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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Honeymoon Details Revealed!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Honeymoon Details Revealed!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly spent their honeymoon relaxing with their kids!

After their wedding on Saturday (August 23), the newly married couple spent a few days enjoying the scenery at their Miraval estate in France.

“The honeymoon was a few days enjoying Miraval and how much space they have now,” a source told E! News. “The kids went quad biking and swimming on the afternoon of the wedding and that night they all had pizza in the garden. The whole thing was very Brad and Angie. They’re low key and much more about romantic gestures than they are about having a big, flashy multi-million dollar wedding.”

“It was a beautiful few days. Brad is now in England while Angelina is in Gozo preparing for shooting on the movie they’re doing together,” the source added. They also will reportedly donate some money to charity to celebrate the milestone. How cool of them!

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  • gitane

    They’re low key and much more about romantic gestures than they are about having a big, flashy multi-million dollar wedding.”

    i don’t know why i snickered at this…

  • CM

    “They’re low key…” hahaha

  • GeeGee

    Wow, another thread.
    The Jolie-Pitt rules and congrats to them once again.

  • teehee

    Congrats to the newly weds!

    That’s how you do the wedding! No big talk about the venue, the reception, the dress and the worry for privacy. You just do it!

  • GeeGee

    Brangelina: From ‘Mr and Mrs. Smith’ to Mr. and Mrs. Pitt

    In celebration of the Hollywood power couple’s nuptials, we trace the milestones in their long walk leading up the aisle
    June 7, 2005
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith : The film where ”Brangelina” was born. The tale of a stuck-in-a-rut married couple of secret master assassins was a sexy summer blockbuster that went on to earn over $478 million—though it seems safe to say that the twosome’s off-the-charts chemistry and a building media circus about their on-set romance may have bumped up the box office. —Erin Strecker

  • Love The Shoes

    Ok, I just read that the wedding took place on was the 10th anniversary of their first ever meeting for MAMS. Anybody know if August 23, 2004 is true?

  • toby

    What next details about their wedding night?!

  • DonaFarrertul

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  • http://google cynthia

    So they got married….and? Big deal…..another Hollywood marriage that will end up in divorce or adultery…with kids or no kids….

  • Saffron

    That was a fun tip down memory lane. I can’t believe how quickly time passed. Thanks!


    Yeah we must believe that @zzzholes who got BLINDSIDED ONCE AGAIN with another BIG JP STEALTH MOVE, have deets about a “honeymoon” and about Angie’s wedding dress and about how they spent their wedding day. Yeah right. Fukkk off all sh!trags blogs and cr@ptertainment sites. Ya got served!!!!!!

  • Roxana fan jp

    a pesar de que a veces es demasiado grosera en su programa yo le deseo una muy buena recuperacion para JOAN RIVERS y que no sufra dolores en post-operatorio….

  • Awesomeness

    Instead of having a ginormous lavish wedding, they are donating the money to charity. How awesome is that? I am so happy for this wonderful couple and their family.

  • lol

    love this wonderful couple

    may God bless them

  • Jolie-Pitt weeding

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Tie the Knot! All the Details of Their Wedding in France
    AUGUST 28, 2014 – 9:21 AM – 2 COMMENTS
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    Erin Hill
    By ERIN HILL @ErinHillNY
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were married Saturday in Chateau Miraval, France, a spokesman for the couple tells the Associated Press.

    The pair reportedly married in a small chapel in a private ceremony attended by family and friends. Pitt and Jolie obtained a marriage license from a local California judge, who also conducted the ceremony in France.

    Brad and Ange: Their Love Story Through The Years

    The couple’s six children were part of the wedding ceremony. The actress walked down the aisle with her eldest sons Maddox, 13, and Pax, 11. Daughters Zahara, 9, and Vivienne, 6, threw petals, while Shiloh, 8, and Knox, 6, served as ring bearers.

    Jolie, 39, and Pitt, 50, began dating after meeting on the set of their 2005 film, Mr. And Mrs. Smith. They got engaged in April 2012.

    The actor was back in front of the camera days after his nuptials. He was spotted Thursday on the set of his next movie with a new ring on his ring finger. See the pic!

    In his 2011 interview with Parade, Pitt opened up about his relationship with Jolie.

    “One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom. She’s such a great mom. Oh, man, I’m so happy to have her. With a partner like Angie, I know that when I’m working, the kids are happy, safe, and prospering. And when Angie’s working, she knows she has the same,” he said.

    When it comes to tabloid reports about their personal lives, Pitt said: “I mean, how many stories have you read that aren’t true, stories about me and Angie being married or fighting or splitting up? And when we don’t split up, there’s a whole new round that we’ve made up and we’re back together again! We’ll get married when everyone can. We’re not splitting up. And we don’t have a seventh child yet.”

    And when asked if he’s a happy man, he replied: “I put much more emphasis on being a satisfied man. Happiness is overrated. There has to be conflict in life. You get to a plateau, and you’re spurred on to the next plateau, the next direction, the next season. I’m satisfied with making true choices and finding the woman I love, Angie, and building a family that I love so much. A family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss. You’re putting yourself on the line. That’s the risk we take. That’s the trade-off. But I’ll take it all.”

    Jolie also shared her candid thoughts on her relationship with Pitt in her 2010 interview with Parade

    “I always wanted a great love affair,” she said, “something that feels big and full, really honest and enough. No moment should feel slight, false, or a little off. For me, it had to be everything.”

