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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Arrive in Nice with the Whole Family!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Arrive in Nice with the Whole Family!

Angelina Jolie makes her way off a private jet after touching down at the airport on Friday (August 22) in Nice, France.

The 39-year-old actress was joined by her fiance Brad Pitt and their children (not pictured). They are likely going to be spending the rest of the summer at their home in Miraval.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Angelina recently told EW that she had the chance to show Louis Zamperini, the subject of her upcoming movie Unbroken, a cut of the film before he died last month.

“I brought it on my laptop to the hospital,” Angelina said. “It was a deeply moving, very profound few hours of my life. Telling his story is a giant responsibility.”

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  • Yay New Pics!

    My favourite celebrity couple ever! They deserve a break from work to recharge and spend some quality fun times with the family relaxing. I haven’t seen pictures of the kids in ages. They must all look so grown up now.

  • ITA

    Jared – There had to be more pics than that. Anyway…thanks for posting. Glad to see new pics.

  • lurker

    awww missed them thans jj

  • lurker

    both look great and well rested

  • joy

    when will they get married?


    Nice vacation with the kids before they start BY THE SEA!

  • Frank

    Big let down they didn’t do the ALS challenge , especially from these two, always pushing charitable causes onto the public, I guess They only care about their causes or can be gain PR game.

  • Oh my

    Is angie actually wearing jeans?

  • stalkers

    Here comes the brangeloons drooling over this family and there kids..the lezbos,hard up women, pedoz, gonna chat and stare at these people begging for more pics. I had my say, done with this post…looking good Brad and Angie

  • groundcontrol

    Ah, the rest of the summer in France. How lovely that sounds.
    Lucky kids. Lucky family.

  • Passing Through

    Damn that Brad. It ought to be illegal to be that freaking hot at 50. At first I thought Angie was wearing sneakers but I think she must have some flat sandals or flip flops. I guess we’ll have to go other sites to see the pix of the kids since Jared’s doign that lame ass boycott thing…

  • Passing Through

    # 1119 Phool. @ 08/25/2014 at 4:09 am
    Brad Pitt Executive Produces Documentary BIG MEN, Premiering on PBS Tonight
    I was planning to watch tennis tonight but I’ll have to check this out instead. I thought it was hilarious that Porgie is producing a fictional movie based on one of Rachel Boynton’s previous documentaries called “Our Brand In Crisis) that will now star Sandra Bullock instead of himself. It’s been in development for a few years, but Brad’s been involved with Big Men for longer than that. so more stalking from Porgie. Let’s all act surprised.

  • Tifanny

    Most beautiful couple, so happy they got together


    Wooohooo! Just popped in on the off-chance that there would be new pix and voila! There it is. LOL
    Cant stay. But Angie and Brad look edible. LOL
    See ya later, JP peeps!

  • Queen and King Jolie-pitt

    The Royal couple and children arrived in Nice and will go probably to their Miraval Castle to see all the last constructions improvements in the estate.

    I think they will stay there the most part of the time while Brad and Angelina are filming in Malta. It´s possible to go to Malta everyday and return to France in the evening because it´s only 1h30m by plane. If they used the Nice airport, but if they used the a small airport near Brignoles or even less time, if they rented a Helicopter and fly directly from their Castle.

    It´s great to see new pictures of this amazing family again. It´s incredible that all this time they stayed in LA, we never saw any pictures beside the time they arrived or departed.

  • Passing Through

    Soooooo…Jared says Brad and Angie are “likely going to spend the rest of the summer at Miraval”. Has he been hanging out with Jamie again? Or just talking out his ass? Cuz…they kind of have a movie to film in Malta and that’s not exactly right next door to their Miraval estate for an easy commute…

  • Tiana

    I swear the biased towards Angie and Brad and Beyonce and Jay Z I honestly think it’s funny. People can sit on this website and praise Angie and Brad but sit there tear a piece of Bey and Jay Z. I wish both couples happiness and long lasting love and marriage. But we all know if this picture was of Bey and Jay half of these comments would be fill w/ hate and misery.

  • Rose

    I see they have been in Nice France since Friday and no one even put out a tweet, lol. Angle is looking great. Btw, what color hat is that Brad wearing on his head? Thank God his body is banging. Brad get the best of everything, great looks, great body, great fiancee and beautiful children, lucky man.

  • Observer2

    Nice that they’re going to be able to spend time at their home in France before they start work on BTS.

