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Jennifer Lopez & 'American Idol' Judges Head to New Orleans for Auditions!

Jennifer Lopez & 'American Idol' Judges Head to New Orleans for Auditions!

Jennifer Lopez poses for a photo with her American Idol co-judges Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban while arriving for the auditions on Wednesday (August 27) at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, La.

Fans that still want a chance to audition for the upcoming season will have to get themselves to San Francisco on September 29 for their chance at stardom!

In case you didn’t know, Harry is actually from New Orleans so we hope he found some good talent in his hometown.

It was just announced that Harry will be appearing on the season premiere week of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat about his new movie Dolphin Tale 2.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Valentino dress and Casadei shoes.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez and the judges at the auditions…

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jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 01
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 02
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 03
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 04
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 05
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 06
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 07
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 08
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 09
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 10
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 11
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 12
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 13
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 14
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 15
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 16
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 17
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 18
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 19
jennifer lopez american idol new orleans auditions 20

Credit: Erika Goldring; Photos: Getty
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  • Louise

    Yup, Keith got a haircut and dressed up for the occasion. NOT! Keith needs to clean up and dress appropriately. Hr has lately been dressing like a slob for his concerts. The curtain hair needs to go, too.

  • sam

    AI needs to go. Way past it’s due date. The 3 judges really annoy me now – Jlo always has to be showing plenty of flesh, if it’s not her boobs then it’s her legs, or both, with the spray-on tan and shiny legs! Keith Urban annoys me with that haircut and those beady eyes, and Harry, well, Harry doesn’t really annoy me except that the whole AI thing really does – PUT IT TO SLEEP!!!

  • Haters are ignorant!

    @Louise: How insulting of YOU! Keith not only is as “clean” as can be, he smells wonderfully clean, too! His ‘appearance’ is always based on clever tee-shirts and jeans, as many country artists wear. His vintage shirts that he’s wearing in concerts have pictures of country music icons on them, so you’re showing how little you know about him. Keith is a country music artist and he’s about as unpretentious as anyone I know–and yes, I do know him personally! Harry wore tee-shirts most of last year, as well!

  • http://comcast Ashley

    OMG, Keith Urban is soooo sexy and soooo talented. I cannot wait for American Idol to begin again. The best trio of judges they have ever had

  • http://comcast Ashley

    @Louise: Are you the same person that hates Nicole Kidman because you are insanely jealous of her ????? Are you taking it out on Keith because she is married to this sexy hunk. Why not use your name instead of the 20 different names you use. By the way Keith Urban is my favorite but I think J Lo and Harry do a tremendous job as judges also.

  • http://comcast Lynn

    @sam: I can’t believe you go to the trouble to write your insulting remarks if you are not interested in American Idol. I would just like to say the millions and millions of people that watch American Idol don’t agree with you.

  • http://comcast Brenda

    Less camera time on J Lo and more camera time on Keith next year please. Loved the show last year and the three judges are perfect together.

  • http://comcast Ginnie

    The three best judges American Idol has ever had. They are perfect together. Anxious for show to start again.

  • http://comcast David

    Why isn’t the headline Keith Urban and the American Idol judges ??? Or Harry Connick Jr. and the American Idol judges ??? I will have to say the three judges are wonderful together.

  • http://comcast Dee

    Looking forward to American Idol starting up again in January. Crazy about Keith Urban, I agree less camera time on Jennifer more on Keith Urban.

  • Paul

    It is so embarrassing for great artist like Harry and Keith to share the panel with the likes of JLO who can’t sing or act. It is an insult to them and the audiences to have to watch her judge people who are far better than she could ever hope to be. And have you noticed how the older she gets the more she looks like a Jose not a Jennifer?

  • Britney

    I wish they would re-establish the original judges that were on when AI first debuted. Paula was hands down the best female and Simon and Randy were perfect.

  • Bill

    @Britney: Exactly! The first 3 judges were the best and Paula was hands down the best female judge Idol ever had. J. Lopez is a joke.

  • Haven

    This show just keeps on getting worst and worst! Get rid of the horrible tranny looking POOR HOE REEK (garbage)CAN, J-LOW and bring back Paula please.

  • Kiera

    Other than the trashy JLo, I still like and watch AI. Keith (who is appropriately dressed btw, this isn’t a job interview) always has helpful things to say and Harry too. JLo is beautiful, but would get much more respect if she didn’t dress and act so trashy. Not much talent there. Just strikingly good looks. Sadly, that’s all it takes to succeed in this world.

  • http://comcast Dee

    @Bill: If you liked Simon so much why in the hell didn’t you watch the X Factor and maybe they wouldn’t have had to cancel that show. You could have got your fill of Simon, every one else had long ago. Love American Idol, love all three judges and can’t wait for season fourteen.

  • http://comcast Dee

    @Britney: My comment above was meant for Britney also.

  • http://comcast Andrea

    Keith Urban has it ALL. !!!

  • She Stinks!

    I am outraged that a no class no talent can’t sing a thing sl ut is back on this show? Who is JHO Bag doing to stay on the show? She is truly awful.

  • Lyn

    Trolling, trolling, trolling…
    They never stop. Quit trashing Keith and Nicole and Jlo. They all live fabulous lives, unlike a troll that lives to type hate on a keyboard.

  • joanie

    Did Keith consult with the Idol bosses before getting that snakey looking tattoo on his arm. Yuck. That thing can’t be good for ratings. Yuck. What was he thinking? I hope someone tells him how creepy it looks and he gets those snake tails lasered off.

  • http://comcast Bridget

    @Haven: Worst and worst huh ?? Learn to spell. I think you mean better and better !!!! It does get better and better !!!

  • http://comcast Bridget

    @joanie: Calm yourself Joanie, those tattoos bother you that much. ??? I bet Nicole Kidman loves them. I think they are pretty cute myself.

