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Orlando Bloom's Ex Miranda Kerr Makes Sure Flynn's Nanny is With Him At All Times

Orlando Bloom's Ex Miranda Kerr Makes Sure Flynn's Nanny is With Him At All Times

Orlando Bloom stops to greet his fans as he arrives at Haneda airport on Tuesday (August 26) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 37-year-old British actor’s ex wife Miranda Kerr recently said that she hired a nanny to stay with Orly when their son Flynn stays with him.

“The nanny is with him all the time when he is with Orlando; don’t get me wrong, he’s a great dad, it’s just me being a protective mother and wanting to make sure all his needs are met,” Miranda told the Sunday Times of London. “I want to keep Flynn‘s routine. Orlando‘s fine with it. In fact, he likes it, it’s less pressure.”

FYI: Orlando is wearing head-to-toe Burberry.

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orlando blooms ex miranda kerr hires a nanny to watch flynn while hes with him 01
orlando blooms ex miranda kerr hires a nanny to watch flynn while hes with him 02
orlando blooms ex miranda kerr hires a nanny to watch flynn while hes with him 03
orlando blooms ex miranda kerr hires a nanny to watch flynn while hes with him 04
orlando blooms ex miranda kerr hires a nanny to watch flynn while hes with him 05
orlando blooms ex miranda kerr hires a nanny to watch flynn while hes with him 06
orlando blooms ex miranda kerr hires a nanny to watch flynn while hes with him 07
orlando blooms ex miranda kerr hires a nanny to watch flynn while hes with him 08

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  • mcwitch

    WOW, nothing like undermining his parental abilities in a public forum. If he’s a great Dad why say that in the first place? She’s known as being a huge partier so maybe the nanny ought to be with him at all times around her

  • Sam

    Miranda is the biggest piece of sh*t low class cheap cheap ho!!!! She is disgusting and thinks she is slick Trying to fool people that she is single. Trust me luv we know u f-ing James Packer for you beauty skin care line and u have been even while you were married to Orlando And James was married to Erica. You are a disgusting homewrack Karma is a bitch can’t wait till for everyone to see you for what you are a Real F-ing shady sneaky S U L T!!!! You broke you marriage, James marriage and a close friendship between Orlando and James. They used to be super close. This B I t ch destroyed everything Because She is a Selfish F u ck

  • @2

    Your points are all true but hard to feel bad for the guy when he had a good few years of warning signs before he married her and she had his kid.

  • Algernon

    As annoyed as I am that she said this, I’m just as annoyed that JJ would make Orlando’s trip about what Miranda says and not his movie.

  • Kel

    She needs to shut it.

  • Me

    Orlando looks absolutely stunning! I love this man! Thank you for the pictures!

    On a side note: dear JJ! There is absolutely no need to repeat all the foolish things Miranda Kerr said in her life. You don’t have enough file storage space for it. The woman managed to become more than annoying to me. Honestly, what’s her words have to do with the news at hand? Couldn’t you just write that Orlando Bloom has arrived to Japan to promote Zulu and that hundreds of his fans were waiting for him at the airport at 7:30 in the morning? I really don’t need to hear the the things his ex-wife said especially after it was all over the Internet many times. She really should stick to the things she does best – making the pictures of herself and posting it on Instagram. What kind of father he is we all perfectly see – he is a great daddy for Flynn. And of course the mass media will turn upside down the words that Kerr says (with her it’s not that hard but give us all a break!) even if she means not the things that media try to imply. Anyway, I’d really appreciate if in the news about Orlando we will see the news about Orlando. Thank you!

  • /IrishidaVoong Irishida Voong

    Miranda Kerr divorces Orlando Bloom primary reason Miranda had the urgent need to explore,develop and indulge in sexual activities with her own gender. This action is a real bad punch under the belt against Orlando. You just not behave like that to your sons father, Miranda Kerr. I wish Orlando had the guts to battle custody due to Mirandas immorally personality and behavior.Miranda Kerr is not the mother Flynn needs.

  • Sam

    @3 u have a good point there! I agree 100 pct. Orlando should of known better than marry this trash. It just sickness me that she portraits this image of an innocent girl/ angelic/ classy yet she is the biggest S U L T in the industry and trust me everyone that works in entertainment knows that only her fans seem to believe what she sells. James is an idiot for leaving his wife and 3 children to this classless dirt

  • Carly

    The fact that even her family did a whole documentary and aired it on TV talking about how fame got to her and they have not seen her in over a year speak volumes about who she really is!!!! She only went back to Aussie to pretend like she is all cool with her family because if she didn’t she knew it would ruin her image. That’s all she cares. Looks… Fame and more and more Money!!!

  • Carly

    Notice since the news broke about her having a secret relationship with James Packer in December She was neverrrr everrr seen with a Orlando and Flynn going out to the park or doing other family activities anymore. Not when Orlando found out that She has been sleeping with his close friend for a long time. Orlando is embarrassed because they were all friends and No Miranda was not friends with James for years She is a liar. If she was why didn’t she hang out with him before like she does now. Orlando introduced her to him and his wife Erica.

  • Daniela23

    Now that the truth is coming out… She got caught in Spain spending time with James Packer in his yatch she hasn’t been parading around NYC and calling the paparazzi. She made a fool out of herself denying it over and over again that she is not dating James. U right luv you not dating him then But You are F u c k I n g him for your skin care line thanks to him you have that line!!!!

  • tilly

    God Orlando is looking tasty <3 Lucky Japanese fans.

    [who the hell cares about Miranda whatsherface]

  • Sweety

    The one person I feel the most for is their son. I suppose the nanny does a lot of the child raising and watching while he is out partying it up in Ibiza and she is modeling and juggling her other relationships. For once, can’t really blame her since she does have to work and is much more in demand than him.

