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Angelina Jolie's Dad Jon Voight Releases Statement About Wedding: 'It Must Have Been Very Beautiful'

Angelina Jolie's Dad Jon Voight Releases Statement About Wedding: 'It Must Have Been Very Beautiful'

Angelina Jolie‘s father Jon Voight just released a statement about her wedding to Brad Pitt this past weekend.

“It sounds like it was a wonderful wedding. It must have been very beautiful with the kids participating. I know it was during Emmy weeks and they were able to do it very quietly,” Jon told E! News in a statement. “I’m very happy for them.”

Sources tell Just Jared that Jon was invited to the nuptials in France.

Angelina and Brad‘s wedding sounded amazing – if you missed it, find out details about their honeymoon!

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  • That is

    @Maniston STUPIDITY:
    Another obssessed…

  • Jon V. go to France

    Actor Jon Voight is flying to Europe to join his daughter Angelina Jolie and her new husband Brad Pitt – after being kept in the dark over their top-secret wedding, he revealed today.
    Mr Voight, 75, only found out that his daughter had tied the knot with her partner of nine years this morning.
    But he told MailOnline that he could not wait to see the new Mr& Mrs Pitt, revealing: ‘I’m going to Europe to see them all this week, I’ve been waiting a long time for this wedding to happen, everything is cool, I’m very happy
    The Hollywood star said he can’t wait to see his grandchildren, but said he wanted to make sure that Angelina looked after her health following her double mastectomy operation.
    When asked if he was upset at not being invited to the wedding on Saturday, Voight said: ‘I’m not disappointed, I understand.
    ‘The children have been bugging them for a long time to get married and the time was right.’

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  • Ⱦamsіn

    “Sources” tell JJ? Pfffff…. As if nobody knew that Francis Bertrand, Ho’s first cousin, works for this site, is intimate friends with Jared, just as much as James and Skyler are.
    Don’t be afraid Jared, we know where your loyalties lie.

  • Wonderbust

    Jon Voight is still blabbing to every media outlet. No wonder no one told him. Still on cloud 9. Meltdown Thursday in full effect.

  • Hekku

    Mickey Donovan
    Will no longer be

  • Wonderbust

    Just in case anyone missed it. Humanitarian and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte will be receiving this years Jean Hersholt award. Angie is in great company.

  • SugarfreeAngelinaKitten

    ANGELINA you are lovely! Don’t let none of the sons of the devil bring you down, Honeeey!!! You are the hostess with the mostest and who cares if Leatherface chainsawed your tits off? You bought better ones, HONEY! AND they look better than that Stan-Smith-faced Anuston lady’s, showing them off in the movie like a HOR!! PUH-LEASE.

    Rock them plastic tits and your sofalips! WE LOVE YOU ANGELINA!!!
    Brad will always be yours because like a spiny bullhorn sticker that makes one cry in agony, you poke him where it counts every time you hug!

  • please

    JV really loves to talk, doesn’t he? No wonder Angie didn’t let him know before the wedding.

  • Lucy

    Jon was nominated for an Emmy too for his role in Ray Donovan.. I guess work and nominations are obligations, and seems like Angelina and Brads nuptials were spur of moment.

  • new thread

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  • Jolie-Pitt weeding

    This is why the weeding was a secret well guarded. Brad and Angie only have loyal and trusty friends. And when someone want to talked about a private subject with a external person they go ask for permission first.

    Like Frank Pollaro …

    This was April 1. I didn’t know then what I know now — that a month earlier, his partner, Angelina Jolie, commenced the series of surgeries that would end, a month later, with her pre-emptive double mastectomy. Over the next few weeks, I talked to several of Pitt’s close friends. They must have known what the couple was enduring, but of course they never told me. One of them, however, called me back after our first interview. His name was Frank Pollaro, and he’d spoken about the furniture business he’d started with Brad Pitt, and about Pitt’s excellent eye. But he wanted to say something else, so he called Brad, and asked if he was at liberty to speak about Brad’s relationship with Angelina. He was, and so when he called back, he told me what he’d seen at Brad’s house — “once I walked in and Angie was standing there and Zahara walked up and said, ‘Daddy, you’re not going to start making out with Mommy again, are you?’ And it’s like that. This is a guy who has tried not to do any sexy scenes with other women since he’s met Angelinia. He’s crazy about her, and she’s the same way about him. No matter how hard he’s working, if one of those kids runs by the window he’ll get out of his chair and give them a kiss. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen Angie without one of those children in her arms.”

  • J-P Wedding

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  • SugarfreeAngelinaKitten

    @J-P Wedding:

    Stop taking Angie’s thunder away, the angels sing everywhere don’t limit her praises
    thanks to u

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    As usual ,tams-hit is SO KNOWLEDGEABLE as to Angie’s life and also with her Dad’s relationship because HE/SHE/IT had the privilege to witness first hand what happened. (WINK,WINK). Remember this is the same SLU*TNIFER CUN*TNISTON fan who wants to stab Angie 100x if he see her and the same TRAMPNISTON fan who made pedophile comments on Angie’s kids…Like all the rest of Slu*tnifer’s fans,this one also belongs to a mental institution….So much hatred invested towards the persons who he doesn’t personally and physically know and such hatred is extended to the kids….
    Well,what do you expect from a SLU*TNISTON fan? Their idol is a stuttering fake blond,fake blue eyed bimbo, an airhead,something missing up there,you know,what i mean….

  • just a thought

    @Jolie-Pitt weeding: Thanks for posting. I love that.

  • Hekku

    Hekki’s translation:
    These two druggies are insane
    Sending straitjackets

  • Hekku

    Does Jon French kiss her?
    It would not surprise me much
    Incest is the best

  • Gayle

    Who cares where they got married or who was there.

    She has not been in Jon’s life for years; do we really know why?
    or is she too good?

    she didnt mind telling the world about her boob removal.

    Maybe she can eat now, and stop looking like a skeleton and he can buy a brush for his hair.

  • srw

    The nice thing about this wedding unlike all the other celeb weddings …. it was quiet and private. These Celeb weddings are all about publicity, how much they can make out of pictures, all about what mag will pay these losers . It is how much this 15 minutes will keep them in the spot light.