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John Legend Sends Powerful Message with 'Don't Shoot' Shirt

John Legend Sends Powerful Message with 'Don't Shoot' Shirt

John Legend poses backstage before hitting the stage at the What’s Going On Benefit Concert held at the Hollywood Bowl on Wednesday (August 20) in Hollywood.

The 35-year-old singer showed off his “Don’t Shoot” shirt once stepping out on stage and it proved to be a powerful message. The classic Marvin Gaye album was proven to still be relevant in 2014 amid the events in Ferguson.

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John Legend – “What’s Going On”
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  • offtheproperty

    Try wearing that in Chicago, whiner.

  • offtheproperty

    Blame “white people,” racist.

  • offtheproperty

    He should get a shirt that say: DON’T ASSAULT POLICE OFFICERS.

  • Karl

    Cry baby!

  • Nic

    He should get a shirt that says black men make up 50% of all homicides are only 5 % of the population and 91% are killed by a another black person …. White people 9 out of 10 times are the victim of a black person assault, rape , murder or robbery … But don’t let facts get in the way blacks culture of victimization…

  • Danny

    I feel sorry for those ‘I am not american’ t-shirts that were made in the late 80′s when muslim relations was low. an isolated incident as what has happened before.

  • http://comcast Dee

    I think John Legend should wait and find out the facts before he decides it was the white police officer shot black young man just because he was black. I have a good idea there is more to this story. If the policeman is guilty he needs big time jail sentence.

  • dd

    another celebrity taking sides without hearing al the facts

  • http://justjared carolynlee

    So all news except Fox , government officials, except Ferguson’s, are wrong according to these comments. I guess the police report filed days after the shooting that did not even describe the shooting, or anything about the circumstances of the homicide isn’t racist just extremely stupid police officers and Ferguson law enforcement people.We all want our murdered loved ones to lay in the street for hours while the good police stood around and not even cover his body.

  • Living in a box

    Wow, lots of bigotry in this site. The world is definitely gone mad.

  • Do better

    @offtheproperty: His shirt says absolutely nothing about race I think you are projecting what’s on YOUR mind. An average of 2 unarmed people a week have been killed by police for the past 7 years something needs to change. Get mad about that.

  • arwa

    Of course kill people just because you’ve being assaulted !! What kind of mentality is this? And what facts you are waiting for? The fact that an armed young man killed by a police man with six bullets in his body?!! Can you please be at least human not just a creatures who are full of the prejudice they inherit from the color of their skin ?!!

  • Sensitive to pain

    @offtheproperty: what would your reaction be if something like this were to happen to one of your family members or loved ones. Say a BLACK police officer shot your WHITE unarmed loved one(who did not commit a crime btw) six times. His only crime was that he was probably aggressive. Come on don’t kid yourself,this. Old have been handled way differently,he could have been tasered,knocked out ,shot in the chest once (only if absolutely required) but not needlessly killed. He was a 17 year old child ffs. Would your reaction be the same if it was one of your kids,nieces/nephews or siblings

  • Sensitive to pain

    @Sensitive to pain: This could* have been handled way differently

  • offtheproperty

    @Do better: Cops are often killed by criminals like Mike Brown taking the cop’s weapon from them, which it seems that Mike Brown tried to do, in addition to assaulting the cop. Not only does Mike Brown and the irresponsible mob in the streets have no case against the officer who shot him, this is a case of suicide by cop and in reality Mike Brown’s family owes the cop for the emotional distress Mike Brown has just begun putting him through — and legal fees. As for whether John Legend’s shirt has anything to do with race — you lose all credibility when you stoop to that obvious a dodge.

  • offtheproperty

    @Sensitive to pain: The biggest problem black people have is that they constantly make excuses for other black people’s inexcusable behavior. Mike Brown committed at least four serious felonies in the 15 minutes before he was killed. Cops don’t owe people like that, people who have assaulted and attempted to take their weapon, the curtesy of a taser or baton. And when a cop has been assaulted and is about to be assaulted again by 280-pound 18 year old black male on drugs, the cop has a responsibility to his own family, his police department, and the public to kill that criminal before he gets killed himself. This is a cut and dry case. Take responsibility for yourself.

  • Erin

    @arwa.. You’re so stupid, ah how dare the police officer confront a young black man , doesn’t he know he should have just drove by without trying do the whole law and order thing… And then to actually try to arrest him once he assaulted the cop stead of just letting him walk away , damn who does this cop think he is, ah and the whole the massive crazy guy was surrendering ah he didn’t shot in the back and if he was surrendering he would have been on knees , going down to lie on his front with his hands behind his head.. Doesn’t the cop get that he should have allowed the nut to over power him take his gun and either beat him to death or kill him, .damn stupid cop how dare he protect his life .

  • look at the facts

    Not all of the facts have surfaced yet. But what we do know is that an 18 year old MAN assaulted an officer as he sat in his car. That is a crime. Just minutes before that crime, he demonstrated his agitated, aggressive state of mind as he robbed a store and assaulted the owner, who was half his size. When more facts surface, we can all come to informed decisions about all of this. Meanwhile, we should all calm down. It’s no excuse for looting, rioting, and destroying your own neighborhood.

  • yeah.

    Yeah, I agree with Erin. The cop should have just sucked it up, taken the beating, driven away pummeled and bleeding, and lost his job (if he survived) for letting the guy go free. That’s fair…

  • arwa

    @Erin:Really, do you enforce law shooting a young man six times? leaving him in the ground for 4 hours under sun? I maybe stupid, but I’m no killer or violent manic. who’s after years of training by using our tax can’t deal with a young unarmed man. Whether he was assaulting a officer or not.

  • drive-by

    Isn’t it ironic: John Legend wearing a “don’t shoot” T-shirt–presumably in protest of the “epidemic” of black men being killed by police–at a benefit named for a Marvin Gaye song? The same Marvin Gaye who was a victim of the real epidemic–black men shot and killed by other black men.

  • Effy

    Cops are killed all the time by criminals, but when a cop kills someone suddenly they are evil and murderous.

  • Go get a life of your own


  • Go get a life of your own

    You all sound like whiners, freedom!!!! So now a black man can not wear a T-Shirt… Go get a life of your own!!!! People should think before they shoot, it wont be until you loose someone then you will all be singing a different tune, I wish bad on no one just freedom to live freedom to not have innocent people kill 4 racist intent, and that’s why he is all the way at the top of the page and where are all of you!