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Angelina Jolie's Wedding Gown to Brad Pitt - Get All of the Details!

Angelina Jolie's Wedding Gown to Brad Pitt - Get All of the Details!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married this past weekend, and everyone is wondering – what did the dress look like!?

According to E! News, the 39-year-old actress wore a “very traditional, but very Angie, it was comfortable but plain white floor-length antique lace and silk.”

Angelina “definitely wore something that once belonged to [her mother] Marcheline Bertrand. A small gold locket with a photo of her mom inside it.” She also “had a veil,” and “Brad lifted it [he] gasped because she looked so stunning.”

We are so excited to find out who the designer was and to hopefully see a picture!

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  • fyi

    Inside Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Wedding: The Dress, the Guest List, the Cakes and More Details!

    We’ve got all the exclusive details on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding!

    If you haven’t heard yet, the Oscar-winning couple tied the knot in front of family in a small ceremony last weekend at their estate in France. And now, E! has the intel on everything from Jolie’s dress, the guest list and their multiple wedding cakes.

    “Brad and Angie got married right before lunch local time on Saturday in the chapel in the grounds next to their house at Chateau Miraval,” a source tells E! News exclusively. “Angie was given away by Maddox and Pax and Knox helped with the rings, which were designed by their good friend Robert Procop. Zahara, Shiloh and Vivienne had baskets of rose petals and other flowers they’d picked in the garden that morning and threw them in front of their mom and dad as they walked up the aisle. The chapel smelt of rosemary and jasmine from the bushes outside the window and the sun streamed in the tint-stained glass windows.”

    As for the select few in attendance, the source says, “The only guests were Brad’s family from the states—his mom and dad Bill and Jane Pitt, his brother Doug, sister Julie and their kids so it was no more than 22 people in total.” Jolie’s father Jon Voight was not in attendance.

    “Brad and Angie said hand-written vows telling each other how much they love each other and their beautiful family and they both had tears in their eyes as did everyone else,” the insider adds. “It was short but loaded with meaning and it was a lovely way to start life in their new family home now that the building work is finally finished.”

    The source describes the 39-year-old actress’ wedding dress as “very traditional, but very Angie.” “It was comfortable with plain white floor length antique lace and silk,” the source explains. “She had a veil but Brad lifted it and gasped because she looked so stunning. The boys all wore tiny matching cream linen suits which were just like Brad’s while the girls had each chosen a dress to match their own individual style and they had them specially made.”

    After saying “I do,” the clan celebrated at their lavish estate.

    “They all went back into the main house into the ‘Great Hall’ and had a big celebration lunch with local hams, cheeses, freshly caught sea bass, Italian pastas and champagne, as well as Chateau Miraval rosé wine [Pitt and Jolie's own brand],” the source reveals. “There were three different types of cakes, all picked by the kids—one was a strawberry ice cream one, another was a three chocolate gateau and a third had fresh cream and raspberries.”

    “It was a lovely, happy day with lots of laughter and meaning that the entire family will remember for the rest of their lives,” they say.

  • Lmao

    Brad landing in nice looked pretty damn giddy didn’t he? Angie looked like angie. No smile not giddiness lmao

  • Neil


    LOL So true. Angie and Brad are like these tabloids’ worst nightmare. On one hand the couple are a cash cow for them but on the other hand these rags always end up with egg on their faces as their “exclusive insights” always and quickly get the rug pulled our from under them by reality. But they can’t help themselves, so dependent are they on this couple.

  • well

    Eonline is working extra hard to get details of the wedding. lol

  • lurker

    Am watching eonline today, what a beautiful wedding

  • teehee

    LMAO! The trolls are in deep pain!

    Suck it you miserable losers! Hahahaha.

    Brad and Angie are having the best year ever!!!!

  • so romantic

    “The boys all wore tiny matching cream linen suits which were just like Brad’s while the girls had each chosen a dress to match their own individual style and they had them specially made.”
    Brad worn cream color suit.

  • JJt

    Angie was given away by Maddox and Pax and Knox helped with the rings, which were designed by their good friend Robert Procop. Zahara, Shiloh and Vivienne had baskets of rose petals and other flowers they’d picked in the garden that morning and threw them in front of their mom and dad as they walked up the aisle

    In the AP report, they said Knox and Shiloh were the ring bearers while Zahara and Vivienne were the flower girls. I wonder if the AP or E is correct?

  • Very happy fan

    In my heart I knew that the wedding will happen before the shooting in Gozo and it will be at the chapel in Miraval. I am so happy and so is Marcheline.

    Next I am hoping Theroux will realise how much he really loves Heidi and will marry her soon.