    When asked if their children are the reason she and Pitt stay together, she said: “The children certainly tie us together, but a relationship won’t hold if it’s only about the kids. You also must be really interested in each other and have a really, really wonderful, exciting time together. We do. Brad and I love being together. We enjoy it. We need it, and we always find that special time. We stay connected. We talk about it. It’s very important. If Brad and I are strong and happy, then our kids have happy parents, and that’s the best thing we can give them.”

    “There’s never a period when Brad and I are pulled apart,” she continued. “We are not separated for more than three days, ever. We stay really connected. We actually don’t go out much. It’s funny. We’re very homebound. We’re very much Mommy and Daddy in our pajamas.”

    “I feel sad for someone who has never known love,” she added. “Love elevates. Brad knows me completely, exactly as I am, every part of me. He loves me. The kids love me. They know all my flaws and all my oddities. And they accept them. And so I can feel complete. You know, Brad would joke about me having this conversation about love. Love? It’s such a funny word. Brad can find certain phrases of poetry for it. I’m terrible at it. But I know it means wanting the best for the people you love, putting their interests above your own, always. Love does that. Love is what you live for.”

  • Maniston STUPIDITY

    Get ready to sigh a thousand sighs, because Jennifer Aniston, pretty much immediately after finally saying something thoughtful and worthwhile, went right back to being ridiculous. Because if you watch this little video from last night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, you can hear Jennifer Aniston recount the time that she drank breast milk from Jimmy’s wife. Or, as she so simply and weirdly states, “she breastfed me!”

    Look, there’s nothing wrong with breast milk, or with trying a bit of breast milk out of curiosity. That’s fine. But the way Jennifer made a great big gimmick out of this, and the way she tries to make it sound like actually suckled from Jimmy’s wife, it’s just obnoxious. It’s obnoxious and strange and way too “look at me, look at me!” to handle.

    Stick with the deep thoughts, Jen, all right? Stay away from all of this

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  • siennagold

    According to TMZ, There’s a reason Jon Voight didn’t attend his daughter Angelina Jolie’s wedding ceremony in France … and let’s just say … his invitation wasn’t lost in the mail.

    Voight tells TMZ … he first heard about the nuptials Thursday morning when he read the news online. He tells us he’s not bummed about the lack of an invite — because he wouldn’t have been able to go anyway because of the Emmys this past Monday (he was nominated for his role on “Ray Donovan”).

    According to reports … the ceremony WAS attended by Brad Pitt’s entire immediate family.

    For those unfamiliar — Angie and Jon’s relationship became strained after the actor said his divorce with her mother caused Jolie’s “mental problems.” But in 2010, the duo made amends.

    Well, sorta.

  • Fury
  • ugh

    So is Jennifer Aniston getting married anytime soon? She’ll be drinking herself til she passes out with her racist friend, Chelsea Handler.

  • allison

    Just jared says they were told that Voight was invited. Who knows. Who cares really.


    OMFG! You guys are not gonna believe this pose for this photo.

  • xyzc

    And the world stopped turning….

  • xyzc


    Ever wondered urself how much of this celeb money donated to charities really reach those in need? Moron

  • xyzc


    Condolences to ur lack of brain. Total and irreversible

  • Ⱦamsіn

    OMG how embarrassing for loons to have a belated celebration. It’s only been 9 years, 2 illegal adoptions, 2 unplanned pregnancies later. But good for Clooniqua whose fat black ass can take a break from writing fanfic and grow bigger thanks to the wedding cake she’s kept in the freezer for almost 9 years.
    I predicted they’d be married before the movie came out because their PR sham is such that neither can’t promote a movie without talking about themselves, and I was right! :D
    Funniest part is, this would be a wedding of two no-names if they weren’t still clinging on to Jen’s name! Everything the HO has done for 10 years, she owes to Jen.
    The filthy Ho should take pride on blowing a married coworker ten years ago, she’s come a long way! :D

  • Bea


    How udderly revolting.

    Thank God for the ginormous beer belly stopping those saggy sad bags from hitting her wrinkled knees.

    I don’t know which was a bigger flop – the straight to VOD movie or her left t it.

  • lurker

    Poor tammy still in pain

  • http://n/a Mrs. Louise Adams



  • Ⱦamsіn

    “Source” telling E! News = Heroina’s fax machine.

    Take note Kim and Kanye, this is how true famewhores play the game.

  • SugarfreeAngelinaKitten

    Honey, you need to stop hating on your Queen, Angelina! She is an Angel, it says so in her God-given name and god doesn’t like UGLINESS or rudity to his creations.

    He made her and she has saved thousands from illness and poverty. She saved Brad Pitt and jennifer’s career by just existing, so HOW DARE YOU daughters of Leviathan visit your cruelty upon this woman YOU are jellissssss like a sssssssssnake!

    You ever had your tits chopped off and reconstructed? No? Then you need jesus or Angelina.

  • susan3768

    You know that the pic are going to show in a magazine, so they will donate some of that money. It’s sad her dad wasn’t invited

  • J-P Wedding

    —————————————-NEW THREAD————————————–

  • Hekku

    Went to the land of
    Poppies and marijuana
    Ah, such wedded bliss!

  • Joam

    Ty JJ ;)

  • BloggBrattBimbo

    I hope the honeymoon is perfect. They deserve it.

  • Elle

    I love Angie and Brad so am delighted to hear of their marriage. I am also so happy for them that they were able to have the family privacy they both so wanted. Congrats to my favorite couple in Hollywood.

  • jessyjered

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