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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Are Married, Wed in France!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Are Married, Wed in France!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married in France this past weekend, can confirm!

News broke earlier in the day from a tweet by the Associated Press.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married Saturday in France, says a spokesman for the couple.” the news source tweeted.

Angelina and Brad‘s children Maddox, 13, Pax, 10, Zahara, 9, Shiloh, 8, and 6-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne were all at the ceremony as well. Shiloh and Knox were the ring-bearers!

The wedding was held at the Château Miraval in the village of Correns, where the couple has spent extensive time after settling there back in 2008, E! reports.

Angelina and Brad first met in on the set of their film Mr. and Mrs. Smith back in 2005 and were engaged back in 2012.

The whole family arrived in Nice last week before the ceremony.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the wonderful news!

See a gallery of pics of the happy couple throughout the years…

Just Jared on Facebook
angelina jolie brad pitt married 01
angelina jolie brad pitt married 02
angelina jolie brad pitt married 03
angelina jolie brad pitt married 04
angelina jolie brad pitt married 05
angelina jolie brad pitt married 06
angelina jolie brad pitt married 07
angelina jolie brad pitt married 08
angelina jolie brad pitt married 09
angelina jolie brad pitt married 10
angelina jolie brad pitt married 11
angelina jolie brad pitt married 12
angelina jolie brad pitt married 13

Photos: Wenn, Getty
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  • tweet

    jp fans, I saw a tweet around July that Brad was spotted at LA City Hall, I didn’t pay attention and was wondering why Brad was at City Hall, yes now it is clear that he went to get marriage License.

  • AGA

    Congrats to this wonderful couple!! Love the way they did it,with no-one knowing until they are ready for people to know.
    Meanwhile Huvane has to announce they the losers are off to Bora Boring!!
    And JA has a Friends reunions–Stuck in the past much,,Ticky.

    Would love to see some pics of what Angie wore and what they all wore actually! Peace!!

  • Dawne

    Now, how appropos the Tick is next on the Header with her teevee alum………looking every bit the loser trying to stretch if to sixteen minutes…………now you can take that `nobody gives a shiit`thread down now, Jared. It`s humiliating even for the Spook. There she is, stuck in the past, and Brad and Angie are rockin`the world. Oh, the KARMA, biitches, it is palpable, ain`t it………………BWWWWWWWWWHAHAHAHA

    Angie just did three quarters of a billion dollars in a film she alone carried……….and here`s the Sad Spook doing cheesy talks shows about a straight to VOD movie that will hit all of thirty theatres.

    What a mouthful…….slnk away, hens and haters. The gig is really up.

  • http://n/a Mrs. Louise Adams


    No they won’t because Ticky Maniston sends them here to harass us.

  • Hot damn

    So jealous of her. But its about time. I hope it last , love them both.

  • sasha

    This could not have come at a better time. I was having a bad day since I did not pass my Hesi Exam for nursing. This is a wonderful news you guys are great and have made this loyal fan :)
    Congratulations Again. I love the simplicity of it all.

  • Hot damn

    Can’t wait to see wedding pics.

  • Oh wow

    New thread. Better get it before dame the ring wakes up and tammy has a sht attack.

  • fyi

    Brangelina, Brad and Angelina are trending worldwide on twitter.

  • Passing Through

    BTW – How hiliarious is it that Brad and Angie’s announcement comes today, after Ticky’s spent the last 2 days annoying the shite out of everybody with her crack babbling about feminism and babies? And her dud about to hit the box office? She brought the fraud again at the Crime on Life half-assed premiere in a dress that makes her look 6 months pregnant after yammering about people foisting babies into her uterus. Now comes news that that Brad and Angie got married and of course the tabs are saying Ticky’s revenge is looking great at her premiere. No, Brad and Angie got the best revenge – they’ve lasted a decade and are now married after all the lies the tabs told about them for 10 yaers. Again – Brad and Angie win, tabs, Ticky, trolls and haterz lose. Ya gotta love it.