    Chris Martin is next and will marry JLaw hopefully.

    Well it really is none of my business. I am so excited about this great much anticipated news.

    Just happy for Angie and Brad.

    More blessings to the newlywed gorgeous couple.

  • That is

    Yes , just jared censure…
    Mr. Burd said he had secretly married , or they would do shortly .
    I think he`s made quite.From then show that had information .
    The first step to divorce is to married.
    But i think this man should spend the rest of your life with lady unbearable.

  • Jolie-Pitt weeding

    I don´t believed in any of this “news-weeding-details”. No one knew about the weeding and now they have some “inside details” . Please, all lies.

    Btw… The Jolie-Pitt clan have the best friends and the best workers and the best weeding organizers in the world.

    Knowing that the photos in Kenya was sold for more than 250.000 dollars, i imagined that just ONE PHOTO from this Royal weeding could be sold for more than 1.000.000 dollars (Millions of dollars) very easily.

    The worker in the Miraval Chateu must be people very loyal and trusty because no one have tried to sell the news and no one take a secret photo with the phone to make money.
    Knowing that ONE PHOTO of the weeding could make any person in France very rich, it´s incredible that no one sell the news. Just amazing.

    This is the prove that anyone that work with the JP clan is loyal and loved then without any doubt.

    and the haters say they don´t have friends…. this is the prove that they have friends and they have workers that are friends too.

  • Wonderbust

    Eonline does know Shiit. Aren’t brads nieces and nephews in school.

  • dame betch

    He gasped because he realized how much of a mistake he made. Oh Angho you’re going to suffer in about a yr. Or two once a new starlet gives you a taste of your own medicine. These crazies that use to love you won’t love you anymore.

  • Passing Through

    # 105 Dawne @ 08/28/2014 at 10:18 am
    Now, how appropos the Tick is next on the Header with her teevee alum………looking every bit the loser trying to stretch if to sixteen minutes…………
    Dawne -
    I was impressed that Kudrow could be bothered to show up for that crap. But…she’s got a show to promote, so what the heck. Free publicity is free publicity. Courteney, too, for that matter since Ticky just threw her botoxed-to-the-max mug under the bus.

  • That is

    Not suffer ,will see the pictures soon.
    They die if they are not published ,the pictured.
    They are ready sold.

  • Passing Through

    I see US has a story that JV didn’t know about the wedding beforehand. Boo fvcking hoo. She didn’t tell him about her double mastectomy so why would she tell him about her wedding? Brad’s family wasn’t in attendance either, so it’s not like he was the only one excluded. Okay, so Brad’s family at least KNEW about the wedding…but they’re also much closer to Brad and Angie than JV is. He’s lucky she speaks to him at all…

  • GeeGee

    I could almost feel bad for Hen’s fans as they loved to posted that JA would be the only wife Brad ever had. Talking about the latest meltdown and wish I could see their idol screaming at the ocean again.
    Angelina and Brad are married and haters are eating their hearts out. Got to love it!!!!

  • Lmao

    Last month when we saw Brad Pitt flying to mirival and then flying out a week later he was planning their wedding picking out flowers and sht. Lmao he is such a b^tch.

  • holy moly

    How did they pull off this top secret wedding? They are best couple in the world.

  • GeeGee

    I need pics like yesterday — lol. Can’t wait for Angie and Brad’s interviews for more details, especially interviews as she gives more details about the family.

  • That is

    PASSING THROUGHT you are obsessed with ms .Aniston

  • Roxana fan jp

    BUEN DIA !!!!!!! que noticion…estoy quedando vizca de tanto leer articulo de aqui y de alla…no me alcanzan mis dos ojitos necesito massss jajajaja
    felicitaciones para la feliz pareja !!!! para los antiguos fans de jolie pitt les pregunto hay alguna coincidencia del 23 de agosto con alguna fecha obvio aparte del cumple de Passing Through…puede ser el dia que quedo embarazada de shiloh…ya se que es imposible saberlo ….pero tal vez en agosto del 2005 empezaron a buscarla ..nose …

    twitter publica todo lo que encuentres ..que estoy ansiosa por saber que dicen las demas fans en el mundo ….gracias

  • Anon2

    I will take the AP version of the JP nuptials, beyond that….I’ll believe pictures or the word of Jolie or Pitt …er, Mr. or Mrs. Pitt. congrats, Brad and Angie! Gossip sites take the lying tabloids’ word….and they don’t know squat about the JPs. Tsunami warning…screaming won’t help.

    Hope Joan Rivers is okay.

  • fyi
    How Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pulled Off Their Secret Wedding
    When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie pulled off their surprise wedding on Saturday, the couple kept their big day so quiet that local officials admit they were stunned by the news.

