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Orlando Bloom Rocks Unique Shirt at 'Zulu' Press Conference in Japan

Orlando Bloom Rocks Unique Shirt at 'Zulu' Press Conference in Japan

Orlando Bloom is handsome in a bold patterned shirt while attending a press conference for his upcoming film Zulu at the Ritz Carlton Tokyo on Wednesday (August 27) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 37-year-old English actor was joined by actress Nozomi Sasaki while promoting the film, which hits theaters in the country on Saturday (August 30).

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Zulu centers “policemen, Ali Sokhela and Brian Epkeen, who investigate a massacre during apartheid in South Africa, which apparently took place because a new illegal substance became available.”

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom attending a Zulu press conference…

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  • Someone

    “Unique” -> Gay and ugly as sh*t :’D

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerrdashians: Orlando wears a shirt as ugly as age and life as Miranda Kerrdashian’s side show clown has made him as he promotes yet another straight to DVD piece of tripe. What jobs do you have lined up, Orlando? None! Because you’re worthless if you are not making a tabloid spectacle of yourself!

  • sleepy

    Orlando is either gay or assexual. He never looks interested in women. Miranda was his beard.

  • Jasmine

    all of you shut the f**k up,jealous b*ches :|

  • Someone


    Probably gay but “had sth” with women too. Hollywood is full of homophobia ( and racism by the way) so he’ll never ever come out. The only movie he didn’t act like a lost puppy was LOTR ’cause he didn’t play a “role” in real life. Those pics with the model in Ibiza were pathetic btw…trying too hard. *rageend*

  • Dee

    LOL@ Elena the cave troll. SO obsessed with Orlando, yet in such denial. Pathetic.
    Orlando looks great, what a handsome man. Let him have some fun, he came out of an unhappy marriage and wants to enjoy himself, nothing wrong with that. It is too soon to get serious with anyone right now, but I am sure he will find someone to truly love eventually, and the haters will no doubt hate that person too, because Orlando BELONGS to them lol.

  • Wow

    We have both trolls and tin-hats today. Well, Elena’s sock puppets are masquerading as tin-hats, anyway.
    I guess that it must really bug you that he is getting such great reviews for Zulu. So sad. Lol!
    And btw, it is a French production, and was shown in theaters across France, so how can you claim that this movie is going straight to DVD?
    Oh, I forgot. When have you ever let facts get in the way of your rants?
    Orlando looks gorgeous, as always!

  • IDLTrolls

    @Someone: You sure you want to share such details about your personal life? In this case I can only offer you to use your own ad thatt you posted right above – the one about the “single people.” There you are, girl! You took care of yourself finally! LOL.

  • The troll

    He’s “worthless”??
    To humanity? Or financially?
    Well, we know that he is worth tens of millions, so it can’t be about his finances.
    And he’s travelled to raise awareness for clean water initiatives as a UNICEF ambassador, as well as working with other environmental and children’s charities, so he can’t be considered worthless to humanity.
    He has worked pretty steadily in small, independent films, as well as Broadway, where he got great reviews. He also has The Hobbit coming out in December in a role that was added to the film due to his popularity with fans of Tolkien.
    So I’m confused, Elena. How exactly is he worthless?

  • IDLTrolls

    Beautiful shirt, Orlando! Looking good, Man! :) Orlando Bloom has the exquisite sense of style. He manages to keep it very cool, classical and at the same time very modern, fashionable. Keep up a great work, Orlando! I saw the movie and Orlando Bloom is absolutely brilliant! A must watch movie for those who enjoys a great acting and a smart cinema.

  • IDLTrolls

    @The troll: To HER! He is “worthless” to her. So “worthless” that it’s worth her time to stalk every bit of the information about him and to post on each news thread about him and his family. I suspect she gives herself a cookie each time she manages to post “the first” comment before anyone does on those threads. Overall: she has the opposite worth and the opposite set of values.

  • PuppyLove

    He showed he could play more than a pirate or an elf in “The Good Doctor,” so I’d really like to see this one.

  • Zachary

    He really needs to hire a stylist because he’s pushing 40 and still doesn’t know how to dress himself. Someone needs to get him a suit that actually fits and then go from there. Seriously, he’s rich enough to hire a tailor why do none of his suits fit?

