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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Are Rumored to Be Living Together

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Are Rumored to Be Living Together

Ian Somerhalder looks so dreamy while filming a segment for The Climate Reality Project on Saturday afternoon (August 23) in New York City’s Washington Square Park.

The 35-year-old Vampire Diaries actor is in the Big Apple a day after attending a charity gala alongside his girlfriend Nikki Reed.

It is being reported by Us Weekly that Ian and Nikki have moved in together in Atlanta while he works on the upcoming sixth season of his hit CW series. “[Nikki] goes to set every day,” a source said, adding that they also live together while in Los Angeles.

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  • Lily

    Fans took these pics of Ian in New York, he looks so hot <3

  • Ronda

    Ian looks gorgeous, his Body and hair *-* PERFECTION! And yes they do live together in ATL, nothing new!

  • Neria

    Well Ian has a place in Atlanta, while Nikki has a home in LA, so no I don’t consider that living together.
    But yeah Ian looks gorgeous in those photos.

  • Sandy

    Yes they travel back and forth and live at eachothers places. Very cute. Love those pics of Ian in NYC xD

  • Sarah

    Seems kinda quick to be moving in together, but hey, good for them if it’s true. They make a cute couple! :)

  • dd

    What a beautiful man, inside & out.
    I don’t think they are living together though, spending a lot of time in each other’s homes sure, but living together, no. But if they are good for them, they seem really happy together.

  • Elisabeth

    Ian is the Sexiest Man I have ever seen. He is a Dream. I wasn’t a Fan of Nikki but the more I learn about her the more I like her. And Ian seems to be very happy with her.They are a nice couple and I wish them all the best .

  • Jo

    He’s looking so good lately!!!! Love him!!!!

  • Elisabeth

    @dd: hmm Nikki lives in his home while staying in ATL and Ian while they stay in LA, I do consider that living together.

  • Sam


  • Jules

    Can’t stop staring at those pics, damn Nikki is one lucky Lady.

  • LizzieG

    @dd: That’s that I think…that they’re only living together in the ‘staying with each other and spending all their time together’ way that happens to most of us when relationships are brand new and u don’t wanna be apart lol…but if they’ve really moved in yay for them… liked her since Twilight and him since Lost, happy they’re happy.

  • Miss Happy

    What a beautiful man! wow! Can’t wait to see what he was filming. And I’m happy for Somereed. They are such a sweet couple.

  • hannah

    he’s so gorgeous!!!! <3

  • Allie

    Awesome pics, he looks amazing.

  • :(

    If he doesn’t end up with sophia bush, the universe will weep.

  • Kesha

    I adore Ian, he is gorgeous and has a good Heart. Perfect Man.

    @:(: Sophia is awesome but I think they are just good Friends. There will never be more IMO. Nikki shares a lot of Ian’s passions, they are well suited.

  • Ali

    When Nikki and Ian are in Atlanta they stay at Ian’s place. When Nikki and Ian are in LA they stay at Nikki’s place. I would guess they have clothes at both places. However, Ian and Nikki have been dating for 2 months not 3 weeks. They started dating when Ian returned from his TVD convention tour in Europe. Nikki was in Atlanta filming her movie, Sunday Horse. They went to dinner at the Barcelona Wine Bar and their relationship progressed from there. Now it is a full blown serious committed relationship. So Happy for them both. Beautiful couple inside and out.

  • hehe

    Does women these days have some self respect? Ok, they were friends before, but just two months together as a couple and they’re banging full on… I mean…really? Really? What a laugh.
    she’s pathetic when she’s single. Jumps on every guy, so she wouldn’t be alone. No wonder girl got divorced already. You don’t force something what should come naturally. Ian sure gets it, but Nikki doesn’t. So this won’t work out. I bet they won’t make pass those 3 years…
    BTW i don’t hate on them. Or Nikki. I’m just saying this in general. About all women in Hollywood.

  • Park

    Where will his long time boyfriend stay, in the guest room? These 2 ‘actors’ are so low on the show business pole they resort to constant PR and Papp scams and payments for publicity, they should really focus on trying to get real acting gigs.

  • Nia

    Awwww, I love Ian! Congrats to him and Nikki if it’s true.

  • sammy

    i like them nikki & ian together but that seems so fast. am I the only one who keeps wondering if she could be pregnant??? not that she looks it or anything but they seem to be moving soooo fast and idk, it crossed my mind lol!!!!

  • oops

    oops forgot to say ian looks great!!!!


    put a ring on her, baby maker

  • Jen

    Woah they’re totally gonna be married by the end of the year aren’t they?

  • cherie

    This Man has got to be the most beautiful Man ever created .but He is also just a beautiful on the inside with a huge and kind Heart, a gentle Soul. Congratulations Ian for all your Awards in the last Month, You deserved all of Them. Wishing you and Nikki a bright Future.

  • Laura

    they are so in love!! It’s beautiful that Ian found a woman that supports him and loves him this much

  • Sophie

    wow he looks so hot in these pics, it looks like season 1 Damon. Gorgeous, how can he got older but look hotter every year?

  • Vessy

    @hehe: Jumping on every guy? Are you talking about Nina Dobrev?

  • Peach

    Sweet baby Jesus Ian looks dreamy! The workout both on and out of bed is doing wonders for his body that is even more amazing and muscled. And his face, I love the stubble, so mainly and hot. I guess happiness makes you even more prettier. Ian’s constant smile and sparkling eyes are making him even more handsome that he already was. We have to thank Nikki for this!