    And Brad, damn!

    As for the IBC, they probably don’t even know about it. They’re not on social media. Unless, someone got a hold of them and told them. And since we’ve been told by a few people that know them, Brad, especially, it’s hard to get to Brad. There is a process involved. LOL.

  • Passing Through

    # 1132 Phool. @ 08/25/2014 at 7:36 am
    #Good Morning Passing Through
    What in the gods name possesed you to post that Gerard Butler TMZ honk honk photos lol, which was just gross and despicable, considering he just did a voice over for kiddie’s movie ”How to train your Dragon” , damn you Butler show some respect to your little fans . As if I wasn’t over Ticky letting him put his slippery finger up her ******** in public wasn’t enough , but this, seriously the man has gone down hill in my estimation , what’s wrong with him have some shame, or should I say get a room you can afford it . Has he ever been in a long time relationship? The way he’s abusing his one minute fame by jumping from one woman to another, is just gross.
    No, Phool…whattaya REALLY think about Bloatler’s public manhoing display? LOL! I was mainly disgusted because the man is nearly 45 years old. He’s not some 16 year-old kid getting lucky for the first time. If he’s got no more control than to dry hump a chick in a parking lot, then it doesn’t exactly bode well for his indoor technique. Dude is seriously putting the scum in scumbag.

  • blah

    I wonder if she knows she’s been called out a couple of times to do the ALS ice bucket challenge. I can’t imagine she has no one in/on her team that pays attention to current events.

  • Xoxo

    My favs ppl in the whole world….put more pics

  • Dawne

    Well,, they are across the pond now so it is only a matter of days, I”m sure, until we see them on Malta. They are likely basing themselves in France for this shoot………..they can return on the weekends or whatever.

    Anxious to see the kids when someone finds them on another site………maybe X17……..I’ll check.

  • Wonderbust

    huh? people tear Brad and Angelina apart all the time. By the time this thread reaches 200 comments there will be trolls spaming this thread about a break up. I am a Beyonce fan and have been to many of her concerts but you fans need to get over the media trying to split them apart. The media has been doing it to Brad and Angelina for 10 years.

  • Wonderbust

    Glad that we finally get pics. They both look great. Im not sure if Sunny posted this already but here are aerial pics of the set i found on imdb

  • awwww

    They arrived at France on Friday. So BTS hasn’t started filming yet. Next is going to be Malta.

  • Dawne

    thought Beyonce didn’t wear a weave……………..

  • jimdee


    This challenge for ALS is closer to home than the supposed charities they sponsor from somewhere overseas !!…I guess they wouldn’t lower themselves to have water poured on their heads…I thought you were both Americans ! ! …JUST SAYING…..

  • jimdee

    @Frank: @Frank:

    This challenge for ALS is closer to home than the supposed charities they sponsor from somewhere overseas !!…I guess they wouldn’t lower themselves to have water poured on their heads…I thought you were both Americans ! ! …JUST SAYING…..

  • Wonderbust

    Good Luck to Plan B tonight at the Emmys! Win or lose, its amazing what a great year the company has had, and more accomplishments to come. I’d die if they did the ice challenge at miravel, the meltdown would be scrumptious. I saw that Kingston did the ice bucket challenge last week and Gwen posted it on her instagram. Besides Vivi’s Maleficent line have we ever seven heard the kids speak? yet the JP’s are the ones accused of pimping their kids.

  • nani

    Love this couple and their children. They make my day.

  • valis202

    Really good to see the family.

    About the ALS challenge, am I the only one who is finding the whole thing really tedious now. Regarding Brad and Angie taking part, people should not be bullied or shamed into taking part in this thing if they don’t want to. It’s LOL people having a go at Brad and Angie especially in light of how much both of them have done for charitable and humanitarian causes over the years.

  • jimdee

    @Frank: @blah:

    Angie certainly knows she has been challanged, but chooses to ignore it !…She is to good for that ! ..JUST SAYING….

  • Observer2


    The fact that Brad and Angelina breathe is all people need to take their shots at Brad and Angelina. It’s Monday, that’s reason enough to have a go at them. Tomorrow will be Tues. and that will be all that is needed and so on. LOL.

  • troll meltdown

    NOLA is in the USA as in NJ, MO, AZ, and IL… Lying about the sweet, kind, generous, mega-talented, super successful JPs will not make FAT tick old manny any younger or any less of a laughingstock.

