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Jennifer Aniston & Heavily Bearded Will Forte Attend 'Life of Crime' Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston & Heavily Bearded Will Forte Attend 'Life of Crime' Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston hits the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie Life of Crime on Wednesday evening (August 27) at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood.

The 45-year-old actress was joined at the event by her co-star Will Forte, who was sporting a very bushy, mountain man-like beard!

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The movie follows “two common criminals [who] get more than they bargained for after kidnapping the wife of a corrupt real-estate developer who shows no interest in paying the $1 million dollar ransom for her safe return.”

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Saint Laurent dress.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston on the red carpet…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 01
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 02
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 03
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 04
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 05
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 06
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 07
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 08
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 09
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 10
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 11
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 12
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 13
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 14
jennifer aniston will forte life of crime premiere 15

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  • Anastasia

    Is that a real baby bump or a fake one??? She definitely looks pregnant here… either that or she’s been drinking a lot of beer lately. I guess she doesn’t want the pregnancy rumors to stop…

  • lav

    @Anastasia: Is just the chosen photo.

    Sometimes, you guys choose to be stupid. Really.

  • Kara

    “This dress makes me look pregnant. It’s perfect!!” 45 year old Jen says to her stylist.

  • oh god
  • allison

    The extensions look terrible. Did she clip them on herself while she was drinking? I don’t know why she makes such a big deal about cutting her hair then spends months using extensions to make her hair longer.

  • April

    She is so pretty. I need those shoes!

  • Shelly

    It is the angle of the picture she is not pregnant lol. I do not think she is wearing extensions hair looks like her normal hair miss her long hair

  • she must be

    I bet she is pregnant for real but she does not want to share it to anyone but hey if she attends red carpet premiers is obvious that wont be a secret anymore even if u dont share it yourself, pics says otherwise and it is evident she is pregnant

  • TESS

    im sure it will bomb!….

  • Kara

    @she must be:

    She did not look pregnant at all in pics from earlier TODAY. She is not pregnant.
    Her fans need to give up hope of her having kids. She is almost 46! 50 is right around the corner.

  • Such a faker

    A premiere for a film that will open Friday in just 33 theaters and also concurrently on VOD and iTunes. A film that has been sitting for over a year. LOL This is indicative of the current status of her career. Cake, the film which some irrationals say is her “Oscar moment”, has no distributor and she will be selling it hard at TIFF.

    She wore a form fitting dress for her 1/2 Friends “reunion” in the thread JJ just posted which happened earlier today, then tonight she wears a humpy lumpy dress for you few pitiful idiots who cry oh she is having a baby. NOT! Funny how she has said for years no Friends reunion but now she is willing to ride that 20 years old train for PR.


  • Such a faker

    @she must be:



  • Such a faker


    Thank you for the truth.

  • annie

    ha ha only 33 theatres and they have a premiere night? So desperate! it just proves Aniston on her own is nothing in HW. She just can’t carry a movie on her own.

  • dame betch

    Oh fatty you’re all over Jens threads!

  • forrest gump

    ‘Grizzly Adams’ is the new ‘Puberty’?

  • becca

    flashing her boobs and legs to sell her movie

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  • Mary

    I like that she wore silver for a nice change, but the dress is super unflattering to her bust line and I wish she would retire those shoes. She has never been fashion-forward, but I do wish she would go for a more sophisticated look once in awhile. Her outfits are undistinguishable and always looks slightly dated to me. And her hair is both dark and kinda blah for her.

    She looks fine, but just kinda flat — no spunk here at all.

  • http://comcast Lynn

    She jjust doesn’t seem happy anymore ????

  • lurker

    where are the fans….better yet where is Justin….and to sports a fake baby bump is the lowest of the low….this movie is opened only 33 theaters!!!!!
    no ads on tv or prints…this dud should have gone straight to dvd….LMAO!!!!

  • Joy B Angie

    She was never happy.
    The seven fans need to bang together and buy her a bra and Spanx.
    Her breast are reaching her waist, ease on buying Italian extensions and buy under garments, slag.

  • hilarious

    I think she is pregnant. Congratulation Jenny. You deserve to be happy.