    “No one in Correns knew a thing,” says an official from the French village, where the couple tied the knot at their wine-growing estate, Château Miraval.

    “It was a marriage which seems to have been carried out in total intimacy and absolute discretion,” the official tells PEOPLE.

    The wedding license was obtained in the couple’s home state of California.

    Château Miraval had long been rumored as a preferred wedding site for the pair, who first settled there in 2008 just before the birth of their twins, Knox and Vivienne.

    The sprawling property has a 35-room main house, an ancient chapel and a working vineyard spread over 1,100 acres.

    Over the years, design enthusiast Pitt, 50, has taken the lead in renovating the house to suit his architectural and aesthetic interests, picking up fabric, wallpaper and furniture in Paris and at various art fairs.

    Most recently, during a 10-day visit in July, the actor quietly saw to certain details, including making contact with a small local florist shop several villages away, PEOPLE has learned.

    Adding to the surprise factor, the couple fit their big day into a small window in a schedule full of work commitments. Jolie, 39, has been prepping for the couple’s upcoming drama, By the Sea, in Malta – she’s costarring with Pitt, writing and directing – and Pitt spent his fifth day as a newlywed promoting his upcoming WWII drama, Fury, in England.

    Largely keeping his new ring out of view during the photo call – at one point he even slipped it into his jacket pocket – Pitt “wore his band but didn’t play with it like sometimes people do when they have a new ring,” says one reporter who attended the press event, which was held at the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset, about two-and-a-half hours from London.

    “At the end, we were just talking and I said, ‘Congratulations!’ and he gave me a big smile and said, ‘Thank you, man!’ ” adds the attendee, noting that Pitt had a newlywed glow. “He looked amazing today. He was very animated, very invested. Very alive.”

    Adds another attendee: “He was very nice, very open and in a very good mood.”

    But he didn’t stick around for long: Just after the news broke, Pitt was gone – off to Malta to join Jolie for their working honeymoon.

  • That is

    A pesar de der un gran dia para las fans de Brangelina ,ni asi podeis olvidar a la señora Aniston.
    Dedicaros a celebrarlo y dejadla en paz .Ahhh !!!! es que no podeis ,solo amais a los brangelinos por odio hacia a Aniston .Pero , que os ha hecho ?

  • Passing Through

    # 145 busted @ 08/28/2014 at 11:16 am
    PT how did you arrange this wedding on your Bday. Do you think Brad and know you have been kicking troll butt for years for them.
    LOL. Easy – I paid them. In Ticky CFG. I compiled all our best Ticky jokes in a Word doc and told them they could print it out and have custom wallpaper created and paper every room of every house they owned – but ONLY if they got married so the trolls have to stop proclamining Ticky “the only wife of Brad Pitt”. Given the carrot I was dangling them – how could they say no? For the record – I waved our copyrights but I didn’t think you guys would mind since Ticky gives up more CFG nearly every day…

  • Wonderbust

    Hey shhh how is the henhouse taking the news. Anybody know how the fatfckers are taking the latest news since those nutters claimed that Brad would never marry Angie. Gosh so good to be a JP fan.

  • Passing Through

    # 37 Proof that the hens lurk here @ 08/28/2014 at 1:22 pm
    Don’t cry for Ticky, Argentina. She’s reaping what she sowed. Notice she turned up at her premiere wearing a dress that makes her look preggers after saying people should stop foisting babies on her. Biitch is the biggest fraud on the planet. Meanwhile – Brad and Angie got married. Have you heard?


    Brad and Angie’s wedding is such a momentous occasion, it seems to me that the least jj could do in honor of this special day (and yes, i’m playing this up for the sake of more troll agony) is to post only Brad and Angie px across his front page and get rid of those tired, old, embarrassing hasbeens.
    I bet even those tired old embarrassed hasbeens are cringing right about now.
    But let me give jj the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s waiting util he has wedding pix before he dedicates his entire front page photo gallery to the newly weds.

  • Wonderbust

    Congrats to Humanitarian and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte, the newest recipient of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. Angie is in good company.

  • Passing Through

    I just thought of something funny – Remember when Brad went to France 3 weeks ago and everyone was wondering what he was doing there for a whole week? We all just figured it was wine or furniture business. BBBBWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Those two crazy kids fooled us all!

  • h8e

    A white dress? As humble as she potrays herself to be, she should know white stands for purity, which she is far from. This b!tch is as crazy as her stans. Her dress should have been that hefty bag she wore, it stands for the trash she is.

