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Nina Dobrev & Alexander Ludwig Hang Out On a Yacht in Ibiza!

Nina Dobrev & Alexander Ludwig Hang Out On a Yacht in Ibiza!

Nina Dobrev walks behind Alexander Ludwig while relaxing on a yacht together on Friday (August 22) in Ibiza, Spain.

The 25-year-old actress and the 22-year-old Canadian actor were joined on the yacht by a few of their friends.

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“Right now, she’s winning, but it’s only because I’m working on Vikings, and she came to Dublin and scared me. So I’m going to go to Atlanta and gonna get her back, so it’s still on,” Alexander recently shared to JJ about his scare war with Nina.

In case you didn’t know, Alexander‘s new film When the Game Stands Tall is now available in theaters. Go see it today!

FYI: Alexander is wearing a Lacoste polo.

10+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev and Alexander Ludwig spending time together in Ibiza…

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nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 01
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 02
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 03
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 04
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 05
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 06
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 07
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 08
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 09
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 10
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 11
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 12
nina dobrev alexander ludwig hang out on yacht 13

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Kylie

    Oh dear. I hope her umm “fans” don’t send death threats, hate and insults to Alexander via Instagram like they do Nikki Reed.

  • hey

    this was from last weekend!

  • leelee

    Cool and JJ is part of their PR team so good for them and make your money JJ!

  • aneeee

    love you nina . love you alex. the best frends alex and nina

  • Bella

    I almost didn’t recognized Nina without her fake eyelashes and hair extentions and tons of make up and designer clothes. She looks so weird here, girl you need to take care with too much cigarettes and too much booze doing lap dances all night will leave you with this ugly face and awful skin

  • delenasanarchy

    Watch out Alexander, the crazy nian shippers will threaten your pets, your family and your sense of style, watch out for your life and run boy while you can

  • Aneta

    Nina looks like hell without Rihanna around to do her hair and Ilaria do let her use the expensive borrowed clothes

  • Peach

    What is their ship name, DOWIG?

  • Noelle

    Imagine how awful Nina smells with cigarette breath? and she looks like she doesn’t shower or wash her hair in days ew

  • KT

    It must be PR!!! They have been papped in the middle of the ocean and JJ ran a story…they might have actually something to promote together….a movie. Or maybe, they enjoy each others company just like the other pair y’all TVDers get bitter over and accuse PR.

  • Lucy

    This is obviously PR, Alexander is too hot for her.

  • sophie

    PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR (the nian stans mantra)

  • Lena

    In all the original pics she is smoking but here at JJ they cut the hand with cigarette out OMG how much they paid you? Nina doesn’t want people losing the image of queen perfection they have from her. Bull-shit

  • Anya

    I’m so sad nina moved on, I’m an obsessive nian shipper, I’m a virgin and even if I never had sex I still know Nian were perfect for each other in bed. I love to live my life projecting in nina’s life and with Ian she was cute and respectful not this sl*t going from man to man like a monkey in heat climbing trees. Nina let him for this boy that has barely grown hair in his balls.

  • Vessy

    Alexander would never, Nina is too low class for him

  • Vessy

    No news here just Nina trying to climb in another male like a monkey in heat would climb a tree. Protect yourselves famous hollywood boys, she is a woman with an agenda that is to seat and spin on the higher number of c*ks possible

  • moi

    Their movie The Final Girls isn’t released until next year. If this is purely for PR their marketing teams must have a lot of free time to be able to come up with a strategy to promote their movie wayyyyy earlier than it should be.

  • Sara

    She looks bloated and puffy. And miserable. She needs to smile more. Also she seriously has lost that amazing stunning figure she once had. I seriously can’t believe she smokes because aren’t smokers meant to smoke in Hollywood to keep their weight down? She already looks fat as the lead girl in the new promo, I mean she needs to lose 20 pounds to get back to that stunner and change the hair. Wavy hair just adds pound to her already puffy face. I mean look at kat and candice etc, they look slim, nina looks fat. I can’t believe she is the lead, well maybe she isn’t maybe the whole three are. Because go compare elena season 1-3 till now, and wow girl changed. Stop the smoking it just ages you and makes your skin awful. I wonder whether she will ever find the motivation to get back her body and look after her skin. Maybe one day when a director tells her they would have given it to her but they are going with the sexier younger girl. If she doesn’t watch herself she is just going to let herself go. And this is why I don’t believe she is still after isn, because every girl I know who wants their ex back gets hotter, not worse, so I disagree with the people saying she wants ian back.

  • Cocaine

    Nina needs to quit the tobacco and go for the expensive shit that wil definetly keep the weight down and curb hunger and increase activity Cocaine!!!