  • dame betch

    @Sam: Don’t see you saying the same thing about Angelina Whorlie.

  • Hmmm

    When pictured out and about, Orlando always comes across as the more engaged and focused parent. She’s the one who hands Flynn off to the nanny as soon as she can.
    It does sound like she is laying groundwork for a custody battle. She he better watch it. Orlando has been classy enough to leave her affairs out of it so far, but if she threatens his time with his son, he will let go with both barrels. She won’t know what hit her, and Orlando will walk away with full custody. Which would probably be best for Flynn, anyway. No child deserves a famewhoring tramp for a mother.

  • Hmmm

    Forgot to mention how beautiful Orlando looks!
    I love his hair long.

  • nick

    Unfortunately you can’t take a village out of a girl, Orlando…she’s still an australian village girl living in a farm with cows.

  • EB

    He looks divine! But what is he doing in Japan?

  • @18

    He’s there for the opening of Zulu (Capetown).
    He looks amazing!!!!

  • Sunshine

    How does a story about Orlando going to Japan become all about Miranda’s insipid ramblings? If you really want to write a story about her why don’t you show us the photos of her all loved up with James Packer, the billionaire she wrecked two marriages and the lives of four children to be with

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Not only is Orlando an incompetent actor, he is an incompetent father. Also, his life will never be about him again, he will always be side note to the side show freak he “married”.

  • @21

    Hmmm, so now you’re taking Miranda’s word as gospel? That’s a 180 turn from your previous comments.
    I guess that your innate hypocrisy allows you to switch sides without any qualms at all.
    And once again, you conveniently ignore all of Orlando’s great reviews.
    Have you ever, even once, considered actually thinking before you type??

  • IDLTrolls

    @Elena: Ah, so-called “Elena” a village idiot is here again. Then again where else would you go? Hmpf. Started to worry that you’ve used less of your nicknames here, LOL. It might sound dissapointing for you but every time you write your favorite word “Kerrdashians” I stop reading your…stream of consciousness. You are wasting your lack of talents. Just saying. :)

  • Jasmine

    I used to be miranda’s fan but now…she’s turned into a total BITCH! and JJ is on my nerve!!!This news is about Orlando and you just wrote about what that bitch says the subject of the photo is orlando and you must talk about him not his loser wife!who cares about what she says!!no one asked for her opinion in the first place…just wants to draw attention toward herself…so disgusting and of course Orlando is good parent…much much better than you…stop it Miranda…stop being a bitch…please…

  • Jasmine

    @Sunshine: EXACTLY!!!!couldn’t agree more!!

  • Maddie

    She is disgusting. She should shut her mouth and stop with the nude photos. She should be aware that everything stays on the internet and her son may see them.

  • Elena

    @IDLTrolls: And yet you took the time to comment so I must hit a nerve and makes me think that you do read my comments. Just saying, snookums.
    @22 The scales of good vs. bad reviews for Mr. Kerrdashian are well tipped to bad, pookie pie. Apparently you and your tin hat tune the bad ones out. (Silver is def your color, bae!!) Also, I don’t have to take Miranda Kerrdashian’s word for anything, the world can see they are BOTH incompetent parents to Melon Head who will no doubt grow up to be a spoiled, egotistical, drug crazed attention wh*re like the teen age boy that his mother banged two years ago after the VS cattle show.

  • Dee

    Pay no attention to Elena, it is obvious she is a little “special”.

    As for why Orlando married her it should be obvious, she pulled the oldest trick in the book, she got knocked up. They were off and on for years before, bam they suddenly married and Flynn was born like 6 months after. Orlando really loves Flynn though, and is a great dad. I can only hope she is a better mother than a wife.

    Agree 100% that now they are divorced, JARED should stop mentioning the ex when talking about Orlando, she is irrelevant now.

  • Lol

    Poor Troll-Ena.
    Her desperate cries for attention seem to get more pathetic each day.
    I guess that living in her mother’s basement and subsisting on Cheetos has finally tipped the scale. She has now passed over the line to full blown loon.
    Poor, sad, lonely Troll-ena.
    ~wipes tear~

  • IDLTrolls

    @Elena: LOL. You really think you can actually “hit” something? Like…seriously? Very entertaining, thank you! But to hit my nerves you need to try harder. Like…seriously harder. Aw, you got hurt that I might not read your “entertain yourself” trifles? That’s so touching! :) Poor, poor you! You are so inattentive, the astounding one! If you read what I wrote with a longer attention span (try to avoid your uncreative imagination spasms while you are reading!), you even might figure out eventually what the key word you’ve missed in my comment. Tough one for you, heh? :)

  • PuppyLove

    I wish they’d release “Zulu” in the U.S. I’d like to see it.

  • Jayne

    @13 lol what ever Orlando has already made he’s money. And what are you saying that he can’t have fun now he as a kid everyone has to have some fun in there lifes with or with out kids. And we have seen Orlando with out the nanny. I don’t no what Miranda is trying to do put its almost as if she trying to make him look bad in her seeker way. And i agree this is about Orlando not Miranda.

  • Sheesh

    And we are all so passionate and emotional against miranda because…? What’s this got to do with any of us? Some of us just have too much time on our hands it seems. None of us really know her personally and have no right to judge. Let the woman live her life and if u wana call someone a slut at least spell it right..

  • Sheesh

    @Sam: read much tabloid gossip? Lol u act like u know her personally. Shut it loser ur just jealous she’s rich famous and paid well for her looks. All you jealous lame arses need a life! Focus on your own rather than judging other people for living theirs. As if ur all so perfect sheesh

  • Kath

    To everyone who hates Miranda…..jealousy is a curse u know……yeah stop acting like u know what goes on in her life…..none of u have a clue except what u read….

  • Kath

    Orlando looks hot though…..