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Josh Henderson Takes Us to 'Dallas' for JJ Spotlight (Exclusive)

Josh Henderson Takes Us to 'Dallas' for JJ Spotlight (Exclusive)

Josh Henderson makes us see triple while sporting some sleek Creative Recreation shoes in this exclusive new pic from the latest edition of the Just Jared Spotlight Series.

The 32-year-old actor, currently plays John Ross Ewing III on the hit TNT series Dallas, which is currently in the middle of the second half of season three. Make sure to check out the show every Monday night at 9/8c. The season finale is just one month away!

You may also recognize Josh from his roles as Edie Britt’s troubled nephew on Desperate Housewives or from the original Step Up movie. He is also a singer and actually began his career in music. He will be releasing some new music soon, but in the meantime you can check out a song of his that we premiered earlier this year.

Make sure to check out our exclusive interview with Josh, in which he talks about the current season of Dallas, the music he is currently working on, and how he transitioned into acting back in the day.

Click inside for our complete exclusive interview with Josh Henderson…

Josh Henderson Interview – Exclusive

Just Jared: When did you finish shooting season three of Dallas?

Josh Henderson: We wrapped season three, the second or third week of April. And it’s finally about to come back on. We’ve got seven episodes left, starting Monday, and every episode is crazy. Cliffhangers are nuts, people! Tt’s going to surprise everyone ’cause a lot of big stuff happens. I’m pretty excited for it to be back on the air.

JJ: How did you feel about wrapping season three as opposed to seasons one and two?

JH: You know, one was an exciting thing because we had brought the show back… Did the whole first season. We had the entire cast. Two was a little bittersweet because in the middle of shooting season two, Larry Hagman had passed away. So that torch had kind of been handed to me and it was a lot of weight on my shoulders. But I was excited about the opportunity, but we were also really missing Larry. So two was kind of bittersweet, and then season three was our first season, and the first Dallas season ever without Larry. It was kind of a new thing, and I had a lot of fun kind of, you know having that torch passed to me kind of being that new main villain on the show, and bringing back a lot of the spirit of JR. So season three was great and season four coming up, it’s just, there’s a whole new element being added to the show, which is really exciting. I like that we’re just keeping the fans guessing. We’re giving them what they want and what they love about the show Dallas and what they expect, but also we’re doing the unexpected every episode, which is great.

JJ: Have you read any scripts for season four yet?

JH: No, I just kind of know a little bit…because of the cliffhanger of [season] three. Which airs at the end of, I think it’s two months away. I know kind of something that’s happening, and it’s going to totally shift everything for season four. Which is great.

JJ: What can you tease about 3B?

JH: Man. Well we left off at the end of the middle of three, with Southfork burning down and Sue Ellen being passed out in one of the rooms, and someone else being passed out in one of the rooms. People are freaking out, like is someone going to die? And as well as me, my wife, and mistress in the same bed together, which was a little crazy, and a lot didn’t know you could do that on cable television, but we did. Some people loved it, some people hated it, it was very controversial. So obviously at the end of it, Pamela ODs and she’s in my arms, we’ve got to figure out what happens to her. Then a couple characters come back, and some of them may not make it, I don’t know. A lot of big stuff is going to happen, a lot of danger, and there’s all kinds of things. We are raising the second half of season three to the next level, and the fans are not going to expect it.

JJ: What can you tease about the season finale?

JH: The finale. Well, there’s about six episodes that happen before that that have all kinds of… Every cliffhanger leads up as puzzle pieces to this grand puzzle in the finale. What can I tease about it? Since the entire premise of the show is based on cliffhangers, I can’t really give you any of those. But, I get put in a new position after… Oh god, I can’t say it. I can’t say it, I’m sorry. ‘Cause then anything I say is literally going to be a huge surprise.

JJ: What’s the first word that comes to your mind when I mention Jordana Brewster?

JH: Hilarious.

JJ: Jesse Metcalfe?

JH: On the show: nemesis. In real life: buddy.

JJ: Julie Gonzalo?

JH: She is goofy and passionate.

JJ: Do you have a favorite prop from set?

JH: I would say one of two things. Either the JR belt buckle, or my cowboy hat. ‘Cause I don’t get to wear it too often, but when I do, it feels natural and it’s a cool change from my every day business attire.

JJ: Do you have a favorite off-screen moment?

JH: Um, there’s so many. You know, I just love when we’re all together because it’s nothing but jokes. I’m really the biggest prankster on set.

JJ: What’s the best prank you’ve had?

JH: Oh god, a bunch. I’ve done a bunch. I’ve unscrewed chairs so when people sit down, they fall. (laughs) Which sometimes doesn’t make people happy, but it’s always really funny.

JJ: Do you tell other people?