  • Mirabella

    Nina has a strange look in her face, like she had just farted and can’t cope with the smell.Too much booze

  • Elizabeth


    1. Nina started wearing false eyelashes on TVD
    2. Her extensions are from her final girls role
    3. She wears contacts bc she endorses the brand
    4. Ian somerhalder has jaw implants and his ears pinned back.

  • Bella

    @Elizabeth: poor Ian doesn’t even have time to sleep, imagine doing some hardcore plastic surgery like jaw implants that would take months to recover lol you’re desperate. Those cheekbones are all his and he even wears his hair longer cover the top of his ears because he doesn’t like to show them, if he had pinned them back he would have no problem showing them with short short hair.
    You don’t need to justify Nina’s tons of fake gadgets, I know how or why she uses them. All I’m saying is that she uses so much fake stuff on her that when she strip them all off of her, she looks nothing special. And add to this the hangover, smoker and blotted look, then she looks plain awful.

  • Erin

    I though Alexander has a girlfriend who has been with him for years and now he is asked to dump his real gf just to PR date Nina to get Ian jealous? That is sad on Nina’s part she comes off so desperate

  • kim

    Have any of you thought to think that they might actually be friends who are just hanging out? Like normal FRIENDS do

  • Amora

    @kim: don’t be naive, it’s obvious that he drilled her p*ssy all night long. Poor Nina deserved some action, after Derek Hough’s gay albino penis any girl would keep trying, she could be traumatized

  • ………


  • Amy

    I think Nina is starting to get ugly. She smokes and drinks too much.

  • Pierce

    Obviously PR. And why did JJ crop the cigarette out? Hahah nice try! Nina has fake hairextentions. Her natural hair is a mess. She is a Party Girl that smokes and drinks a lot, you can start hearing it in her voice.

  • Gen

    Lol at cropping out her cigarette…she smokes, everyone knows that. Whats is the point..

  • L

    Team Nina! I can’t wait for the new season of TVD.

  • Isa
  • Frida


    Nina has boobs implants and nose job

  • Googy

    Alex is too cute for her!

  • BOOO

    Where is cigarette??? LOL LOL LOL

  • Jannet

    Where is cigarette??? LOL

  • http://justjared Charlie

    he looks more old than his age

  • mindy

    Alex is way too good for this immature and selfish b itch! She kept throwing shade at Ian and Nikki for weeks, like seriously? You broke up with Ian and started dating someone else just weeks after you broke up with him and now that he’s actually happy you all of a sudden want him again. Grow up Nina. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

    And to Ian, i am so happy that you found someone who shares your interest and passion to change the world. Nikki is like the female version of you. Lots of love to you both.

  • A fan

    Uhm…smoking cigarettes isn’t illegal. You guys act like she’s puffing on a crack pipe. People like to smoke, get over it. Also, she’s on a yacht with a hottie while you’re making ludicrous comments on a gossip site. Clearly Nina doesn’t care about you, or your awful outlooks. Damn I need a smoke now

  • A fan

    @Bella: Uh Nina works WAY more than Ian (he even said it himself), so if anyone is too tired for something, it’s her. You Ian fans should just write ‘DOUBLE STANDARD’ before each of your comments…it would be more subtle.

  • Elizabeth


    That’s bc he got plastic surgery before LOST.

  • vera

    @mindy: ian is balding get over it

  • victoria

    both are cute togheter but i think they are just friends

  • hahaha

    @Anya: “boy who has barely grown hair in his balls” LOL that last part killed me *rofl* Wish Alexander could read this,wonder what he’d think of it

  • hahaha

    @Elizabeth: Have you seen Ian’s childhood pictures though,he was a stunner like WOW he is a good looking dude that’s just genetically blessed. If he was a girl I would be extremely jealous of his looks

  • Ginnie

    Nina Dobrev is over him. She is a queen! ian looser and losing their hair Nikki ugly. She looks like a horse

  • Kris

    Wow you guys are ridiculous, if you follow nina or alex on instagram you would know that they are friends. This isn’t out of the blue, they have been hanging out. Just because this is the first time the paps photographs them together, you guys go crazy.

  • Ian is dlist

    Go nina. Upgrade. I’m sure his manhood is much bigger than Ian’s manhood

  • .

    First of all, Nina has all the right to have some fun with her friends while her ex is doing PR with one of her called friends. They are humans like us, jsut put yourselves in her shoes. Would you like to see her ex boyfriend, who you might still love, bring some chick to your work? This is an escape from her reality. She smokes… So what? Nobody is perfect, and she only smokes casually, she’s not a chimney. She’s an actress, she has to look pretty and perfect on the red carpets and all… Just look at her old pictures of Degrassi, and you’ll see how a natural beauty she is…

  • Ian Fan

    MAJOR Downgrade nina. :(
    @Elizabeth STFU Ian has never had any plastic surgery.

  • Ron

    She nailed both Gale and Cato, good for her. Haters will never get the two hotties Liam Hemsworth and Alexander Ludwig like Nina did.