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Henry Cavill Wears His Superman Costume for Ice Bucket Challenge - Watch Now!

Henry Cavill Wears His Superman Costume for Ice Bucket Challenge - Watch Now!

Henry Cavill, dressed in his Superman costume, and Amy Adams took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge together on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Amy intro’d the video by saying they were both nominated and were taking it together. Amy nominated all of her siblings for the challenge!

The two then took the icy plunge. Amy then got up, and Henry continued to be doused with ice water by crew members! Too funny, but he was a real superhero trooper about it!

“I’m so cold!” Henry said at the end of the video.

Watch the hilarious video below.

Henry Cavill & Amy Adams Ice Bucket Challenge

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henry cavill amy adams superman ice bucket challenge 01
henry cavill amy adams superman ice bucket challenge 02
henry cavill amy adams superman ice bucket challenge 03
henry cavill amy adams superman ice bucket challenge 04
henry cavill amy adams superman ice bucket challenge 05

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  • OMG!

    Poor Henry all those buckets of water. Good for them.

  • Teri

    Just love these two…way to go and for a great cause.

  • marianna

    poor my baby!!!!!!! lol

  • Anna

    These two are so cute together.Love both of them and they have such a great chemistry!

  • pup

    Best ice bucket challenge I’ve seen so far!

  • Janice Loring-Naperala

    You’re a Trooper Henry….and you too Amy! WE love you both so much!!! Thank you for doing this for such a worthy cause. Love the Superman suit and how you Manned up as Superman would, cause to us, you really our “our Super Man!!!”

  • Janice Loring-Naperala

    @Anna: I agree! they are adorable together!!!

  • hannah

    had to wear their costumes in order to push their stupid movie didnt they?

  • sasha


    Seriously every other celeb that did this didnt push any movie or products. Then there are these two jokers.

  • bugs

    Really? Anything to push that lame movie down our throats.

  • 4678

    he has botox face bad.

  • Adair


  • Sid

    shes hot, hes GAY

  • KellyT

    Why are they wearing costumes? Lame. Dont use charity to push your own movie.

  • Mikethomad


    That was my first thought too. They just wore costumes to advertise their movie. PATHETIC

  • Snnree

    henry has not aged well at all.

  • Jane


    guys with botox look so creepy. why is henry doing thst to his face?

  • Jane

    @pup: @4678:

    dont you mean one of the worst ice bucket challenges? they didnt do anything but advertise thier movie.

  • Patrick

    marvel wanna-bes. this movie is going to be dumb.

  • Denise

    losers didnt even donate money! just did it for the free press.


    Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by far.
    Henry took it like a champ. Go Henry!!!

  • Michelle Aston

    Best ice bucket challenge yet and what a real superman he is!!!

  • Nelly

    lol at all the Marvel zombies here. Love this video and Henry is better looking that all the Marvel guys together.

  • Annmarie

    Way to go Henry and Amy. Poor Henry was nominated so many times that he actually took on every challenge. Henry really is IS a Superman <3

  • Annmarie

    Henry is naturally gorgeous with chiseled features, no Botox necessary :)

  • kimmy

    he’s great ♥♥♥ love he did it with Amy :)

    PS for negative people: GO TO HELL!

  • anon.

    @bugs: you’re obviously the same person responding to yourself with these comments. Just let them be! They’re more famous than you’ll ever be

  • Chrome

    So are Marvl fans so scared that are hating on DC actors ,accusing them for stuff like promotion and botox,on a ossipsite?Seriously Marveltards….you are pathetic.


    YET BvS has 2x more buzz and intend-to-view than Avengers 2 even though Avengrs 2 comes out a year earlier.Come one we all know every single Marvel character and their team-up is a rip off of DC charactrs and ,ultimately,Justice League!There’s a reason why Suerman and Batman are the biggest superheroes out there.

  • Dee

    BEST ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE EVER!!!! Henry you are so perfect, awesome, and sweet!!! Thank you Amy & Henry.

  • Dee

    Henry is PERFECT in every way!!!

  • Lovehenry

    @anon.: you are absolutely correct. Yeah, henry took the challenge and handled it like a trooper. Good for the both of them

  • jojo

    Love Amy! (Happy belated Birthday Amy…the BIG 4-0!!!!!)

  • Sweet Cheeks

    Awww, Henry and Amy are so sweet together. Love them! Be very afraid…..The Justice League Is Coming! Woot! Woot!

  • Liv

    This so tacky! Self-promotion for their movie defeats the true purpose of the charity’s cause. All I saw in this challenge are a bunch of rich celebrities trying to sell themselves and their upcoming movie. Tacky!

  • lisa

    Oh my, I so would! He’s just a perfect specimen.

  • JustSay’n

    Yeah, this would have been a whole lot better done in normal clothes & not costumes. Just ruined the effect.

  • OH MY

    A wet Superman is a hot Superman!!!

  • Rosalie

    I don’t believe the comments some people make…..unbelievable if you ask me. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything. None of us cares what you think…lol.

    Anyway, you showed them all Henry….you are a champ. All your fans….love you.

  • Bubba

    To the blotch Above named Rosalie. It don’t know what country your posting from but it’s a free country in America to post what we don’t like. Get off your rocker and stop monitoring what people say and think!

    So how much did they donate??? $100,000 like Leo Dicaprio would have been more bada$$ than getting iced in a Superman costume to sell your future movie haha!

  • Ben

    @Rosalie: get a liife! this guy can’t act and puts a shame to us fellow Brits who can!

  • karin

    WOW that’s THE BEST ice bucket challenge!!! Congratulations to Henry and Amy!!! and thanks for the donation, it’s a great cause!

  • sarah

    The true charity should be private, personal and not performed in front of an audience to do the show because none of this is done with the natural heart. Advertising is the soul of the trade!

  • marianna


    so call the ALS international organization, they are the ones are begging celebities and common people to donate and be part of the campaign, because being interactive is a great and useful way to raise money!

  • sarah

    Most celebrities do charity publicly to be the most famous but True heroes are those who make donations remain hidden in the shadows without asking for anything in return!

  • xime


    I think the same but ALS organization begs for donations and for this campaign to continue, and doing it with famous people is useful for them