JH: Oh yeah, I warn people. I’ll sing like right before they say action, I’ll sing a country spoof song to see if they can not laugh right when they say action. But I think my favorite off-screen moment was Larry and I in the first episode, kind of hanging out and just chatting. Because it was like, I couldn’t believe I was back in the city I was born in, shooting the show Dallas, playing essentially the most iconic character of all time’s son. And just sitting there talking with him about the old days, about the original Dallas. That was just, a very surreal moment for me.

JJ: Some people may not know that you were on a reality competition show called Pop Stars 2, but now you’re recording your own music. How would you describe that and how you got to where you are with music today?

JH: Yes, that’s right, yeah. I never stopped doing the music. I mean, Pop Stars was twelve years ago and that was how I started. It really gave me life and it moved me to California. I fell in love with the performing aspect of it, and the instant gratification you get, and instant response you get from fans. Which is different in the acting world obviously. So I always stuck with it and I’ve always transformed. I was straight pop in the beginning, and then I kind of went pop/R&B, and then I did some stuff for Step Up, the movie. And then I did a soundtrack called The Jerk Theory from my movie The Jerk Theory, which was all over the place. And now I’m kind of in this fun, light, like beach-y meets country meets pop music. And it’s very different, unique, I’m really excited for people to hear it.

JJ: How would you describe your new sound?

JH: It’s basically…it’s very unique. No one’s really doing it. Some people say it’s almost like Jason Mraz-y meets kind of Adam Levine vocal, but with a new-ish country moving into pop, kind of realm. Which sounds like crazy but when you hear it, I think it will make sense.

JJ: Who do you look to for music inspiration?

JH: In general, I grew up literally mimicking as a young, young, young child, at the age of two, two and a half, Michael Jackson. My first cds were Michael Jackson, Beach Boys, and I want to say U2. I always had music in me, I won a competition, world’s youngest break dancer at two and a half years old. I was spinning on my head wearing one white glove like Michael Jackson, and mimicking him. So he was definitely a huge inspiration, just in the performance aspect and how unique and special he was. It just kind of took me over as a child.

JJ: What was your transition into acting, since you were so into music?

JH: The Pop Stars thing got me noticed, because it was a TV show, some agents took a shot on me. Then it took me about three weeks of moving to LA to book a film, a TV show, and a national print ad. It happened so fast for me. I began to realize that I felt comfortable in front of the camera. Which I don’t think can really be taught. Some people can kind of ease into it, I, just for whatever reason, always loved being in front of the camera. And that helped me transition into memorizing lines and developing characters. I’ve grown as an artist, and as an actor, and as a musician over the last twelve years. I think that I’ll never stop growing. I think that all artists should continue to reinvent themselves, and continue to grow and to get better.

JJ: Do you remember who your first celebrity crush was?

JH: Katherine Heigl from the movie My Father the Hero.

JJ: Is that post Roswell, or pre-Roswell?

JH: Pre. I was a baby, and she was older than me, but oh. My Father the Hero was her and Gerard Depardieu or whatever his name. I think that’s how you pronounce his name. If you haven’t seen it, it’s an awesome movie by the way, My Father the Hero.

JJ: What television shows are you into now?

JH: My summer guilty pleasure that everyone would be really thrown off by is Big Brother. It’s just a human experiment and I just can’t get enough of it. I really do enjoy, what else am I watching right now? I think the show Silicon Valley is really funny. And I like where comedy is going. I grew up loving sitcoms but I think that’s a really interesting show. And, I need to catch up on, but I’ve been a big fan of The Walking Dead. It’s just a show that took me by surprise. I didn’t think I would like it, alright it’s gonna be a zombie show, but it’s much deeper than that. So I’m definitely a fan of that.

JJ: What music have you been obsessed with lately?

JH: You know, I’ve been listening to a lot of country lately. Which is kind of an influence I guess, influencing sort of how I write. My boys Florida Georgia Line, I’m into a lot of their stuff. I think they’re kind of reinventing things and going down a lane that hasn’t really been driven down yet. I love a band called Washed Out, which some people know of and for me, they’re very unique. And I’m still into, I love Mike Snow as well, just kind of some stuff that’s little less radio that I love just jamming to. People hear it and are like, “What is this? I don’t know what this is.” Yeah, I think those three.


Photo 1: Hotel 1171 shirt, Z Room hoodie, Vince jacket

Photo 2: Joe’s Jeans henley, Diesel leather pants

Photo 3: Joe’s Jeans shirt

Photo 4 & 6: Diesel sweatshirt, Vince sweatpants, Creative Recreation shoes

Photo 5: Boohoo jacket, Howe shirt

Producer/Interview: Jared Eng (@JaredEng)
Photographer: Justin Campbell (@JustinCampPhoto)
Stylist: Marissa Peden (@marissajoye)
Groomer: Melissa Adelaide (@MelissaAdelaide)

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