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Bradley Cooper & Justin Theroux Bring More Star Power to Ice Bucket Challenge - Watch Now!

Bradley Cooper & Justin Theroux Bring More Star Power to Ice Bucket Challenge - Watch Now!

Check out Bradley Cooper getting pummeled with ice from a few floors above him while completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

The 39-year-old actor was nominated by Gordan Ramsey and Eddie Vedder‘s daughter Harper.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bradley Cooper

Other actors accepting the challenge to raise awareness for ALS include Justin Theroux, Will Smith, and Lee Pace. Check out their videos after the cut!

Bradley Cooper – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Click inside for the rest of the Ice Bucket Challenges…

Justin Theroux – Ice Bucket Challenge

Lee Pace – Ice Bucket Challenge

Will Smith – Ice Bucket Challenge

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  • Selena

    Well, hello there, Mr. Cooper!

  • dea

    Justin & star power do not go together. Most people are saying Justin Who?




  • holly

    Will Jen be doing this too?

  • sasha

    @Dea Go away.

    Love me some sexy Justin. Now hopefully Jen does it next!

  • dea


    Hmmmmm…can’t imagine Jen letting the water ruin her hair on video.

    Maybe she will do it though to promote her Video on Demand release next week!!!!!

    Did you even know who Justin was before he left Heidi for fame & fortune?

  • Nicky


    Actually I did as have a lot of people. He’s an incredibly talented writer and producer. And what do you do besides hate on Pittstain’s ex wife all day on the internet? WIFE – something Angie poo will likely never be.

  • Leah

    Bradley is so cute!

  • ace11

    Bradley’s daughter Suki isn’t taking part?

  • Lee Pace

    Lee looks absolutely adorable in his video. More Lee Jared, he doesn’t get nearly enough media attention. :)

  • jeanie

    @dea: #2

    Justin & star power do not go together. Most people are saying Justin Who?
    Exactly. I was wondering why JJ posted that ridiculousness.

  • chelsea

    @Nicky: Nicky poo justin is gay !

  • dea


    Oh talented writer???

    Rock of Ages anyone! Iron Man2 was not great….he has not even written that many things or produced much.

    Angelina is an Oscar winner, Mother, DAME, Special Envoy for UNHCR….something Jen will never be….at least she has her hair.

    Who cares if Jen was once his wife a DECADE ago, she is now his EX, something Angelina will never be.

    Pittstain?? how immature.

  • jeanie

    Star power was when Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Bill Gates, and SO many others accepted the challenge, NOT Justin Theroux.

  • cat

    what about gerard.butler did he responds to til schweiger ice. bucket challenge do anybody know.

  • ann

    Justin nominates MISS Jennifer Aniston. Yup, wedding’s just around the corner. He could have just said Jen’s name, but nope, he didn’t.
    Stay in New York and have fun Justin.

  • Nicky


    And how IGNORANT you are. Justin’s directed, produced and written in Hollywood for 20 years. He’s had more success in those mediums than your angiepoo and certainly more than Pittstain who probably can’t even write.

    And exactly. Its been 10 years and here you are in your little den if ignorance and hate, co-sponsored by Angie’s scuzzy cuz, still obsessing over Jennifer and now Justin. MOVE ON already.

  • child

    @ace11: yes she is.
    she is the one screaming like an idiot in the video. dumb child!!

  • June


    Uh, looking at IMDB, Justin has not many credits to his name. Small selection for 20 years. And think Brad & Angelina are the ones with Oscars. Where is Justin’s Oscar for all his greattttt work?

    Zoolander 2 (screenplay) (announced) – NEVER happening
    2012 Rock of Ages (screenplay) – flop
    2011 Documental (TV Movie)
    2010 Iron Man 2 (screenplay)
    2008 Tropic Thunder (screenplay) / (story) – one of many
    2008 Tropic Thunder: Rain of Madness (Video short) (creator)

    Producer: Just 4 (hahahah)

    2016 Space Jam 2 (executive producer) (completed)
    2010 Megamind (creative consultant)
    2008 Tropic Thunder (executive producer)
    2007 Dedication (executive producer)

    Director (just 2 hahahah)
    Zoolander 2 (announced) – not happening
    2011 Documental (TV Movie)
    2007 Dedication

  • guest

    @June: #19

    Justin is not a star. Nobody every heard of him until he latched onto Maniston.

  • Toni


    Documental was a failed HBO pilot. They didn’t pick it up.
    I think Zoolander 2 is going to be done with Stiller directing. Maybe early next year.

  • Kim

    @Nicky: How many magazine covers and talk show appearances did the Star have prior to dumping his girlfriend to hook up with Aniston? Why was Justin the Star never on Ellen,Tonight Show,People Magazine prior to 2011 ? He was recently bumped from GMA because they bump STARS LOL

  • Toni


    I think he was just being cute. What difference does it make if they get married or not? I guess I’m not understanding why it matters when or if they ever do? It seems everyone here is still stuck on the Team Jolie and Aniston crap. Honestly, if I were a woman of her age and wealth with no children, I’d choose the “shack up” and NO to marriage option.

  • ann

    @nicky This is your reaction to a commenter that only stated that Justin and star power do not go together.
    “And exactly. Its been 10 years and here you are in your little den if ignorance and hate, co-sponsored by Angie‚Äôs scuzzy cuz, still obsessing over Jennifer and now Justin. MOVE ON already.”

    Except for you and Toni (and at least it’s Toni’s opinion and she is polite so I respect that), but nobody else on this board has brought up any other names but Justin and Jen, which this article is solely about. So clearly we ARE over the triange and are not on any team and moved on, but you’re just sparing for a fight when you figure we
    are rehashing over 20 years ago. Like you said, Move on already.

  • allison

    Who in the heck are Justin Theroux and Lee Pace? Shame on you Jared to delegate Will Smith below these two.

  • Ghost


  • Liz

    The Cooper video is cute except for that ridiculous Suki acting like a 15 year old.

  • Loco24

    Who the f@%k is Justin Theroux?

  • Kate

    That child SUKI is always acts feigned overacted.

  • Cam

    That Child Suki always acts ridiculously

  • Kevin

    Suki is a girl who likes to draw attention ..It’s pathetic

  • Anon

    I loved Lee Paces video. It’s great he did the ice bucket challenge and he is a great actor.

  • Sonorita Lopez

    what is ice bucket challenge ?

  • Pd

    I was waiting for JT! Awwww. And is that cookie and dolly?! Must be at their house in LA…. Sweetness

  • Pd

    Dea -give it a rest. You’ve made your point. Why don’t you exert all this negative energy and do something more positive hmmm? Have a great weekend.

  • Puppy in the video

    Please donate so I was not iced in vain. Thank you.

  • Ivermom

    @Pd: At their house, LOL, no dear it’s Jennifer’s house, his name is not on the ownership papers.
    He had to do it when she was not home.
    Even his family is ashamed of him, his voice sounds like he is on Helium .

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    lee pace e’ un magnifico attore,e lui e’ bellissimo! se non lo conoscete,vedete twilight breaking down part2:in quel film ha un favoloso look!!!!!

  • Jan

    Hello angry people

  • JB

    Lee Pace in “Halt and Catch Fire” is really good. What a great show. And Justin is awesome in “The Leftovers”. Another great show. AMC and HBO blow away the networks with made for TV series.

  • Anon

    Halt and Catch Fire is an excellent show and Lee Pace is terrific in it.

  • Carla

    Huh? What’s Bradley Cooper talking about? Eddie Vedder does not have any children, I’m sure ‘coz check this out his most recent family tree that does not list existence of any children nor spouses —