  • valis202

    The fact that Brad and Angelina breathe is all people need to take their shots at Brad and Angelina
    LOL. Very true


    BTW JP fans, you might have noticed that the sewer dredged up a nasty little piece of flotsam and its trying its best to be validated LMAO. But please ignore it. Its hilarious how quickly such little pieces of scum float away when its ignored.

  • Rose

    @valis202: You know people will always find a reason to go at Brad and Angelina. The fact they are alive is reason enough for some people to find a fault. I bet if they had accept the challenge some people would find fault. It’s a vicious cycle when it comes to Brad and Angelina. We as fans just have to accept they are in a class by themselves.

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    Maybe Brad and Angie donated money for ALS quietly – like they do to their numerous other charities – without the overdone public water-dumping on their heads, and without announcing that they’d make “a huge donation. They don’t SAY, they DO. And no one is the wiser until one of them, or one of their close acquaintances, mentions it.
    It’s great to see they and their adorable kids have arrived in France.

  • troll meltdown

    95 of percent of these famehos haven’t done a tenth of what the JPs have done for others… Most of them will not honor their donations, either. The challenge was supposed to be write a check OR soak your head. Not make a video, name drop your costars, promote your project and post it everywhere. Nice plug.

  • End is near

    Mid life crisis Brad wearing justin beiber saggy jeans and childish hipster hat. Mid life crisi angie wearing jeans and a splash of white.
    . Brad has always been a wannabe old man hipster and angie has always been in the dark when it comes to pop culture.

  • valis202

    Good luck to A Normal Heart for the Emmy’s tonight.

  • End is near

    @jimdee: closer to home is the fact that Califonia is currently in a drought. We need water for our food and showers not to be wasted over the heads of celebrities. The sad thing is the celebs wouldn’t be donating to ALS without the attention the ice challenge brings. It’s sick really but a good way to trick these rich ingnorants out of their money.

  • jen the hag

    TROLL HAGS disappointed because BRAD and ANGIE did not do the ALS Challenge bwahahaha because they can’t post their ready made stupid post if ever they did it LOL!!

  • Dawne

    I am glad they didn’t go for the dunking; they are busy, busy people and not into the ‘look at me’ charity games……they donate quietly unless there name can be used to garner more ‘giving.’ I wonder how many of the B and C list that got dunked would have donated if ‘they’ weren’t front and centre. If I were on the board at ALS I would be literally following up each public pledge to see if there was a follow through and then leak which ones didn’t pay up.

  • groundcontrol

    I just watched Matt Damon’s ice water challenge. He was concerned about wasting water and, granted, he got in some good and useful PR for his water conservation organizations and the fact that there are millions in the world with little access to potable water. The fact that he took the water from his toilets didn’t save any water – he ended up doing it outside on what looked like dirt. He needs a gardener bad.
    My solution – if you use toilet water you have to stand over the toilet while pouring it on your head so the water is recaptured.
    You water your plants at the same time.
    Matt forgot to challenge someone so at the last second he sputtered out Clooney. LOL!
    I really want to know how the organization is going to handle this huge influx of donations. Even if they don’t get it all, it seems waaay more than they are used to. Countdown to article on misuse of funds. LOL!

  • Rose

    @Dawne: Hi Dawne. We know Brad and Angie give millions of dollars every year to charity. So who cares if they accepts the challenge or not, they will be donating that’s for sure.

    I believe this is how the ALS challenge works: whenever you nominate someone you pledge a dollar amount In that persons name if they accept the challenge. Some people will accept and donate but not get wet and so on. Some people accept and donate to other charities. The bottom line is, money is going to several charities.

  • Joam

    Ty JJ ;)

  • what i’m saying

    Thanks Jared for not showing the kids!

  • Passing Through

    # 1142 Go Figure! @ 08/25/2014 at 10:17 am
    # 1146 Dawne @ 08/25/2014 at 10:55 am
    I think it’s Beyonce who’s in damage control mode. She’s so freaking obsessed with herself and her public image that it’s not even funny…like Ticky’s narcissism is funny. Ticky just has Huvsy and her friends leak shite. Bey gets on Instagram and posts pics of BIC. She’s using the kid as a shield because she doesn’t want people looking at her life too closely. She wanted to be megafamous and the nitpicking scrutiny comes with it. That’s why these idiots should think twice before hoing themselves out – cuz you can’t take it back. Once it’s out there you’ve made yourself – and your kid – fair game.

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