  • Hot damn

    This is how LEO AND TONI will do it. We will wake up one morning and bam

  • Oh wow

    @Passing Through: their best revenge was doing it in secret and not announcing that it will happen soon. Last time brad was saying the time is nigh and the wedding would be soon … You know who started a bunch of rumors about her wedding to theroux and I think it was that year that she even took the oscar cover on people mag.

  • Wonderbust

    Still trending worldwide on Twitter. Can someone please screenshot it if you can. So when hens say no one cares about the king and queen we can show how after 2 hours they are still trending.

  • Ⱦamsіn

    So Cuntgelina timed the wedding with JA’s new movie release that is getting good reviews. Classic move, still coattailing on JA’s success. LOL.

    Their PR relationship has reached new heights, just in time for awards season, the making of the new film. Exactly as I said it would be. They will claim they fell in love in the first movie, and got married while making the second.

    Pittstain finally had the balls to turn his vvhore into a housewife. Does that mean he won’t disappear for four months at time or be caught flirting with men and women, getting drunk on planes, crashing wedding receptions high as a kite? Time will tell! :)

  • OMG

    omfg, Finally they are married. Congratulations to Brad and Angie.

  • Ha

    Yeah she timed it for a straight to vod movie that has no publicity surrounding it . This site is the only site that I see the premiere photos. Angie gets more publicity for being photographed landing in France with her family and for filming her first film with her husband in years. Bwhaha

    The game is over tamfreak. You lose again loser.

  • Ha

    Brad Pitt currently has a movie he is promoting , dumb ass.

  • http://justjared Felinelilly

    WHAT?! OMG!!!!!! Woohoo!!! I’m so happy for Brad and Angie!!! Bahahahaha they fooled everyone! Good for them, I’m so happy for them, their children and entire family. They are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Jolie Pitt.

  • gitane

    how could i resist stopping in to celebrate the good news on JJ? Congrats to the Jolie-Pitts!!!


    This is how you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im kinda late to the pary.I cant believe this happened while i was sleeping!!! OMGOMGOMZGOMG
    know this thread is already old but i had to post here. Going over now to the new thread.


  • Deea

    awwww…congratz to them!!!!

  • @tam-shit

    HEY..tam-shit/horns//blessed one/etc…etc..Why don’t
    ‘you stick your D*I*CK in your idol’s SLU*TNIFER’S a**ssss..OOps.sorry I forgot….You like them male and young..So , I guess you didn’t get your daily dose of se-men up your a**ss.huh?? Or did you fail to kidnap a young boy for your pleasure??. Is that why you’re so angry????

  • CAte

    Congratulations to them and well done for keeping it secret until they wanted people to know. That’s why it makes me laugh when some celebrities moan about lack of privacy when, arguabley, one of the most famous couple in the world can keep something keep this big private for almost a week and choose when to announce the news

    And congratulations to them for a most excellent PR strategy too. This will keep people talking about and watching them and gives even more publicity to their big movies out this year when they are promoting. I read that Angelina does not have a PR person but she certainly knows how to play the media and PR game better than most professionals.

  • Ⱦamsіn


    Whamo, Satan himself was there to bless this unholy union. How nice of him to give the Ho up so easily. Oh well, she can always marry him in Hell.
    Though I’m sure Pittstain did this on his own volition, the Ho probably used another black magick binding ritual.
    And finally let’s cut loons some lack. These Hoveround heffas finally have an excuse to take out that frozen cake that they’ve saved for almost 9 years. The warden will let them play Etta James “At last” on the main hall’s stereo all day. They’ll be some dancing tonight in the psych ward! :D

  • hilarious

    Congratulations to the most beautiful family in this world.

  • Lel

    Very nice news congratulatins even thought it is a little surprising that they decided to get married and just now

  • Lel

    Very nice news congratulatins even thought it is a little surprising that they decided to get married and just now

  • From new thread

    Brad flashing his ring and pretending like he’s looking at his nails during photocall for fury. Now I’m looking froward to his interviews since it seems like he knew more bout the wedding than dame did.