  • Someone

    @IDLTrolls: everybody knows that There are fake relationships in Hollywood… Esp Models are paid to be a beard. You are just ignorant as hell..

  • IDLTrolls

    @Zachary: Nah. He doesn’ need the advices from the people with a personality disorders. If you like to dress like a party clown or the duck from the Dusney cartoons depending on what personality is taking over you at the moment, it doesn’t mean that the normal people shold do the same. Unless they work as the animators, LOL.

    I hope it’s OK with you that I address your next invading personality’s post (the one you had named “Someone” – a trully telling nickname for the one’s repressed desires I must say! ). So here it is: your answer has missed the point again. Like…totally. You are welcome. :)

  • IDLTrolls

    @IDLTrolls: Sorry for the typos! :)

  • @15

    No one ever said that there weren’t fake relationships and beards.
    It’s just not the case with Orlando and Miranda.
    Beards don’t get pregnant by their ‘boyfriend’. DOH!!!

  • PuppyLove

    Actually many gay guys DO have het relationships especially before they know they’re gay. Look at all the ones with wives and kids. Some may be faking it but a lot just aren’t sure about themselves. In addition there are out-n-proud gays who get girl-crushes (Marilyn/Judy/Cher ).

    That said Bloom doesn’t strike me as gay. He could be bi but he just doesn’t give off a pure gay vibe.

  • @19

    Oh, I think that once you get into your thirties, you pretty much know whether or not you are gay. Most of the homosexuals that marry into het relationships do so out of fear. Fear from societal or familial judgement, or fear of religious damnation. They try for appearances, or to make their families happy, but they are never truly at peace. It’s so sad.
    IMO, Orlando is open enough to experiment, but I have never felt that he is anything other than het.

  • Jayne

    oh come on give it up already not every man is gay. Any way back to Orlando he looks good. I so want to see that film.

  • Someone


    My dad came out when he was 53 so x’D + He certainly had sex with a women…..
    Well the abyss in hollywood is deeeeep. Like REALLY.Come on..the “lost” wedding dress xD They were parted for MONTH when he had his play in NY but a few weeks earlier they still played the couple and everyone was like ” ohh they love each other so much perfect couple” xD
    Certain photos and stories of Orlando disappearing from google search since 2001.(I was like 10 back then btw just looking up the elf ^^..) The BAFTA’s were he had to hug Ian and Viggo behind someone giving an interview even though they are “brothers” and best friends but there was not even ONE picture of them even though there were like 1000 people taking pictures .Why is that If there never was anything? There are like 100 more stories and you don’t even have to research ..that’s what flew by in 14 years.
    Or look at his friend Luke Evans…He took all his gay statements back, there was press about him having a girlfriend and now he’s more or less close lipped about this topic. This SUCKS ’cause in other countries they are losing they HEADS for coming out and what are WE doing? Spitting on their graves -.-

  • Someone

    @PuppyLove: *cough*

  • IDLTrolls

    @Someone: So many details on the “sex life” of your father! Is this suppose to be exciting or interesting for anyone? Oh, that’s your trauma, heh? Was it like when you were born he saw what he produced and went gay to save the Humanity? Well, considering you are making up stories all the time we should assume your next invading personality…invaded, LOL. Now you are a “child of the gay who came out when he was 53.” Meh. You are slipping.
    BTW only an ignorant village idiot would continue grasping at the straw about the “gay” nonsense. Your need for attention is insatiable, woman.

  • @22

    So since your dad was gay, that means that all married men are gay?
    So stupid.
    And you make it sound like he, Vig and Ian were hiding behind someone. What? Their hug was spontaneous, and was just caught in the background of another person’s interview. They were there for the world to see. They just weren’t posing together.
    Oh, and btw, marriages break up all of the time. That doesn’t mean that all divorced men are in the closet.
    Also, Luke may have taken back his comments, and returned to the closet, but Orlando didn’t have any statements to take back. Why you are comparing the two is beyond me.
    You’re really reaching, aren’t you.

  • PuppyLove

    Yes, he’s wearing a Mohawk. Is that indisputably gay, or just retro-punk?

  • jayne

    Hope Orlando come back to the uk soon.