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MTV VMAs 2014 Down 10% in Ratings From Last Year's Show

MTV VMAs 2014 Down 10% in Ratings From Last Year's Show

The 2014 MTV VMAs were down this year in the ratings despite having something viral and amazing moments.

While the show was Sunday evening’s most watched program bringing in 8.3 million total viewers, it was still down 18 percent from the 10.1 million viewers who tuned in to watch the show last year, Billboard reports.

Moments such as Beyonce‘s amazing performance, Blue Ivy‘s surprise on stage, and more weren’t able to compare to the show last year, which featured the infamous Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke sexy performance.

DID YOU WATCH the 2014 MTV VMAs?? What did you think??

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  • ummm

    GOOD!! Maybe they will stop producing the “HO” and “No Talent” VMA’s until they can find some real talent to reward.

  • Nic

    But Beyonce was supposed to make the show worth watching.. Again all hype she’s boring so is her ugly a*+ family and she has no hit songs.

  • Sam

    They should have invited Miley and Robin back they stole the show last year.

  • Nessa

    Two words: Arianna Grande. No matter how much they try to cram her down our throats… She is awful.

  • Matt

    nobody will remember anything from this yr and Beyonce who many tuned in to see made me sleepy, was too long/over indulgent which should surprise no one. i missed the Queen of the vma’s, Britney, they should of begged her to present at least.

  • dada

    last year was better. justin timberlake has the best performace ever. beyonce not so much. i like her but this awards was for her videoclip and her hits and she performs songs…and i know only two. probably if it wasnt for the family moment it would be bad. last year the best

  • Roman

    Good, lets get that garbage down to 0% viewership.

  • Living in a box

    See kids this are the different between VMA and Emmy. One is made up, pointless awards, and the other one been voted by professionals.

  • duh

    Gaga and Britney weren’t there


    GAGA The GREAT !! No Gaga at the VMA’S = NO RATINGS. Gaga is the NEW QUEEN OF POP. MTV music awards is suppose to be about the best video. Gaga made two great videos, Applause and G.U.Y. Beyoncé is no Queen. A true Queen would bring in the ratings. No one cared to watch these second rate poptarts. Gaga is going to bring in high ratings for the 2015 MTV, VMAS. Like others, I did not watch this rigged 2014 VMA’S. Come on MTV how can you nominate Beyoncé for her cheap videos she made this year when Lady Gaga went all out and gave a production for her G.U.Y. video and Gaga even brought Micheal Jackson back to life in her video.

  • oh boy


    You are correct about JT. His performance was stellar and clean. You didn’t feel dirty after watching it. Plus those of us who were NSYNC fans was looking forward to them reuniting. All these music award show have gone down hill due to lack of real musical/vocal talent.


    @duh: GAGA The GREAT !! Yes, I forgot to mention Britney Jean Spears. Even Britney had a better music video than most who was nominated. MTV was brought and paid for by the ratchet Jay Z and Beyoncé. Its called the Music video awards and its suppose to be about who had a creative video. Everyone who watched is saying the 2014 VMA’S was BORING. NO GAGA= NO RATINGS.

  • XXX


    GAGA IS OVER !!!

  • Mel

    No Britney = No VMAs.

    That was a poor show. Beyonces fake acting, trashy ariana grande and overrated taylor swift. Booooooooh

  • Anon

    Last year was the first time I tuned into the VMAs in years. I’ve aged out of them. I only watched because of Justin Timberlake and because it was in Brooklyn. They hyped the he ll out of the N’Sync reunion and I think that’s why ratings were so high. This year there was no one of interest and it’s all kind of a joke since MTV hasn’t played videos in over 10 years.

  • http://firefox genab

    Too sexually oriented and seem more like a show starring Beyonce instead of a variety of entertainers. Didn’t like it. Turned the channel. Previous shows were better. Thought this was video awards.

    Pretty tired of Beyonce and Jayzee.

  • Britney

    The best thing about the VMAs was the absence of JLO. The non-singer who never won an award.

  • Sweety

    I didn’t bother to watch this year and I barely watched last year. The production quality of this show drops every single year while the musical acts get more and more raunchy to compensate for the fact that most of the performers are marginally talented at best. That also goes for the presenters i.e. the Kardashians/Jenners, etc. Complete waste of two hours.

  • Propaganda

    Since when have the VMAs been policitical? The moment of silence for Michael Brown was ridiculous. Seems like they tried and convicted the officer before all evidence is known. Glad I didn’t watch.

  • loiiu

    Well no One direction,no Gaga, ant they have huge fandoms.

  • Ryan

    I haven’t paid attention to when the VMA’s used to be popular. So I don’t know why they are making a big deal that their ratings are down.

  • Diedre

    That’s because people are sick of fame hungry a$$holes and tw@ts acting like idiots.
    The VMAs aren’t about talent any more. It’s about who can ‘shock’ us the most. Last year it was Smelly and this year it was Jiggy Minaj running around pretending her dress wouldn’t zip. It’s ridiculous and demeaning to the audience.

  • thomas

    Britney is stiff and can’t dance anymore.


    GAGA The GREAT !! @XXX. You are right, GAGA IS OVER THE MOON she did have to sit through that boring azz award show. Gaga is OVER the moon, she’s currently on a WORLDWIDE tour making mega bucks, GAGA IS OVER, the moon that she has a album coming out next month with Tony Bennett which may earn her more GRAMMYS. GAGA IS OVER, the moon that she feels like herself again after firing her management last year when ARTPOP came out. GAGA IS OVER the moon that she can walk after under going a hip replacement in 2013. GAGA IS OVER the moon that she is worth more than $220 million dollars. Gaga will never be over because she has huge fan base know as the LITTLE MONSTERS. Gaga will never be over as long as she’s on this EARTH. Only the pressed Madonna fans who are delusional wants this to be a reality. Gaga is a force and will gain more star power. The best is yet to come.

  • lemondrop1

    I agree. why do we reward the self absorbed elite of Hollywood? why don’t we award our Military people instead for the job of keeping us free? they do much more for America than these self absorbed people ,who would not even give any of us a second glance if they passed us in the street.

  • Lucy

    The music that is played on MTV is just terrible. The worst MTV awards ever! Viewers are tired of fat-assed women on their t.v screens.