  • GeeGee

    Brangelina: From ‘Mr and Mrs. Smith’ to Mr. and Mrs. Pitt

    In celebration of the Hollywood power couple’s nuptials, we trace the milestones in their long walk leading up the aisle
    June 7, 2005
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith : The film where ”Brangelina” was born. The tale of a stuck-in-a-rut married couple of secret master assassins was a sexy summer blockbuster that went on to earn over $478 million—though it seems safe to say that the twosome’s off-the-charts chemistry and a building media circus about their on-set romance may have bumped up the box office. —Erin Strecker

  • Wonderbust

    Meltdown Thursday!

  • Proof that the hens lurk here

    @Wonderbust: I’m another hen spy, and they are going crazy. They want pictures of Lenny an squiggy now more than ever. They believe the tabloids are going to be unfriendly to Jen since the marriage. Also, they are hoping Lenny goes to Venice even more now. The butters are losing it.

  • New Thread

    ————————————NEW THREAD—————————————-

  • Dawne

    A spokesperson for the couple confirmed that the world’s most famous couple were married Saturday in in a small chapel in a private ceremony in Chateau Miraval,

    Just to make the hens feel better……….THE WORLD;S MOST FAMOUS COUPLE…………………read and weep some more.

  • http://n/a Mrs. Louise Adams


    Thats why your the first poster on here right? IDIOT!!!

  • http://n/a Mrs. Louise Adams


    GET LOST!!!

  • http://n/a Mrs. Louise Adams

    Not surprised that she wore something simple. Thats our Angie. I know Marcheline is looking down and beaming. I remember right after she died how devastated Angie was and I know Angie would have wanted her to see the marriage.

  • awww

    Very sweet of her to wear her mom’s can tell she loved her very much :)
    Congrats to the happy couple. They are soul mates I just know it!!
    So happy for them.

  • nini

    @That is:
    Amargada. Ve y decíles a las obsesionadas con los JP de otros foros lo mismo, y me gustaría ver que os contestan.

  • Ⱦamsіn

    OMG how embarrassing for loons to have a belated celebration. It’s only been 9 years, 2 illegal adoptions, 2 unplanned pregnancies later. But good for Clooniqua whose fat black ass can take a break from writing fanfic and grow bigger thanks to the wedding cake she’s kept in the freezer for almost 9 years.
    I predicted they’d be married before the movie came out because their PR sham is such that neither can’t promote a movie without talking about themselves, and I was right! :D
    Funniest part is, this would be a wedding of two no-names if they weren’t still clinging on to Jen’s name! Everything the HO has done for 10 years, she owes to Jen.
    Cuntgrats on blowing a married coworker ten years ago Whorelina, you met your match, you filthy sluttt!

  • marina

    Felicidades a este par!
    Tiene una bella familia, y este es un evento para recordar.
    Saludos a todos los fans de los Jolie Pitt. Muy buen día de noticias.
    Aunque quiero mas noticias, estoy bien si ya no hay nada, ¡con solo leer los comentados de estas mensas sabelotodo trolls me divierto!
    ¡Abrazos desde mi pequeña ciudad!

  • h8e

    @Mrs. Louise Adams: B!tch you fuqn get lost! Go finally wash your st@nk ass!

  • Jen

    Jennifer Aniston is that you?

  • HottestCoupleEver

    I know she was beautiful. I can hardly wait to see the pics. Brad is a romantic. I love them together.

  • http://n/a Mrs. Louise Adams


    Let learn english my dear. The one who needs to wash is you loser idol Ticky Manistion!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • h8e

    @Mrs. Louise Adams: I believe the word you’re looking for is grammar. Which you need to learn, idiot stan. What makes you think Aniston is MY idol? Right because i disrespected YOUR idol known to be an adultress, drug addicted, man pleaser. I don’t have any idols. I don’t sit in a sweaty leather chair hoping for news on these fake ass celebrities like you fat asses do.

  • SugarfreeAngelinaKitten

    BLESS YOU, ANGELINA AND FAMILY!!!111!! LIKE REPOST AND RETWEETED, GIRL! CON-TO-THE-GRATS! God has blessed y’all, I read about you in the bible this morning and my heart is bursting all over the place with great respect, sickle-hips!

    And it came to pass that Angelina went to the city of iniquity where her admirers worshiped her, and she brought forth the judgment of her forefathers.
    8 “She who walks with the sway of tempestuous hips shall be avoided for though her face is fair and her voice melodious, her bones are as sharp as the farmer’s sickle.”
    9 And there Anglelina knew the husband of another, and it came to pass that the judgment of the LORD was visited upon her with a curse; though she shall marry and be fruitful, the flesh of her paramour will forever be etched by the bones damned by the LORD.