  • Bet

    She sure deserves to be as happy as Mr. Mrs Jolie-Pitt.

  • Sandra

    Angelina Jolie is not happy. Anglina is boring with her marriage.
    People are tired to wait this BS. Finally it happened
    and NOBODY CARE.

  • Sandra

    @Joy B Angie:
    Hey FAKE Joy B Angie,
    are you drunken ?
    Why Jen is not happy ?
    She had a dream to be a Hollywood actress and she IS now.
    She started as a waitress and lives in Bel Air now.
    She worked honestly and she is an America’s Sweetheart now.
    She won her overweight and has one of the best bodies in the HW now.
    She has $ 150 M, she has a taste, she has a taalent,
    she looks gorgeous and she is just 45 -
    why must she be unhappy ?

  • Joy B Angie

    Hey, FAKE Joy B Angie, you are boring !

  • mara

    Of course fake Joy B is boring.

  • Joy of Dumped Soon Angie

    Fake Joy B Angie is not boring but stupid.

  • Janet

    @Anastasia: Gossipcop shot this down for the 452nd time. She is absolutely, positively not pregnant.

  • horrible_wedding

    No pic s from he wedding in the web space. WHY ?
    Was everything so bad ???????????????????????

  • Guess Who???

    If Jen is preggers that would be great, but I think she is messing with the paps & you morons that claim to hate her, yet follow her every move..All of you are closet Jen fans & you know it…Brad & Jen use to laugh about the pranks they loved to play on the paps…Poor Brad can only lie now..His girlfriend has no sense of humor..That is why she has zero friends..Jen is awesome in everyway…She is purrrrfect…

  • Guess Who???

    Both Joy B Angie posters are the same person, she has just been on these sites for so long she has 2 personalities…Don’t let the crazy loon convince you that her name was stolen…They are both one in the same, & they both eat sleep & breath Jennifer Aniston…bruhahahahahha…

  • devil’s advocate

    If you are going to wear padding over your abdomen to appear that
    you are in the second trimester of pregnancy you shouldn’t do it
    the week after a tabloid had your photo on its cover showing you
    had lost 10 pounds to reach your ideal weight for your wedding.

  • yep

    lol………so funny……….look at Brangelina fans…… worried about Jennifer! lol why? Is the wedding of Brangelina not enough. Still afraid your stars don’t shine bright enough??? why else spend some much time hating???? Jen shines so bright I don’t have to hate NO ONE! Shine, Jen, Shine!!!!!!!!

  • BlogBrat

    IKR @ yep…The 5th. wedding has happened & the Ho-lee “twat squad” still isn’t happy…You hit the nail right on the head…They are so afraid of Jen & they have been for 10 years…She has always been an enormous threat to the Ho-lee/Pitties & to their posters that start every fight on all three stars threads…The 1st pages prove it…I hope this wedding did happen & the “twat squad” can start new lives…They have been doing this on here for years…Some are paid posters, but who cares…Jen can go marry one of the hottest men in Hollywood & live a awesome life with all her success & fame….The girl will always be “America’s Sweetheart”…

  • Guess Who???

    …. …. ….

  • Guess Who???

    m-m-m …

  • Guess Who???

    s-s-s-s … s-h-h-h ….

  • BlogBrat

    I see a lot of thought was put into that “Guess Who???”….You know 3 whole letters…It’s a start…It can’t be all that bad…You still hangin out with Jen….hahahahahha….

  • BlogBrat


  • BlogBrat

    j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j-j …….

  • yep

    Jen is an amazing lady!

  • Cynthia Jane Starnes

    I am so sorry for your loss, Girl just keep trying God will come through for you two. I will be praying and God bless you.

  • ellie’

    Is Jennifer pregnant ???, she really looks like she is..!!!

  • Joy B Angie

    Yes, Jen is an amazing Lady, yep !

  • ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

    @horrible_wedding: No pic s from he wedding in the web space. WHY ?
    Was everything so bad ???????????????????????
    Blah blah blah blah…… Bloated a$$ as usual… blowing your stinky gas …
    Again… and again…. and again….
    Soooooooooo saaaaaaaaaad….. move on Loonifer … it’s O-V-E-R..
    Vini… Sayonara… Adios!!!!!!!!!