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Leonardo DiCaprio Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Donates $100k!

Leonardo DiCaprio Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Donates $100k!

Check out Leonardo DiCaprio rocking sunglasses while completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

The 39-year-old actor was nominated by soccer legend David Beckham.

Sources close to the actor confirm to that in addition to dumping the water on his head, Leo is donating $100,000 to the cause. AMAZING!!!

“Hello from Lake Athabasca, we’re here learning about the Canadian tar sands. We took a moment to join the #IceBucketChallenge movement in support of the ALS Association. My friends Chief Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation challenges Dave Collyer president of Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Chief Courtoreille of the Mikisew Cree First Nation challenges Mark Little of Suncor Canada and The Sierra Club President Michael Brune challenges Shell CEO Ben van Beurden,” Leo shared on Facebook.

He added, “And me? In addition to a donation from my foundation, I challenge Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. #StrikeOutALS.”

Leonardo DiCaprio – Ice Bucket Challenge
Just Jared on Facebook

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  • ####


    True blood was one of my faves too!! Lol

    We really are long lost twins!!! :-)

  • Witness

    Leo has the lamest and weakest image in Hollywood.
    Him and his PR team are a laughable.
    But at least they are trying hard (but it’s very clumsy and see through) to hide the immature, selfish, gross guy underneath.

  • 1/04:54

    @Witness: Welcome to Hollywood. Everything that comes out of there are lies because they want to make money out of their overpaid, overrated actors. It’s a machine. Leo is just one of their toys. He’s aging. They’ll throw him away in no time.

  • Witness

    @1/04:54: yeah now he’s become an aging freak who tries to “date” younger plastic men looking bimbos to make himself look better. leo if you’re listening I’ll give you a clue, you’re losing credibility and it makes you look like an old sugar daddy who can’t get a woman unless she’s paid and gets something out of it.

  • Supremes

    Isn’t he some kind of freemason or illuminati puppet?

  • Yvan

    Worst bucket challenge!

  • Nada

    He’s trying too hard.

  • Joke

    Yikes, he looks hideous.

  • Mown dew

    He sounds awful.
    He should stop trying to be someone he’s not.
    he should just remain an actor.
    This whole phony environment, cause, thing don’t come from the heart.
    He’s a walking contradictions. Just like when he did those scripted interviews for wows. you’re not fooling anybody. People are not stuuupid you know. They can see your little game.

  • Zzzzzz

    I think you meant Mon Dieu – (my god in french)

  • Smile

    Oh put the charity away leo. just not working for you.

  • Mown dew

    @Zzzzzz: No that’s not what I meant at all.

  • why???

    People who take the time to come to the thread of a person they dont like, then take the time to read the comments and post nasty things must really have the most horrible lives. I understand fans that express disappointment in his decisions but to delebrately go out of ones way to spread negativity shows that they are just miserable people with vile in their hearts.

  • Zzzzzz

    @Mown dew: Sorry…. – my bad
    @why???: Hi! – totally agree with you.

  • Shoes

    Why is Leo such a phony?
    Everything is so staged and phony with him.
    Where’s the honesty?
    It’s just so unnatural and calculated.
    Acting is a movie is fine, it’s a job;
    But acting in real life for the public has no merit.

  • Blue

    @why???: to deliberately lie about his own “life” and intentions to go out of ones way to spread his phoniness shows that Leo is just a miserable person with vile and bad intentions and selfishness in his heart.

  • why???

    @Blue: Is Leo really a phony? We are all taught from birth to behave differently in different situations. I myself behave differently in public than I do at home and I don’t know of anyone who can say differently. We only see the different sides of a celebrities life because they are put under a microscope. What would your life be like if put under a microscope. I bet if you met Leo in person you wouldn’t tell him what you are writing here.

  • mit

    @Supreme: lmfao

  • Blake

    That is great of Leo. I really like him, he does so much for the environment, endangered animals, etc.

  • lame bucket challenge

    F A I L

  • @67

    @why???: yes, you’re a phony also

  • Amy


    I saw on Twitter that a lot of people were upset over True Blood’s series finale. What did you think of it?

  • Leave Leo alone

    Why are there haters?? And it seems like it’s the same person using different names. What have you done in life except spew out spiteful comments behind a computer? Seriously, the guy just donated 100000 to a worthy cause and he is always speaking up and raising awareness. So what, he’s not perfect, he parties, drinks, has GFs…what non saint doesn’t? At least he’s not as shallow as some of these Hollywood celebs that are self absorb and really have nothing to offer outside of themselves.

  • Sam

    Who is this f–king hypocrite coming to my country , challenging my Prime Minster.. Go and bang some under age model , while doing a round of coke on her azz. and stop subjecting the public your phoney causes .

  • why???

    @@67: If you had a friend with ALS maybe you would be less judgemental and more thankful that Leo took the time to help raise awareness for this dreadful disease and also gave money to help with research

  • Calculated…

    everything this guy does is calculated…how does he even take a sh*t?!?!

  • Groovy8899

    which username are you using at this time of night.? Loser

  • @67

    @why???: maybe you need to shut your face! F*ck off and stop trying to guilt trip me!

  • Life is beautiful!


  • Groovy8899

    @also… you stop fcuk face . STOP CHANGING YOUR USERNAME THIS TIME OF THE NIGHT, we know you live hear COKCROACH :D LMAO
    I WOKE UP TO THIS NEW THREAD. LET ME GO BACK AND TRY TO GUESS WHICH IS you @also… and your alter ego ####.

  • Groovy8899

    Is this you @also … or were you DAVID. Amazing.


  • Zzzzzz

    @Amy: Not that great – A BIT OF A SPOILER ALERT!! Without giving too much away – not what a lot of people expected. Oh and the story line of Eric (vamp) – was just flat-out terrible!

  • @A

    :)))) <3

  • whoa whoa whoa

    so many jealous haters
    must be losers who achieve nothing in life

  • Pics
  • Pics
  • According to the script

    @Pics: Its time to promote good image!

  • Crazy eyes
  • also…

    Less than 100 comments and the thread is already a mess. smh

  • Ice Bucket

    I’m dying to see the gag reel.

  • Native girl

    This was good.

  • asian

    Irmelin dresses very good unlike her son.

  • U

    @Ice Bucket: this was the gag reel.

  • T-bone
  • +100000

    @Calculated…: “everything this guy does is calculated”

  • +100000

    I dislike Leonardo Dicaprio trying to turn the ALS challenge into an issue with Stephen Harper and the tar sands.


    @T-bone: Go away toni!

  • Truthie

    I find the contrast between his persona (personal life) and his professionalism/activism to be too greatly distracting.

    On the one hand, he’s immature and behaves like a 25-yr-old, dresses like an overgrown 12-yr-old, and dates in the same age group as Justin Beiber. On the other hand, he dresses maturely at red carpet events and engages in mature activism.

    He needs to close the gap between his personal and professional lives. It’s difficult to take him seriously when he dates 20-yr-olds.

  • 8888

    @Truthie: I agree; there is a huge gap. so it’s not credible. We all know it’s an act. His real self his his immaturity, his dating style, his friends, his mom, his clubbing …….The red carpet and scripted interviews are part of the job. he pretends to be oh so mature and serious then he goes back to his natural ways and behaviors. Some men never grow up.

  • Groovy8899

    @Pics: Why is the DAILYMAIL so damn late. These pics are almost two weeks old. Dumba$$es. I hope Leo HATERS STAY OFF TODAY.