  • Samantha

    All the happiness in the world for the beautiful couple Ian and Nikki


    I guess sometimes you find a special girl and you know that one is to marry. Ian found Nikki, maybe she will the mother of his kids?

    Awwwww it’s adorable how in love they are. Ian fell hard for her and she is obviously heads over heels for him too



  • Kim

    @sammy: well we don’t know since when they are dating. They’ve been Friends since 2009!!

  • Kim


  • Sandra

    Ian can so so much better than Nikki. This also shows she has no respect for her husband Paul,as she is still married to him. Wish Ian get with so one else,like Sophia Bush. Now Sophia Bush is a beautiful woman.

  • .

    WTF? Why is Nikki’s name linked in this??? Thia has nothing to do with her. Ian was by himself, making a very important video bout climate change. Nikki has NOTHING to do with these news. This only makes me more sure that this is nothing but PR. I guess today there was no photoshoot at the markets farmers, her publicist payed to put her name linked with his on this. Why people cant see the truth???

  • Tara

    @.: ^^ wake up it’s not PR, Nikki is Ian’s girlfriend and she was also in New York supporting him. They have been spending most of their free time together including staying at each others place. BTW the funny thing is, if Nina was there you’d all be cooing and wetting your pants with excitement instead of making the comments of “ugh why does she always follow him around like a puppy”? Ian and Nina were both single during the making of season 5 and they didn’t get back together. Why post bitter, snarky comments now when they are moving on. You obviously have no respect for Ian if you call him fake and a PR hound. Grow up brat, you don’t always get your own way.

  • ShipperJunkie

    he is damn hot

  • .

    @Tara: I am not calling Ian a PR hound. Ive been following him for years and ti be honest, ever since he started getting linked wih this woman, theres an article about them twice a week and now, when he does nothing to do wih this woman I read her name in the news… I dont support him with her, im not claiming he should be back to Nina… But Nikki? Shes using him to promote herself and I wont let the media brainwash me to accept them as a couple. Im a huge fan of Ian but that doesnt mean I accept every little thing he does.

  • @@

    @.: I am so glad to see someone else who is sticking to what they firmly believe. The same thing with The Heifer Award. It was his shining moment yet she was the main part of the article. I would have rather read about him receiving the award then about them matching outfits and a bunch a pics of her kissing and hugging animals and posing with other guest.

    I can’t wait to see what all these people are going to say if and when this doesn’t work out.

  • Ben


    And how many times a day does Nikki give Ian a blow job? You are one obsessed freak of a fan.@.:

    The truth is Ian is gay. Nikki is PR and so was Nina.

  • Teyla

    Looks to me like Nikki and Ian are very much in love. So much PDA on the streets of NYC this weekend once Ian finished filming his documentary on climate change. Beautiful couple inside and out. Ian and Nikki are my new favorite celebrity couple.

  • Simone

    OMG they are kissing, full kiss on the mouth, thank you for posting the link Teyla, they are so adorable I’m in love

  • HeikeL

    @Teyla: Love the Pictures and there Both look like there having so much Fun. There a beautiful Couple and so cute. Nikki’s Skin is flawless. The more I read about Nikki , the more I am finding out, that She is just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, just like Ian is.

  • mimi (Brazil)

    I am so glad she is not with Derek Hough.
    Derek deserves better he is very sweet

  • Lainly

    Ian and Nikki – love them. Stunning couple

    @mimi (Brazil): Oh please, Derek is a Playboy and a famwhores.

  • Emma

    @.: because it is not true. Ian doesn’t need to fake a relationship. His career is better than ever, he gets enough press, he doesn’t need Nikki for it….he was named an US ambassador, he won a TCA Award, was diving at Mission 31 with silvie, was invited to Necker Island, he’s part of a Emmy winning docu-series, he was honored with the Noble Globe Award, won a PCA, his Animal sanctuary can be finally build….I’m sure I forgot a lot. If you want to accuse Ian for doing this for PR at least bring up some facts. The New pictures in New York for example. NONE of those pics have been posted on any major media site. Because they were taken by Fans!!!

  • .

    @Emma: I never said Ian was doing PR for himslelf. Befora starting getting linked with Ian, Nikki was irrelevant. Shes the one getting all the promotion and not Ian. As for the photos in NY, lets not forget they are both actors… I fund funny how the photos got more intimist as days pass by, like they are following a script or something like it.

  • FPP

    I don’t think, that this is a PR relationship, but what I do believe is that a celebrities life style is very different from our own…Normally speaking, any two people who move fast in any relationship will set themselves up for failure…Men like to chase it’s the nature of the beast…Autonomy rather than co-dependency is key…but again they’re celebrities, so who can truly understand it…
    I also feel it’s admirable for Ian to be bringing so much awareness , i.e. environmental issues to the fore front…but as much as I adore him, I don’t always agree with everything he does…his impulsiveness sometimes has other questioning him..i.e. his tweet about water conversation, at a time when people were doing the the ice bucket water challenge for ALS…Perhaps it was just coincidence , but he does fly here and there, surely jet fuel can’t be enviro friendly… and of course in this day and age sometimes it’s a necessary thing…I just feel Ian needs to be careful about coming off as pretentious…after all if one really wants to get the message out there, it’s important to recognize that we are all doing our best….In the mean time, do Keep up the good work Ian, just remember ” you attract more bees with honey” :)