so excuse me,” he adds.

Chris then comes back thirty minutes later dressed in a suit and tie! He nominates his Snowpiercer co-stars Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, and Jamie Bell and his Captain America: Winter Soldier co-stars Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo, and Sebastian Stan.

Chris Evans – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
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  • J

    Cuteness overload…

  • Aww

    He is so cute and humble! Bonus points for calling out other celebs’ bullshit and doing it in a suit with his whole family.
    Best one I’ve seen so far! ♥

  • Jane

    Perfect man remains perfect. This is how you do it ! Take note f@mewhore$.

  • Stella

    Jesus, God bless America.

  • Lola

    Chris is such a man! Love ya!
    That was one of the best challenges!
    Great work!

  • taylor

    Beantown’s flawless dorito meatball for the win!! What a cutie pie…that’s what dreams are made of.

  • Lucy

    I. Love. Him. That is all.

  • Carol

    This made me love him even more. So funny and down to earth. Adorable!!!

  • swooning


  • Anna

    I’m not a biggest Fan of Chris evans but seriously he’s such a nice guy damn humble & polite.

  • Cevanites

    I love this man so much.

  • Remy

    Omg he’s so cute and charming haha! And he’s right about the ice, you have to let it settle.. glad he challenged Sebastian I hope he does it!

  • Dorito

    My Bae Dorito Evans is so freaking Cute ♥

  • Captain Steve

    Aye ! Aye ! Captain.We love you.

  • OMG ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶

    I swear my panties are wetter than his suit right now…… How can one man be so damn perfect all the time?!? Even his nephews are soooo adorable!

  • Carol

    No doubt this man is so damn good looking but the thing which really attract me most is his down to earth personality.God bless you chris.

  • Emily

    Best ice challenge video i have ever seen.

  • Bella

    I love you Dorito <3<3<3<3<3

  • lol

    Is he dissing his co-stars? Robert Downey Jr. did it in a bathing suit, Tom Hiddleston in a white t-shirt and Chris Hemsworth in a tank top. He’s got a point but they should all have done it in their Marvel costumes. Best way to bring nerds and fangirls to the yard to donate more.

  • kZoe

    and that’s how awareness is supposed to be spread B***’s

  • Tina
  • sweetness

    He’s the BOSS.

  • Amy

    He’s so cute Lindo.

  • UNF

    This f-cking dorito prince just melted my heart.
    In a Gucci suit and with Halloween buckets, what kinda classy f-cking perfection is that…?!

  • Aaron

    The best part of the video is he has done the challenge with his respect for you Amplified infinite times.

  • Pats

    He has a great and adorable family. No wonder he’s so down to earth and he actually took the time to speak about the cause first. Hat’s off to him for doing it right!

  • TB

    Chris, you’re the MVP of this challenge. Props!

  • L

    ok i love him

  • Moi

    Damn he’s just so hot

  • talia

    Best video by far for me.

  • sheneequa

    He’s so charming and cute doing the challenge with his family, that makes him even more attractive, so down to earth, one of the best ones!

  • Louise Smith

    Chris Evans is the sweetest and most wonderful man in the world! I’d love to meet him someday!

    I love you Chris Evans!!!

  • Nessa

    Oh my goodness. That was adorable. I friggin love him.

  • Diedre

    And yet another one of these, “LOOK AT ME DOING GOOD!” pieces of sh!t. Enough with this stuff already.

  • lany

    He always seems like such a fun and genuinely nice person.

  • lany

    Props to him and everyone else who contributed but also to the families and medical community who are in the fight everyday!

  • Mary

    At least Chris told people where they can donate money as well as saying he donated. He made the video fun also is it me? or is Chris looking too skinny these days?

  • siennagold

    Hot. Cute. Adorable. Love him!

  • Darcy

    Finally a proper Ice Bucket Challenge vid. He’s such an amazing and lovely person!

  • FS

    That was funny. Love it.

  • Cody P.

    He sure is doing a lot of PR damage control for having dated Minka, getting an STD and being an a-hole. You are fooling no one, Chris. We know you are a jerk.

  • Sharon

    Haha ! You’re getting mad because we’ll love Chris !!

  • Sharon

    I love this video ! one of the best ice challenge bucket video i have ever seen.

  • Sharon

    Chris evans is my all favourite Actor he’s the most nicest guy in the world.i don’t care what people thinks about the chris i always love Chris.God bless that Beautiful soul & protect him from all the negetivity !!

  • Stephanie

    The best and most proper ALS ice bucket challange that I have ever seen before, very thoughtful and creative as well. He is a down to earth and sincere man for sure. You go, Chris Evans. We love you !!!