  • joanie

    Keith is cute… that tattoo is not cute… or cool… or bad ass… or whatever he thinks it is.

  • joanie

    What IS it supposed to be, BTW. It looks like snakes or an octupus to me. Do you think Nicole really wanted that on his arm. Isn’t the Nicole tattoo enough?

  • Amy

    I can’t wait to watch idol. Makes the winter almost tolerable. And although I love Keith, he needs to stop with the tats. This most recent is not attractive. He is gorgeous. Leave your body alone, Keith!

  • poppy

    I didn’t wanna say anything first, but I agree that tattoo is kinda weird. I saw almost the entire tattoo and it goes all the way up and over his shoulder. Must have some significance to him. Do you think Nicole is actually encouraging this to make him look more “dangerous” as she claims to be. I certainly hope not. I hope at least these recent tattoos even is they are a bad decision (imo) are HIS decision.

  • julie

    I agree, it looks like snakes and I hate snakes. I can’t stand to look at snakes. Keith needs to understand that even though it is his body and he can do whatever he wants with it, part of his career is based on his looks and he may lose fans if he has tattoos they can’t stand to look at.

  • allison

    Wow, his hair has gotten long again. It must grow really fast. I love Keith. I think he’s so cute, ugly tattoos and all. LOL

  • Ken

    C’mon ladies, his tats aren’t that bad, not now anyway Wait until he’s 60s and they are sagging below his elbows. Hehe

  • coincidence or conspiracy

    As the gay rumors grow, so do Keith’s tattoos.

  • http://comcast Jan

    @coincidence or conspiracy: I will tell you who isn’t gay is Keith Urban. OMG, go to one of his concerts, he is as sexy as they come. Talent, looks, kindness etc. etc. Keith has it all.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @coincidence or conspiracy: You jealous people will have to decide, make up your mind. Is Keith Urban a womanizer or is he gay ???? I will tell you what he is: Keith is a sexy, hunk of a man who adores his beautiful wife and daughters. Keith could care less about the negative crap that is written about him and Nicole. Nicole and Keith both say they never read this kind of gossip.

  • sheila

    That tat is not complete yet. It takes awhile to get those big ones done, and they are quite painful! His body, he can do what he wants and is still amazing in every sense of the word.

  • CutieKeith

    I love Keith but not wild about his tattoos, but with that said it’s his bod not mine so he can do whatever he wants to it. I know his tats are “signposts along the way” and have special meaning for him. Still doesn’t alter the fact that he is a sweet, humble, talented, HOT and precious human being. Coming through everything he has, and being the best man he can be says a lot about him. I’m so proud of his efforts to fight his demons and stay committed and true to his sobriety.

  • joanie

    So if it’s not finished yet, is he going to get colors added? Yikes, it’ll look more like snakes than ever. This is depressing me to think that I’ll have to look at this tattoo from now on and that it’s going to be worse even worse than it is now.

  • danni

    Relax Joanie, Keith will stop wearing those little boy t shirt some day and you won’t see nearly as much of that tattoo as you see now.

  • danni

    I do agree with you that the “tails” of that ink come down too far on his arm. If they were 2 or 3 inches shorter it would look a lot better.

  • John

    Yeah his hair would look better 2or3 inches shorter too

  • Sorry

    I’m sure we have all seen older men with tattoos and wearing extra tight jeans and shirts and thought how gross they look. Keith is no exception.

  • rena

    Y’all the Fashion Police? LOL I’m amazed that his hair is so long again. It must grown really fast.

  • Sorry

    @rena: Keith doesn’t need to wait for his balding head of hair to grow because it’s a hairpiece.

  • http://comcast Lynda

    @joanie: None of your business Joanie !! And yes, I do think Nicole likes his tattoos, I think she lets Keith do what he wants to do with his own body. Probably why they have a great marriage. Nicole wouldn’t be nagging about a tattoo, she knows what is important in life. Perfect couple, perfect family.

  • http://comcast Jodi

    @ Sorry aka THE CRAZY ONE and your other 20 names. Keith’s hair, Keith’s tattoos his married life is none of your business. Get a life of your own and you won’t care what his tattoos or hair looks like. Do you really think he gives a damn what your opinion is. Do you write ugly comments to make yourself feel good because Keith and Nicole have both said they never read these type of comments. Anxious for American Idol to begin, I thought the three judges were perfect together.

  • http://comcast Dave

    @joanie: Shut your efing eyes if you don’t want to look at it, better yet shut your mouth when you are just babbling. People are so jealous of people that are living the good life.

  • Daphne

    It’s hilarious what people think the tattoo is. It’s not an animal of any kind! lol

  • julie

    I have to agree with @joanie, that tattoo may no be an animal of any kind, but the part that stick out from his shirt looks like snake tails. Why did he think this was a good idea? I think he needs to rethink this tattoo before he gets it completed and it looks even more creepy and snakelike. I HATE snakes. I don’t like to look at snakes… Why Keith … why?

  • Daphne

    @julie: So Keith needs your approval on tattoos that go on his body? Hilarious!

  • julie

    No, he doesn’t need MY approval, but he is in a business where his looks pay a big part of it. I don’t understand why he feels the need to “decorate” himself up when he’s such a beautiful human being. I don’t know why he wants to put ugly designs on his beautiful skin and let’s face it…. you don’t really think that tattoo is all that appealing, you just think EVERYTHING he does is great. Either that or you’re caught up in his and Nicole’s love story and you think they have some kind of special meaning to them. If they had special meaning he would put them where only SHE could see them, not display them like billboards and act all coy and secretive when someone asks about them.

  • Nell

    Pretty man with ugly ink…. Still a pretty man. Would be prettier without it.