  • Ⱦamsіn

    @Lisa Rowe:

    Well, ain’t that some well wishing from a piece of shitttt troll. Right back at you hun, some nice karma you have coming! :D
    Too funny how these depraved mental midgets can’t be happy for Cuntgelina? Pittshit finally turned his filthy STD-carrying vvhore into a housewife of some sorts! :D

  • Miapocca

    1) The believe in marriage? Why?

    2) Werent they waiting for all gays or something like that to have rights? did that happen already?

    3) Do they have friends who actually attended this so called wedding

    4) is the media making this up or do they have movies to produce

  • From new thread

    @Miapocca: Brad is showing off for you and tamitha, dahling. he is flashing the bling. And isn’t it funny he no longer is wearing his right hand ring because Angie finally put a real ring on his left finger. Muahahahah

  • From new thread

    Oh yeah and he is also wearing his necklaces gifted to him by the dame. I love how he can never decided which one to wear so he just wears all of them. He can finally put that right hand ring she gave him to rest now too.

    And underneath it all he is tatted up with angelina messages. Bwhahahahah

  • http://comcast Dee

    I was going to write , Who Cares, but evidently going by all of these comments a lot of people do.

  • Emerald

    Whamo@ 08/28/2014 at 9:17 am

    Now that is what I call a classic meltdown. Poor Whamo!!!

  • Kess

    Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Great news!

  • Ⱦamsіn

    Oh goodie, the Asian loons are having a meltdown already. 100 new aliases in less than a couple of hours. Does this wedding mean that there’ll be more grotto fanfic? I can’t wait to see if Clooniqua finally becomes the new E.L James!

    Please somebody post poems and fanfic written today in the forums!

  • royalty

    The best couple and the king and queen of HW are married. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Let it go

    Let it go Let it go…..

  • Emerald


    I suggest you and Whamo keep your meltdown to yourselves. We all know that you have been jealous of Angelina and Brad for years.

  • well

    Angie gave us hints already during Maleficent promo, she called Brad “husband” in two interviews.

  • anustin

    bwahahahahahahha…no wonder Maniston needed cox and kudrow ….you know her crayola effect!

  • valis202

    Versace ‏@versace 1h

    Beauty, class and brain. That’s you #AngelinaJolie. I wish you all the best and happiness to you and your wonderful family. Love, DV

  • busted

    The best news EVER

    PT how did you arrange this wedding on your Bday. Do you think Brad and know you have been kicking troll butt for years for them.

    suck it hard haters.

  • teehee


    Trolls are having a bloody meltdown and it’s fCUking hilarious! This is moment they’ve been dreading for! Hahahahahahahahaha. Can we all sit back and enjoy their misery? This is going to be an epic meltdown!

    Congrats to the newly weds!

  • New Thread
  • Jen the hag

    Congratulations to the two Mega global superstar on their happy marriage life!!

    And to the two GAYWHORES from DUMBLISTED suck it stupid ugly, braindead LOSERSSSS, bwahahahahaha! Go scream in the ocean with your GRANNY IDOL THE FAT TICK bwahahahahahahahahahha!!!

  • trt

    OMG, OMG!!! Congrats to Brad and Angie!!!!
    (I started everyone in the house when I screamed OMG, OMG! Then they asked me what was going on, I said Brad and Angie got married!!! Everyone said, Oh, no! Aniston is going to kill herself now! Angie and Brad got her while she wasn’t looking. Now, she can’t get married ahead of them. Not even Clooney! Big gotcha moment for everyone!!)
    Didn’t I say that they were going to get married in Miraval while the paps are waiting for them in Malta? Such a covert operation. I’m so happy!!!!!
    Wow, we need pics. We need deets. What did she wear? Who else were there??

  • Joam

    WOW nice !